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Transcribed From the Original Store Ledgers by John E. Jacob

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This page includes surnames beginning with the letters L through O.


**EXTRA** An inventory was filed in Worcester Co. of the debts due to the estate of Robert HANDY. This list is part of an inventory taken on October 3, 1765, and entered for probate on June 19, 1766. It can be found in Liber 90, Folios 99-110. *The names listed in this inventory will be posted at the LAST given name at the end of each surname account. Plus, at the end of each surname letter, before starting another set of new surnames, (different letters), I have added names found in Handy's but NOT found in the John Nelms accounts. - LDF

LAMBERTSON, Sarah (18 Feb 1768)
Delivered a lawn handkerchief to Mattias ASTON.

LANE, Thomas (9 January, 1789) O/7/6 for Thomas Lane paid by Levi Bright.

LANK, Cannon (2 Jan 1777) Paid 0/19/8 on account of Charles HAYMAN, Sr.

LANK, Francis (1765 to 7 Jul 1768)
Balance from Ledger C 0/7/3. Bought molasses for 0/7/0 for a total of 
0/14/3. Paid in cash in 1768.

LANK, Stephen (11 Jan 1768)
Delivered 1 peck of corn for credit on account of Mrs. Rachel HITCH for 

LANK, William (4 Apr 1767 to 1787)
Bought sewing silk, thimble, buttons and snuff for 0/5/9. Paid in corn and 
cash in 1768. Carried 2/1/0 from H. No payment in Ledger I.
*Rob. HANDY-Desperate Debts Due on: Stephen & Francis LANK
Book Debts Desperate: Francis LANK

LANKFORD, Benjamin (7 Feb 1776 - 30 Jul 1782)
Bought serge durant and buckram, buttons, hank of silk, stick of twist. Gave 
credit to his sister Mary, was charged the value of 3 raccoons due Nelms and 
the balance on an old note given up for 7/1/9. Paid in part with corn in 
1776 and gave note for the balance of 5/4/9 in 1782.

LANKFORD, Esther (Mrs.) (26 Mar 1767 - 1769)
Bought molasses, total 0/11/6. No payment in Ledger D.

LANKFORD, John, Jr. (Son of John) (2 Jun 1761 - 1775)
Balance from Ledger C plus interest 2/2/4. Note taken in 1775.

LANKFORD, John, Sr. (1765 - 1787)
Due from Ledger C plus interest 0/16/4. Bought 2-1/2 gals molasses for 
0/9/4-1/2 for a total of 1/5/8-1/2. No payment in D. Purchased a fine hat, 
an iron pot, rum, molasses, buttons, thread, handkerchief, piece goods, a 
breeches pattern and a comb for 2/13/2-1/2. No payment in Ledger I.

LANKFORD, Mary (Widow) (19 Mar 1775 - 1 Dec 1787)
Made delivery to Hudson LOWE in March 1775. Carried 1/4/0 from Ledger H and 
in May charged a gal of molasses and an earthenware pan for a total of 
1/9/10. Thomas LANKFORD delivered 7-3/8 bu of corn for a credit on the 
account in Feb 1776. and in that month she bought an ink glass for her son 
and 2 lbs of chocolate. In May 1776 she delivered "tow linen" for a credit 
of 0/2/0. In 1784 she bought molasses, pipes, powder and shot, white 
vitriol, indigo, copprice, alum and a stoneware mug for 1/1/5. Paid in 1785 
and 1786 on account with chickens, turkeys, and eggs. Jonathan LANKFORD gave 
note for balance of 1/8/3. in 1787.

LANKFORD, Mary (sister of Benjamin) (7 Feb 1776)
Credit of 0/14/4 on her brother Benjamin's account.

LANKFORD, Thomas (1765 - 1 Dec 1787)
Balance from Ledger C 3/17/4-1/2. Bought molasses, thread and linen in 1767 
for 0/7/6 making a total of 4/4/10-1/2. No payment in Ledger D. Signed note 
for balance of account of Mary LANKFORD, widow, in the amount of 1/8/3 in 
*Rob. HANDY-Desperate Debts Due On: Thomas LANGFORD.
Book Debts Desperate: John LANGFORD, Thomas LONGFORD/ LANGFORD? Jonathon 

LAWRENCE, William (1775 to 1787)
Balance from Ledger C 3/17/4-1/2. Bought molasses, thread and linen in 1767 
for 0/7/6 making a total of 4/4/10-1/2. No payment in Ledger D. Signed note 
for balance of account of Mary LANKFORD, widow, in the amount of 1/8/3 in 

LAWS, William (Baptist) (3 Nov 1780 to 1787)
Bought tallow, indigo, shoe buckles, thread, ribbon and a boy's hat for 
1/7/3. Note taken for the full amount.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: George LAW

LAYFIELD, Bettey (13 Jun 1769)
Got credit of 0/19/0 on account of Randolph SMULLEN Jr.

LAYFIELD, David, Jr. (17 Sept 1763 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C carried to Ledger E )/9/0.

LAYFIELD, David Sr. (1765 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C of 0/2/0. Paid in D.

LAYFIELD, George (6 Jan 1775)
Got credit on account of Moses COX for 0/13/3.

LAYFIELD, John (son of Rebecca) (29 Jan 1766 - 30 Mar 1767)
Balance from Ledger C 0/6/0. No payment in D. Made delivery to
mother in 1767.

LAYFIELD, Rebecca (1765 - 23 Feb 1769)
Balance from Husband's account in C 0/2/9. Bought a hat for John
and a qt of rum delivered by son, Solomon for a total of 0/6/3. Paid
in 1769 by corn delivered by Solomon.

LAYFIELD, Robert (25 Apr 1767)
Father of William as shown on William's account.

LAYFIELD, Sarah (23 March 1765 - 1769)
Bought a yd of ribbon and a linen handkerchief for 0/2/0. No payment
in Ledger D.

LAYFIELD, Solomon (16 Jul 1768 - 18 Jul 1786)
Delivered a qt of rum to mother in 1768. Witnessed an Agreement
between Nelms and Authur LEWIS in 1778. Bought sundries for
0/8/6 on 18 Jul 1786. No payment in Ledger I.

LAYFIELD, Thomas Jr. (1765 - 8 Aug 1787)
Balance from Ledger C 2/4/6 bought rum and trace ropes for a balance
of 2/9/4-1/2. In 1768 delivered beeswax for 0/9/4-1/2 and gave a note
for balance. Carried balance of 0/11/4 from Ledger G and 5/9/10 from
H for a total of 6/1/2. Gave note for this amount in 1787 with father as 

LAYFIELD, Thomas Sr. (8 Aug 1787)
Went security for Thomas Jr. on note for 6/1/2.

LAYFIELD, Thomas (son of William) (10 Apr 1766 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C 0/9/9. No payment in D.

LAYFIELD, William (Son of Robert) (25 Apr 1767 - 20 Feb 1768)
Bought linen, fine holland, thread and ribbon for 0/11/0. Paid in corn.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: David LAYFIELD, James LAYFIELD, William 

LECATES, (John) (1765 to 1769)
Balance from Ledger C 1/1/3. No payment in D

LECATES, Joseph (14 Mar 1767 to 1769)
Bought rum, shoe buckles, and lacing and gave credit to Eben CALLAWAY for 
0/6/6 for a total of 0/10/4. No payment in D. In 1767 Lecates made a 
delivery to Joseph SCROGEN, Jr.

LECATES, Nathaniel (1765 to 13 Feb 1768)
Carried 1/10/5 from Ledger C. Purchased white linen, stamped cotton, thread, 
pipes, handkerchiefs, tin pans, molasses and rum for a total of 3/7/4. Paid 
with corn. Some delivered by George L. MOORE, Benjamin CALLAWAY and Joshua 
HASTINGS. In 1767 and 1768 CALLAWAY and HASTINGS got similar credits on him.

LECOMPTE, Anthony (Living in the Forest) (7 Jul 1785 - 18 Jan 1787)
Bought oznaburg, sleeve buttons, snuff, a snuff box and pipes for 0/13/0. 
Elijah FOOKS paid 0/7/2 on account in 1785. Delivered turkeys and a chicken 
in 1787 for a credit of 0/5/7 leaving a balance of 0/0/3.

LEONARD, John (11 Mar 1775 to 7 Feb 1768)
Bought cordage and trace ropes in 1775 and mens worsted stockings and gave 
credit to William DARBY for 2/9/6 for a total of 3/7/6. Had a credit of 
0/0/10 from G and gave note for 3/6/8. Bought sundries for 1/7/11 in 1784 
and paid 0/9/1 in cash in 1786.

LEONARD, Joseph (15 Apr 1775 to 4 Feb 1786)
Bought 1 doz tea cups and sauces, pair of knee garters and a hank of silk, 
and carried 0/13/5 from Ledger H for a total of 0/19/5. Paid in cash in 1776 
and 1778. Paid 1/18/3 on account of Clarkson COX in 1786.

LEONARD, Joseph (Jr.) (28 Feb 1767 to 7 May 1768)
Credit received by Edward ELLIS 0/1/6 and bought 1 lb allspice for 0/2/8. 
Paid in cash in 1768.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: Michael LEONARD, Joseph LEONARD.

LEWIS, Arthur (10 Mar 1767 - 18 Apr 1784)
Bought tin funnel, piecegoods, thread, pins, clasp knife, iron Skillet, 
stocklock, molasses, rum, pen knife, gumlets, (gimlets?) a looking glass and 
a comb for 2/0/0. Paid part in 1768 by delivery of 2015 shingles by William 
GERMAN, balance of 0/9/9 carried to Ledger E. In 1775 bought rum, molasses, 
nails, thread, gumlets, a comb and a hogshead with a balance of 6/14/0 
carried from H made a total due of 8/17/8. He agreed in 1778 to pay with 12 
nests of wooden ware. Instead he paid 4/12/8 in cash in 1778, and delivered 
30 wooden cans in 1784 and paid balance of 0/7/6 in cash.

LEWIS, George (1765 - 1769)
Balance from C 0/5/5 charged an almanac, handkerchiefs, piece goods, pipes, 
padlocks, buttons, thread, needles, an iron kettle for a total of 8/12/6. 
Carried the full amount to Ledger F.

LEWIS, James (1765 - 2 Jul 1768)
Purchases rum, linen, molasses, needles, handkerchiefs, and 2/10/0 prepared 
for shingles not delivered for a total of 4/17/1. Paid 2/16/4-1/2 with 
shingles and carried 2/0/8-1/2 to Ledger E. 2100 shingles delivered by 
William GERMAN.

LEWIS, William (1775 - 26 Jul 1787)
Balance from Ledger H 0/11/0. Gave note in 1787 for balance.

LEWIS, Zadock (6 May 1786 - 1787)
Bought 0/3/0 worth of merchandise in 1786. No payment in I.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: William LEWIS

LINDSAY, Sarah (1775 to 1787)
Balance from Ledger H 1/9/7-1/2. Partly paid in 1787 by an 0/5/8 credit on 
J. WRIGHT's account and a payment by Mrs. JAMES of 0/3/9.

Comfort LINGO (27 Feb, 1768) Paid 0/1/10 on the account of Elizabeth (not 
Blizzard) Lingo.

Elizabeth LINGO (19 Feb, 1767 to 27 Feb, 1768. Bought white linen for 0/12/0 
in 1767. Paid by credit on account of Stephen Beauchamp, cash paid by 
Comfort James and corn delivered by Comfort Lingo

John LINGO (26 Mar 1767 - 30 Jan 1768) Bought a snuff box, o? rum, a 
candlestick, pins, claspknife, fish hooks, razor, buttern (?) and a powder 
flash for 0/15/6. Paid in 1768 with corn.

Robinson LINGO (10 Jan 1767 - 23 Jan 1768) Bought an almanac, coat buttons, 
4 sticks of hair, shoe buckles, 6 pewter plates, 2 pewter dishes, 
piecegoods, thread, ribbon an ink stand, and a book, Progress of Sin, for 
3/18/2 in 1767. Paid in tallow beeswax and cash. In 1768 borrowed 10 bu of 
corn from Nelms and repaid it in kind. In 1767 paid 0/5/10 on account of 
Naboth Dix.

Smith LINGO (10 Jan 1767 - 1 Feb 1768) Bought garters, knee buckles, clasp 
knifes, gun flints, sewing silk, ferriting, and snuff for 0/8/2. Paid in 
cash in 1768.

William LINGO (14 Jan 1767 - 30 Jan 1768 Bought tin funnel, shoe buckles, a 
frying pan and pen knife. Gave credits to John Martin, and Samuel Carter for 
0/17/0. Paid in corn in 1768.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: Amey LINGOE, Richard LINGOE, Robertson 
LINGO, Elisabeth LINGO.

LINTON, Elijah ((7 Apr 1766 and 1769)
Carried 0/18/8 from Ledger C. Unpaid in D.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: Elijan LINTON.

LIVINGSTON, George (11 Mar 1775)
Delivered 5 qts rum to Stephen HORSEY.

LIVINGSTON, Sarah (3 Mar 1767)
Got a credit of 2/7/8 on the account of Isaac DIXON.

LIVINGSTON, Todd (4 Feb 2775 to 26 Nov 1778)
Bought a stone shirt brooch in 1775 for 0/6/0. Paid in cash in 1778.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: George LIVINGTON.

LOWE, George (Brother to Thomas) (20 Feb 1783 to 1787)
Judgement obtained for 0/13/2 including costs.

LOWE, George Jr. (11 Apr 1767 to 24 Feb 1769)
Bought a snuff box, snuff and garters for 0/8/1. Comfort JAMES delivered 
corn for a credit of 0/4/6 and the balance of 0/3/7 was carried to Ledger F.

LOWE, George Sr. (6 Jan 1768 to 9 Mar 1776)
Bought a quire of paper for 0/1/8. Carried to Ledger E. George's son 
delivered corn for credit on Richard WALLER Sr's account in 1776.

LOWE, Hudson (1765 to 2 Feb 1768)
Balance from Ledger C 0/15/7. Purchased pens and molasses in 1767 for 1/8/1. 
Paid part in corn in 1768 and carried 1/2/7 to E. In 1775 bought molasses, 
thimbles, clasp knife and gave credit to Peggy RENCHER for 0/10/6 for a 
total of 0/18/8. Paid 0/9/0 in corn in 1776 and paid the balance in cash in 

LOWE, John (1765 to 1 Apr 1775)
Due from Ledger C and interest 0/17/6. Bought white linen and thread, an 
almanac, rum, molasses and shoe buckles for 2/5/10. Paid part in corn and 
carried 1/3/4 to Ledger E. Went security for his daughter, Mary, in 1775 for 
1/2/6. Also father of William.

LOWE, Mary (9 Jun 1767 to 1 Apr 1775)
Made delivery to Shadrach CROUCH in 1767. Bought a silk bonnet for 1/2/6 in 
1775. No payment in Ledger I. Daughter of John and Sarah.

LOWE, Nathan (25 Feb 1775 to 2 May 1778)
Bought heabely of better priced merchandise. Purchased silk handkerchiefs, 
silver plated knee and shoe buckles, white linen at 0/5/4 per yard, 
broadcloth at 0/12/8 per yard, serge at 0/12/3 per yard. In addition bought 
a pocket book, snuff box, ribbon, shallon, thread, rum, gilt buttons, tammy, 
mens worsted stockings, a stick of twist and other piecegoods for a total of 
10/2/5. He paid in cash in 1778.

LOWE, Ralph (6 May 1767 to 1769)
Bought 2 pts of rum which was paid for by credit on the account of Zepheniah 

LOWE, Sarah (1775 to 1787) Balance from Ledger H 1/13/5. No payment in I.

LOWE, Thomas (20 Feb 1783) Shown as brother on account of George LOWE

LOWE, William (23 May 1767) Made delivery to father, John LOWE.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: Henry LOWS, Relph LOWE.

LURTON, Henry (1765 to 1776)
Balance from C and interest 1/12//91/2. Bought an ink glass and Reading Made 
Easy for a total of 1/15/2. Paid in part by a credit on Matthias CHRISTOPHER 
of 1/0/6, carried 0/14/6 to Ledger E. In 1775 bought a pair of large 
scissors and got a balance on his bond of 0/11/3 for a total of 0/12/7. Had 
a credit of 0/11/4 from Ledger H and got a credit from Nelms of 0/1/3 "for 
schooling my girl." Probably 1775 or 1776.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: Henry LURTON.

LYNCH, John (1775 to 17 Aug 1787)
Carried balance of 9/9/3 from H. Added 0/3/3 court costs and got judgment 
for 9/12/6.

LYNCH, Jonas (23 Jan 1767 to 1769)
Bought molasses, shoe buckles and a pair of men's pumps for 0/17/0. No 
payment in D. Made delivery to Christopher PIPER in 1767.

*Robert Handy-(Not in Nelms accounts) Desperate Debts Due On: John LOAKEY.
Book Debts Desperate-: John LOVE, George LAVIS, Charles LEATHERBURY, Elisha 

Alexander MADDOX Jr. (25 Feb. 1767 to 18 Feb. 1768)
Bought pen knife, powder flask, silk handkerchief, garters and rum for 
0/16/8 Paid cash in 1768.

Alexander MADDOX Sr, (19 Feb. 1767 to 1768)
Bought thread, handkerchief, ribbon, stamped cotton, linen, pipes, tapes, 
pair of women's red stockings, rum, molasses, and lawn for a total of 4/2/0. 
Carried to Ledger E in Elizabeth Maddox's account. Probably died about 1768 
and Elizabeth, his widow.

Daniel MADDOX (1765 to 13 Feb 1768)
Bought rum and a pen knife for 0/3/0 which with balance from C make a total 
of 0/5/0. Paid in corn in 1768. Paid 0/3/7 for Alice COVINGTON.

Eleanor MADDOX (Miss) (1765 to 26 July, 1768)
Balance from C 0/0/11, bought 5 yds of stamped cotton for a total of 1/8/5. 
Paid in cash in 1768. Daughter of William MADDOX Sr.

Elizabeth MADDOX (1768) Alexander MADDOX Sr.'s
account transferred to her in Ledger E for 4/2/0.

Francis MADDOX (21 March, 1767 to 9 Jan. 1768)
Bought copy of Russell's Seven Sermons for 0/2/6. Paid in cash in 1768.

Hezekiah MADDOX (12 Jan 1767 to 23 Aug 1787)
Purchased needles and thread, a quire of paper, buttons, Jew's harp, trace 
ropes, cordage, silk hand-kerchief, cordial, white linen and a gun lock. 
Gave credits to Edward ELLIS and Marian CALLAWAY for a total of 3/10/7. 
Delivered corn for a credit of 0/7/6 and carried 3/3/1 to Ledger E. Bought 
debit balance of 1/8/8 1/2 from H with interest, total was 2/0/4 1/2. Gave 
note on 23 August, 1787.

Isaac MADDOX (6 Jan 1768 to 30 Jan 1769)
Bought osnaburg for 0/2/9 and paid cash the same month.

John MADDOX (1775 to 1778)
In 1775 bought silk, and worsted stockings with balance from C of 1/4/0 
totalled 1/16/3. Paid cash in 1778.

Joshua MADDOX (1765 to 28 July 1768)
Balance from C 1/14/9. Bought woman's mitten's, linen and silk handkerchief, 
shoe buckles, osnaburg and gave credit to Hannah JACKSON for 0/7/6 for a 
total of 3/4/0. Note taken in 1768.

William MADDOX Jr. (15 Jan 1767 to 11 Mar 1775)
Bought an almanac, trace ropes, cordage, rum, molasses, bridle, and gave 
credit to Edward ELLIS for a total of 1/8/8. Paid in corn and cash in 1768. 
Bought a bunch of cordage in 1775 for 0.2.0. No payment in I.

William MADDOX Sr. (21 May 1767 to 10 Feb 1768)
Bought molasses and a pan of red womens stockings by daughter Eleanor for 
0/10/4. Levin FLETCHER delivered corn for a credit of 0/4/6 and balance 
carried to E.

Zepheniah MADDOX (25 Apr 1767 to 20 Feb 1768)
Bought garters, cordage, and pen knife. Gave credits to Mary CROUCH, Ralph 
LOWE and Hezekiah MADDOX for a total of 0/11/0. Paid in corn in 1768.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: William, & e Joshua MADOX, Isaac, William, 
Jr., Daniel, Frances, Alexander, Hezekiah, Alexander MADDOX.

MAGLAMARY, Edward (3 Mar 1783 to 1 Dec 1787)
Purchased 1-1/2 yds ribbon for 0/6/0 in 1783. Gave note in 1787.

MAGLAMARY, George (1765 to 13 Feb 1768)
Due from Ledger C 0/16/6. Bought a comb for a total of 1/2/5-1/2 including 
interest. Paid in corn in 1768.

MAGLAMARY, Isaac (1765 to 1769)
Ledger C balance 0/1/11, charged molasses to make the amount 0/5/11. Carried 
this balance to Ledger E.

MAGLAMARY, James (14 Mar 1767 to 18 Feb 1768)
Bought linen, handkerchief, horn vest buttons, garters, mens worsted 
stockings, a bricklayer's trowel and a snuff box for 0/15/2. Paid in cash in 
1768. Got credits on John FLINT and John PERDUE, Sr. in 1767.

MAGLAMARY, John (1765 to 12 Apr 1784)
Ledger C balance with interest 1/9/11. Bought a primer, garters, reap hooks, 
tin pan and rum for 2/7/2. Paid 1/2/0 in corn in 1768. Carried 1/5/2 to 
Ledger E. Made deliveries to John WILLIS, Jr. Thomas BROOKS, and Shadrach 
CROUCH in 1767 got credit on John SHOCKLEY in 1784 for 1/6/0.

MAGLAMARY, John, Jr. (8 Jan 1767) Delivered a qt. Of rum to James WILLIS.

MAGLAMARY, Matthias (10 Feb 1762 to 1769)
Balance from Ledger C 1/6/9. No payment in D.

MAGLAMARY, Solomon (1765 - 4 May 1768)
Bought a bay mare from NELMS for 6/0/0 with a saddle and saddle cloth making 
a total of 7/2/6. Also in 1767 bought a felt hat, pen knife, and oznaburg, 
carried 2/0/4 from Ledger C for a total debt of 10/1/4. Got credits on 
Hieron REDDISH for 1/0/0, William DRISKELL, Sr. for 7/0/0 and gave a note 
for 2/0/4 in 1768. Got credit also on John DAVIS, Jr. for a pair of shoe 

MARTIN, George (18 Mar 1767 - 27 May 1769)
Bought quart of best rum and borrowed 4 pence for a total of 0/2/0. Paid 
with a bu. of corn in 1768. Paid 0/12/4 on the account of Jacob CARTER and 
2/18/2 on the account of William PRICE on 27 May 1769.

MARTIN, John (1765 - 8 Feb 1768)
Carried 0/0/10 from Ledger C. Purchased an almanac, a silk hankerchief and 2 
felt hats, for a total of 1/11/8. Got credits on William LINGO and Joshua 
CARTER for 0/13/4 and delivered coin for 0/12/6 and carried 0/0/10 to F.

MARTIN, Mary (1765 - 1769)
Carried from Ledger C 0/3/6. No payment in D.

MARTIN, Capt. Thomas (1 Sept. 1769)
Paid 1/3/7 on account of James REED.

MARTIN, William (7 Jan 1767 - 3 Feb 1768)
Bought pins, felt hat, white linen, garters and 2 linen handkerchiefs for 
1/15/0. Paid with corn delivered by Joshua HASTINGS.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: William, & John MARTIN, James MARTIN (Snow 
Hill), George, & Mary MARTIN.

MCBRYDE, William (11 Mar 1786 to 25 Dec 1787)
Bought timber cart boxes, white linen and 33-1/2 lbs. iron for 2/16/3-1/2. 
Must have charged twice, because it is marked off, and was charged on Nancy 
NELMS day book.

MCCLANNEN, Benjamin (31 Jan 1767 - 13 Jan 1769)
Bought an almanac & a silk handkerchief in 1767 for 0/7/10. Paid in cash in 

MCCLELLAN, Thomas (16 Aug 1768)
McClellan sent note to charge 2/3/1 of James NICHOLSON'S account to him.

MCCLISH, Thomas (10 Jun 1775 - 11 Aug 1787)
Charged a gallon of molasses in 1775, paid in cash in 1778 plus interest. 
Bought sundries of 0/7/0 in 1786 and gave a note for it in 1787.

MCFADDEN, James (1775 - 1787) Balance from Ledger H 1/12/11. Unpaid in I.

MCGEE, David (8 May 1761) Identified as brother of John on account.

MCGEE, Davis (14 Mar 1767)
Got credit of 0/4/9 on account of William Driskell, saddler.

MCGEE, John (Barren Creek) (15 Jan 1766 - 30 Sep 1769)
1769 2/4/8. Bought 2 oz. of indigo on 30 Sept 1769 and paid 1/7/0 that day, 
leaving 1/0/8 still due.

MCGEE, John (Brother to David) (8 May 1761 - 1769)
Carried from Ledger C 1/6/9. No payment in D.

MCGEE, John (of the forest) (29 Jan 1767 - 23 Jan 1768)
Bought white linen, cambric, thread, a meal sifter and sleeve buttons for 
0/12/0. Paid with corn delivered by Stephen SCADY.

MCGEE, Moses (1765 - 1 Feb 1770)
Bought 2 clasp knives for 0/1/6 in Ledger C. Unpaid in D. Made delivery to 
John FLINT in 1770.

MCGEE, Peter (30 Jul 1763 - 1769) Due from Ledger C 0/8/2. Unpaid in D.

MCGEE, Reuben (5 Jul 1785)
Bought sundries as per day book for 0/8/11. Same day delivered 170 feet of 
plank for 0/8/6 leaving a balance of 0/0/5.

MCGEE, Thomas (15 Jun 1765 - 1769) Ledger C balance 0/7/6-No payment in D.
*Rob. HANDY-Desperate Debts Due On: David MAGEE.
Book Debts Desperate: Peter MAGEE, Moses MAGEE, John MAGEE (Bd. Creek), 
Sarah MAGEE,

MELSON, Daniel Jr. (1765 - 6 Feb 1768)
Balance from Ledger C 0/2/10. Bought stock locks, a Jews harp, linen, 
thread, pipes, cordage, tin pan, pr. snuffers for 0/15/0. Paid in 1768 with 
corn delivered by Josiah CARMEAN. In 1767 got credit of 1/7/6 on Isaac 
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: Samuel MILSON (?MELSON),

MELVIN, Elizabeth (7 Feb 1767)
Got credit of 0/8/0 on account of her brother, Thomas MELVIN, Jr.

MELVIN, James (1765 - 23 Mar 1776)
Balance from Ledger C 0/1/10. Paid in D. In 1775, bought rum, shalloon, a 
shoe knife, and all blades for 1/5/3 and carried 0/0/8 from H. In 1776, sold 
Nelms a horse and paid out of the sale price.

MELVIN, Meshach (27 Jan 1767 - 10 Feb 1768)
Purchased frieze, blue linen, stick of hair, sewing silk, checked linen, 
clasp knife, sleeve buttons for 2/15/1. Paid part with corn and a stack of 
fodder in 1768, and carried 2/3/7 to Ledger C.

MELVIN, Solomon (19 May 1766 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C 0/15/0. No payment in D.

MELVIN, Thomas Jr. (7 Feb 1767 - 20 Jun 1787)
Bought rum, shoe buckles, linen handkerchief, tarred trace ropes and ribbon 
for 0/17/6. Paid 0/15/0 in corn in 1768 and had a balance of 0/2/6 
transferred to Ledger C. Sister Elizabeth also got a credit of 0/7/0 on his 
account in 1767. In 1775 bought a linen handkerchief, 2 primers, buttons, 
brown linen and sewing silk for 0/11/2. Gave note for this amount 20 Jun 

MELVIN, Thomas Sr. (1765 - 24 Feb 1770)
Ledger C balance 1/16/8 including interest. Bought needles in 1767 making a 
total of 1/17/8. In 1770 Elijah Hearn;s son delivered corn for 0/15/0 and a 
balance of 1/2/8 was carried to Ledger F.

MERCY, James (1765 - 1769) Due from Ledger C 1/19/11. Unpaid in D.

MERCY, Sarah (1765 0 1769) Carried from Ledger C 0/2/7. No payment in D.

MERRILL, Robert (Cooper on Pocomoke) (19 Apr 1783 - 1787)
Bought 2 aman's hats, stockings, a clasp knife, holland, purple silk and 
sewing silk for 3/15/0. The bill was to be paid in nests of wooden ware in 
June 1783 which Nelms was to pick up, but there is no notation to show 
whether he did or not in Ledger I.

MIAS, William (15 Aug 1763 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C of 0/13/4. Unpaid in D.

MIDDLETON, Frank (11 Mar 1775) Made delivery to Doctor John WINDER.

MIDDLETON, Henry (4 Dec 1775) Made delivery to James BUCHANAN.

MILLS, Richard (1765 - 21 Jan 1768)
Due from Ledger C 1/19/2. Bought a stick of hair, shalloon and a meal sifter 
for 2/5/11. Paid in corn in January 1768.

MILLS, Susannah (27 Oct 1785 - 21 Jul 1787)
Sundries as per day book 0/7/7 in 1785. Over charge of 0/7/2 credited in 
1787 and note given for 0/5/0.

MILLS, Thomas (Dam Quarter) (1775 - 1787)
Carried 0/8/7 from Ledger H. No payment in I.

MILLS, William (Spring Hill) (1765)
Balance from Ledger C 3/11/1. Bought Handkerchief, piece goods, thread, 
buttons, a meal sifter, an iron pot, wool carder, sugar, pen knife, and hire 
of a riding horse for a total of 8/9/6.Paid in 1767 and 1768 by making 26 
weavers slays and by spinning & knitting a pair of stockings for 2/18/0 
carrying 5/11/6 to Ledger E. In 1767 got credit on account of James 
THOMPSON, and Edmund N. NELMS, made a delivery to Elizabeth HARRISON & paid 
on the account of George SMITH Jr. In 1775 bought a dozen hard table spoons 
and molasses and paid with cider for 0/10/4. In 1777 NELMS advanced 6/0/0, 
then it was credited as an over charge.
*Rob. HANDY-Book Debts Desperate: Richard MILLS, William MILLS,

MITCHELL, Alexander Jr. (1765 - 1787)
Carried from Ledger C 3/13/7. Purchased a linen handkerchief and checked 
linen. Gave credit to John COLL for a total of 4/8/9. In 1768, delivered 
1700 cypress shingles for 1/5/6 and carried 3/3/3 to Ledger E. Brought 2/3/5 
from Ledger G and 0/5/0 from H for a total of 2/8/5. No payment in I.

MITCHELL, Alexander Sr. (1765 - 17 Nov 1772)
Ledger C balance 1/6/6. Bought white linen and thread. Borrowed 0/2/5 from 
Nelms, had account of his son John in the amount of 2/7/8 plus 7 years 
interest of 1/7/8 charged to him for a total of 5/8/3. Paid 0/6/0 in cash in 
1768, son Elijah delivered beeswax for credit of 1/0/8 in 1771 and gave a 
note for 3/11/4 in 1772.

MITCHELL, Benjamin (4 Jun 1766 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C plus interest 0/5/11. Carried the balance to Ledger E.

MITCHELL, Elijah (23 May 1767 - 30 Nov 1771)
Made delivery to his father, Alexander Sr. in 1767 and delivered beeswax for 
his account in 1771.

MITCHELL, John (Broad Creek) (10 Aug 1765 - 2 Apr 1777)
Balance from Ledger C 2/7/8 with John Wootten security for the account and 
interest of 1/7/8 in 1772. The account of James BUCHANAN is marked on 2 Apr 
1777 John MITCHELL, Broad Creek. Rec'd the above account. Proved.

MITCHELL, John Pope (1787) Rendered a judgment in favor of Nelms for 0/15/0 
on a suit filed by Nelms against John PHILLIPS, son of Jacob.

MITCHELL, Joseph (22 Mar 1766 - 21 Jan 1769)
Carried from C plus 2 years interest 0/5/7. Paid in cash in 1769.
Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: Alexander, John, & Sophia MITCHELL

MITHVINE, Meshach (1775 - 17 Wug 1787)
Carried 4/19/9 from Ledger H, cost of suit and "freehild" (jury) trial 0/7/3 
for a judgment of 5/7/0. Jonathan WALLER went security for the judgment in 
order to obtain Nelms stay of execution.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: Thomas MITHVIN Sr. & Jr.

MOORE, Charles (Colonel) (11 Apr 1767)
Bought Piece goods, snaffle bridle, cordage, trace ropes, buttons,
molasses, needles for Obadish EGGE for a total of 2/1/3. Got credit by 
Adkins DENNIS for 0/13/7-1/2 and 1/7/7-1/2 transferred to Ledger I. Jonathan 
BEACH made an affidavit before him in 1787. In 1787 assumed the account of 
Elijah KENNY for 3/19/6 making a total of 5/7/1 1/2. Credited in full in 
Nancy Nelms account books in 1788 after Nelms death.

MOORE, Elijah (17 Dec 1784 - 21 Jul 1787)
Bought sundres for 1/14/10 in 1784. Paid 0/4/4 in cash in 1785 and gave note 
for 1/10/6 in 1787.

MOORE, George (Blacksmith) (8 Jun 1767 - 30 Jan 1768)
Bought ginger & 2 girths for 0/3/7. Paid with corn delivered by Noble MOORE 
in 1768.

MOORE, George Layn (Lane?) (1765 - 4 Mar 1768)
Due from Ledger C 1/4/1. Bought rum, clasp knife, buttons, bearskin cloth, 
shalloon, 2 sticks of hair, linen handkerchiefs, trace rope and cordage for 
a total of 4/7/9. Paid part in corn in 1768 and carried 0/12/4 to Ledger E.

MOORE, Isaac (7 Feb 1767 - 25 Dec 1776)
Bought a cloth cloak, pens, silk handkerchief, thread, pipes, copperas, gun 
flints, buttons, lace, tape for a total of 2/7/0. Paid in January, 1768 in 
corn. Mentions son John and a daughter Tabitha. in 1775 bought a brass ink 
stand and a
linen handkerchief for 0/4/11. Paid in cash in 1776 by NoblMOORE. Mentions 
wife in June, 1775 but not by name.

MOORE, James (Quantico) (1 Aug 1763 - 21 Feb 1777)
Carried 1/17/0 from Ledger C. No payment in D. In 1775 bought rum, a pair of 
shivs and 1 piggin for 0/15/11. Paid in cash in 1777.

MOORE, John (son of Isaac) (30 May 1767 - 17 Feb 1776)
Made deliveries to father Isaac in 1767 and 1768. Delivered corn for credit 
on the account of Jacob ELLIOT in 1776.

MOORE, John Jr. (3 Jan 1767)
Purchased peice goods, buttons, stick of hair, snuff, rum, pipes, needles, 
sewing silk, & ribbon for 2/17/3. Got credit by father for 0/8/8 & carried 
2/8/7 to Ledger E.

MOORE, John Sr. (Blackwater) (1768 - 2 May 1777)
Paid 0/8/8 for son John Jr. in 1768. Daughter Sarah had an account marked as 
his daughter. He bought a pair of men's stockings in 1775 for 0/7/6 and 
carried 0/3/6 from H. Paid 0/7/6 in cash in 1777.

MOORE, Levin (28 Nov 1767)
Bought buttons for 0/4/10 in 1767 and paid in cash in 1768. In 1775 and 1776 
bought binding everlasting and tammy for 1/3/3. Paid cash in 1776.

MOORE, Newbell (1765 - 5 Apr 1777)
Brought 0/5/7 from Ledger C. Bought rum and a looking glass for a total of 
0/7/5. Paid in 1768 in corn. Paid 0/3/7 in corn on account of George MOORE, 
blacksmith in 1768 and 1 bu. corn for Jonathan BLACK in 1769. Paid cash of 
0/4/11 on account of Isaac MOORE in 1776. In 1775 bought an iron pot, rum, 
piece goods, and buttons for a total of 3/18/17. Delivered 125 lbs. pork in 
1776 for credit of 1/5/0 and paid the balance in cash in 1777.

MOORE, Capt. Ralph (5 Nov 1785 - 27 Mar 1788)
Bought sundries as per day book for 1/4/9 in 1785 and paid 0/7/6 same day. 
Gave note for 0/17/3 in 1788.

MOORE, Sarah (Dau of John) (1775 1787)
Balance from Ledger H 1/8/6. No payment in I.

MOORE, Tabitha (Dau. of Isaac) (10 Nov 1767) Made delivery to father, Isaac.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: Isaac, James Jr., Sophia, George Lane, 
Levin, Sarah, & Thomas (Esq.) MOORE. William MORE

MORGAN, Joshua (10 Jan 1760 - 1769)
Balance due from C 0/6/6. No payment in Ledger D.

MORRIS, Elizabeth (1765 - 1769) Carried 0/0/7 from Ledger C. Paid in D.

MORRIS, Jeremiah (10 Jan 1767 - mid 1768)
Purchased broadcloth, buckram shalloon, buttons, stick of hair, shoe 
buckles, handkerchiefs and rum for 3/4/0. Delivered 100 lbs. Pork by his son 
for a credit of 1/1/9-1/4. Deliveries of corn were made by Daniel ELLIOTT, 
David STANDFOR and John LOW and he got credit on the account of Robert KING 
of 0/16/3 for payment in full.

MORRIS, John (son of Joseph) (1775 - 1786)
Balance from Ledger H 1/9/9. No payment in I.

MORRIS, Joseph (1775) Identified as father of John on his account.

MORRIS, Joshua (1775 - 1787) Carried 8/7/3 from Ledger H. Unpaid in I.

MORRIS, Nehemiah (25 Jan 1775 - 13 Dec 1775)
Bought coat cloth and shalloon, buttons, ribbon, thread and a razor for 
2/8/1. Paid in full with pork.

MORRIS, Samuel (10 Mar 1767 - 6 Jul 1768)
Bought broadcloth, sticks of hair, shalloon, buckram and vest buttons for 
1/19/7- 1/2. His father paid in full in cash in 1768.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: Jeremiah & Nehemiah MORRIS

MUNGARE, Samuel (1765 - 24 Apr 1772)
Balance from C plus 4 years interest-1/9/4. Purchased linen, trace ropes, 
shoe buckles for an account total of 2/3/4. Gave note in 1772.

MURRAY, Capt. William (1775 - 25 Dec 1787)
Transferred from Ledger H 0/1/4. Charged to account of William MCBRYDE in 

*Robert Handy-Desperate Debts Due On:(Names NOT in John Nelms): David MAGEE, 
Peniwell MCCLEMMY, Thomas MCHARN. & David MAGEE by John DAVIS.
Book Debts Desperate: Samuel MCCALL, Peter, Moses, & Sarah, MAGEE. John 
MAGEE (of Bd. Creek) Ann MURPHY (Quant.), James MCDANIEL. James MCMORRY 

NELMS, Edmund North (1765 - 10 Oct 1768)
Carried 0/10/3-1/2 from Ledger C. Bought a comb, paper, rum, handkerchiefs, 
buttons, padlocks, razor, pen knife, sewing silk, thread, piece goods, trace 
ropes, brass cock, padlock, ribbon, molasses, handsaw file, oil, nest of 
woodenware, skillet, salt, meal sifter, sugar for 9/2/5-1/2. Paid in part 
with corn delivered by German BETHARD, by executions on goods of William 
MILLS in the hands of George HANDY and James THOMPSON, for surveying and 
drawing deeds with a balance of 4/15/3-1/2 carried to Ledger E. In addition 
surveyed for James WILLIS & Stephan REVEL, and drew deeds for George VANCE 
and Richard NICHOLSON. Made deliveries to George SMITH Jr. and Ebenezer 
HANDY and paid on the account of Thomas HUPHREYS Sr.

NELMS, Joshua (11 Mar 1765 )
Got credit of 8/4/2 on account of Randolph WRIGHT Jr. in 1765. His negro, 
Joseph, got credit of 0/1/8 in Ledger C. Paid in D.

NELMS, William (23 Mar 1767 - 24 Feb 1768)
Got credit on Lazarus TOWNSEND for 0/4/0 for expenditures at Snow Hill in 
1767, also made delivery to William WILLIAMS. In 1768, had a deed drawn by 
Edmund N. NELMS who was given credit for 0/5/0 on his store account. Paid on 
the accounts of Thomas FLINT, William DRISKELL, saddler, Archibald SMITH Sr. 
and George GREEN.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: Edward Nartharn NELMS

NELSON, Josh (24 Feb 1770) Paid 0/7/6 on account of Isaac CROUCH.
NIBLETT, Richard (1765 - 1769) Carried 0/2/0 from C. Unpaid in Ledger D.

NIBLETT, Winifred (1765 - 1769) Due in Ledger C 0/3/1. No payment in D.
*Robert Handy-Desperate Debts Due On: Richard NEBLETT
Book Debts Desperate: Richard, & Winsor NIBBLET

NICHOLS, Joseph (29 Apr 1785 - 4 Sept 1787)
Sundries as per day book for 1/5/8 plus interest of 0/3/4 for a total of 
1/9/0. Gave note in 1787.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: Charles, Rodger, Levy & James NICOLS

NICHOLSON, Charles (1765)
Bought horn book and primer, bridle, cordial, silk handkerchief, shoe 
buckles, rum which with 5/1/0 brought from Ledger C totaled 6/4/5. Paid part 
in corn and carried 3/10/7 to Ledger E. In 1775 purchased trace ropes, 
pewter basins, cordage, and carried 4/10/9 from Ledger H for a total of 
6/14/2. He paid in full in cash in 1778. In 1786 he bought piece goods, a 
padlock, and a bottle of sweet oil. In 1787 he charged broadcloth, brown 
holland, vest buttons, a stick of hair, a felt hat & a chamber pot for a 
grand total of 7/14/5 1/2. In June Nelms added interest at 6% since the 
previous January amounting to 0/4/7-1/2 making a debt of 7/19/1 for which 
Nelms took Nicholson's note.

NICHOLSON, Eve, (Widow) (1775 to 1787)
Carried 2/1/8 1/2 from Ledger H. No pmt. in I.

NICHOLSON, James (1765 to 16 Aug 1768)
Balance from Ledger C 1/14/3. Bought Reading Made Easy and rum for a total 
of 2/3/1. Paid in full in 1768 by charge to account of Thomas MCCLELLAN.

NICHOLSON, Joseph (26 Jun 1775 - 22 Jun 1776)
Purchased molasses, 4 yds rattenets, tammy, buttons, sewing silk, thread, 
buckram, stick of twist, linen hand-kerchief, shoe buckles and snuff in 
1775. In 1776 bought an iron pot and kettle, silk ferriting, a gimlet and a 
tea pot total account 3/18/9. Paid in rye, corn and cash in 1776.

NICHOLSON, Levi (19 Jan 1767 - 1768) Bought 3 doz.
black glazed coat buttons for 0/5/0. Paid in 1768 by credit on Risdon 
NICHOLSON's account in Ledger C.

NICHOLSON, Richard (1765 - 1787)
Edmund N. Nelms received credit on NICHOLSON's account in Ledger C for 
0/1/6. Paid in D. Balance from Ledger H 0/4/6. No payment in I.

NICHOLSON, Risdon (1768) Paid 0/5/0 on Levi NICHOLSON's account.
Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: Richard NICHOLASON

NOBLE, Colley (8 Jun 1767)
Got credit of 0/7/6 on account of Matthias CHRISTOPHER

NOBLE, John: (24 Jan, 1767 - 20 May 1769) Bought piece goods, thread, sewing 
silk, Buttons, sticks of twist, silk handkerchief, knit pattern for 
breeches, morhan, knee buckles, reap hook, and an empty barrel for a total 
of 6/13/9. Got credits from Hieron Reddish, James Davis and James Davis Jr. 
and paid the balance in cash. Got credits on the accounts of George Perdue, 
James Driskell and Hieron Reddish.

NOBLE, Jonathan (Wheelwright) (24 Apr 1762 - 12 Jun 1787)
Balance from Ledger C plus 9 years interest 1/4/9. Carried balance to Ledger 
F in 1771.. In 1784 his wife's account in the amount of 1/0/3 was charged to 
him and in 1786 he bought a frying pan and a pair of screw compasses for a 
total of 2/1/8. Gave note in 1787.

NOBLE, Levi (14 Nov 1767)
Bought linen, ferriting, oznaburg, thread, sewing silk and buttons for 
1/2/2. Paid with 33 1/4 lbs. of tallow in 1768.

NOBLE, Mary (Miss) (28 Feb 1761 - 1769)
Balance from C 0/5/6 1/2. no payment in Ledger D.

NOBLE, Sabra (widow) (1 Jun 1775 - 8 Dec 1787)
Purchased in 1775 tartan plaid, stamped cotto, pepper box, tin funnel, and a 
1 qt. Japanned mug for 1/19/7. Paid 0/7/6 in cash and gave note for 1/12/1 
in 1787. Got credit of 0/9/9 on account of John Shockley in 1784.

NOBLE, Thomas (3 Feb 1768) Got credit of 0/11/3 on account of Thomas Brooks.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: James, Thomas, John, & NOBLE

NOLAND, Nicholas (1775 - 1787)
Balance from Ledger H 2/5/9-1/2. No payment in I.

NORTH, Frankey (Miss) (16 May 1767 - 15 Jun 1770)
Bought pr. Of women's mittens and shalloon for 0/18/3. Paid 0/2/2 in cash on 
1768, and Arch SMITH's wife delivered 6 fowl for credit to her account. In 
1770, Arch Smith's wife delivered 2 bu of corn for credit and she paid the 
rest in cash.

NUTTER, Capt. Benjamin (2 May 1775 - 20 Nov 1775)
Bought brown linen, a clasp knife, knee buckles, mens shoes, an iron pot and 
skillet and 2 pewter basins for 2/10/5. Paid in cash in late 1775.

*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: NEGROES/AFRICAN AMERICANS-(listed as 
"Negroes" in the Robert HANDY Debts): Mariah, Sip, George & Phillis.

OLIPHANT, John (18 Jan 1776 - 2 Apr 1786)
In 1776 delivered 45 bu corn for credit on the account of Joseph WALLER. 
Bought a pattern for a gown for 0/2/0 and paid in corn muffins in 1777. In 
1781 OLIPHSNT was to pay 30 bu of corn for the hire of NELM'S horse and paid 
1/10/0 in cash in 1782 after the matter had been arbitrated by Eben WALLER 
and William GINB. In 1788, bought sundries for 1/10/1. No payment in Ledger 

OLIPHANT, Matthew (29 Jan 1767 - 14 Nov 1787)
In 1767 bought shalloon, sheathing linen, sewing silk, buttons, & sticks of 
hair for 2/11/4 1/2. Paid in corn in 1768. In 1786 bought brimstone, german 
testament, reading psalter, & oznaburg, for 1/10/11and paid in pork & cash. 
In 1787 purchased oznaburg, handkerchief, linen & trace ropes for 1/6/7. 
Paid in part with pork and carried 1/7/1 to the account of Nancy NELMS, 
John's widow.

ONEAL, Joseph (1775 - 1787)
Carried 11/12/6 from Ledger H. Unpaid in I.

OWENS, Jonathan (25 Jan 1766 - 22 Aug 1768)
Balance from Ledger C plus interest 4/0/3. Note taken in 1768.

OWENS, Joshua (29 Mar 1766)
Due from C plus interest 1/8/11. Paid part in cash in 1769 and the balance 
by credits on Joshua DORMAN and John HAYWARD. On 15 July 1786 Nelms took a 
note for 4/0/0 given by OWENS to Jesse CULVER. On 20 Jul 1787 payments on 
the note in the amount of 1/11/8-1/2 were credited and Nelms got judgment 
for the balance of 2/8/3.

OWENS, Onley (1765 - 7 Jun 1777)
Balance from Ledger C plus interest 1/7/0 bought rum to make the total 
1/8/0. Gave note for this amount in 1768. In 1775 carried 0/0/5 from ledger 
H and bought rum and a comb and gave credit to Mary TAYLOR for a total of 
0/15/1. Paid in 1777 by delivery of 2 lbs. of tar to Moses Driskell Sr. for 
credit on OWENS' account with Nelms.

OWENS, Peter (1765 - 7 Jun 1777)
Carried from Ledger C 3/3/10, charged a qt of best rum for a total of 3/5/4. 
Paid in corn in 1768. In 1769 paid 0/7/6 in cash on account of Hezekiah 
RUCK. Brought balance of 5/11/10 from Ledger H and bought in 1775 trace 
ropes, white linen, a felt hat, rum and a hank of silk for 7/5/1 total. 
Delivered 21 bu of corn in 1776 and paid the balance of 5/3/1 in cash in 

OWENS, Samuel (27 May 1765 - 1769)
Balance from Ledger C 0/13/10. No payment in D.
*Robert Handy-Book Debts Desperate: --?__, Jonathon, Joshua, OWINS.

*Robert HANDY Book Debts Desperate: Surname NOT in John Nelms accounts: 
Peter OCOM


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John Nelms Store Accounts of Salisbury
Jacob, John E., Jr.
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