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Nicholas Fountain of Somerset County
Will Written 27 Jan 1743, Proved 10 Feb 1743

This will transcription has been provided by Jane Garratt Whomsley. Thanks, Jane!

Jane gives further information that Nicholas Fountain was the son of Marcy Fountain Sr.

To wife Mary (Capsey) Fountain land and home bought of Stephen Fountain during her life and plantation plan where my mother-in-law now livith until my son Marcy Fountain arrives at 21 1/4 years.

To son William at death of his mother, land next to Marcy's; if William dies with heirs, to go to brother Collier, then to brother John. To sons Marcy and William "Fishing Island", in Manokin River. To aforesaid sons and daughters Anna, Mary, Bridget, personals. To son John personality.

Settlement of Estate of Nicholas Fountain Sep 13, 1746
Payments to: William Turpin, Jr., Stephen Mitchell, John Horsey, John Dennis, John White (merchant), William Merchant, James Robertson, Whitty Turpin, Thomas Banister, John Howard, Jane Sanders, Joshua Turpin, Nathaniel Dorethey, Samuel Wilson, John Campbell for Mr. Hardy & Co., Henry Lowes, William Culbertson, William Fordred, Samuel Addams, John Polk, Thomas Dinwood, Henry Wagaman, Thomas Williams, David Wilson.

Legatees: Marcy Fountain (accountant), Ann Fountain, Mary Fountain
Executors: Mary Fountain, Marcy Fountain

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