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Main Street, Looking West, Salisbury - Postcard, circa 1930s.

The Wicomico Hotel - Postcard, circa 1920s.

Scene Near "Sharp's Point" on the Wicomico River - Real-picture postcard, circa early 20th century.

A Branch of the Headwaters of the Wicomico River, Salisbury - Postcard, postmarked 1909.

Cherry Hill, on the Wicomico River near Salisbury - Real-picture postcard, circa early 20th century.

Wicomico County Courthouse - Postcard, circa early 20th century.

Arthur H. Hammond, Wood Dealer, Salisbury - Postcard with hand-written title, circa early 20th century.

Poplar Hill Mansion - Photo, taken of this Salisbury landmark for the U.S. Government's HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) in December, 1936. Supplemental info provided with the photo: "Oldest House - 117 Elizabeth Street, Salisbury. 1795, built by Major Levin Handy; 2 1/2 story wood, gable roof; later Dashiell home, now owned by Wallers."

Spring Hill Chapel - Photo, also part of the U.S. Government's HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey). This chapel is on Route 50 near Hebron, and it was a chapel of ease in early Stepney Parish.

Moonlight Scene on the Wicomico River - Postcard, circa early 20th century.

Scene at Head of Wicomico River, Salisbury - Postcard, circa late 19th century.

CemTrek2002 - Here they are standing in front of the Green Hill Church 4 Aug 2002. The CemTrekkers, shown left to right, are: Lindsey VanAssche, Shari Handley, Roy Lesher, Leah Handley, Paul Willing, Ralph Willing, Joyce Crouch and Ted Lokey. Another unbelievably hot CemTrek day. Actually, it would be *more* unbelievable if it were cool, I guess. :)

Cornelius Messick, Cabinetmaker and Undertaker, Wicomico County - Photo, circa late 19th century.

Hauling Logs in Hebron - Photograph, circa 1900.

City Park and Wicomico High School, Salisbury - Postcard image, circa 1930s or 40s.

Wicomico Hotel - The Finest Hotel on Maryland's Eastern Shore - Postcard image, circa 1930s or 40s.

U.S. Post Office and Wicomico County Courthouse, Salisbury - Postcard image, circa 1940s.

Wicomico River - Photo, date unknown.

Pittsville Central School, Pittsville, MD - Postcard image, date unknown.

CemTrek2001 - This photo shows the hardy group of CemTrekkers standing in the 100° heat in front of the Joshua Thomas Chapel on Deal Island August 5th. Front row, left to right: Donna Wendt (from Hawaii), Shari Handley, Leah Handley, Lindsey VanAssche (all from Michigan), Lucinda Williams (from New York), Margaret Robinson (from Delaware). Second row: Paul Willing (from Maryland), L. Paul Morris (from Pennsylvania), Jill Pevear (from MD), Ida Waters Cheek (from PA). Third row: Penny White (far left, from Nottingham, England), Linda Fiorini (middle, from MD), Donald Cheek (far right, from PA). Back row: Ralph Willing (from Connecticut), Helen Insley Alsruhe, Henry Alsruhe (both from Virginia), Ashley McDonnell (from MD). Not pictured: Tim Alsruhe (the photographer , from VA).

Here are some additional photographs taken during the CemTrek2001 festivities:

Eastern Shore College, Salisbury - Postcard image, 1909.

Wicomico High School - Postcard image, circa 1930s or 40s.

Wicomico Hotel, Salisbury, Md. - Photo of the hotel and Division Street around 1935.

Wicomico River - Circa 1940s postcard view of a boat landing on the river in Salisbury, Md.

Wicomico Harbor, Salisbury, Md. - Postcard showing the harbor, pre-1907, with the Baltimore Steam Packet Company ( Old Bay Line ) Steamer Virginia at the Dock.

Wicomico Centennial Coin - Minted in 1967.

Tyaskin United Methodist Church - Built in 1894 for a whopping $2,000, it was part of the Nanticoke Charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which included Trinity, Nanticoke and Jones M.E. Churches. The tombstones in the cemetery behind the church hold the names of some of the founding families, such as Larmore, Messick, Insley and Culver.

CemTrek '98 - This photo shows the whole group of CemTrekkers, left to right, Paul Willing, Fred Abendschein, Jill Pevear, Ralph Willing, Margaret Robinson, Shari Handley and Nancy Kolasinski.

CemTrek '99 at the Whitehaven Schoolhouse Museum - This photo shows the whole group of CemTrekkers (sans Roy Lesher, who was taking the photo) with David Scott of the Whitehaven Heritage Association. Shown left to right are: (front row) Beverley Alexander, Leah Handley, Megan Alexander, (second row) Shari Handley, Jill Pevear, Ralph Willing, (third row) Jack Gracey, David Scott, Paul Willing, Larry Alexander

Bivalve, Maryland - Water's edge at Bivalve about 1907. In the foreground are a group of log canoes tied up to poles. On the beach to the right of the barn is a skiff. Boat owners used them to reach their boats and left the skiffs tied to the mooring pole when the log canoe was in use.
(from John E. Jacobs, Jr.'s Salisbury and Wicomico County, A Pictorial History, used by permission)

Bivalve, Maryland - A copy of a contemporary drawing of Bivalve Harbor by Carleton T. Chapman, entitled Saturday Afternoon at Bivalve.
(thanks to Paul Willing for sending in the photo)

Bivalve Methodist Church - a contemporary photo. See the Wicomico History Article about this church, and see also its cemetery transcription..

Whitehaven Hotel - shown after the days of its glory which ended with the close of World War I. Eventually, it got so delapidated that there was talk of tearing it down. Here's a photo from 1987 showing it at its worst. This Victorian hostelry is now the object of restoration efforts, and will become a bed and breakfast. The Whitehaven Heritage Association is supporting restoration and historical preservation in this area. We revisited the Whitehaven Hotel during CemTrek98, and you can see what the hotel looks like in August, 1998 during its restoration.

Long Hills - The ancestral home of the Dashiell family, lying on the north bank of the Wetipquin Creek in Wicomico County, is shown in a decayed state before restoration efforts were begun. The home is shown in this photo in its current, happily restored, condition. Also, we have a list of graves in the Dashiell Family Graveyard between the house and the creek.

Bolton - This home, located on the site of the original Willin(g) family plantation Might Have Had More, was probably built by Edward Fowler, who married Thomas Willing's widow, Alice.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church - in Tyaskin. Among the graves here is that of Sarah H. Hughes, whose headstone is one of the oldest in Wicomico County. The St. Mary's Cemetery has been transcribed for the Wicomico Cemeteries Project.

Wetipquin Methodist Church - known for most of its existance as "Mezick's Church" or "Mezick's Meeting House". Alternate views of the building can be seen here and here. This cemetery has also been transcribed.

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