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Friendship Cemetery is located off Rt 50 east. Take Rt 50 east to Pittsville. Turn left onto Friendship road and go 1.7 miles. The cemetery is on the left. This cemetery is kept in very good condition. Thanks to Jean Ennis for providing this transcription!

Matilda M. DENNIS , Dec 27,1843 --Dec 12,1922
Hiram J., DENNIS, Apr,11,1836 - - Aug. 5,1944

Otis R DONAWAY, May20, 1917-- Aug. 13,1992
Gladys P. DONAWAY Apr. 21,1921-

Mattie HANCOCK, b Mar.13,1924-d Nov.28,2001 (Daughter of Leamon & Artha White)

George HOUGHKIRK, 1885- 1969

Elmer W. JACKSON, B July 19, 1902-d March 21,1927

George E. JACKSON, March 15,1856- d Dec. 28,1922
Sarah E JACKSON, b Aug 2,1857-d Nov. 7, 1989

Ruth White JONES, Beloved Mother, Apr.4,1922--- June 12,1987 (Daughter of Lemon & Artha White)

Kathleen MANSFIELD, 1939- 1981

M. J. PARSONS, 1839- 1914

Alice M. PARSONS, 1892- -1967
Charles A. PARSONS, 1886--1959

Isaac W. PARSONS, B1855-D1944
Mary C. PARSONS, B1857-D1938
William E. son of Isaac & Mary Parsons Apr. 13,1887- D Jan. 1,1900

PFC Frank H.PENNEWELL, March 13,1893-June 20,1976 World War I
Florence M. PENNEWELL, March 24, 1901 Sept 2, 19,1990
Charles W. PENNEWELL 1940-D
Elmer PENNEWELL, 1920- -1994

Lillian E., PENNEWELL June 27,1904
Calvin J., PENNEWELL April 24, 1896 Jan. 24, 1970 PVT Etry E 33 Field Arty. World War I

Daddy Lawrence E . PENNEWELL, 1889- -1941
Mother Lelia E. PENNEWELL, 1883 --1967

Herman E. STEVENS, Father Jan18,1917-- May31,1984
Thelma V. STEVENS Mother - Dec.23.1922
Linda May STEVENS, Daughter May 28,1955-- July 18,1955

- George M. STEPHENSON Dec 30,1897-- Sept, 2,1975
Elva M. STEPHENSON Aug 4,1897 - - Jan. 8, 1968

John T. STEPHENSON, 1859-- 1930
Elizabeth P. STEPHENSON, 1871- -1945

Edgar J STEPHENSON, Pvt US Army world war II July 14,1922-- June 26,1961

Irving Lee STEPHENSON, 1918-- 1965

Laura A. TANSWELL 1895-- 1981

Charles TRUITT, Beloved Husband of Sallie E Truitt: Aug 11,1833-- July, 25,1893 59yrs .11mos 14Ds
Sallie TRUITT, June 6,6,1842--1920
Summer Lynn TRUITT, June 12,1989-- June 12, 1989

B Franklin TYRE, June 5, 1925-D Mar 15,1989
Marian J.TYRE, March 13,1933- (Daughter of Lemon & Artha White)
Theodore Wayne TYRE Sept. 29,1952--Dec.21,1952

Father: Homer L. WHITE, 1901-1975
Mother: M. Florence, WHITE 1902-1984
Son: Robert B WHITE, 1929-1954
Son's wife: Hilda B WHITE, 1922-

Father: Leamon WHITE Aug 10,1895-Aug 25,1978
Mother: Artha A WHITE Feb 20,1898--Jan 10, 1990
Son: Norman E. WHITE PFC 29Engrs Top BN world war II Jan 18,1927-- Dec. 6, 1947
Son: Olin L. WHITE 1918-1936

Infant son of Franklin WHITE, Nov. 16,1937-Dec.19,1937 (Grandson of Leamon White)

Father: John W. WHITE,SR., Feb.1,1893-Jan.14,1982
Mother: Elsie E. WHITE, July 17,1896-July 28,1983
Son: John W. WHITE Jr., April 24,1924-Dec.10,1977
Son: Edward Lee WHITE June 22,1929-Feb.5,1983
Son C. VAUGHN Nov 3,1934-Feb.14,1936 (Son of John W. & Elsie White)

Ernest B. WHITE 1867-1945
S, Mary WHITE 1872--1966

Frank J. WILKENS, Feb.18,1897-Dec.31,1953
Susie Grace WILKENS Feb.25,1900-Dec. 22,1991

Leamon, Homer and William White were brothers.

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