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McDorman - Milligan Family Bible

Transcribed and made available for all to share by Frederick Howard.

Oliver Nelson has the old Bible of the McDorman & Milligan family of Somerset County. The copyright of this Bible is 1849. Inside the Bible, pressed between the pages, are numerous dried flowers and a lock of brown hair. Numerous entries of births, deaths, and marriages are documented. The name of Hazel Warren Clark (a distant cousin) is annotated on the back page with an address of 835 N. 4th St, Steubenville (?), Ohio.

The annotations in the old family Bible are noted below as transcribed by Freddy Howard in November of 2005. (Of Note: Oftentimes, "Mc" was dropped from "McDorman" and was written as just "Dorman").


Oscar H. McDorman, May 13, 1895
Mabel A. Dorman was born August 19, 1885; died August 23, 1947
Ethel M. Dixon, March 18, 1887
Ella V. Tull, December 4, 1908
William James Wright McDorman, August 6, 1891
Robert Henry McDorman, October 23, 1897
Anney F. Dorman was born March the 21st, 1851
William Louis Dorman was born March the 7th, 1853 and died September 1936
James Edward Dorman was born March the 7th, 1853
Alexander Ely Wright McDorman was born October the 11th, 1855
George Thomas Dorman was born February the 14th, 1860
Virginia Lee was born the 20th of February 1863
Maggie Lee was born February 1870
John Tull Dixon was born September 14th, 1893
George Lee was born November 1874
Susan Dorsey was born May 3rd, 1857, wife of Wright McDorman
Weldon McDorman Nelson, August 28th 1904
Frederick Wright Nelson, November 14th, 1908
Margaret Susan Nelson, November 14th, 1908
Wilson Nelson, September 10th, 1915
Hilda Bozman, March 31, 1912


Franklin Wright Brinkley, January 29th, 1915
Ruth Adona Brinkley was born September 3rd, 1916
Pearl Virginia Bozman born September 25, 1917
Joan Dorsey McDorman born September 25th 1919
Edna Alfred Bozman born August 19, 1924
Oscar Wright McDorman, Jan 22, 1929
A.C.H. Dorman was born the tenth of June 1822
Eliza Milligan Dorman was born September 2nd, 1822
Maggie May Dorman was born August 12th, 1881
Eliza Virginia Dorman was born September 17th, 1882
Jennie Lee Dixon was born April 28th, 1890


George Thomas Dorman deceased the 24th of February 1863, age 3 years and 10 days
Elizabeth McDorman, the wife of James McDorman, departed this life in the year of our lord and savior April 27th, 1869
Annie F. Lee, the wife of George T. Lee, departed this life in the year of our lord and savior March the 17th, 1874
James McDorman departed this life the 5th of December 1871
William McDorman departed this life the 1st of September 1893
Ely Milligan departed this life the 12th of July in the year of our lord and savior 1852.
George H. Milligan departed this life on the 9th of December 1856
Edward F. Milligan departed this life on the 9th of August 1857
E. Milligan departed this life on the 28th day of June 1858
Betsy Milligan departed this life in the year of our lord and savior Jesus Christ the 20th of February 1864
Betty McDorman Todd departed this life the 26th of November 1885
Wesley Milligan departed this life on the night of August the 19th, 1885
Lara A. Noble died at her home on the 20th of June 1879
George H. Noble, the beloved father of Laura Noble died at his home on the 2nd of July 1879
Elizabeth Milligan departed this life the 8th of June in the year of our lord and savior Jesus Christ 1870


Etta Devereaux McDorman, wife of William L. died January 2nd, 1948
Lydia Statie Dorman departed this life on July 28th, 1880
Miss Eliza McDorman, the wife of Husomme (Hanson) McDorman departed this life June 2nd, 1910
Hanson McDorman departed this life on the 21st of November in the year 1910
William L. McDorman died September 1936
James E. McDorman died April 4th, 1919
Charlotte Noble died August 1930, aged 102 years
George Noble died April 11th, 1930, aged 72 years
Ely Wright McDorman died April 29th, 1941
Susan D. McDorman died October 26th, 1946
Oscar Hanson McDorman died April 18th, 1946
Mabel Anna McDorman Brinkley died August 23rd, 1947
Robert Henry McDorman died August 16th, 1987, wife Ida Jones McDorman


A.C.H. Dorman and E.R. Milligan was married on January the 31st, 1850
George T. Lee and A. F. McDorman was married June the 30th, 1869
Wright McDorman and Susie Dorsey was married July the ___, 1879.
William L. Dorman was married to Miss Lydia Statie Maddox the 28th of December 1882
Virginia Lee McDorman was married to John W. Dixon on November 17th, 1885
W. L. Dorman was married to Miss Etta Devereaux on December 27th, 1888
James R. Warren and Maggie E. Lee was married November 9th, 1892.


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