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The cemetery is located across the road from the wildlife preserve on Deal Island Road, near Dames Quarter. A boat was needed to get some of the information and they were not able to reach all of the gravestones. This listing was done on November 26 1993 by Zack and Mike Taylor at the request of Zack's mother-in-law Mrs Peg Taylor, and was sent in by Margaret Robinson. Many thanks to all!

Keziah BOZMAN, wife of Thomas Bozman, died July 16 1909 age 70
note: Thomas Bozman 56 (w) m Keziah Shores 50 (w) Sept 20 1873

Mary WALLACE, b March 1 1823 d July 21 1908
John WALLACE, died 1910

John W MESSICK, b April 5 1866 d July 27 1891

Martha J SHORES, wife of Sheridan Shores , b Aug 21 1856 d April 14 1914

Mary E BOZMAN, b April 18 1841 d April 22 1900
John T BOZMAN, b July 22 1866 d Jan 15 1913
Ernie A BOZMAN, died July 16 1897 age 18 yrs
Mary B BOZMAN, b April 17 1834 d Oct 22 1906

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