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List of James Mitchell's Negros, 1851-1864

Transcribed and made available for all to share by Robert Mitchell.


the list of James Mitchell
Negros in this book 1851


The Ages of James Mitchell Negroes

Robert C. Mitchell
November 11th
Eighteen hundred & sixty four

George Brinton McClan
of New Jersey


The Age of James Mitchell's Negros

1) Sarah Mezick
2) Leah Smith was bornd Aug, 5th 1827
3) Phebe Smith was bornd July 15th 1831
4) Levin Smith was bornd Sept 10th 1833
5) Amriah Mezick was bornd March 11th 1837
May 25 1851 Jane was bornd negro
July the 19 1853 Leina was bornd negro
May the 6 1856 Mager was bornd negro


The Age of James Mitchell's Negros

6) Ester Huit - The ages of Ester's Children
7) John Gray was bornd Feb 4th 1836
8) Sharlotte Huit was bornd Dec. 24th 1842
9) Emma Parker was bornd Jan 23rd 1847
March 22 1852 Hoopper was bornd.


The Age of James Mitchell's Negros

10) Mary Jones
11) Samial Jones was bornd Sept 15th 1835
12) Angaline Jones was bornd May 11th 1837
13) Margaret Jones was bornd Feb 23rd 1838
14) Matilda Jones was bornd Decem 10th 1841
15) Esther Jones was bornd March 20th 1844
16) William Jones was bornd Decem 2nd 1846
17) Mary Jones was bornd Apl 22nd 1849


Angaline's Daughter Ester was bornd January 22-1857
Pheby's Child Henry was bornd May the 10 1857
June 4, 1860 Marten was born
Margaret's Child Edward was bornd August 20 1859
Margaret's child Sarah was bornd Jan 10 1862
Matilda had a child bornd Henrie January 28, 1862


the ages of Negroes

Phebe's Childrens
Jacob was bornd March the 21 1852

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