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Transcribed from church record book: "Quantico Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, Church Record for Rockawalking, Quantico, Messick's (until 1919), and Siloam (1915-1924), 1897-1961" by Shari Handley


Copied from "The Wicomico News" of Feb 24/1912 Salisbury - by J.M.S. VanBlunk July 1912 Methodism in Wicomico Co. "The birth of Methodism in this county dates back to Nov 1778 when Rev Freeborn Garrettson accepted the invitation of Wilson Rider and his wife, Charity to visit their home on a farm 2 miles from Quantico and preach to a few friends". "These early Methodists soon began to agitate the questions of building - - - - - - in 1784 when the first Methodist church was opened. This primitive log structure stood about a mile from Quantico in a grove of pine trees and the society worshipped in it till 1820, when a new church was built in the same place. In 1847 this church was taken down, moved to Quantico and rebuilt, it's length being increased by about 14 ft. It was dedicated Mar 18, 1848 and beautified and is today a comfortable house of worship."

On the following leaf I have recorded a list of ministers serving Quantico M.E. Church, and years served. - Ira Disharoon, Quantico, Md, April 6th, 1915.

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Records searched and recorded by Ira A. Disharoon April 6th, 1915.

List of Ministers of Quantico M.E. Church
Robert Pattison 1850-1851
A. W. Milby 1852-1853
David Daley 1854
John B. Quigg 1855-1856
George A. Phoebus 1857
James Hargis 1858-1859
J. W. Hammersley 1860-1861
John Comings 1862
William F. Talbot 1863-1864
William W. Redman 1865-1866
Joseph Dare 1867-1868
Joseph L. Kenney 1869
E. E. White 1870-1871-1872
Adam Stengle 1873-1874
I. G. Fosnocht 1875-1876
James Connor 1877-1878-1879
E. H. Hynson 1880-1881
S. T. Gardner 1882
T. H. Harding 1883-1884
E. S. Mace 1885
James T. Prouse 1886
Zack H. Webster 1887
W. W. Johnson 1888
Edward Davis 1889-1890
J. M. Mitchell 1891-1892-1893
James Carroll 1894-1895
M. R. Hackman 1896
W. G. Chance 1897
W. R. Gwinn 1897-1898-1899
C. W. Strickland 1900-1901
O. L. Martin 1902
J. W. Fogle 1903-1904
J. H. Geohegan 1905-1906-1907
J. W. Gray 1908
W. H. Reaille 1909-1910
O. W. Brittingham 1911
J. M. S. VanBlunk 1912-1913
John White 1914
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T. W. Given 1915
W. P. Taylor 1916-1917
J. A. Brewington 1918
J. M. S. Van Blunk 1919-1920-1921-1922-1923
J. M. S. Van Blunk 1924-1925

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April 1919 - Rev. J.M.S. VanBlunk returned to the charge, after 5 years spent on lecture platform. At 1st Quarterly Conference the charge was arranged thus -
Rockawalking Preaching every Sunday 10.30 a.m.
Siloam Preaching every Sunday 3.30 p.m.
Quantico Preaching every Sunday 7.30 p.m.

Old Records
In looking up past history concerning Quantico, the first mention is made of Somerset Circuit of 1781 - 500 members - In 1778 Freeborn Garretson was Assistant Pastor of Somerset Circuit. Dorchester Circuit organized in 1782. Annamessex Circuit organized in 1783. Quantico could have been in any of the above circuits. J. V. B.

Feb 17 1924
Rockawalking Church Memorial Windows, donated by respective families of deceased members. Cost about $350.00.

March 1924
Papering + painting interior, cost $150. - Total $500.00.

June 23, 1924
Quantico Church. Installation of Electric Light (Delco System). Cost $500.00.

Conference 1925
Siloam, taken off of Quantico Charge leaving only two points, Rockawalking + Quantico.

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