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Thanks again to tireless cemetery recorder Jill Pevear for providing this transcription! Jill says of it, "The Rider Cemetery in Salisbury is located on water-front property in one of the most exclusive areas in Salisbury; it borders on Tony Tank Lake. The front of the cemetery has a boxwood hedge with an opening that looks like it might have had a gate at one time. The actual cemetery is surrounded by a brick walkway laid out in a herring-bone pattern. Each tombstone has a bronze plaque on the back with the person's name and vital dates. Outside the brick walkway is a flagstone/cement slab walk that goes down to two landings (one medium size, one small) right on the lake; a good place for a picnic. There is also a path to a brick and wood gazebo with benches. This cemetery has been in the local news recently. The previous owner set up a trust fund with a bank in Baltimore City for perpetual care of the cemetery. The bank said it was too far away from the cemetery to look after and wanted to 'transplant' the tombs to Parsons' Cemetery. Local outcry has prevented this from happening. This cemetery is noted for its connection to Odgen Nash; his wife's relatives are buried there. (As you can tell, I was impressed!)"

Miss Sally F. HUSTON, 31 Mar 1804 - 10 Jul 1855, (Note: the bronze plaque has the middle initial as "E") "She was endowed with a strong intellect and possessed a mild and amiable temper so chastened and refined by Divine Grace as to command the admiration and love of all who knew her." (above ground crypt)

Sarah HUSTON, "widow of John, died 29 Dec 1853 in her 87th year. She was for 27 years the widow of John Huston who sleeps by her side. Upright and kind in her walk and conversation; tender and just in all her relations, she stood in her circle for more than half a century a living model of the (?) of a pious mother in the Church of Christ. For the poor and friendless, she always have a word of kind encouragement and her language was the offspring of a generous and noble heart for she never sent them away empty. Her memory will (?) forever in her countless deeds of charity." (above ground crypt)

Dr. John HUSTON, 20 Jan 1768 - 25 Jan 1828 (above ground crypt)

Henry Harrison RIDER, son of Noah & Elizabeth, 5 Feb 1840 - 13 Jun 1863

Noah RIDER, 7 Mar 1796 - 12 Oct 1865

Elizabeth, wife of Noah RIDER, died 26 Feb 1851, age 53 yrs, 6 mths, 26 dys

John Byrd RIDER, son of Noah & Elizabeth, 15 May 1819 - 6 May 1844, "Prostrate he lies like some tall column broken by the storm and in his early grave, his parents, wife, and children hope forever rest." (above ground crypt)

Dr. T. W. P. RIDER, son of Noah & Elizabeth, 12 Jan 1823 - 27 Mar 1861

George W. RIDER, 5 Jul 1831 - 15 Nov 1903

Melissa Jones, wife of George RIDER, (no dates)

Dr. Noah S. RIDER, son of Noah & Elizabeth, 26 Mar 1828 - 5 Dec 1869

Amanda Taylor, wife of Dr. Noah S. RIDER, and daughter of Rev. John S. and Anne B. Taylor, 23 May 1830 - 19 Sep 1909

Emma F., daughter of Dr. William Hearn and Margaret Ann RIDER, died 2 Jul 1849, age 2 yrs, 7 mths, 2 dys

Elizabeth B. RIDER, died 1851, age 15 dys

Robert DASHIELL, 29 Sep 1745 - 1 Mar 1814 (above ground crypt)

Isabell DASHIELL, consort of Robert, died 4 Mar 1833, age 88 yrs

Ann DASHIELL, died 5 Sep 1800, age 20 yrs, 9 mths

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