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This cemetery listing was sent in on October 10, 1997 by Rob Hall. The graveyard is located on the Bonneville family's farm at 30019 Hudson Corner Road in Marion Station, MD.

Here's what Rob says about this listing:

"I'm forwarding this information on a family cemetery, since I don't know how many of the smaller family cemeteries in the county have been identified. The Bonneville family farm is located between Rehobeth and Marion Station. The information was provided some years ago by my late Great-Aunt Lottie Bonneville. It is possible that there are more (older) graves there, but there are no headstones. Dave and Hester Bonneville's graves are marked by two old cedar trees. Clarence and Lottie Bonneville's children's graves are covered by a concrete slab. I do have a partial chart if anyone is interested."

Henry David "Dave" Bonneville (b.1829) & wife Hester Anne Adams (b.1830)

John L. Bonneville (b.1855)

Elizabeth "Ella" Bonneville (b.1858) (wife of Solomon Purnell Bethard)
Alice A. F. Bonneville (b. 1850’s) (wife of Edgar Collins)

Emma (Mary) Bonneville (b. 1859) & husband Len Stirling & two children

William Henry E. "Will" Bonneville (1863-1922) & wife Drusilla Hester "Dru" Webster (1866-1946)

Ira Bonneville (died young)

William Lee "Bill" Bonneville (1902-1968) & wife Margaret "Maggie" Thornton Bonneville (1912-1991) & six children including Ira, Tillie, Alice, & William Lee Bonneville, Jr., who died in 1929
Irvin Lee Bonneville, Sr., son of William Lee and Margaret Bonneville, b. 22 Jul 1935, d. 17 Nov 1998
Clarence and Lottie Swift Bonneville’s children:
Chester Allen Bonneville (1913-1913)
Agnes Virginia Bonneville (1914-1915)
Clarence Elwood Bonneville (1916-1916)
Gertrude Virginia Bonneville (1920-1920)
Betty Jane Bonneville (1925-1925)
Clarence Sherwood Bonneville Jr. (1933-1935)

Charlie and Virgie May Bonneville Johnson’s child
Gladys Lucille Johnson (Sep. 6,1930-Oct. 25, 1930)

Ogden and Ethel Virginia Bonneville Kelly’s child
Gladys Virginia Kelly (died young)

Warren Allen "Al" Bonneville’s wife Ellen Somers (1875-1896) d/o Elijah and Mary W. Lankford Somers

Fred and Jenny Swift’s child
Marion Swift

Child of Tim and Beulah Bonneville Marshall

Child of Vina Abbot

Child of Charlie and Winnie Swift

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