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Robert King, Esq. of Somerset County
Will Written 1731, Proven 26 Jun 1755

This will transcription has been provided by Iva Thompson. Many thanks, Iva!

Somerset Co. (residing in Accomac County,Virgina)

To the poor of Somerset Parish, 25 lbs., to be disposed of by my ex., Nehemiah King.

To Richard Waters, son of William Waters, late of Somerset Co., dec'd., by his wife Abigail, and to his hrs., that Pt. of land called "London's Advisements," near head of Teagues Creek in said county of Somerset1 it being land I promised said William Waters his lifetime.

To William and Thomas Walston and hrs., tract called "London's Advisement," that lie. to the northward of Water's Ditch above mentioned, and within what was formerly called Benjamin King's pasture, and contiguous to the land then possessed by him lying near head of Teagues Creek.

Whereas a certain Edward Waters, of Somerset Co., hath purchased of me some land lying on Stevens's Branch, in said county.

Wit: Jarvis Ballard, Rivall Horsey, John Givan, John Laatt.


To son Nehemiah King, dwelling plantation at Manokin, in Somerset Co., whereon my dec'd. father, Major Robert King, in his lifetime did dwell, containing about 300 A.; I believe called "King's Land" during his. life, and if no issue, then to grand-son Thomas King during life.

Whereas my dutiful son Robert King, hath departed this life, intestate, leave 2 sons Thomas and Robert Jenkins King, and by means of his death, will all the lands purchased by their father, will descend to said Thomas, his eld. son and hr., and younger bro. be deprived of inheriting any Pt. of his dec'd. father's estate. I think it my duty to have a particular view for a provision for said younger son, under these circumstances; therefore, annex the provisions: in the devise to said grand-son Thomas King, hereinafter mentioned.

Desire all lands in Worcester Co., where son Robert King, was seized in fee simple, at the time of his death, by estimate about 200 A., be sold by Nehemiah King, and the money put on interest for benefit of grand-son Robert Jenkins King.

Also 1,566 A. where his father first settled, grand-son Thomas King, not to have any of this.

Wit: Jarvis Ballard, John Gevin, Revell Horsey, John Leatt.(names mentioned in the boundary: In Somerset Co. road that leads from Aaron Tilghman's to one Edward Cluff's, land not heretofore disposed of to Edward Waters and Aaron Tilghman, the younger.. In Worcester Co., conveyed by deed from one Peter Collier and others, to dec'd. sister Mary Hampton and myself. Sister Hampton's eld. son, Robert Jenkins Henry.

To son Nehemiah, largest limber chain in Virginia.

Confirm the gift I made to son, their father, of several slaves, which son Robert, was possessed of before my last intermarriage.

To eld. grand-son Robert King, some slaves Wit: same as previously..

To grand-dau. Mary Barnes, one slave girl that Major Abraham Barnes, the father of the said Mary, shall have the property of the slaves at his disposal, and the 100 lbs. gold currency, to be divided between son Nehemiah and his nephews, Thomas and Robert Jenkins King.

To grand-dau. Mary King, child of son Nehemiah, one slave.

To Major Abraham Barnes, one gold ring.

To 3 grand-sons Robert King, Thomas King and Robert Jenkins King, 100 lbs. money.

To wife Anne, slaves belonging to my Virginia estate, several listed, and use of all other slaves in Virginia who constantly labour there on them plantations, or as many as she may choose. At her decease, to son Nehemiah King, and the children of dec'd. son Robert King. Dated 1731. Same witnesses signed as previously.


Wife Anne to have my other moveable estate on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and 50 lbs. money, Maryland gold currency, due by bond from Moses Mills and Joseph Stevenson of Worcester Co., Maryland, and benefit of a decree for 51 lbs. money in the General Court of Virginia, obtained against Alexander Bungle and others. Also give her land I bought of John Sandford, adjoining her dwelling plantation.

To nephew Major Henry Ballard, 5 lhs. money.

To nephew Col. Jno. Henry, 5 lbs. money.

To niece Sarah Leatherburry, wife of John Leatherbury, 20 s. money.

To niece Elizabeth Dashiel, wife of Charles Dashiel, 20 sh. money.

To Reverend John Hamilton, 20 s. money.

wit. Same signed.


Should son Nehemiah, decease, appoint grandchildren, Thomas and Robert Jenkins King, and before they may arrive at 21. Wife Anne, and son Nehemiah King, exrs. 30 May, 1753 (But underneath the name of said Robert King is the date of 1731, in several instances.)

Another Codicil is witnessed: Ben Burridge, Revill Horsey, Jonathan Shockley, 'Wm. Horsey, John Macon, John Williams, John Henry. The widow made her election 9 May, 1755.

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