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The Yellow Brick House Farm

East side of Capitola Road, 1/4 mile south of MD Rte. 349
Recorded August 7, 2001 by Paul Willing

"Site is on private property owned by Mr. Ed Warns who graciously led me to the site and permitted me to record the graves. Site is in a wooded area, somewhat overgrown, to right of entrance lane just beyond edge of soy bean field. Two of the three headstones are lying flat, and all have an accompanying footstones. Mr. Warns tries to keep it clear as time permits. In my excitement at this discovery, I unfortunately neglected to take GPS readings."

Levin Walter, b. Jun 14, 1779, d. Jun 7, 1848, aged 68 yrs, 11 mos, 7 days

Rosa K. Walter, b. Nov 6, 1785, d. Sep 30, 1861

Charles H. Walter, b. Mar 28, 1819, d. Mar 3, 1852, aged 33 yrs, 11 mos, 10 days

Note: Yellow Brick House Farm is on the historic registry for Wicomico County. Mr. Warns once had the historic documentation, but the paperwork has been lost. I have seen the documentation at The Nabb Center and will look it up next time I am there. Meanwhile, I suspect this is part of the Walter family for whom Waltersville (now Bivalve) was originally named. The family operated the boat landing there which served the Walter Plantation.

UPDATE: This cemetery is on the property known as "Moorfields" or commonly as "The Yellow Brick House". It is on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic documentation referenced by Paul Willing above can be seen in its entirety at Maryland Historical Trust Inventory of Historic Properties

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