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Land Patent - Owens Choice, 1665
to Owen Mackrue for transporting himself and Isaac Noble into Somerset County

Transcribed by John J. McDonnell.


Cecilius & c. To all persons to whom these presents shall come greeting in our Lord God everlasting know you that wee for and in Consideraçon that Owen Mackrue of this province planter hath due unto him one hundred acres of land within this province for transporting himself and Isaac Noble into this province and two hundred acres more by assighm from William Smith out of a greater number of his Rights as appears upon Record and upon such Condiçons and termes as are expressed in our Condiçons of Plantaçon of our Said province of Maryland under our greater Seal at armes bearing date at Sondon the Second day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand and Six hundred forty nine with such alteraçon as in them is made by our Declaraçon bearing date the two and twentyeth day of September Anno one thousand and Six hundred fifty eight and remayning upon record in our said province of Maryland Dos hereby grant unto him the said Owen Mackrue a parcell of Land called Owens Choice lying on the North Side of Maneno =quean River beginning at a marked oke Devideing from the land of Walter Tayler and from thence running North North East by the said river side the bredth of one Hundred and thirty poles to a marked joine and from Thence running North West and by North into the woods the length of three hundred forty five poles to a marked oke and from hence running Westerly the bredth of one hundred and thirty poles to a marked tree and from thence running South East and by South the length of three hundred forty and five poles to the first bounder surveyed and now laid out for three hundred acres more or less Together with all rights profitts and benefits thereunto belonging Royall mines excepted To have and to hold the same unto him the said Owen Mackrue his heirs and assigns forever to be holden to us and our heirs as of our Mannor of Nanticoke in free and Common Soccage by fealty only for all manner of Services yeilding and paying therefore yeerly unto us or our heirs at our receipt at St Maries at the two most usual feasts in the year Viz at the feast of the Annunciaçon of the Blessed Virgin Mary and at the feast of St Michaell the archangell by even and equall porçons the rent of Six Shillings Sterling in Silver or gold and for a fine upon every alienaçon of the said land or any part or parcell thereof one whole yeers rent in silver or gold or the full value thereof in such Commodities as wee or our heirs or such Officer or Officers appointed by us or our heirs from time to time to Collect & receive the same shall accept in discharge thereof at the choice of us or our heirs or such Officer or Officers as aforesaid provided that if the said Owen Mackrue his heirs or assigns shall not pay unto us or our heirs or such Officer or Officers as aforesaid the said Sum for a fine before such alie =naçon and enter the said alienaçon upon record either in the Provincial Court or the County Court where the said parcell of Land lyeth within one month next after such alienaçon the said alienaçon Shall be void and of none effect Given at St Maries under our great Seal of our said province of Maryland this Six and Twentyeth day of September in the four and thirtyeth Year of our Dominion over our said province of Mary =land Anno Domini one thousand and Six hundred Sixty five Witness our Dear son and heir Charles Calvert Esq our Leiutenant Generall of our said pro =vince of Maryland

As transcribed by John McDonnell from microfilm copy of original document.

Misc. notes;
Witness to this document was Charles Calvert. He was 3rd Baron Baltimore (1637-1715) and became the second Lord Proprietor of the Colony of Maryland in 1675 upon the death of his father. His father was Cecilius Calvert to whom this land patent award is addressed.
Both Calvert and Cecil Counties in present day Maryland are named for, respectively, the Calvert family in the first instance and Cecilius Calvert in particular for the later.
The Manenoquean River is in Somerset County on Maryland's Eastern Shore and is now called the Manokin River.
Colonial Somerset County comprised all of present day Worcester and Wicomoco Counties, Maryland and the southern section of Sussex County, Delaware.
The feast days of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael the Archangel are March 25th & September 29th, respectively.
The reference to "in free and Common Soccage (sic)" means that no military duty was required in the property transfer.
The original text shows the cedilla above the letter "C" as in the word "alienacon", i.e. "alienation". A similar transaction, in abstract form appears in the previous year (1664) for William Robinson, the father of Issac Noble's wife Mary Robinson.

transcription August 1999, John J. McDonnell

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