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Thanks to cemetery recorders Peggy Taylor and Margaret Robinson for providing this information. Of the cemetery, Peggy says, "The listing for this cemetery is as complete as possible. It is on Sycamore Lane, off the left side of Levin Dashiell Rd. going in from Nanticoke Road. The cemetery is fairly clean, grass has been kept cut but there were tree limbs down here and there. There are several walnut trees and quite a few walnuts on the ground and on the cemetery stones where squirrels had taken them to eat. There are several broken stones and they are face down and cannot be read. There are at least 27 or more vaults above ground that have no markings whatsoever. John Jacobs did part of it in his book and listed it as 'Rockawalkin Colored Church Cemetery'. There is no church there, nor signs there ever has been, but a few of the stones are fairly current."

I have received the following information (from - thanks!):

St. Mark Methodist Episcopal Church was erected and dedicated in 1891 at Rockawalkin, MD. The church remained active until 1968 when members merged with St. Luke Methodist Church in Hebron, MD.

In 1988, the church building, which sat across Sycamore Lane from the cemetery, was purchased by Jefferey and Nancy Phillips, and moved to their farm, Day Spring Farm, about two miles west from the cemetery on Levin Dashiell Rd.

Cornish, Kizzi, d 4/2/1952

Smith, Mary M., wife of Chas. A. Birckhead, b 1/13/1861, d 8/14/1889, 28 yrs 7 mo 1 da

Birckhead, Leven, son of Lenoxx and Elizabeth D. Birckhead, beloved husband of Mary D. Birckhead, b 8/11/1862, d 12/01/1894, 22 yrs 3 mo 22 da

Nelson, Sam, b 9//15/1836, d 9/18/1895, Co. H Sgt. 9th USCT Quartermaster, Civil War, Age 59

Burnett, Mary, b 3/18/1873, d 10/31/1897

Casey, wife of Samuel Wilson, d 1/15/1929

Morris, Louis M., b 8/29/1910, d 11/06/1956

Corbin, Mary, b 1877, d 1954

Nelson, William S., b 1899, d 1962

Nelson, Ada B., b 1897, d 1968

Gale, Mary M., b 2/25/1906, d 2/18/1976

Handy, James G., No dates, Md Pvt. 153 Depot Brigade, World War 1

Cornish, George W., Age 62 yrs., d 2/13/1919

Messick, Girtrude, wife of Elzey Messick, b 10/6/1880, d 1/21/1912, Age 32 yrs.

Furr, Sallie, b 12/24/1824, d 11/18/1905

Furr, Aleaner, wife of V. L. Furr, b 3/30/1890, d 9/26/1916

Ballard, Herman, son of Mr.& Mrs. G.W.Ballard, b 12/2/1892, d 10/07/1918

Ballard, Lenox V., son of Mr.& Mrs. G.W. Ballard, b 3/15/1902, d 10/25/1918

Ballard, Georgianna, b 3/16/1864, d 1/19/1937

Ballard, George W., husband of Georgianna, b 5/10/1856, d 10/26/1917

Pinkett, Lizzie, wife of William, b 11/22/1830, d 8/30/1906, 76yrs.

White, Emily C., wife of Handy White, b 1844, d 1926

Birckhead, Mary E., d 5/11/1943

Parker, Richard, d 3/17/1875, 37 years

Elzey, D. James, b 1886, d 1946

Burkett, Lenox, no dates, COE 39th USCT Civil War

Dashield, Charles, b 6/20/1834, d 9/16/1893, COE 39th USCT Civil War

Peters, Mary E., wife of George, b 12/19/1865, d 5/02/1913

Pernell, Rev. L.W., b 7/07/1842, d 7/15/1904

Nelson, Merrill T., b 6/21/1913, d 11/18/1954, Maryland Tech 5, 662 QM Truck Co., WWII

Gale, Lillian J., b 1902, d 1949

Gale, Lillie Mae, Daughter of Wilson and Lillie J., b 7/9/1928, d 11/18/1946

Gornic, Chad, No Dates

Gale, Cannot read

Gale, Wilson, b 1897, d 4/08/1964, Pvt. 153rd Depot Brigade, World War 1

Ford, Dunn William, b 12/12/1898, d 6/25/1998

Fooks, Catherine, b 4/04/1884, d 1/25/1943

Ford, Brooks R., b 1890, d 1962

Ford, Addie B., b 1897, d 1997

Gale, Anna Leona, b 1929, d 1988

Gale, Swain Leroy, b 4/19/1926, d 1/18/1984, STMI World War 11 U S Navy

Carroll, Ronie, son of Alfred and Ella, b 9/29/1890, d 9/29/1918

Birckhead, Lillie, daughter of S.E. and Mary H Birckhead, b 9/17/1897, d 4/29/1915

Birckhead, Thomas C., son of Noah T. and Mary L. Birckhead, b 3/30/1894, d 9/22/1906

Crawford, Lesta, d 2/18/1931

Birckhead, J. Wesley, b 9/30/1871, d 7/03/1941

Morris, Stanford, b 5/06/1903, d 12/28/1965, PVT. U.S. Army, World War II

Morris, Lucy Elizabeth, dau of George and Laura P., b 11/01/1889, d 4/12/1905

Morris, Laura, wife of George, b 10/18/1861, d 9/11/1909

Nelson, Martha W., wife of Oscar Twilley, b 12/27/1881, d 3/28//1911

Twilley, William O., son of David and Sarah Twilley, b 9/07/1872, d 9/10/1930

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