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"My name is Frederick M. Hall III, and I grew up in Willards Maryland. I am the son of Frederick (Freddie) M. Hall Jr. and Emma C. Hudson Hall, and brother of Marshall F. Hall. I have recorded the tombstones in the Willards cemetery over a period of about one year, a few hours at a time. There are some stones, which I want to revisit to try and verify the dates or names. There are some gravesites, which have no markers at all. I am told that one such site is that of Simon McKenzie, who is buried in the northwest corner. If anyone has any information of other such sites, or has any corrections to this, PLEASE, let me know."

Thanks for your work in gathering and sharing this information, Mr. Hall!

ADKINS Laura J.June 27 1872June 08 1941w/o Elijah J.
ADKINS Elijah J.Oct 14 1868June 19 1963 
ADKINS W. FrankDec 07 1890Sept 26 1955 
ADKINS Herman G.Mar 11 1895Feb 16 1916 
ADKINS Hazel dateno dateNot deceased as of 1/1/2003
ADKINS Alfred L.Mar 05 1915May 01 1996h/o Hazel P.
ADKINS Clifford L.19121972 
ADKINS Laura NancyAug 30 1895Mar 04 1980d/o Sampson E & Alice M Truitt
ADKINS Walter J.19041985 
ADKINS Mary E.19041955 
ANDERSON Walter C.19001938Shared h/stone w/Mabel D.
ANDERSON Mable D.19021978Shared h/stone w/Walter C.
BAKER Cornelius R.May 28 1870Aug 11 1925 
BAKER Mary E.June 14 1861July 18 1920 
BAKER Silas D.Aug 01 1857Mar 10 1915 
BAKER Nelia E.June 06 1881Jan 27 1948 
BAKER Lawrence E.July 26 1906Sep 26/8 1907I could not determine if it was 26 or 28.
BAKER Cecil B.19131944 
BOYD Anna JaneFeb 18 1886July 08 1983 
BRADFORD Mary dateno dated/o T. H. & L. E. Bradford
BRADFORD Thomas H. 18811943 
BRADFORD Malenda B.18831968 
BRADFORD Lavinia E.18841928 
BRADFORD Virgil A.18821971 
BRUMBLEY Hilda J.Mar 04 1854Dec 10 1941 
BRUMBLY WilliamMar 22 1830Feb 16 1910Aged 70 yr 10 mo & 24 days
BRUMBLY William T.Aug 31 1879Oct 29 1958Shared h/s w/Myra B. This h/s has Brumbly on one side and Symons on the other side.
BRUMBLY Myra B.Feb 14 1874Oct 15 1937Shared h/s w/William T.
BYRD Mildred A.Mar 06 1923May 24 1996 
COOPER Louis E.Oct 24 1921July 12 1983Pvt US Army, h/o Kathleen J.
COOPER Kathleen J.1926no dateShared headstone w/ Louis E., m. 10/2/42
CRANFIELD Richard Lee19391952s/o R B & Attriss T Cranfield
DAVIS Lemuel WesleyJune 24 1905Sep 10 1908 
DAVIS Virgil Sr.July 11 1914Feb 21 1987Shared headstone w/ Helen D.
DAVIS Helen D.Apr 07 1922no date 
DAVIS Arthur LeeNov 07 1911Dec 30 1913 
DAVIS Sarah F.Feb 18 1881July 18 1939Shared headstone w/ Charles B.
DAVIS Charles B.Sept 11 1880May 26 1964 
DAVIS James H.Dec 13 1925no date 
DAVIS A. LevestaMay 24 1890May 22 1938Shared headstone w/ Charles E.
DAVIS Charles E.May 19 1884June 23 1965 
DAVIS Carolyn SmithAug 22 1945Apr 29 1991d/o R T Smith & I A Hall
DAVIS Allen C.Mar 02 1980Oct 30 2001s/o Carolyn Smith Davis
DAVIS Betty May19351999 
DAVIS Dorothy L.Jan 29 1913Sep 10 1950 
---------- Becky  This a wooden cross w/o dates or last name. It is next to D. L. Davis.
DAVIS Ebenezer G.Dec 24 1859Jan 02 1914Buried next to Ella S. and five small children.
DAVIS Ella S.Apr 20 1865Jan 02 1910w/o E G. Buried w/five small children.
DAVIS Grover L.18841918Buried between E G Jr and Mary Ellen
DAVIS Ebenezer G. Jr.18981939Buried beside G L Davis
DAVIS Mary EllenJun 29 1916July 10 1916Buried beside G L.Davis
DAVIS Infant sonNov 24 1912Nov 25 1912Buried beside E G Davis
DAVIS Infant/childCan't readCan't readFirst of four buried beside Ella S. Davis
DAVIS Infant/childCan't readCan't readSecond of four buried beside E S D.
DAVIS Infant/child1888July 27 1887Third of four buried beside E S D. Unsure of dates.
DAVIS Infant/childJune 1898June 15 1898Fourth buried beside E S D. Unsure of the dates.
DENNIS William J.Apr 25 1905Apr 14 1982BMC USCG WWII
DENNIS Helen WilkinsFeb 09 1911June 21 1986 
DENNIS William G.June 08 1933Oct 08 1986USCG, buried next to Helen W. Dennis
DENNIS Ray A.*Sep 27 1881Dec 16 1957I'm not sure of the spelling of "Ray A.".
DENNIS Hester A.Jan 12 1883 Jun 16 1908Shared stone w/R. A, L K, V A, F E, & Baby Dennis
DENNIS Lillie K.Mar 19 1885Mar 15 1950Shared h/stone w/RA, HA, VA, FE, & Baby Dennis
DENNIS Fulton E.Mar 03 1904Nov 28 1956Shared h/stone w/RA, HA, LK, VA, & Baby Dennis
DENNIS BabyApr 07 1923Oct 29 1923Shared h/stone w/RA, HA, LK, FE, & VA
DENNIS Vaughn AsburyOct 24 1924Dec 06 1924Shared h/stone w/RA, HA, LK, FE, & Baby Dennis
DENNIS RaymondDec 18 1882Feb 11 1968 
DENNIS Daniel W.Dec 07 1841Apr 16 1919 
DENNIS Ester M.1893 1968w/o Benjamin E.
DENNIS Benjamin E.18881960h/o Ester M.
ENNIS Rachel AnnSep 07 1853Apr 20 1927Shared headstone w/ James W.
ENNIS James W.Dec 31 1853July 18 1930Shared headstone w/Rachel Ann
FOXWELL Charles R.18911977Sgt US Army WWI
HALL Frederick M.18741963 
HALL Jesse L.19271927d/o Herman & May, g/d Frederick M.
HALL Jennie M. July 25 1879July 08 19111st wife of F. M. Hall, died shortly after childbirth.
HALL Ella Mae189119972nd wife of F. M. Hall, d/o Sampson TRUITT
HALL Mary EllenJan 29 1922June 27 1922d/o F M & Ella Hall
HALL Jean Mae Feb 06 1927Oct 21 1927d/o F M & Ella Hall
HALL HelenJune 28 1911Sep 15 1911 
HALL Francis M.Feb 16 1917Oct 13 1935s/o F M & Ella, killed by hit & run driver
HALL LouiseJune 29 1919Dec 07 1920d/o F M & Ella
HALL Frederick M. Jr19151992s/o FM & Ella, b. 928/1915, d. Nov 11, 1992
HALL Emma19141991w/o F M Jr.,
HALL Benj. Safe18761963Shared h/s w/dau L H Callaway, son RB & wife Jane E.
HALL Jane E.18811935Shared h/s w/BS, LHC, & RB. Maiden name: Brumly
HALL Russell B.19011930Shared h/s w/father, mother & sister
HEARN Avery NMay 09 1908Dec 16 1945Ssgt 273 Inf
HEARN Mildred M.19121914 
HEARN Martha M.18901967Shared h/stone w/Austin E.
HEARN Austin E.18901954 
HEARN Clara Belle18871932 w/o C. A. Hearn
HEARN Charles A.Jun 14 1884Oct 16 1948Shared h/stone w/Clara Belle
HEARN Margaret J.Sep 05 1900Dec 12 1968 
HEARN Charles J.July 14 1907Jan 27 1968 
HEARN Charles R.Nov 25 1845Aug 21 1930h/o Mary Lynn
HEARN Mary LynnNov 24 1854Apr 08 1904w/o C. R. Hearn
HEARN Roger C.Mar 27 1894Oct 19 1949Shared h/s w/Maggie L., Pvt 304 Div WWI
HEARN Maggie L.Feb 22 1900 July 09 1993 
HICKMAN Della KateJuly 29 1897Aug 04 1957d/o Sampson & Alice TRUITT
HOLLAND Ruth B.Dec 04 1924Mar 04 1998 
HOLLAND William L.Aug 25 1922Feb 02 1995 
HUDSON John V.Aug 07 1917 Jun 23 1988Shared h/s w/Gertrude P.
HUDSON Gertrude P.Sep 21 1921May 31 1992Shared h/s w/John V.
HUDSON Keith D.Dec 30 1960Jan 28 1998This h/stone is touching the one w/GP & JV
JACKSON Eva Beatrice Nov 03 1904Jan 03 1994 
LECATES J. HermanNov 26 1912Apr 15 1988 
LECATES Fedora E.Mar 23 1916Not deceased 
LEWIS Horace E.Dec 31 1910Feb 10 1957h/o Margaret P.
LEWIS Margaret P.19132001Shared headstone w/ Horace E.
LEWIS Beatrice A.Aug 31 1905Aug 21 1983Shared headstone w/ Reese
LEWIS ReeseJune 14 1902July 07 1977 
LEWIS L. MauriceJuly 24 1917Jan 04 1983Shared headstone w/Irene D.
LEWIS Irene D.Oct 16 1917June 18 1991 
LEWIS Annie E.18871948Shared headstone w/Ernest C.
LEWIS Ernest C.18871968 
LEWIS Homer L.July 13 1937Nov 18 1998 
LEWIS Hilda19241924Buried next to Annie E. & Ernest C.
LEWIS Gladys E.19171949 
MARSHALL Maggie M.No date1924m/o Jennie M. Hall
McCUBBIN William G.May 06 1915No dateShared headstone w/Viola K.
McCUBBIN Viola K.Aug 15 1913Aug 06 1995 w/o William G. & wid. o/W. D. TRUITT
McKENZIE SimonUnknownUnknownNo stone. He was blind in one eye Unsure of spelling.
MITCHELL Elwood J.19141941 
MOORE Wilson T.Mar 31 1852Feb 01 1938 
MUMFORD C. Edward18751957Shared h/stone w/Frances D.
MUMFORD Frances D.18861950Shared h/stone w/C. Edward
NICHOLSON William G. 18401913Buried next to Sally M.
NICHOLSON Sally M.18501919 
NICHOLSON Grover C.18911970h/o F. Estelle
NICHOLSON F. Estelle18971981 
PATEY Ida W.18741941Shared h/s w/James K.
PATEY James K.1856 1933Shared h/s w/Ida W.
PATEY JamesJuly 05 (no yr)No yr.Age 1 mo & 10 days. Son of __ & __ Patey
PHILLIPS Robert A.19371997H/s engraved "U S Army"
PHILLIPS John WesleyFeb 03 1915Dec 12 1969Tsgt Army Air Forces WWII
PHILLIPS William T.Sept 22 1838Mar 20 1900Dates on this one were very hard to read.
PHILLIPS Wm T.Feb 19 1840June 17 1904Dates on this one were very hard to read.
PHILLIPS Albert W.18731942Shared h/s w/A. Annie
PHILLIPS A. Annie18811942Shared h/s w/Albert W.
PHILLIPS Charles W. Sr18991964Shared h/s w/Hilda L.
PHILLIPS Hilda W.1911No dateShared h/s w/Charles W. Sr.
RICHARDSON Hilda MaryFeb 11 1910Feb 07 1922 
RICHARDSON Ruth AnnApr 21 1944Apr 23 1944 
RICHARDSON Lorah A.Dec 14 1879Mar 30 1951 
RICHARDSON Allison18451917 
RICHARDSON Dean WinfieldMar 13 1875Apr 08 1962 
RICHARDSON Mary RayneApr 05 1899Apr 03 1964Buried next to Ruth TRUITT
RICHARDSON Paulene19101923 
RICHARDSON Ella D.No dateNo date 
SHOCKLEY Roy A.19081980 
SHOCKLEY Bernice A.18991975 
SHORES Fletcher E.19021992 
SHORES Ruth T.1903 1995 
SHORES CharlotteSep 09 1927Jan 18 1996d/o Ruth Shores
SHORT D. H.18491929 
SHORT Clarissa T.Apr 13 1845May 14 1923w/o D H SHORT
SMITH Raymond T.May 03 1921Oct 14 1974Pvt US Army, h/o Iva A. Hall
SOCKRITER Stella Mae DavisJun 18 1902Apr 12 1923Shared headstone w/Arthur Lee
SOCKRITER Arthur LeeJan 29 1922Apr 12 1923 
SOCKRITER InfantSep 29 1917Oct 10 1917Infant of D H & Zenia SOCKRITER
SOCKRITER Zenia E.19001959Shared headstone w/Dewey H.
SOCKRITER Dewey H.18981982 
SYMONS William C.Mar 13 1900July 21 1969Shared h/s w/Iva B. This h/s has Symons/Brumbly.
SYMONS Ida B.Jan 01 1911Mar 31 1971Shared h/s w/William C.
THOMPSON Elva T.1909No date 
THOMPSON James E.18981984 
TRUITT Louise B.Dec 23 1871Feb 07 1958 
TRUITT John E.Nov 20 1866Feb 10 1945 
TRUITT J. Walter18921918s/o John & Louise
TRUITT Clarence W.Mar 12 1904Mar 09 1958s/o S E & A M
TRUITT Beatrice M.19051985 
TRUITT Alice M.No dateNo datew/o Sampson E.
TRUITT Sampson E.Apr 24 1864July 27 1934 
TRUITT Ruth R.Nov 26 1897Mar 24 1973Buried in Richardson plot
TRUITT Lester B.19071926 
TRUITT Jennie E.1882 1974 
TRUITT Elwin G.July 20 1909Sep 18 1909s/o W D & A C
TRUITT Wesley D.18731911Shared headstone w/Ada C
TRUITT Ada C.18761971 
TRUITT John H. 18781932 
TRUITT Wesley D.Dec 07 1905Oct 11 1972h/o Viola KNIGHT
TRUITT Leslie F.Apr 21 1900Aug 26 1969 
TRUITT Avery L.May 30 1902June 14 1984Maryland Coast Guard
TRUITT Valentia D.19031957 
TRUITT Asbury K.18791954Shared stone w/Manie T.
TRUITT Manie T.18781967 
WARREN J. B. JrMar 13 1952Feb 05 1998MSGT USMC
WHEATLEY Edith C.Aug 25 1909Feb 23 1988 
WHITE Nancy C.June 28 1876Apr 27 1910w/o George E. WHITE
WHITE George E.18721962 
WILKINS Granville C.18901970Shared headstone w/Irma E. & Benton M.
WILKINS Irma E.18921967 
WILKINS Benton M.Aug 02 1915Feb 12 1945Pvt 38 Inf 2 Inf Div WWII
WILLIAMS Zadok19021958Shared headstone w/Johnny WILLIAMS
WILLIAMS Johnny19001937 
WILLIAMS Annie A.18691957Shared headstone w/Isaac H.
WILLIAMS Isaac H.18521920 

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