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We were fortunate to find this one, as it is not visible from the road. Located on the north side of Royal Oak Rd, 1/4 mile east of Sandy Hill Road, about 500-600 feet back in the woods (Ref: Jacob p.24), this is another contribution from cousins and prolific cemetery recorders Paul Willing and Ralph Willing. They recorded this data during CemTrek 2002. Thanks, guys! Paul's GPS location reading was 38 21' 123" N ~ 75 50' 675" W.

Mary CROSBY, b. 19 Apr 1904, d. 1 Sep 1906

Samuel J. CROSBY, b. 26 Dec 1854, d. 2 Dec 1911, Age 56 yrs, 11 mos, 6 days

Charles C. CONWAY, b. 26 Jul 1858, d. 2 Jan 1935

Abernetly CONWAY, b. 10 Sep 1840, d. 21 Jun 1941

Charles Tubman CONWAY, son of Wm. R. and Kathleen T. Conway, b. 4 Jan 1910, d. 15 Jan 1910

Deborah Emiline Donoho PENN, b. 10 Sep 1840, d. 29 Sep 1844

William Alexander Benjamin Cincinatis DONOHO, son of Alexander and Mary Kay Donoho, b. 26 Aug 1843, d. 29 Nov 1844

Sophiah Eleanor Precilla DONOHO, b. A.D. 1838, d. 28 Nov 1844

Alexander Cyrus DONOHO, son of Alexander and Mary Kay Donoho, b. 16 Feb 1848, d. 12 Jun 1848

Ruth CONWAY (stone unreadable - taken from Jacobs' book), dau. of Samuel J. and Ida A. Conway, b. 9 May 1865, d. 26 Aug 1865

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