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Family Bible Record of Thomas Covington Morris and his second wife, Eliza Catherine Williams

James Morris Desk and BookshelfTranscription provided by L. Paul Morris.

This record was found in secret compartment, one of three, in the desk of James Morris (1780 - 1873), father of Thomas Covington Morris, on 7 August 1985. The desk was in the house of Dorothy C. Morris, 717 South Division Street, Salisbury, MD. Miss Morris had deceased on 24 Jul 1985. The desk and its contents were given to Louis P. Morris, Sr., of Gradyville, PA. On 31 July 1998, Mr. Morris' son, L. Paul Morris, Jr., became the owner of the James Morris desk when Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Morris, Sr. moved to the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown, PA.

It is believed that the paper from which the information was taken was copied from the original Bible whose whereabouts are unknown at this time. The information correlates with other data known about this family.


Eliza Catherine Morris was born Jan. 14th 1850.
Thomas Covington Morris was born Dec. 26th 1838.

These are the 5 children of Eliza C. and Thomas C. Morris.

Levin Merrill was born July 17th 1878.
Alice Celest was born July 23rd 1880.
Upshur Williams Morris was born Jan. 16th 1883.
Nora Bell was born Oct. 4th 1885.
Robert Eckels was born Oct 21st 1888.


Thomas C. Morris was married to Eliza C. Williams on Oct. 14th 1877 by her Brother Rev James M. Williams.


Eliza Catherine Morris Departed this life April 8th yr 1891. Age 41 yrs, 2 months & 25 days.

Thomas Covington Morris died March 17th yr - 1911.
Alice Celeste Morris died May 10th yr - 1912.

This information was copied by L. Paul Morris, Jr. On 14 October 1998 in Gradyville, PA. All attempts to insure actual spelling and manner of presentation have been made to retain the accuracy of these records. This was typed on 14 October 1998 by the copier.

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