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This cemetery listing was recorded by Teri Christensen. Thank you, Teri!

This cemetery is located within the Fairmont Wildlife Management Area. It is recommended that you visit this cemetery during the winter months and at low tide if possible.

Directions: From Princess Anne, take Rt. 13 south to Rt. 413 (right). At Westover, turn right on Rt. 361 (Fairmont). Continue 8 - 10 miles until the road appears to take a hard right. At that point go straight on Ford Wharf Rd. This dirt road will end at a gate. From this point it is about a 1/4 mile walk heading east (go straight). The road will curve to the right and on the left will be a large drainage ditch. The cemetery will be on your right after you cross the bridge.

This cemetery has not been cared for in many years. It's overgrown, the tomb stones are broken and hard to read. It appears that one grave (child) has been removed.

William HOWARTH, d. Jul. 22, 1869

Zepporah (?), wife of Wm. HOWARTH, d. Mar. 29, 1873, In 80th yr. of age

John H. HOWARTH, son of E.E. and H. HOWARTH, d. Oct. 17, 1866, 1 yr., 3 mo., 23 da.

Eliase, son of E.E. and H. HOWARTH, d. Jan. 13, 1868

Willard, son E.E and H. HOWARTH, d. (unreadable)

Hettie, wife of Capt. John MUIR, d. 18??

Capt. John MUIR, d. Feb, 1878, 76th yr.

Willard J., son of Samuel T. and Laura MUIR

Irine F., daughter of Samuel and Laura MUIR, b. Jun. 19, 1869, d. (stone broken)

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