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This cemetery data was gathered by Beverly and Larry Alexander during a weekend visit to the Shore. Thanks, guys! Beverly and Larry say of the graveyard, "It is well maintained. I don't know who is keeping it up, but they are doing a nice job. The cemetery is surrounded by a sturdy iron fence."

"Directions: Take Rt. 13 south from Salisbury to Revels Neck Road (where the prison is). Turn west (right), go 3.4 miles. There will be a tree-lined lane to your left, with a sign that says "Rivers Bend, Cedar Lane Farm, Nelson Lane". On your right will be a dirt road, through a field. You will turn down the dirt road. If you get to the church on the left (it's painted a very light shade of grey), you've gone too far. The dirt road turns left around a group of shrubs and trees, and then the cemetery is directly in front of you."

NOTE: The late Priscilla Beachboard had knowledge of the families buried here, and was the great granddaughter of Daniel and Sarah Crockett, who are buried here. She provided some interesting background information, which is shown below in the purple text. We are grateful that Priscilla shared this information with us.

  1. Headstone: LONG

    Footstone 1a: Millard F. LONG 1874 - 1949

    Footstone 1b: Ida F. LONG 1874 - 1951

  2. Charles I. LONG May 4, 1883 - June 28, 1944, Tho' lost to sight, to memory dear

  3. a. Theodore F. LONG Born Oct. 1, 1837, Died Sept 1, 1887, Aged 49 yrs, 11 mos - Footstone: Father

    b. Senia Ann, His Wife, Born Feb 14, 1838, Died Apr 10, 1919, Aged 81 yrs, 1 Mo, 26 Days - Footstone: Mother

    c. Daughter, In Memory of, Annie M., Beloved Daughter of G. & E. Bosmann, Born July 26, 1887, Died March ?11?, 1904
    "A light from our household's gone
    A voice we loved is stilled
    A place is vacant in our home
    Which never can be filled"

  4. a. _____? ______? In peace, Jeremiah T. SPEIGHTS, Born Oct 22, 1813, died May 12, 1891, "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"

    b. In _____? ______? , Susan F. SPEIGHTS, Born Aug 10, 1827, Died June 22, 1899 "Resting"
    Capt. Speights' first wife and their two children went with him on a voyage to Rio, died of yellow fever and are buried in the American cemetery there. Susan FITZGERALD, d/o of Jesse and Sarah, m. 1st Alfred Tull of Marion and had two daughters; she m. 2nd Capt. Speights

  5. REICHARD, Stephen Brantley March 6, 1949 - July 10, 1988, Great-Great-Grandson of J. T. & S. F. SPEIGHTS, Great-Grandson of Charles Henry & Clara Hall SPEIGHTS
    Stephen Reichard's dog is buried here, also!

  6. Father, John K. McGRATH, born Sept 28, 1816, died Mar 17, 1844 - Footstone: J. K. McG
    John K. McGrath was 1st husband of Sarah Fitzgerald, d/o Jesse. Father of H.J. McGrath.

  7. In Memory of Daniel J. CROCKETT, born March 31, 1812, died July 19, 1876

  8. Sarah F. M. CROCKETT 1823 - 1916
    Sarah was the daughter of Jesse and Sarah (Hall) FITZGERALD. She married first John McGRATH in 1841, and after he died, married Daniel Jones CROCKETT in 1846.

  9. In Memory of Annie, Daughter of Daniel J & Sarah CROCKETT Born Aug 28, 1848, Died July 15, 1865

  10. a. In Memory of Jesse B. FITZGERALD, born Sep 9, 1787, died Sep 18, 1880, Aged 93 years & 9 days

    b. Sarah, Wife of Capt. Jesse B. FITZGERALD departed this life May 11th, 1868, aged 84 years. ---- "Our work is finished"

  11. In Memory of . . . "Gone Home" . . . Elizabeth, wife of William S. DIX, died June ?20 or 26?, 1842 (broken corner)
    This was Elizabeth Fitzgerald Dix, daughter of Jesse and Sarah.
  12. In Memory of George T. DIX, Died Aug 31, 1862, Aged 20 yrs, 5 mos & 6 days. "But though all the fairest blossoms die, And all beneath the oficers? Vain . . . " (the rest is unreadable)
    Son of Elizabeth above. George was shot by Confederates when they tried to commandeer his saddle horse, and he refused to let it go.

    One more interesting story about some members of this family: In Oct. 1877 a late, terrible hurricane hit. Henry Fitzgerald, s/o Jesse, was in the West Indies with the "Ocean Pearl". Thomas Fitzgerald, Jesse's nephew whom he had raised, captain of a boat out of Baltimore, was off Cape Hatteras. Capt. Speights was carrying a load of lumber to N.Y.C.

    All the family could do was wait.

    Susan waited so long that she went back home to Manokin. Her husband lost his ship, was rescued from a lifeboat by passersby and unwillingly carried to N.Y.C. Thomas and crew swam and waded ashore; he bought "Elmwood" and a store. Henry was lost at sea.

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