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A Glimpse at Life in Old Tyaskin

This letter is submitted by Judith Larmore ADKINS. It was written by Anna LARMORE (b. 1905 d. 1995), daughter of Charles H. Larmore and Ruth Hickman Larmore, and wife of Omar Floyd Larmore. Anna was orphaned at a young age and was taken in by the family of Judy's great-grandfather, Ambrose Hezron Dashiell Larmore. The letter was written to James F. Larmore, a nephew of Ambrose. It is transcribed here, word for word. Enjoy!

"Ambrose Hezron Dashiell Larmore, your grandfather, was born Nov 28, 1852 - died June 14, 1925. He was the only son of Hezron and Sally Larmore. Ambrose's father passed away when he was only a small boy, he had little memory of his father so he was raised by his grand parents, Ruben and Nancy Larmore on a farm what is now known as the Village Tyaskin, Md.

"It was once said that Ruben Larmore was a very wealthy man he owned most of the land of Tyaskin, he also owned slaves, bought and sold slaves after the negros were free he begins to sell his land to ones who wanted to build homes so from that the Village grew. Ambrose had a carefree childhood was very spoiled, he admitted that himself, but he was a warm hearted fine gentleman and proud of what he was, his past time was reading.

"In the meantime his mother Sally married again to Herzon's cousin Marcelus Larmore and to that union George W. C. Larmore was born he was known to all of us as uncle George Larmore of Tyaskin, he too was a fine gentle man.

"George married Nettie Dickerson they were the parents of Ernest, Basil, Lester and Lloyd Larmore and one daughter Mary L. Langrall she is the only one living now, she is a patient at the Salisbury Nursing Home, she is now at her home in Bivalve Md. (Note from Judy: this letter was very old)

"Charlotte Ellen Robertson-your grandmother was born Feb. 2, 1854 - died Jan. 19, 1934. She was the daughter of George W and Leah Robertson of Trinity now known as Clara Md. Her brothers were George Henry Robertson, James W.T. Robertson, sisters - Laura R. Harris, Martha Jane R. White.

"Charlotte's mother passed away when she was a young girl, her father married again her step mother's name was Ellen and by this union there were 3 children born - Elmer Robertson, Vernon Robertson, Nora Robertson 'Byrd'.

"Ambrose Hezron Dashiell Larmore and Charlotte Ellen Robertson were united in marriage Sept. 18, 1872 and by this union the following children were born: Addie Bernice (July 13, 1873), Everett Ambrose (Dec. 14, 1877 - 1952), Maude (died very young), Ruth (Feb. 22), Arthur Wise (Jan 25), Carroll Edward (Feb 13.), Omar Floyd (Mar 25), Walter Lee (Mar 23), Marion Dashiell (Feb. 19).

These children were born in the old homestead, 1 mile of White Haven, known as the (Old Caleph Hughes farm) the Village of White Haven was once called 'FerryHill'.

"Your grandmother's pleasure was taking care of her home, family and sewing. She was a christian and lived by the Methodist doctrine of John Wesley.

"The mail was brought by horse and buggy from Princess Anne across the ferry to White Haven post office and sorted there, then carried by horse and sulky to the Rural Route residents that included out to main highway that carried you to Tyaskin then on up through Deep Branch which now is Head Creek on out to Green Hill on back into White Haven daily.

"The steam boats plyed between Salisbury and Baltimore making 3 round trips a week and for many years there was a gasoline motor driven boat with cabin plyed from White Haven to Salisbury daily carrying passengers and freight from the West side the boat left White Haven Wharf 7 am stopping along the Wicomico river to points of interest and return to White Haven at 5:30 pm.

"The farmers had to carry their perishable produce such as strawberries and dressed poultry to Princess Anne and shipped by train to New York or Philadelphia on consignment to commission merchants. They sold your produce, return you a bill stating the sale and check less their comission.

"You carried your eggs and butter to the local stores and traded for groceries.

"The live poultry and calfs and other produce was shipped to Baltimore by steam boat on consignment to commission merchants of your choice.

"Hope you have enjoyed reading this. May the Lord Bless and Keep you.

Aunt Anna"

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