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Thanks to Ron Massey for recording this cemetery and sharing it with us! Ron comments, "The ruins of Coventry Parish Church stand today in the village of Rehobeth which is located between Pocomoke City and the town of Marion. These ruins are of the second building on the site which was begun in 1785 and completed in 1792. Although today Rehobeth is a small cluster of homes and country churches, it was once an important and thriving colonial town. The size of Coventry Church bears witness to its vanished importance. It was 72' long, 46' wide, and 20' high with two stories. The successor to Coventry Church is St. Paul's Episcopal Church near Marion, MD. MD Route 113 runs between Pocomoke City and Westover. Take MD Route 467 off of 113 and follow it to Rehobeth. A small group of marked graves surround the ruins of the old church. Doubtless the whole site is full of unmarked burials."


LITTLETON ADAMS  b. 1811, d. 1870
    Notes:    Littleton Adams married Elizabeth R. McCready (Lic. = 26 December 1843)
                  He was a carpenter and was the son of Thomas Adams and Nelly Landon.
 Children:    Isaac Thomas Adams b. 28 April 1845
                  Stephen Adams b. 24 April 1846
                  Seth Adams b. 20 July 1852
                  Oliver Adams  b. 20 February 1854


WILLIAM S. BROUGHTON   d. 15 April 1853, aged 53
ELIZABETH C. BROUGHTON – wife of William S. Broughton  b. September 1802, d. October 1870
     Notes:  William S. Broughton’s will may be found in Somerset Co., MD Liber JP5, folio 214.
                  Elizabeth was called “Betsy”.
 Children:    James Broughton
                  Elizabeth C.oulbourn Broughton b. 5 November 1827
                  Mary Scarborough Broughton b. 31 December 1828 m. William H. C. Long on 7 April 1847
                  Leah Broughton  b. c1831 m. John A. Tull on 14 June 1849
                  Robert H. Broughton
                  Irene Broughton b. 13 August 1837
                  William Thomas Broughton b. 23 August 1840
                  Nelly Broughton
                  Thomas Broughton
                  Emily Broughton b . 5 September 1844


JOHN COTTMAN d. 24 November 1836 aged 37
    Note:      John was the son of Lazarus Cottman (d. 1848) (see Somerset Co., MD JP5:73)
LAZARUS COTTMAN (b. 14 January 1766) d. 20 August 1842 aged 78
    Notes:    Lazarus’ will is found in Liber JP5, folio 73, Somerset County, Maryland.
                  Lazarus was the son of Joseph Cottman and his wife Margaret.
                  Margaret Cottman’s will is found in Liber EB23, folio 175, Somerset County, Maryland
 Children:    James S. Cottman
                  John Cottman d. 1836
                  Willliam S. B. Cottman
                  Margaret B. Cottman m. John Chapman (Lic. = 15 July 1818)
                  Thomas E. H. Cottman
                  Elizabeth Ann Cottman
                  Catherine R. Cottman
                  Sarah T. Cottman
                  Mary Esther Huff (Hough) Cottman m. Charles T. Maddox (Lic. = 18 October 1831)


WILLIAM COULBOURN d. 29 July 1850 aged 52
PEGGY COULBOURN d. 28 November 1956 aged 81
    Notes:   William Coulbourn married Peggy Williams (Lic. = 10 December 1803)
                 William was the son of William Coulbourn (16 September 1738 – 1789) and his wife Mary.
                  Peggy was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Williams
 Children:   Mary Coulbourn b. 1806, d. 24 December 1836, m. Joseph Waples in 1834
                  Isaac H. Coulbourn b. 1808 d. 1846
                  Thomas W. Coulbourn b. 1826 d. 1846
MARY W. WAPLES – daughter of William & Peggy Coulbourn d. 21 December 1834 aged 30
 Notes: Mary W. Coulbourn married Joseph Waples (Lic. = 15 March 1834)
THOMAS W. COULBOURN d. 27 May 1851 aged 25
ISAAC H. COULBOURN – son of William & Peggy Coulbourn d. 25 May 1846 aged 38


MARY S. HENDERSON – wife of Henry Henderson d. 17 September 1870, aged 51 yrs., 11 mos., 2 days
HENRY S. HENDERSON (possible unmarked grave) b. c1817, funeral held 16 February 1854 at Coventry
    Notes:    Henry S. Henderson married Mary S. Lankford on 4 March 1841.  He was a farmer.
 Children:    Sarah Jane Henry Henderson b. 26 December 1841
                  Mary Elizabeth Henderson b. 11 December 1843
                  Thomas Henry Lankford Henderson b. 6 April 1846, d. bef. 1850
                  Alexine Crosdale Henderson b. 30 May 1848
                  William Henry Lankford Henderson b. 13 May 1851
ALEXINE C. NOCK – wife of John W. Nock & daughter of Henry & Mary E. Henderson d. 5 February 1874, aged 25
    Notes:    Alexine C. Henderson married John W. Nock (Lic. = 28 August 1867)


ROBERT J. HENRY – son of Robert J. & Mary D. Henry  d. 15 February 1848, aged 24 yrs.
*COSMO G. S. HENRY – son of Robert J. & Mary D. Henry  d. 10 November 1842, aged 23 years
ROBERT J. HENRY “GENERAL” – son of Robert & Martha Henry  d. 29 November 1843, aged 63 years
MARY GORE HENRY McPHERSON – wife of John A. T. McPherson & daughter of Robert J. & Mary D. Henry
b. 2 October 1828, d. 2 January 1854
HARRIETTE STEVENSON ONDERDONK – wife of Henry Onderdonk & daughter of Robert J. & Mary D. Henry
b. 26 January 1822, d. 22 August 1861


* EDWARD S. HOWARD  b. 1845, d. 1925
GEORGIANA HOWARD BRITTINGHAM   b. September 1884, d. 14 January 1909
    Note:  Georgiana A. Howard was married to Sidney Brittingham (b. c1879) (Lic. = 14 October 1902)


MARY G. (Grace) HUDSON – wife of Peter J. (James) Hudson b. 19 December 1835, d. 19 September 1902, aged 66 yrs., 9 mos
PETER HUDSON (possible unmarked grave), funeral held 25 April 1883, age 52 “buried at Rehoboth”
    Notes:    Mary G. Landon married Peter J. Hudson (Lic. = 13 July 1858)
    Children: Mary Anna Grace Hudson b. 4 June 1860
                  John Thomas Hudson b. 22 February 1864
                 William Henry Davis Hudson b. 27 November 1866
                  Peter Adolphus Hudson b. 30 April 1870
                  Margaret Mason Hudson b. 20 March 1872


CAPT. JAMES N. HUGHES  b. 10 February 1815, d. 19 January 1892
SARAH A. HUGHES – wife of Capt. J. N. Hughes  b. 21 December 1821, d. 5 September 1857
    Notes:     James Hughes married Sarah Ann Smith (Lic. = 15 December 1852)
                   James was a farmer.
 Children:     James N. Hughes  (Jr.) b. 20 September 1853
                   Martha C. Hughes b. 29 November 1854
                   Anna E. Hughes b. 10 October 1856 m. George E. White (22 July 1885)

*CALEB B. R. (Rufus) HUGHES d. 15 August 1857 aged 38 yrs., 9 mos., 20 days
EMILY A. HUGHES – wife of Caleb. b. Hughes b. 29 August 1831, d. 17 July 1861
    Notes:     Caleb B. Hughes married Emily A. Benson (L. = 3 December 1850)
    Children:  Mary Nelson Hughes b. 17 March 1852
                    Sally King Hughes b. 10 July 1853
                    Annie Hughes b. 3 August 1856 m. George E. White on 22 July 1885
                    Fanny Hughes b. 17 January 1855 m. Robert H. Wilson on 24 December 1873

ANNA HUGHES – daughter of Caleb & E. A. Hughes b. 3 August 1856, d. 29 January 1862
    Note: This stone is no longer readable in 2001.


*AUGUSTUS I. JOHNSON d. 20 March 1862, aged 45
    Notes:    Augustus I. Johnson married Elizabeth Sturgis on 19 January 1848)
                  Augustus was a farmer and had been born in Virginia.
                  Elizabeth transferred from Coventry to Somerset Parish in January 1863
 Children:    Littleton Francis Johnson b. 18 February 1849
                  Alice Olivia Johnson b. 15 May 1853


*LEAH (E.) TULL – wife of John A. Tull & daughter of William S. Broughton  d. 19 January 1851 aged 20 years
JOHN A. TULL   d. 21 January 1853, aged 27
    Notes:    John A. Tull married Leah Broughton  on 14 June 1849)  He was a carriage maker.
 Children:    Emily Tull  b. 10 July 1850


THE REV. JAMES ROBERTSON – Rector of Coventry Parish  d. 28 June 1748, (in the night), aged 53
    Notes:    Rev. Robertson’s will is found in Liber EB9, folio 285, Somerset Co., MD (Md.Prerog.Ct. Liber 25 folio
                  521)  He was rector of Coventry Parish on 18 June 1735 when the land on which the church stood
                  was deeded to him and the vestry.  Apparently Rev. Robertson was buried under the floor of the center aisle
                  of the church of his day.
                 The Estate Inventory if found in Md.Prerog.Ct. Liber 40, folio 397.  It is dated 6 March 1749 and was
                  proved on 25 September 1749.  The “next-of-kin” are listed as Thomas Williams and John Williams.
                 A Mary Robertson (alias Mary Bell) is listed as Administrix/Executrix.
 Children:   Alexander Robertson
                  Thomas Robertson m. Martha
                  James Robertson (Jr.)
                  Mary Robertson


*OGDEN H. WILKINS b. 24 February 1838, d. 20 April 1926
LAURA ANNE WILKINS (wife of Ogden H.) b. 27 September 1848, d. 3 September 1933
    Notes:  Ogden was a wheelwright and carpenter, as well as a farmer.
                Ogden H. Wilkins m. 1st Lexina C. Broughton on 28 January 1868 – no children
                Ogden H. Wilkins m. 2nd Laura Anne Moore on 23 June 1870
 Children:  Francis (Frank) Ashton Wilkins b. 21 June 1871
                 Lexina Ann Wilkins b. 16 December 1872
                 Martha Ellen Wilkins b. 24 September 1874m. Charles A. Holland in May of 1902
                 Paul Wilkins b. c1876
                 James Archibald (Archie) Wilkins b. c1878 m. Elsie
                 Myra Emma Wilkins bap. 11 April 1881
                 Laura Evelina Wilkins b. 7 December 1883
                 Jessie Alice Wilkins b. 1 November 1884, d. 1951 m. Paul L. Gunby (1882 – 1971) on 14 June 1905
                 Philip Ogden Wilkins b. 2 January 1889

Inventory taken by Ronald R. Massey on 20 October 2001 and subsequently annotated.
The Inventory was compared with that published by Ruth Dryden in her Cemetery Records of Somerset County, Maryland, as well as the extant records of Coventry Parish as published by Jody Powell.  Various census and probate records were consulted as necessary.  Somerset Co. Marriage Records as published by Ruth T. Dryden and Roy C. Pollitt were also consulted.
* Indcates that there is an error in the entry published in Cemetery Records of Somerset County, Maryland by Ruth T. Dryden, Family Line Publications, 1989.

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