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Robert Mitchell 1896 Family Bible

Transcription provided by Robert Mitchell.

1890s Bible first used sometime after ?


Robt. C. Mitchell Apr 22th 1830
Mary C. Phillips Nov 4th 1841
Hilary L. Mitchell Dec 17th 1864
Watson Denton Mitchell Mar 23th 1867
James Coldwell Mitchell Feb 19th 1869
Joseph Ernest Mitchell Dec 25th 1871
Ella Blanche Mitchell Nov 13th 1874
Vinton Louis Mitchell Sept 5 1881
Born to Watson D. and Lelia I. Mitchell, daughter June 26th 1897, died June 27th, Age one day.
Born to Hilary L. and Rena P. Mitchell, Josephine Poe Mitchell, Apr 19th 1899 (DIED 10 Dec 71)
Born to Rev. H.G.England and Blanche, his wife, John Mitchell England, May 13th 1901
Born to J.C. Mitchell and Lizzie his wife James Robert Mitchell July 27th 1905
S. Coldwell Mitchell April 2nd 1915
Margaret Mitchell August 15, 1903 to Vinton L. and Alice Mitchell
Emily Bentley - May 5 1909; Mary Catherine - Oct 5, 1911; Helen Blanche Oct 5, 1913; Jeane Dec 30, 1915 to J. Ernest & Helen Mitchell
Robert W. Mitchell Dec 5, 1913 _ Died Sept 16, 1974 Rena Mitchell Nov 5 1911


Robert C. Mitchell and Mary C. Phillips were married on the 27th day of January 1864.
Watson D. Mitchell and Leile B. Insley were married Jan, 14, 1896.
Hilary L. Mitchell and Rena Poe were married in Richmond Var. June 14th, 1898.
Ella Blanche Mitchell and Rev. Howard G. England were married in St. Mary's, Tyaskin, by Rev. F.R. Adkins June 19th, 1900.
James C. Mitchell and Elizabeth E. Larmore were married by Rev. Dryden Mar. 19th, 1902
Vinton L. Mitchell and Alice Conway were married by Rev. Howard G. England in St. Paul's Church, Baltimore Md. Jan 2nd, 1906.
Joseph Ernest Mitchell and Helen Bentley were married by Rev. Howard G. England in New Brighton Pa. June 12th 1906


Eliza Phillips mother of Mrs. Robt. C. Mitchell died Mar 20- Aged 81 years
Robert C. Mitchell entered into Rest June 19th 1901 10:45 P.M. Age 71 yrs. 1 mo. and 27 days.
Mary Catharine Mitchell, wife of Robert C. Mitchell passed into the Higher Life Thu. Feb. 17th, 1910, 6:10 A.M. service in St. Phillip's Chirch, Quantico Md. by Rev. Howard G. England Feb. 20th, 1910, Age 68 yrs, 3 mo. and 13 days.
S. Coldwell Mitchell died July 25th 1915. age 3 months and 23 days.

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