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On June 6, 2002, Maryland lost an old friend. The Wye Oak, as it was known, had stood in that spot on Route 662 in Wye Mills for over 500 years, according to estimates. On that stormy day in June, the winds were just too much for the old tree to withstand, and its weakened, decaying trunk snapped near the base, sending the massive limbs crashing down.

We at MDGenWeb are heartened by the knowledge that many offspring of the old Wye Oak survive still - at least 2 in each state, and are hopeful that the roots may sprout new growth at the site of the great tree.

The Wye Oak
Wye Oak State Park, when the mighty Wye Oak still stood proud
Ruins of the Wye Oak
The Ruins of the Wye Oak Tree, shown in August of 2002.
Ruins of the Wye Oak
Another shot of the ruins.
Sign of Hope
This sign is on the fence surrounding the remains of the Wye Oak. It says, "PARDON OUR MESS! Please excuse this temporary fence while a more permanent fence is being prepared. We are protecting the area so that we can determine if the roots will sprout new growth. Thank you for your understanding and patience."
Get an idea of the scale . . .
These 2 little girls standing in front of the massive trunk of the Wye Oak in 1999 gives a bit of perspective on just how very huge this old tree was. It was truly an awesome sight.

Read more about the Wye Oak and its tragic end at the Maryland DNR web site and at the Wye Oak Commemoration site.

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