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Northeast side Bivalve Lodge Road between Texas Road and West Side Community Center

Located on private property approximately 500 feet back from Bivalve Lodge Road. Home owner graciously pointed us in the right direction to a slight rise of wooded ground behind the house. The graveyard area was apparently enclosed at one time by a wrought iron fence, but no longer. Site was wooded, and littered with fallen trees, but navigable with care. Undergrowth was thick and full of briars (ouch). Area was once used as a chicken yard (as told by a reliable source) and more obviously as a dumping ground -- tires, plumbing fixtures, lumber and general junk. No effort has been made to preserve or keep the site cleared. Recorded November 29, 1997 by Margaret Robinson and Paul Willing.

George D. JACKSON, b. Apr. 7, 1829 d. May 28, 1897

Martha Matilda JACKSON, Wife of George D. Jackson, d. Oct. 28, 1890 aged 60

Joseph H. JILES*, Husband of Sarah E. Jiles, b. Mar. 18, 1821 d. Dec. 13, 1891

Sarah E. JILES*, 1838 - 1916

Mary E. ROBERTSON (Second wife of McKendry Robertson), b. Sept. 3, 1855 d. Sept 24, 1891

Emily H. ROBERTSON (Daughter of McKendry and Mary Robertson), b. July 6, 1872 d. Feb. 12, 1893

*(Note: Re: - According to recorder Margaret Robinson, a descendant of this family, the JILES spelling is incorrect. Should be GILES.)

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