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Wango, Dennis District #6

GPS location: 38 18.147' N ~ 75 27.190' W

"This Cemetery", says submitter John P. Kelley, "is located on Bear Swamp Road, a dirt road that begins at the end of Johnson Road, in Wicomico County. It is located 5 tenths of a mile on the left side of the road. It is located in the edge of a new-planted wood and right on the edge of the road. It is surrounded by a cement post and metal pipe fence. It looks as though someone is occasionally taking care of it. I would rate it as being in fairly good shape with very little growth on it and that being small grass and weeds."

"Most of the tombstones are in great shape; some are very old and are lying on the ground. I tried to get all the information that I could from them. Almost all of the tombstones have verses written on them. I did not copy these due to the length of some of them. Some are very beautifully worded. Also, as you will notice, I could not get some of the information because of the condition of the older tombstones. Rubbings would probably get that information from them."

"I started at the front row, from the left hand side. I hope this will be of help to someone. These were listed on May 15, 2003." Thanks to Mr. Kelley for sharing this information!

Row 1		Thomas P. WIMBROW	b.	CA 1760		d.	March 28, 1831
		Written on Tombstone
		Served in War of American Revolution In MD Regiment 5th Co. August 1, 1780-November 15, 
		1782    Pensioned May 15, 1826 and his wife
		Leah WIMBROW		b. 	(None listed)		d.	June 4, 1838
		Father of
 Peter WIMBROW		b.	July 24, 1790		d.	April 10, 1875
Grandfather of 
William J. WIMBROW	b.	Feb 17, 1822		d.	March 22, 1879

		Stone lying ground-hard to read-Rubbings would probably gather the information

		Sallie E. WARD		b.	Nov 12, 1843		d.	Jan 11, 1912
		Wife of Wm. F. WARD

		William F. WARD		b.	Jan 20, 1838		d.	Oct 26, 1888
		Aged 50 yrs 9 mos 6 days

		Stella P. WARD		b.	Feb 6, 1881		d.	Feb 12, 1897
		Daughter of Wm. F. and Sallie E. WARD

Row 2		Peter WIMBROW		b.	July 24, 1790		d.	April 10, 1875
		Aged 84 yrs 8 mos 16 days

		Tombstone cracked and lying on ground-The following is all I could understand
		Sara WIMBROW		b.				d.	Jan 30, 1871
		Wife of Peter WIMBROW

		I checked twice and this was how first name was spelled
		Loisac H.O. WARD		b.	April 30, 1820		d.	Nov 18, 1894
		Wife of Wm. J. WIMBROW
		Aged 74 yrs 6 mos 18 days

		Wm. J. WIMBROW		b.	Feb 17, 1822		d.	March 22, 1879

		David P. WIMBROW		b.	March 12, 1849	d.	June 16, 1873
		Son of Wm. J. and Caroline Wimbrow

		Robert T. WIMBROW	b.	Oct 23, 1832		d.	July 15, 1877

		Earnest H. WIMBROW	b.	May 6, 1863		d.	Aug 31, 1867

		Rosa E. PARKER		b.	June 24, 185?		D.         Sept 24, 1891 (?)

		Exactly the way it is on the Tombstone
		Moses Nutter son of William J. and Caroling Howard WIMBROW
						b.	May 15, 1855		d.	Jan 28, 1930
						Aged 74 yrs 8 mos 13 days

		Exactly the way it is on the Tombstone
		Lafayette Covington	son of William J. and Caroline Howard WIMBROW
	b.	March 27, 1857	d.	Nov 27, 1896	
	Aged 39 yrs 8 mos

Row 3		Old Tombstone lying on ground-needs rubbings taken to get information-all I could make out is 
		The following.
						b.	Nov 21, 1861		d.	Dec 5, 1890
		son of  (?)
		Clarance W. PARSONS	b.	April 13, 1875		d.	June 22, 1876
Son of E.W. and (?) M.E. PARSONS

Row 4		Oliver Verne WIMBROW	b.	May 8, 1900		d.	June 12, 1973
		Son of Sampson Ayres and Sarah COLLINS WIMBROW
		Aged 73 yrs 1 mo 4 days

		Lafayette Edward son of Sampson Ayers and Sarah Collins WIMBROW
						b.	Dec 6, 1896		d.	Aug 6, 1922
						Aged 25 yrs 8 mos

		Sampson Ayres son of William J. and Caroline Howard WIMBROW
						b.	March 20, 1861	d.	May 22, 1937
						Aged 76 yrs 2 mos 2 days

		Sarah Collins WIMBROW	b.	Nov 18, 1862		d.	July 17, 1946
						Aged 83 yrs 7 mos 29 days
		Wife of Sampson A. WIMBROW
Daughter of Kendall c. and Maria CATHELL COLLINS

						b.	Feb 10, 1892		d.	May 23, 1966
						Aged 74 yrs 3 mos 13 days
		Daughter of Sampson Ayers and Sarah COLLINS WIMBROW
						b.	April 30, 1909		d.	Jan 12, 1984
						Aged 74 yrs 8 mos 12 days
		Daughter of Sampson Ayres and Sarah COLLINS WIMBROW

		Plaque on ground stating the following:
		In loving memory 
		Randall Wimbrow CORDREY b.	Aug 7, 1933		d.	May 2, 1990 

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