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Sidney T. Shores Family Bible

This Bible record, found inside Virginia Tyler Heise's Bible, was transcribed and made available for all by David Heise.

P. 1 Sydney T. Shores & Henrietta E. [Tyler] Shores married Oct. 20, 1886


Sydney T. Shores born Sept. 26, 1858
Henrietta E. Shores born Feb. 24, 1870 [60?]
Francis A. Shores born Aug. 27, 1887
Myrtle B. E. Shores born Nov. 2, 1892
Robert Earl H. Shores born July 30, 1906
Sydney T. Shores, Jr., born Nov. 10, 1908
Samuel Shores Stokes born Feb. 22, 1913


Sydney T. Shores & Henrietta E. [Tyler] Shores were married Oct. 20, 1886
Samuel S. Stokes & Florence A. Shores were married 22, 1911 [month not given]


Robert Earl Hammersley Shores died Mar. 30, 1907
Henrietta E. Shores died June 2, 1913

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