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Deed of Land to Rebecca Polk from Henry J. Dashiell
Trappe District, 24 August 1880

This deed transcription has been provided by Shari Handley.

Rebecca Polk from Henry J. Dashiell
filed 24th August 1880

Examined and delivered to Rebecca Polk Dec. 20th 1880
S.G. Toadvine CLK

This deed made this 24th day of August ~ in the year Eighteen Hundred and Eighty by Henry J. Dashiell of Wicomico County in the State of Maryland. Witnesseth that for the sum of Seventy four dollars and twenty five cents, the said Henry J. Dashiell doth grant unto Rebecca Polk a tract or parcel of land contained in the following metes and bounds courses and distances adjoining H.J. Dashiell's land on the North, J. Huffington's on the East, the Jones land on the South, and J. Morgan's on the West. Beginning at a pine stump on the county road running thence one degree by and with Huffington's land 23 poles, thence South 68 degrees west with the old line 25 poles, thence North 64.45 West with the old line 3 poles, thence North 57.15 West with the old line 21 poles, thence North 47.30 East to the North side of the county road 8 poles, thence South 80. East with the county road 11 poles, and thence South 74 East to the beginning. Containing Six and three sixteenths acres of land, more or less, being a part of the land known as the Bounds land, situated in Trappe District, Wicomico County, Maryland, in fee simple.

Witness my hand and seal.

Test. (illegible)                  Henry J. Dashiell (seal)


State of Maryland Wicomico County to wit
I hereby certify that on the 24th day of August in the year 1880, before me the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace of the County and State aforesaid personally appeared Henry J. Dashiell and acknowledged the foregoing deed to be his act.

(illegible - Yeccady?) Fooks, J.P.

Anno Domini 1880 August 24th. There was delivered unto me the subscribed aforegoing deed in order to be enrolled among the Land Records of Wicomico County which said deed together with the acknowledgment thereof thereon endorsed is accordingly enrolled among the same records in liber S.P.T. No. 3, folio 487 on the day and year aforesaid.

S. P. Toadvine, Clerk

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