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This page includes surnames beginning with the letters T through V.


**EXTRA** An inventory was filed in Worcester Co. of the debts due to the estate of Robert HANDY. This list is part of an inventory taken on October 3, 1765, and entered for probate on June 19, 1766. It can be found in Liber 90, Folios 99-110. *The names listed in this inventory will be posted at the LAST given name at the end of each surname account. Plus, at the end of each surname letter, before starting another set of new surnames, (different letters), I have added names found in Handy's but NOT found in the John Nelms accounts. - LDF

TALBART, Catharine (4 Feb 1775 - 17 Nov 1778)
Bought a pewter basin, 1/2 doz pewter plates, iron pot, rum, woman's silk 
bonnet, molasses & a stone jug for 3/12/10. Cash of 2/12/6 paid in 1776 & 
1/0/3 paid by Benjamin WAILES in 1778.

TALBART, George (19 Apr 1783 - 1 Dec 1787)
Purchased a pr of thread stockings and 2 quires of paper for 0/17/11. Paid 
cash of 0/7/6 in 1783 & Nelms got a judgment against him in 1787 for 0/12/11 
including costs.

TARR, Charles (At Mrs. CHAMLIN) (21 Jun 1785 - 3 Jul 1787)
Purchased sundries for 1/19/1 in 1785. Two years interest made it 2/4/5
and Levin WAILES gave his note for that amount in 1787.

TATUM, Elizabeth (Mrs. [widow?]) (7 Jan 1767 - 1770)
Got credit of 0/7/6 on Isaac COVINGTON and David VANCE in 1767. Gave note 
for 0/15/10 for John TATUM's account in 1768 and got credit on James VANCE 
for 0/7/6 in 1770.

TATUM, John (5 Jan 1767 - 31 Aug 1768)
Bought cloth, stamped cotton, pins, almanac in 1767, paid part in cash & got 
credit for 0/15/10. Got credit on John SHOCKLEY in 1768 & Mrs. Elizabeth 
TATUM gave her note for the balance of 0/9/6 on 31 Aug 1768. Probably died 
shortly before leaving Elizabeth, his widow to pay the balance.
* Robt. HANDY's Book Debts Due estate: TATUM/TATOM?, John.

TAYLOR, John (Shoemaker- runaway) (1765 - 1769)
Carried 0/0/9 from Ledger C for pipes. No payment in D. Probably a
runaway apprentice or unidentified servant.

TAYLOR, John (Son of John) (27 Mar 1766 - 22 Apr 1769) Balance from
Ledger C 1/13/11, interest 0/6/3, total 2/0/2. Paid 0/10/0 cash in 1769
and gave note for 1/10/2.

TAYLOR, John Jr. (1765 - 2 July 1779)
Bought molasses, pipes, rum, needles, thread, indigo, plus balance from
Ledger C & interest made a total of 1/18/2 which was carried to Ledger
E. On 4 Jul, 1779 went security on his father's note to Nelms for 0/11/8.

TAYLOR, John Sr. (22 Apr 1766 - 4 Jul 1779)
Carried 1/7/11 from Ledger C. Paid 1/14/11 in cash in 1771 which included 
accrued interest. In 1775 carried 0/6/0 from Ledger H, bought a woman's silk 
bonnet, pair spectacles for a total of 1/14/4. Paid 0/7/6 in cash in 1776, 
0/15/0 in 1779 & gave note for 0/11/8 with son, John Jr. as security.

TAYLOR, Mary (4 Feb 1775)
Got credit of 0/2/2 on account of Onley OWENS

TAYLOR, Solomon (20 May 1775)
Got credit on account of Benjamin JOHNSON for 10 Shillings.

TAYLOR, Thomas (Son of John) (15 Oct 1763 - 4 Oct 1774)
Due from Ledger C 3/7/-1/2 plus 9 years interest of 1/15-1/2 for 5/2/1.
Paid in cash in 1774.

TAYLOR, Walter (1765 - 14 Jul 1768)
Carried 1/3/7 from C. Bought linen handkerchief, sewing silk, alum,
nutmeg, bed bunting, spelling book, bridle, linen, molasses, trace ropes, 
rum, & British Oil for a total of 5/1/0. Delivered 2 bu. of corn for 0/4/0 
in 1768 & gave note for 4/17/0 in July 1768
* Robt. HANDY's List of Debts Due: TAYLOR, John Sr., John (Beaver Dam), 
George, Levin, John, William, William (Para.), Walter.

THOMASON, Martin (18 Aug 1763 - 11 Jul 1768)
Due from Ledger C 0/18/8. Unpaid in D. Made delivery to George VINSON
Sr. in 1768.

THOMASON, Mary (Weaver) (5 Dec 1775 - 22 Oct 1777)
Bought 12-1/2 yds material, lawn, thread, indogo and carried 0/8/12 from 
Ledger H for a total of 3/19/8. Paid part in 1775 by weaving cloth for 
0/13/4, in 1776 by weaving cloth for 0/13/4, in 1776 by weaving 23 yds of 
country linen for 0/11/6 and paid 2/9/9 in cash in 1777 for a total of 

THOMPSON, James (1765 - 2 Aug 1777)
Bal from Ledger C plus interest came to 7/7/8-1/2, bought a New England
primer, snuff, linen, knit gloves, broadcloth, rum, pipes, blanketing,
buttons, cordage, trace ropes, molasses, clasp knives, handkerchiefs,
pen knife, sticks of hair, oznaburg and gave credit to Elisha DEAN for
a total of 11/4/6. Paid with corn delivered by Stephen SCADY, James
WILKENS, George MAGLAMARY, Abel WILLIS, and by William MILLS by
execution and carried 8/7/9 to Ledger E.   In 1775 he carried 1/12/11
from Ledger H and purchased trace ropes, binding and linen for a total
of 3/2/2 which he paid in cash in 1777.

THRIFT, Nathaniel (29 Dec 1764)
Balance of 6/19/11 from C, unpaid in D. He owed also 4065 cypress
shingles on a note of Benjamin and Solomon SHOCKLEY which was unpaid
and for which he was security.

TIMMONS, Michael (1775 - 24 Mar 1787)
Balance from Ledger H 0/7/11. Paid in full in cash 24 Mar 1787.

TINDALL, Sarah (21 Feb 1767) Made delivery to William FARLOW.

TOADVINE, Arnold (1 Apr 1775 - 1787)
Purchased wilton serge, brown linen, vest and coat buttons, a twist of
tobacco and a black silk handkerchief for 1/10/0. No payment in Ledger
I. Made delivery to Henty TOADVINE in 1775.

TOADVINE, Dixon (1 Mar 1766 to 6 Jun 1769)
Due from Ledger C with accrued interest 2/3/3 with Thomas TOADVINE as
security. Bill paid in 1769 by charge against John CATHELL's account.

TOADVINE, Ezekiel (28 Feb 1767)
Bought scarlet flannel by Mary CAREY, garters, duck linen, 1-1/2 doz.
coat buttons. Gave creidts to Eunice FOOKS/FUCKES and Levin CAREY for
a total of 1/4/6. Paid in corn in 1768.

TOADVINE, George (1765)
Balance from C 4/1/7. Purchased thread, cambric, tape, pins, buttons,
tin pan, shalloon, needles, rum, molasses, woman's mittens, stick of   
crewell for 5/6/3. Paid 2/11/6 in cash in 1768 and carried 2/14/9 to
Ledger E.

TOADVINE, Henry   (3 Jan 1767 - 5 Feb 1778)
His wife got a credit on Isaac ROACH of 0/7/6 in 1767 and bought a
bridle for Mr. TULL for 0/6/6. Carried this amount to Ledger E. In
1775 bought a gallon of rum for 0/6/0 and paid in cash in 1778.

TOADVINE, John (11 Jun 1765 - 1787)
Carried from Ledger C plus interest 0/18/3. Account paid by Samuel
DAVIS in cash in 1770. Carried 2/7/6 from Ledger H in 1775. No
payment in I.

TOADVINE, Mary (1765 - 1769)
Due from Ledger C 0/8/9. No payment in D.

TOADVINE, Nancy (12 Mar 1767)
Made pickup of a qt of rum for father, George..

TOADVINE, Thomas Sr. (1765)
Balance of 0/4/6-1/2 due from C. Purchased a felt hat, almanac,
gimlets, ginger, buttons, bridle, bearskin cloth, handsaw files,
and cordage for 1/18/1/2. Paid in part with corn in 1768, got a
credit of 3 shillings for carting Nelms' punt and carried
0/0/1-1/2 to Ledger E. Went security for Dixon TOADVINE for
2/3/3 in 1776.
* Robt. HANDY Desperate Debts Due: TOADWIN, Dixon & George.
* Robt. HANDY Book Debts due estate: TOADVINE, Thomas, Nelley, Ezekiel, 
Dixon, Henry, John, George, Nelly-(daughter of Thomas).

TOWNSEND, Dickerson (28 Jan 1762 - 1769)
Carried from Ledger C 0/11/10-1/2. Unpaid in D.

TOWNSEND, Joshua (11 Apr 1766)
Balance of 1/0/9 brought from C. No payment in Ledger D.

TOWNSEND, Lazarus (1765 - 2 Aug 1768)
Due from C 1/12/2. Bought trace ropes and rum and gave credit to
William NELMS for his expenses at Snow Hill for a total of 2/1/0.
Gave a note for this amount in 1768.
* Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: TOWNSEND, Larvus, Elias, Levin.

TRADER, Henry (1765 - 6 Dec 1777)
Balance owed in Ledger C 0/4/11 bought thread and 8 yds of duck
linen for a total of 1/5/2. Paid in corn in 1768. in 1775 he
bought a set of cart boxes and a spring lock and in 1776 a primer
for a total of 0/10/0. Paid in cash in 1777.

TRADER, James (30 Jan 1768 - 1787)
Bought 3-1/2 yds of linen for 0/7/5, and carried the amount of Ledger
E. paid 0/3/6 in 1768 for John HARRISON and in 1770 paid 0/16/0 for
Hezekiah RUARK. Carried a credit balance of 0/1/3 from Ledger H and
didn't use it in I.

TRADER, John (1765 - 1769)
Got a credit on Elizabeth HARRISON in Ledger C. Bought in 1767 bear-
skin cloth, buttons, stick of hair, rum, trace ropes, chest lock,
cordial, girth, silk handkerchief, gun flints, train oil & gave
credits to Edward ELLIS and Josiah DASHIELL for a total of 2/18/10.
Carried 2/5/10 to LEdger E.

TRADER, Martha (Mrs.) (1765)
Brought 0/2/8 for a linen handkerchief from LEdger C, charged pins,
ribbon, lawn, tape, checked linen for a total of 1/3/3. Paid partly
in cash, partly by a credit on Isaac SHOCKLEY's account and carried
0/12/9 to her husband's account. Delivered ribbon to Elizabeth
HARRISON in 1767.

TRADER, Richard (16 Jun 1785 - 5 Jul 1787)
In 1785 bought thread, linen, stamped holland and pins. In 1786, a
padlock. Grand total 4/10/11. In 1785, delivered a lamb, 16
chickens and 3-1/2 lbs of butter for credit totalling 0/19/0. In
1787, delivered more chickens & butter for credits of 0/4/6.
leaving 3/7/5 still due.
* Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: TRADER, Susanna, John, Henry.

TREHEARN, Charles (1765 - 1769)
Due from Ledger C 0/4/6 for snuff & rum with William WILLIS as
security. Paid in D.

TRIPP, Capt.   (15 Feb 1768)
Wilson RIDER delivered 12 bu of corn to TRIPP at the directions of Nelms.

TRUITT, German (27 May 1765 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C 0/5/5, 4 yrs. interest 0/1/2 making total of 0/6/7 
carried to day book for 1769.

TRUITT, Job (5 Feb 1767 - 21 Oct 1775)
Bought best buttons & garters for 0/3/0 & paid in corn in 1768. Paid
for Johnson DENNIS & William BASSETT & delivered shingles for account of 
Stephen ADKINS Sr. Bought coffee in 1775 for 0/6/0 & paid in 1775
with 4 lbs beeswax.

TRUITT, Littleton (26 Jul 1766 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C 2/14/0. Unpaid in D.

TRUITT, William (son of Littleton) (1765 - 22 Jul 1769)
Carried 1/17/2 from C and bought pen knives, needles, silk handkerchief, & 
indigo for 2/15/1 total. Gave a note for this amount in 1769.
* Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: TRUETT, William, Littleton, Jarman; 
TRUET, William, Joab.

TULL, George (10 Nov 1767 - 16 Oct 1779)
Bought gun flints and a gun lock for 0/6/9. Paid in corn in 1768.
Purchased broadcloth and brown linen in 1775 for 0/15/7 and paid cash
in 1779.

TULL, Jacob (23 Jan 1768)
Delivered corn for credit to David BROWN.

TULLEY, James (18 Feb 1775 - 8 Feb 1776)
Bought pr of fire irons for 0/10/6 and paid for them in 1776 with corn
delivered by Moses CULVER.

TULLEY, William (1775 - 1787)
Due from Ledger H 2/7/0-1/2. No payment in Ledger I.
*Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: TULLY, Richard.

TURNER, Joseph (3 May 1766 - 1769)
Ledger C balance 0/10/2. Unpaid in I.

TURNER, Levin (1765 - 16 Feb 1788)
Due from Ledger C 1/7/2. Gave credit to Eunice COX and borrowed 10
pence for a total of 1/13/8. Gave a note for this amount in 1768.
Bought a silk handkerchief in 1775 with a balance due of 0/3/0 &
gave a note for this in 1788.

TURNER, Mary (Miss) (22 Aug 1767 - 15 Oct 1768)
Bought a furred woman's hat and ribbon for 1/2/6 with Rebecca SMITH
as security. Paid for in cash in 1768 by George SMITH, son of
Andrew. (Marriage?)

TURNER, Thomas (1775 - 1787)
Due from Ledger H 0/6/0. Unpaid in I.

TURNER, Zadock (8 Feb 1766 - 1769)
Due from C plus accrued interest 0/7/5. Full amt. carried to Ledger E.
* Robt. HANDY Desperate Debts Due: TURNER, Levin.
* Book Debts Desperate: TURNER, Levin, Sarah, Zadock.

TURPIN, Joshua (21 Feb 1767 - 1770)
Bought checked linen and white linen for 1/8/4. With interest added,
carried 1/11/9 to Ledger F.
*Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: TURPIN, Joshua.

TWIFORD, James (7 May 1765 - 1769)
Due from Ledger C 0/5/7 and carried on to Ledger F.

TWIFORD, William (1764 - 1769)
Ledger C balance 0/6/11. Unpaid in D.
*Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: TWIFORD, Sarah.

TWILLEY, James (1765 - 16 May 1768)
Brought 2/8/9 from C, bought sleeve buttons and a felt hat for a total
of 3/1/0. Paid in part with corn delivered by Charles HARRIS & Richard
PHILLIPS & gave a note for the balance of 2/10/0.

TWILLEY, John (10 Jan 1767 - 1769)
Bought ginger, rum & oznaburg for 0/4/10 and carried the full amount to
Ledger E.

TWILLEY, Richard (23 Mar 1765 - 17 Aug 1768)
Balance from Ledger C plus interest 2/2/9. Note taken in 1768 for that

TWILLEY, William (Joiner) (19 Aug 1768)
Bought 6 gals of molasses for 1/2/6 picked up by his wife. Corn was
delivered by Betty WRIGHT, Betty PARSONS, Ezekiel CAREY and Twilley's
wife to pay all but one shilling, which sum was paid in cash and "one
wood spoon" in 1769. Carried 12/12/12 from Ledger H. No payment in I.
*Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: TWILLY, Joseph, George.

* T Surnames Robert HANDY's Desperate Debts Due: THORNES, Jacob;
THO, Thomas; THORNSWEN, James.


VANCE, James (18 Oct 1766 - 1773)
Carried from Ledger C plus interest 2/13/5. Gave credit to Elizabeth
TATUM & loaned VANCE a penny to make a total of 3/1/0. Gave a note for this 
amount. A 1773 entry shows he was now married to Rachel COLLINS,
sister of James COLLINS.

VANCE, David (1765 - 1787)
Had credit of 1/5/11 in Ledger C. Bought worsted men's stockings, white 
holand, thread, rum, knit breeches pattern, sewing silk, linen and buttons 
for 4/13/4. Credit applied and the balance of 3/7/5 carried to Ledger E. Got 
credit of 1/5/8 on account of Hamilton ASTOR in 1776. Carried credit balance 
over from Ledger H of 5/16/11 without use between 1775 & 1787.

VANCE, George (1765 - 2 Aug 1775)
Due from ledger C with interest 0/19/11. Purchased rum, 3 pr brass screens, 
silk handkerchief, cordage, brimstone, handsaw file, molasses, pipes, 
garters, paint, iol and frying pan for 3/5/1. Got credit of 1/19/0 on Edmund 
N. Nelms in 1768 and carried 1/6/1 to Ledger E. Carried 3/9/3 from Ledger H 
and bought a spring lock, trace ropes, hired Nelms' negro woman for a year 
for 6/0/0 and Nelms paid him 40/0/0 on purchase of land. In August, 1775 
conveyed a tract of land containing 79 acres to Nelms.

VANCE, James (18 Oct 1766 - 1773)
Carried from Ledger C plus interest 2/13/5. Gave credit to Elizabeth
TATUM & loaned VANCE a penny to make a total of 3/1/0. Gave a note for
this amount. A 1773 entry shows he was now married to Rachel COLLINS,
sister of James COLLINS.

VANCE, John (7 Feb 1763 - 1769)
Owed 1/7/3-1/2 in Ledger C. No payment in D.

VANCE, Rachel Collins (wife of James)(2 Feb 1765 - 1773)
Carried 0/12/10 from Ledger C with 7 years accrued interest. Married James 
VANCE by 1773.

VAUGHN, Jethro (16 May 1767 - 1769)
Bought a bunch of cordage for 0/2/0. No payment in Ledger D.

VENABLES, Benjamin (10 May 1767 - 27 Mar 1769)
Bought a yard of white linen for 0/3/9. Paid in cash in 1769.

VENABLES, Eunice (Miss) (7 Oct 1766 - 10 Aug 1771)
Due from Ledger C plus interest 0/7/6. paid in cash by Ann BROOKS in 1771.

VENABLES, John (1765 - 1769)
Carried 0/0/6 from C for a Jew's harp, picked up by "your boy Charles".
Paid in D.

VENABLES, William (Son of Benjamin)   (1765 - 19 Nov 1772)
Made a delivery to Dr. SCROGLEMORE in 1765. Bought a pair of
callimanco shoes in 1767 for 0/10/0. The bill was paid in cash by
Alexander Thomas RUSSELL in 1772.

VENABLES, William (Son of Perkins) (15 Apr 1775 - 19 Aug 1782)
Bought a broad ax, chest of turners tools, & sundry other things & a
cross cut saw to be paid by Christmas (Not paid by then). Also
bought serge, blueplush, durant, buttons, knee garters, stick of
twist, sewing silk, buchram thread, pr of callimanco women's
shoes, men's worsted stockings, silver ribbon for 14/7/7. In 1776,
paid 2/5/0 in cash & delivered 17-1/2 bu of corn & a linen wheel
for 2/5/0 & in 1782 gave a note for the balance in the amount of

VENABLES, William (Capt.) (1765 - 1777)
Carried 7/18/8 from Ledger C. Boght blanketing, almanac, "bought
a 40 lb paute," cloth, thread, durant, buckram, buttons, scarlet
flannel, sewing silk, tape cordage, tammy, pewter dishes, oznaburg,
molasses, and coffee, also borrowed 26/15/1 from Nelms for a total
debt of   40/0/0. Gave a bond for this amount in 1768. Son, William,
made pick-ups from the store. Bought 4-1/2 yds checked stuff for
0/16/6 in 1775 and rented Nelms' scow for 12 days in 1776 for 1/4/0
for a total of 2/0/6. The bill was paid in cash in 1777 by John COLLINS, his 

VENABLES, William (son of William) (1767 - 1787)
Brought 0/3/6 from Ledger G. Bought in 1775 1 lb of gun powder and
rented Nelms' scow for 6 days in 1776 for a total of 0/16/0. No pmt in
I. Made pickups for father in 1767.
* Robt. HANDY Desperat Debts Due on: VENABLES, Benjamin.

VINSON, Benjamin (10 Jan 1767 - 7 Mar 1777)
Purchased linen & a primer for an unpaid balance of 0/5/0. Paid in
cash in 1768.   In 1775 bought shoe buckles, everlasting, stick of
hair, brown linen, sewing silk, buttons, thread, cash lent to pay for
powder 0/1/0 for a total of 1/2/6. paid in cash in 1777.

VINSON, Elijah (1765 - 21 May 1776)
Due in Ledger C 10/15/5, charged an iron pot, cheese, rum, pr. of H
hinges & a stocklock for a total of 12/10/0. Paid in cash in 1768. Got
credit on the accounts of Nathaniel WHALEY Sr. & Moses DRISKELL Sr. In 1775 
gave credit to Widow GREEN, & in 1776 bought trace ropes, bunches of line, 
an iron pot & a pewter basin & borrowed 11 shillings for a total debt of 
3/10/3. Paid in 1776 with corn delivered by Stephen ELLIS, by a man's saddle 
for 2/5/0 & by 4 gals of brandy & with 0/5/3  in cash.

VINSON, Elisha (Dec 1777)
Paid 0/10/0 in cash on account of William GARLOW Jr.

VINSON, George Jr. (25 Jul 1767 - Mar 1768)
Bought 8 yds of white linen for 1/17/4. Paid in cash in 1768.

VINSON, George Sr. (1765 - 1770)
Carried 1/3/0 from   Ledger C. Purchased frieze cloth, stick of hair,
cordage, oil, spelling book, & rum for a total with accrued interest
of 3/3/5. Carried the full amount to Ledger F.

VINSON, Isaac (1765   - 1769)
Due in Ledger C plus interest 0/5/4. Bought stamped cotton, a Bible,
felt hat, linen, razor, cordage and trace ropes for a total of 2/2/0. Paid 
0/15/0 in cash in 1768 and carried 1/7/9 to Ledger E.

VINSON, Jonathan (1765 - 1769)
Balance of   0/3/6 from Ledger C not paid in D.

VINSON, Noble (21 Mar 1767 - 3 Feb 1768)
Bought Russell's Seven Sermons & molasses for 0/10/0. Paid in corn in 1768.

VINSON, Sarah (Mrs.) (Widow) (21 May 1766)
Carried 2/1/7 from Ledger C, paid 1/9/4 in 1769 & carried 0/12/3 to F. Due 
in Ledger H 0/9/6 with no payment in I. Described as Mrs. in Ledger D & as a 
widow in I.

VINSON, Solomon (21 Mar 1767 - 21 Jan 1769)
Purchased a girth, iron pot, ferriting, linen, scissors & thread for a total 
of 1/10/11. In 1768 got credit for 19 obs of myrtle wax & 0/1/0 in cash paid 
by Solomon's father for 1/0/0. Solomon paid balance in cash in 1769.
*Robt. HANDY Book Debts Due Estate: VINSON, Mathias

VOSS, Robert (In Sussex, Pennsylvania) (28 Feb 1759 - 1769)
Carried 3/5/0 from Ledger C. Unpaid in D.


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John Nelms Store Accounts of Salisbury
Jacob, John E., Jr.
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