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Princess Anne Grange 280, and possibly some members of other Granges, standing on the steps of the Somerset County Courthouse circa 1900-1910. This photo was submitted by Chuck (Freese) Rhodes, who says, "I have no names to go along with it at this point, except I know there are Rhodes and Widdowsons standing there."

Fairmount Academy, also known at Potato Neck School - This photo, sent in by Kelly Wessell, shows the historic school in Upper Fairmount in its current restored condition. Many more photos of the Fairmount Academy, taken by the Maryland Historical Trust, can be seen at the MSA site in pdf form.

Manokin Presbyterian Church - Located in Princess Anne, MD, this church was founded in 1672 as a colonial congregation, meeting on the same site where the sanctuary now stands. The present walls were constructed in 1765. Francis Makemie, "The Father of American Presbyterianism", organized Manokin in 1683.

Somerset County Courthouse - In Princess Anne.

CemTrek2002 - Here they are standing in front of the Green Hill Church 4 Aug 2002. The CemTrekkers, shown left to right, are: Lindsey VanAssche, Shari Handley, Roy Lesher, Leah Handley, Paul Willing, Ralph Willing, Joyce Crouch and Ted Lokey. Another unbelievably hot CemTrek day. Actually, it would be *more* unbelievable if it were cool, I guess. :)

CemTrek2001 - This photo shows the hardy group of CemTrekkers standing in the 100° heat in front of the Joshua Thomas Chapel on Deal Island August 5th. Front row, left to right: Donna Wendt (from Hawaii), Shari Handley, Leah Handley, Lindsey VanAssche (all from Michigan), Lucinda Williams (from New York), Margaret Robinson (from Delaware). Second row: Paul Willing (from Maryland), L. Paul Morris (from Pennsylvania), Jill Pevear (from MD), Ida Waters Cheek (from PA). Third row: Penny White (far left, from Nottingham, England), Linda Fiorini (middle, from MD), Donald Cheek (far right, from PA). Back row: Ralph Willing (from Connecticut), Helen Insley Alsruhe, Henry Alsruhe (both from Virginia), Ashley McDonnell (from MD). Not pictured: Tim Alsruhe (the photographer , from VA).

Here are some additional photographs taken during the CemTrek2001 festivities:

CemTrek '98 - This photo shows the whole group of CemTrekkers, left to right, Paul Willing, Fred Abendschein, Jill Pevear, Ralph Willing, Margaret Robinson, Shari Handley and Nancy Kolasinski.

CemTrek '99 at the Whitehaven Schoolhouse Museum - This photo shows the whole group of CemTrekkers (sans Roy Lesher, who was taking the photo) with David Scott of the Whitehaven Heritage Association. Shown left to right are: (front row) Beverley Alexander, Leah Handley, Megan Alexander, (second row) Shari Handley, Jill Pevear, Ralph Willing, (third row) Jack Gracey, David Scott, Paul Willing, Larry Alexander

Rehoboth Baptist Church - at Rehoboth, Somerset County, southwest of Pocomoke City, shown here circa 1923.

Joshua Thomas - "Parson of the Islands" - This image shows 4 photographs. One is the Maryland Historical Society sign giving brief information about Rev. Thomas, another shows Joshua Thomas' grave stone, and the others are the grave stones of his son and wife.

Irving and Elizabeth (Miller) Brown - Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles A. Miller and Annie F. Lankford. (Photo courtesy Pat Leeper)

At the Beach - Elizabeth (Miller) Brown's husband Irving H. Brown, son Euthadeus Brown, and Mary Ann Lankford, all of Princess Anne. (Photo courtesy Pat Leeper)

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