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This page includes surnames beginning with the letters U and V.


        Name             Date     Ref                    Event
--------------------  ----------  ----  ---------------------------------------

UPSHER, John          1674/11/21  IKL   b to Arthur & Elizabeth; Morumsco

UPSHER, Sarah         1674        IKL   died "beginning of 1674"; dau of

                      1674/11/21  IKL   b to Arthur & Elizabeth; Morumsco


UPSHOTT, John         1675/03/11  JUD2

VANDERHEYDEN, J.      1695/08/09  MCW   J = Johannes; bro to testatrix's
                                        father-in-law;ment/w Rebecca Ward

VANDERHEYDEN, M.      1695/08/09  MCW   M = Matthias; father-in-law to Rebecca
                                  MCW   M = Matthew; witn/w Rebecca Ward

VAUGHAN, Thomas                   MCW   witn/w Robert Bullen

VAUGHAN, William      1671/04/01  ESMd  imm from VA

                      1675/03/11  JUD2  suspicion of murder

                      1678/11/01  VII   Tobacco List

                      1686/02/23  IKL   b to William & Margaret

                      1687/12/20  MCW   witn/w William Hatheley

VAUSS, Sarah          1679/11/14  IKL   mother of Susanna Morris

                      1684/06/03  IKL   mother of Sarah Morris

                      1684/07/23  IKL   m to Griffin Morris

VENABLES, Joseph      1696/04/01  XX    military officer Somerset; OT Venalles

VENABLES, William     1698/05/28  EB14  inventory

VERHOOFE, Cornelius   1675/03/11  JUD2  carpenter; at the Whore Kill

VESEY, Nathaniel      1689/11/28  ADVL  signed Advice of Loyalty

                      1693/03/05  MCW   ment/w Thomas Purnell; OT Veasey

VIGEROUS, Ann         1677/08/08  IKL   b to John, chirurgeon, & Ann; Pocomoke

                      1683/08/24  LIV   registered cattle mark; dau of John

                      1688/08/13  MCW   dau of Ann Smith
                                  MCW   gr-dau of Ann Smith

VIGEROUS, John        1670/04/01  ESMd  immigrated; OT Vicaris

                      1675/03/11  JUD2

                      1678/11/01  VII   Tobacco List

                      1680/06/18  LIV   registered cattle mark

                      1683/03/11  JUD3

                      1685/06/01  MCW   witn/w John White

                      1686/09/25  MCW   witn/w John Cropper


VIGEROUS, John Dr     1688/08/13  MCW   ment/AnnSmith as d-in-l;ch Ann Arwell
                                        Eliza: Mary Frances; Wf Ann

VINCENT, Frances      1668/09/29  JUD1  m William Cockee of Seaverne

VINCENT, Francis      1666/06/04  LIV   registered cattle mark

VINCENT, Mary         1666/10/02  IKL   m to John Oakey

                      1666/12/11  JUD1  m John Okee

VINE, Ann             1683/03/11  JUD3

VINE, William         1683/03/11  JUD3  alias William Massy

VINOY, Thomasin       1694/06/09  EB14  inventory

VITTY, Ellianor       1669/06/10  IKL   m to George Day


The text of They Lived In Somerset: 17th Century Marylanders is used here by the Somerset County Maryland USGenWeb site with permission of the author, the late Wilmer O. Lankford.
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Lankford, Wilmer O.
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