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L. Paul Morris, Jr., has provided this data from a different approach. He was not able to describe an exact location or he’d be digging for graves in the fields to move them elsewhere! The graveyard is located in the old Nutters District.

From the two family bibles that James Morris kept and several old newspaper clippings, it can be authenticated that there was a family graveyard on James Morris’ plantation in Nutters District, Worcester/Wicomico Co., MD. Most likely the graves were marked with wood markers or any stones that may have existed have been plowed under.

Paul writes, "Here is a graveyard that did exist for my third great-grandfather's plantation. I only added those people that were known to have been buried there. Other children have been located in cemeteries such as Zion in Worcester and St. John's in Fruitland and Wicomico Presbyterian Church cemetery in Salisbury."

James Morris, b: 18 December 1780 in Somerset Co., MD, d: 31 October 1873 in Nutters Dist., Wicomico Co., MD

First wife of James Morris, Polly Pollitt, b: 08 November 1791, d: 07 May 1831

Children by James and Polly:

Susan Morris, b: 03 May 1817, d: 29 September 1833

Leah Jane Morris, b: 10 June 1821, d: 29 October 1834

Samuel James Morris, b: 05 May 1827, d: 29 January 1876

Grandchildren of James and Polly, by son, William Pollitt Morris:

Josiah J. Morris, b: 16 August 1845 in Nutters Dist., Worcester Co., MD, d: 09 August 1865 in Nutters Dist., Worcester Co., MD

Virginia C. Morris, b: 01 August 1854 in Nutters Dist., Worcester Co., MD, d: 31 July 1865 in Nutters Dist., Worcester Co., MD

Amanda F. Morris, b: 22 January 1859 in Nutters Dist., Worcester Co., MD, d: 25 September 1859 in Nutters Dist., Worcester Co., MD

Second Wife of James Morris, Sally Disharoon, b: 21 September 1804, d: 12 April 1880 in Nutters Dist., Wicomico Co., MD

Daughter-in-law of James and Sally, first wife of Thomas Covington Morris, Elizabeth Ann Fooks, b: 27 September 1836 in Nutters Dist., Worcester Co., MD, d: 18 December 1873 in Nutters Dist., Wicomico Co., MD

Granddaughter of James and Sally, by son, Thomas Covington Morris:

Susan Ellen Morris, b: 20 October 1863, d: 10 November 1863

Potentially, the father of James Morris, Jacob Morris, was also buried in this graveyard.

Jacob Morris, b: 01 July 1745 in Stepney Parish, Somerset Co., MD, d: 22 April 1822 in Somerset Co., MD

There may have been others, such as grandchildren that were buried in the James Morris family graveyard.

Additionally, this was James Morris' obituary:

Salisbury Advertiser from microfilm, Wicomico Free Library, Salisbury, MD

1 Nov 1873

Mr. James Morris, of Nutters District, in this county died yesterday morning in the 93rd year of his age. Mr. Morris was perhaps the oldest man in Wicomico Co. He has been a member of the Presbyterian Church for about 60 years and a Ruling Elder for over thirty years. He was a large slave holder before emancipation, and his humane treatment of his servants, so firmly attached them to him, that the wife of the Rev'd Frost Pollitt, refused to leave his service when her freedom was offered her.

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