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Family Bible Record of James Morris and his second wife, Sarah (Sallie) Disharoon

Transcription provided by L. Paul Morris.

L. Paul Morris, Jr. from the original Bible, copied the record below in January 1980 while it was in the possession of Mrs. Ruth Crew Morris Winterbottom Adshead of Cambridge, MD. Currently, it is in the possession of a descendent of James Morris and Sarah Disharoon. It is believed to have been passed down through James' son, Thomas Covington Morris, who was executor of James' estate. From this point, it is believed that it was passed down to Thomas' son, Levin Merrill Morris. The Bible was subsequently lent to Mrs. Adshead's father, Upshur Williams Morris, who was a brother of Levin Merrill Morris.

The Bible was published in Philadelphia in 1815. It is good condition for its age but has not been preserved for archives.

On the inside of the Bible, the following appears:

William Dryden was born April 22, 1811 1, 2

On the next page appears:

James Morris was born December 18, 1780 1
Sarah Morris wife of James was born September 21, 1804 1

After Malachi and before St. Matthew appears a family section:

James Morris was married unto Sary Disharoon his wife January 9th 1833
James Morris departed this life October 31st 1873 at the age of 92 years 10 months 12 days
Sallie Morris wife of James Morris departed this life April 13th 1880 aged 75 years 7 months 20 days
Jacob Morris son of James Morris departed this life October 1881
James Morris was married unto Polly Pollitt his wife December 5th 1810
Rebeckah S. Morris was borned September 24th 1811
Elizabeth Sarry Morris was borned October 20th 1813
Mary Ann Morris was borned December 10th 1815
Susan Morris was borned May 3rd 1817
William Pollitte Morris was borned August 14th 1819
Lear Jane Morris was borned June 10th 1821
Mattilder Morris was borned January 2nd 1823
Jacob Morris of James Morris was borned January 11th 1825
Samuel J. Morris was borned May 5th 1827
Amandy Morris was borned July 17th 1828
John Washington Morris was borned December 14th 1834
Amandy Morris departed this life June 25th 1908
Levin Fountain Morris was borned March 22nd 1836
Thomas Coventon Morris was borned December 26th 1838

Mrs. Matilda Hayman departed this life April 16th 1899 aged 76 years 3 months 14 days
Levin Fountain Morris departed this life September 26th 1903 aged 67 years 6 months 4 days
Thomas Covington Morris departed this life March 17th 1911 aged 72 years 2 months 19 days
John Washington Morris departed this life May 3rd 1910 aged 75 years 4 months 20 days
Polly Morris departed this life May 7th 1831
Susan Morris departed this life September 29th 1833 aged 16 years 4 months 26 days
Lear Jane Morris departed this life October 29th 1834 aged 13 years 4 months 19 days
Elizabeth Sarry Gillis departed this life November 15th 1842
Marry Ann Covington departed this life October 26th 1843
Jane Pollitte of Thomas departed this life May 29th 1817
Jacob Morris of Jacob departed this life November 13th 1817
John Morris of Jacob departed this life December 12th 1825
Polly Morris departed this life May 7th 1831 wife of Js. Morris
Thomas Morris of Jacob departed this life 18 December 1838
Anney Morris wife of Thomas Morris departed this life May 6th 1839
William Pollitt son of Thomas Pollitt and Catron his wife was born June 10th 1756 and departed this life Thursday January 4th 1816 at twelve Oct aged 59 years 7 months 25 days
Thomas Pollitte of Thomas departed this life 4 February 1831
Levin Morris departed this life November 11th 1841
Rebecca S. Hayman departed this life January 23rd 1865

L. Paul Morris, Jr., copied this information on 8 January 1980 in Cambridge, MD. All attempts to insure actual spelling and manner of presentation have been made to retain the accuracy of these records. The copier retyped this on 14 August 1999.

Additional analysis:
1. James Morris' brother, Thomas Morris died December 18, 1838, eight days before James' last son, Thomas Covington Morris was born on December 26, 1838. It is safe to say that James named his last son after his recently departed brother.
2. James Morris' second Bible paints a clearer picture of his brothers and his Pollitt connection.

1 The information for these dates predate the publication of this Bible and should be cross referenced for accuracy if at all possible.
2 William Dryden's relationship to the family of James Morris or Sarah Disharoon has not yet been discovered.

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