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This graveyard is located on a private estate at Hat Crown Point, 0.4 mi. south of Tyaskin, MD. We had to seek out the property owner to get permission and gain access to the property. A warning bell sounds as you drive through the gate, and someone is there to "greet" you as you reach the house.

The owner was very gracious and obviously proud to have us see the site. The burial ground has been made double wide, bordered with landscape ties, and filled with red/brown decorative stone chips. Lengthwise, though the middle, a 4' to 5' wide arbor, 7' or 8' tall has been built with climbing vines trailing over it. (I did not think to note what kind of vines, but the structure was similar to a grape arbor) On one side of the arbor are the four Mezick graves, only one of which is listed in John Jacob's book. On the opposite side of the arbor are three more recent graves; family members of the property owner. Unfortunately, the arbor was built against the front of the headstones of the Mezick graves, so that you can not see the inscriptions unless you get on hands and kness inside the arbor, and peer through the vines. Floodlighting has been installed to focus on the area at night,.and which may also serve as part of the obviously elaborate security system.. To one side, sits a huge, yellow painted bell in a steel framework, which looks like it may have occupied a church steeple at one time. The gravesite is immaculate, obviously well kept, and a central focal point of the estate. If only others could be half so well cared for. Recorded August 4, 1998 by Ralph Willing and Paul Willing.

In memory of
who departed this life
Sept. the 5th 1883
in his 44 years of life (sic)

In memory of
Margie C. S. MEZICK
who departed this life
22nd March 1828
Aged 22 yrs, 11mos, 8 days

In memory of
Catherine James MEZICK
wife departed this life
Aug. 12, 1829
Aged __?__, 6 mos, __?__

(fourth stone, apparently a child, is illegible)

Opposite side of arbor

George E. MILLER
March 26, 1913
June 15, 1994
"A real gentleman who enjoyed life"

Myrtle Vernon MILLER
April 29, 1914 - March 13, 1991
"She lived for her children and grandchildren"

Vivian Irene STATZ
"Dee Dee"
April 22, 1923 - June 12, 1984
"Her heart knew no boundaries"

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