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St. Mary's County Will Abstracts, 1638-1800




James, Owen,

James, Owen,St. Mary's Co.,18th Sept., 1659; 29th Sept., 1659. To John
Lawson, son of John Lawson, Rebecca Frizzell, dau. of Alexander Frizzell,
Humphry Beech, Harbert Homan, Rev. Wilkinson, and goddau. Dorothy Cager,
dau. of Robert Cager, goddau. Ellen King, personalty. Kinsman Col. John
Price, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Alex. Frissell, Sarah Frissell,
Richard Lloyd. 1. 110.

Neale (O'Neal), Henry

Neale (O'Neal), Henry,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Mar., 1721;
4th Apr., 1721.
To George Thorld, personalty.
To bro. Arthur, 1s. in satisfaction of claim against estate of his bro. Henry.
To cousin Catherine Bisco, 1s. in satisfaction of claim against estate of testator.
Wife Elinor extx. and residuary legatee.
Test: Wm. Harrison, Wm. Lord, Danl. Norris. 16, 381.

O'Daly, Bryan

O'Daly, Bryan,St. Mary's Co.,10th May, 1675;
13th Dec., 1675.
To son Bryan at 18 yrs. of age, all real estate.
To dau. Adree at 16 yrs. of age and to son Bryan, afsd., all personalty, equally.
To brother —–, in Ireland, sd. estate in event of child. afsd. dying without issue. Should sd. brother or his son not come into the province, land to pass to Arthur Kieff, and personalty to Catherine St. George and her unborn child. Catherine afsd. to have her maintenance from the estate, and to have charge of testator's children.
In event of death of all afsd. legatees, estate to pass to Thomas Keiting and his sister, Nell Keiting, with conditional bequests to sister Eliza: Daly and her child., (unnamed) and to sister Margaret, both of Ireland.
Overseers: Col. Wm. Calvert, Thos. Keytin, Constantine O'Kieff.
Test: Constantine O'Kieff, Anthony Loghlin. 2. 372.

O'Neale, Peter

In the name of God, Amen, the seventh day of Aprill in the year of our Lord God seventeen Hundred & forty five, I Peter ONeale of St. Mary’s
County in the province of Maryland being of sound memory...
Imprimus I will that all my lawfull debts of what nature soever be firstly and truly paid by my executor hereafter to be named. Item. I give, devise and
bequeath to my loving wife, Ann ONeale that land and plantationwheron I now dwell, being part of Tract of land called CRACKBONE, during the
time of her widowhood with all the improvements, rights profits & priveliges therunto belonging, and after her deceasor at the day of her marriage if
she should marry again,
I give and bequeath the said land & improvements to my son John ONeale and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for want of such heirs to
my son Peter Lamar Oneale and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, and for want of such heirs to my son James Oneale and the heirs of his body
lawfully begotten, and for want of such heirs to be equally divided amongst all my daughters and all my personal estate of what nature or kind soever
it be
I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Ann Oneale during her natural life (provided she remains a widow) but if she should marry than my will is my
daughter Elizabeth Oneale shal receive one fether bed & furniture, two pewter dishes, two pewter basons & two pewter plates and likewise my
daughter Sarah Oneale...my daughter Mary Oneale...my son Peter Lamar Oneale...my son James Oneale...
and if there should not be bed & pewter as above mentioned to pay them all off-, then my will is that they receive to the value and all the residue of
the estate that shall remain either at the day of my loving wife Ann Oneales Marriage if that should happen or at the day of her death be equally
divided amongst all my children, paying off the legacies as above mentioned. And lastly I do hereby ordain, constitute and appoint my dear and loving
wife Ann Oneale, whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament.
In testimony wherof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year first written above.
Peter Oneale his marking
St. Mary’s county September ye 16th 1747.
Melville Locke,
James Wood
John Suite, witnesses.
Thomas Aisquith, Deputy Commissioner, St. Mary’s County
Note: The will of Peter O’Neal was written April 17, 1745. and probated in St. Mary’s Co., MD. Sept. 16, 1747 From Lynne Hoge Rice on April 16, 1999
Additional by Kenneth O’Neal, The Will of Peter Oneale is found in the Calendar of Wills for St. Mary’s Co. MD, Vol. 9,
1744-1749 page 122.

Oakely, Lyonell

Oakely, Lyonell,St. Mary's Co.,7th June, 1688;
27th July, 1688.
To sisters Ann, Eliza:, and Mary Oakely, personalty.
To John Bullock, ex., and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal.
Test: Henry Poulter, Susanna Baxter, Benj. Reader, Jno. Skipper. 6. 2.

Ogilby, Thomas

Ogilby, Thomas, planter,St. Mary's Co.,13th Jan., 1733-4;
5th June, 1734.
To John Cecil, ex., and hrs., entire estate and charge of dau. Mary; sd. Cecil to pay sd. dau. at marriage or age of 16 certain personalty.
Test: Thomas Vanreshwick, John Bradburn. 21. 146.

Okane (Ocane), John

Okane (Ocane), John, planter,St. Mary's Co.,12th March, 1726-7;
27th April, 1727.
To wife Elizabeth, 1/3 of 100 A. dwell. plan. —— during life.
To mother Elizabeth Willis, remaining 2/3 during life.
To sister Nappler Mills, 100 A. afsd. at decease of wife and mother.
Ex.: Father-in-law Thomas Scott.
Test: John Hayle, John Mills, Jane Reeves. 19, 162.

Olarke, Adam

Olarke, Adam,St. Mary's Co.1st June, 1733;
8th Aug., 1733.
To son Electious, certain personalty, on condition he relinquishes his rights to “Gravely Hill” in Chaption Mannor.
To son Joseph and hrs., “Gravely Hill;” should son Electious not relinquish his part of afsd. land he shall pay son Joseph £25 in lieu of sd. land. Should son Joseph die during minority “Gravely Hill” to pass to son Anthony and hrs. Residue of estate to be divided amongst all child. except dau. Eliza, who is to have no part of negroes. Wife Mary, extx., to have use of personal estate during widowhood, should she marry to have an equal part with rest of child., and child. to receive portions as they come of age.
Test: Luke Gardiner, William Joseph. 20. 742.

Orion, Thomas

Orion, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,24th Nov., 1720;
1st May, 1720.
To eldest son Edward, son Thomas, dau. Anne, and land-lady Elizabeth Brady, personalty.
William Gibson ex. and residuary legatee.
Test: Owen Brady, Elizabeth Brady, Patrick Brady. 16, 173.

Orowley, Bryan

Orowley, Bryan,St. Mary's Co.,16th Dec., 1687;
21st Apr., 1688.
To wife Ann, extx., ½ 50 A., “Morries's Mount.”
To 2 eld. daus., viz., Mary and Ann, and their hrs., residne of “Morriss's Mount” equally.
To daus. Eliza: and Ellinor and their hrs., and to son-in-law John Wilson and hrs., personalty.
Overseers: Timothy Mahony, Thos. Dillon.
Test: Michael Cooke, Wm. Marsan, Jemima Capscio. 4. 305.

Orton, Henry

Orton, Henry,St. Leonard's Ck., St. Mary's Co., Patuxent R.,1st Oct., 1696;
19th Jan., 1696.
To son Henry and hrs., all real estate.
To son Henry dau. Eliza: jointly, all personal estate.
In event of death of son Henry afsd. without issue, real estate to pass to sons-in-law Thomas and William Davis; and should both child., afsd., viz., Henry and Eliza: die without issue personal estate to pass to daughter-in-law Mary Davis.
Exs.: Rich'd Johns, Wm. Mears, Dan'l Rawlings, Arthur Young.
Test: Dan'l Rawlings, Jno. Greeves, Humphery Swift. 7. 249.

Osborn, Henry

Osborn, Henry, Leonard's Creek,St. Mary's Co.,26th Aug., 1664;
22nd Apr., 1665.
To wife Catharine, execx., estate, real and personal, in trust for “my” children.
Test:Henry Tripp, Robt. Day, Thos. Purnell. 1. 227.

Owen, Patrick

Owen, Patrick, (nunc.)St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
7th Jan., 1733.
To brother James, entire estate except legacy to sister's son —– or child. —–.
Test: John Smith, Mary Cole. 20. 861.

Ozey, James

Ozey, James,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
29th Dec., 1665.
To Capt. Richard Banks, entire estate.
Ex. not named.
Test: Francis Richardson. 1. 245.

Pain, Thomas

Pain, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,31st May, 1731;
16th Nov., 1731.
To 3 sons Henry, Thomas and James, lands leased for 61 yrs. of John Baptist Carbery; 1/3 pt. next Deap Spring br. and Thomas Thomas' br. to son Henry, 1/3 next to Bryery's br. and Mr. Carbery's n. line to son Thomas, and 1/3 being dwell. plan. to son James (after decease of wife Tecla, extx.).
Test: Robert Drury, James Thompson, Leonard Pain. 20, 258.

Paine, Thomas

Paine, Thomas, St. Jerome's,St. Mary's Co.,12th Mch., 1672;
23rd May, 1673.
To eld. son Isaac, “Paine's Lott” in Balto. Co.
To son Joseph and hrs., “Holt,” in Balto. Co.
To 5 daus., viz: Mary, Sarah, Eliza:, Hanna and Rachel, personalty and tracts above named should sons die without issue; sons to be of age at 18 yrs.
To wife Jane, all land in St. Mary's Co.
Exs.: Nath. Garrett, John Smallpiece, John Reynolds.
Test: Wm. Calvert, Robt. Ridgely, Jos. Backney. 1. 531

Palmer, Katherine Coutanceau Waughop

Palmer, Katherine, widow,St. Mary's Co.,4th Mch., 1722;
1st Nov., 1726.
To nephew Peter and male hrs. (son of bro. Peter Cantancean), 300 A. in Northumberland Co., Va., being pt. of 461 A. granted 29th March, 1566, by Wm. Berkley, late Gov. of Va., to father John Cantancean, dec'd. Shd. sd. nephew die without male issue, sd. 300 A. to son John Waughop and hrs.
To son John afsd. and hrs., 100 A. in Northumberland Co., Va., bequeathed to testatrix by uncle William Cantancean, being pt. of 200 A. patented 9th Dec., 1662, and granted to Jacob Cantancean, dec'd; also 161 A. in sd. Co., residue of tract bequeathed nephew Peter afsd.; and personalty.
To son James Waughop and hrs., “The Wine Yard,” St. Mary's Co., bou. of William Maria. Farthing.
To dau. Ann Waughhop, son Thomas Waughhop, grandson Thomas Palmer Waughhop (son of son James) and dau. Katherine (wife of Wm. Kennedy), personalty.
To 3 sons Thomas, James and John Wanghhop, exs., and 2 daus. Katherine Kennedy and Ann Waughhop, entire personal estate.
Test: Geo. Middleton, Alexander Bons, William Cumming. 18, 541.

Palmer, Thomas

Palmer, Thomas 3/28/1709-6/15/1709. In the name of God, Amen.
I Thomas Palmer of St. Maries County in the Province of Maryland doe
make this my last will and testament in manner and form following (Vizt)
Imp'rs I doe give to Thomas Waughop my bridle and saddle. I give to
Anne Waughop my two wearing R---give to Katherine Cannadies daughter
Katherine, 20 shillings. I appoint my loving wife my Executrix as
witness my hand this 28th day of March, 1709. Wit.: M. Mason, Thomas
Manning, George Gyther. 6/15/1709. This will was proved in
Northumberland County Court to be the Will and Testament of Thomas
Palmer by Matthew Mason, one of the witnesses thereto and is admitted to
record. 8/15/1711: The within attested copy was presented to the court
by Mr. Thomas Waughop (and by the court admitted, the original being
burnt) and upon his mo'con, the said copy is admitted to record.
(Northumberland Collectanea, 1645-1720, Virginia Genealogies #4, CD

Parker, Edward

Parker, Edward, St. Inigoes Manor,St. Mary's Co.,3rd Jan., 1669;
29th Jan., 1669.
To father-in-law, Nicholas Young, “Fresh Pond Neck.”
To mother of testator, plantation at Cedar Point, Chas. Co.
To brother Samuel, 800 A. “Parker's Delight,” Balto. Co.
To sister Eliza: and Catholic Church, personalty.
Test: Nicholas Solby, Richard Ridgell, Wm. Gifford. 1. 367

Parker, Edward

Parker, Edward, St. Inigoes Manor,St. Mary's Co.,3rd Jan., 1669;
29th Jan., 1669.
To father-in-law Nicholas Young, “Fresh Pond Neck.”
To mother of testator, plantation at Cedar Point, Chas. Co.
To brothers Samuel and Edward, 800 A, “Parker's Land,” Balto. Co.
To sister Eliza: and Roman Catholic Church, personalty.
In event of death of 2 brothers afsd. under age, sd. sister Eliza: to inherit land.
Exs.: Father-in-law Nicholas Young and kinsman Wm. Bretton.
Test: Nicholas Solby, Richard Ridgell, Wm. Gifford. 1. 367.

Parker, Edward

Parker, Edward,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–; 20th July, 1644. To the Chapel,
personalty. To Cicely Lewger, half estate. Eliza Speare, residuary legatee.
Ex. not named. Test: not given. 1. 9.

Parsons, Edward

Parsons, Edward,12th Dec., 1715;
21st April, 1716.
To wife Mary and 4 child. viz.: Robert, Jno., Charles and Eliza:, dwelling plantation “Worrell,” 240 A. in St. Mary's Co. equally among them; also to wife Mary and her afsd. child., all that tract on Kenebeek R., New England, containing 500 A., and personalty.
To son and dau., Edw. and Mary, child. by former wife Phillis, 1s. each.
Exs.: wife Mary and brother Robert Hopkins.
Testator directs that the widow Pope should have her maintenance during life, according to covenant.
Test: Henry Reynolds, Randall Broom, Jno. Harwood. 14. 228.

Parsons, John

Parsons, John,St. Mary's Co.,5th May, 1688;
9th July, 1688.
To 2 sons, viz., Edward and John, at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., plantatiion in St. George's Hundred. Should either die without issne survivor and hrs. to inherit deceased's portion.
To young-son Cosine and hrs., sd. plantation in event of death of both sons afsd. without issue. Sd. son Cosine dying without hrs., plantation afsd. to pass to dau. (unnamed) and hrs.
To sd. sons in like manner, certain land by patent on Great Choptanke R., Talbot Co.
To wife Mary, extx., home plantation during life; to descend to son Cosine and dau. (unnamed) and their hrs. In event of death of either son or dau. without issue, survivor to inherit deceased's portion.
Sd. 4 child. to be in care of their mother, and to be brought up Roman Catholics.
Test: Robt, Carvile, Thos. Stroud, Sylent Bryant, Thos. Price.
4. 317.

Parsons (Persons), Causmay (Cosmas)

Parsons (Persons), Causmay (Cosmas), planter,St. Mary's Co.,17th Nov., 1733;
11th Dec., 1733.
To son John, dwelling plantation with lands adjoining.
To dau. Mary Mahoney and Grace Clark, personalty.
To son James, dau. Anna, sons Joseph, Edward and Clement, each an equal share of personal estate, small child, to possess their legacies at age of 18.
Exs.: Sons John and James.
Test: John Seager, John Brady, Joseph Patshall. 20. 835.

Pattison, James

Pattison, James,St. Mary's Co.,23rd Sept., 1697;
1st Apr., 1698.
To John Hall, personalty.
To grandchild., child. of dau. Elinor Harbert, now wife of William Herbert, formerly wife of John Angell, viz., James, John, and Angelor Angell, Vitires, Luke, Michael, Francis and Mark Harbert, and grandson John Hammond, son of Daniel Hammond, dec'd, personalty as each reaches his majority.
To Ann Angell and hrs., certain tract of land. (For description see will).
To John Angell and hrs., certain tract of land. (For description see will).
To Angelor Angell and hrs., land on St. Jerome's Plain. (For description see will).
To Francis Herbert and hrs., land on St. Jerome's Plain. (For description see will).
To Mark Harbert and hrs., tract of land. (For deseription see will).
To dau. Ellinor Harbert and hrs., testator's part of “Churchill”; and new dwelling plantation (for description see will), during her life and the life of her husband, James Harbert.
To Luke Harbert and hrs., “The New Ground.” (For description see will).
To Michael Harbert and hrs., parcel of land (unnamed).
To Vitriss Harbert and hrs., tract of land. (For description see will).
To James Angell and hrs., home plantation at the death of his mother Elinor and father-in-law William Herbert.
To John Stills and hrs., land. (For description see will).
In event of death of all the Angell hrs. their lands to pass to the Harberts, and in like manner there being no Harbert hrs. Angells to inherit their portion.
Dau. Ellinor afsd. to collect all rents during her lifietime; her son James Angell to succeed her.
Exs.: William and Ellinor Harbert afsd.
Test: Thos. Jameson, Thos. Hathcrsal, Philip Del Poole. 6. 85.

Payne, Charles

Payne, Charles,Brittain's Bay, St. Mary's Co.,11th Dec., 1717;
7th Jan., 1717-8.
To son Peter and hrs., 75 A., “Howard's Gift,” where Joh Drury now lives (pt. of “Howard's Mount”).
To son Charles and hrs., 100 A., dwelling plantation, “The Fox.”
To son Leonard and hrs., 50 A., “Strife,” where James Warrick now lives. Sons Peter and Charles not to sell or dispose of any of their lands. Shd. either die without issue, their portion to pass to dau. Mary; shd. both sd. sons die without issue, portion of one of them to pass to son Leonard. Shd. all child. die without issue, son Peter's portion to Henry (son of bro. Thomas), son Charles' portion to Charles (son of bro. Thomas afsd.), son Leonard's portion to James (son of bro. Thomas afsd.).
To dau. Mary, bro. Ezekiel and Mary, dau. of bro.-in-law Alexander Heathman, personalty.
Residue of personal estate to child. equally.
Sons Charles and Leonard to care of bro. Thomas, and son Peter and dau. Mary to care of bro.-in-law John Meekin. Sons to be of age at 18, dau. at 16.
Exs.: Bro. Thomas and bro.-in-law John Meekin, jointly.
Test: Jas. Warrick, John Drury, Henry Spinke. 14. 655.

Payne, Isaak

Payne, Isaak,St. Mary's Co.,14th Mar., 1712-3;
28th Mar., 1713.
To son Thomas and hrs., dwelling plantation ––; he dying without issue, to 2 daus., Hannah and Sarah, and their hrs.; also personalty. Son to be of age at 18.
To 2 daus., Hannah and Sarah afsd., and their hrs., tract in Courseys Neck, “Riders” and “Broadneck,” equally-Shd. either die without issue, portion of deceased to survivor; shd. both die without issue, to pass to son Thomas.
To 3 child. afsd., residue of personal estate. Dau. Hannah to care of son Thomas so long as she is lame and unmarried.
Ex.: Richd. Griffen.
Test: Wm. Johnson, John Langley, John Mackintosh, Wm. Nouland. 15. 86.

Payne, Thomas

Payne, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,8th Apr., 1648; 25th Aug., 1648. Thomas Hebden,
ex. and sole legatee. Test: Philip Ander, John Cage. 1. 18.

Peake, Archibald

Will of Archibald Pike, SMC, planter 1/31/1750-4/3/1750. Son: James, the
tract where I now live called "Forest Ordain", 100 ac., he to pay to his
brother Archibald 4000 lbs. tobacco. Son: John, the tract where he now
lives known as "Ferney Branch", 50 ac. and a negro boy George. Son:
Archibald, furniture and a negro boy Tom. Wife: remaining pt. Daughter:
Mary Greenwell, a negro woman Treasie. Wife: Lucy, Exec. Wit: Nicholas
Mills, Sr., Elizabeth Mills, George Innis.

Peake, Basil

Will of Basil Peake , SMC; 9/8/1760; 10/31/1760

To Bro. John Baptist Peake, tract of land I purchased of Ignatius Jarboe called the Pleasant Levels
Dau-in-law, Elizabeth Medley
son-in-law Joseph Medley, some cattle, tobacco, etc.
To father, William Peake, clothing, etc.
To wife Eliza Peake, and after my wife's allowance, the balanceto be divided between my five brothers and sisters: Philip, Bennet, Ignatius, Dorothy and Rebecca Peake
Exe: Wife Elizabeth Peake and her son, John Medley
Wit: Mary Ann Medley, Jereh. and Mourtn. Edwards

Peake, Catherine

PEEKE, CATHARINE, ST. Mary's Co.; 17 Nov, 1770; 24 Nov,1770

Peake, John

Will of John Peake, SMC 3/5/1761-11/3/1761. Son: Robert,
some furniture which belonged to his mother. After wife's thirds is taken
out, remainder is divided between two sons, Robert and Augustine Peake.
Exec: Wife, Elizabeth. Wit: Henrietta Wimsatt and William Russell.
11/5/1761, wife renounced will.

Peake, Peter

Will of Peter Peake, SMC 10/28/1755-2/16/1756. Wife: Catherine, all the
land and plantation that I possess. Daughter: Susanna Peake a cow, bed,
etc. Children: John, Peter, Ignatius, Susanna Peake and Anastasia
Brown, the remainder of my personal estate. Wife: Exec. Wit: William
Russell, Thomas Thompson, George Medcalf.

Peake, William

William Peake, SMC 12/8/1760, 4/7/1761
To Bro. Peter Peake, land he used to hold of his side of the branch
To sons William and Philip Peake, my water mill
To daus. Dorothy and Rebecca, the slaves
Exs: Wife Mary and son Wlm
Wit: Bennet Greenwell, James Hord, Zacharias Greenwell 31. 199

Peirce (Pierce), Edward,

Peirce, Edward, planter,St. Mary's Co.,29th Jan., 1739-40;
23rd June, 1740.
To bro. John, ex., “Baker's Fancy” and “Baker's New Fancy.”
To mother Eleanor, personalty during life. At her death to pass to Jonothan, son of afsd. John.
To Millard, dau. afsd. John, personalty.
To bros. Thomas and Robert, 1s. each.
Test: John Curlett, Charles Rigney, Vallentine Cole. 22. 236.

Pell, William

Pell, William, (nunc.)St. Mary's Co.,20th Mch., 1654; 2nd Sept., 1659.
To Alice Ward, ½ proceeds from sale of plantation in Va. Alice Durand and
her dau. Eliza:, residuary legatees. Ex. not named. Test: Alice Ward, Samuel
Withers, Alice Durand. 1. 107.

Peny (Peney), Catherine

Peny (Peney), Catherine,St. Mary's Co.,30th May, 1742;
6th July, 1742.
To granddau. Mary More and hrs., personalty. Shd. she die without issue to pass to son William More, and in event of his death without issue, to pass to the poor in most need.
Ex.: ––.
Test: Richard Millard.
22. 490.

Perrin (Parran), Thomas

Thomas Perin (no county named) probated 4/4/1752.
Son: Bennet, whole estate but if he dies without issue then all estate except negro fellow Ben to be divided between Ann Clarke, dau. of Col. George Clarke and Ann Biscoe, dau. of Capt. James Biscoe. Negro Ben to be free.
Exec: James Biscoe.
Wit: Lawrence DeButts, Elizabeth Batsil, Thomas Batsil.

Perry, Robert

Perry, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,10th Sept., 1724;
19th June, 1725.
To daus. Sarah, Lureais, Lidla and Mary, personalty.
To eldest dau. Elizabeth, daus. Katherine, Penelope, Charity and dau. Mary Batson, 1s. each.
Wife Mary extx. and residuary legatee.
Test: John Baker, John Bannets. 18, 381.

Peteate, Thomas

Peteate, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,19th Jan., 1650; 18th Mch., 1657. Wife
Anne Peteate, sole legatee. Overseers: Walter Cotterall, John Guy. Test:
Ralph Beane, Thos. Jackson. 1. 67.

Phepo, Marke

Phepo, Marke,St. Mary's Co.,19th Jan., 1669;
8th Feb., 1669.
To John Keyton, Richard Russell, John Stocks, John Matthews and Constant Daniell, personalty.
Sons Philip, Thomas and William Land, residuary legatees.
Ex. Bryan Daley.
Test: Thos. Paine, Wm. Abbestone. 1. 370.

Phillips, Robert

Phillips, Robert, Saint Mary's Co.,29th Aug., 1733;
17th Jan., 1736.
To son James and hrs., 100 A.
To dau. Mary Miller, 100 A. during life, to be divided as follows: 50 A. to John Anthers, son to sd. dau., and the other 50 A. to hrs. of sd. Mary Miller, shd. sd. John Anthers die without issue, sd. 50 A. to pass to hrs. of sd. dau, Mary.
To son Robert, 1s.
To wife Mary ½ of personal estate, the residue to be equally divided bet. James Phillips and Mary Miller; shd. wife marry to have her thirds.
Test: Christion Lewis (Lewes), Joseph Lewis, Amos Packer. 21. 744.

Phippard, Anne

Phippard, Anne,St. Mary's Co.,7th Feb., 1738-9;
7th June, 1739.
To son Thomas Blackiston and hrs., tract bou. of William Goode, sd. son dying without issue, husband William Phippard to have use of sd. land during life, at his decease to pass to eldest son John Blackiston, and hrs.
To son Thomas, niece Susanna, wife of John Coode, bro. Mathew Guibert, daus. Elizabeth Neale and Susanna Mason and husband William Phippard, personalty.
To grand-daus. Anne Elizabeth and Mary Mason, ¼ of personal estate.
To sons John and Thomas and dau. Elizabeth Neale, each ¼ of personal estate.
Exs.: son John and son-in-law Roswell Neale.
Above will made in pursuance of a power reserved to testatrix with consent of husband, William Phippard, before inter-marriage witnessed by a certain deed executed and recorded.
Test: Peter Rock, William Coode, Philip Key. 22. 82.

Pierce (Peirce, Pearse, Peirse), Edward

Peirce (Pierce, Peirse), Edward, planter,St. Mary's Co.,31st Dec., 1720;
24th April, 1732.
To wife Elinor, extx., real estate in afsd. co. and personal estate during life.
To youngest son Edward and hrs., dwell. plan. “Chance” after decease of wife.
To sons John and Robert and their hrs., 50 A. of “Courtney's Fancy,” equally, after decease of wife. Shd. son Edward die without issue, sd. tract to be divided bet. sons John and Robert; and if son John shd. die without issue, his portion of 50 A. to pass to son Robert; and if son Robert shd. die without issue, his portion to son John; and shd. both die without issue, their portions to son Edward afsd. Shd. sons John, Robert and Edward die without issue, sd. lands to fall to dau. Mary Perry and hrs. Sons not to rent or sell lands except to one another. After wife's decease personal estate divided bet. dau. Mary, eldest son Thomas and sons John, Robert and Edward.
Test: John Bactson, Thomas Mohoney, Pheby Harwood, John Leigh. 20, 369.

Pike, John

Will of John Pike, SMC 2/11/1762-6/1/1762.
Son: Archibald, 50 ac. "Ferney Branch" where I live.
At death of wife, Kezia estate to be divided amongst children: Mary, Lucy, Ann, Mary Ann, and John Pike and if it proves my wife is with child, desire that child to share equally.
Exec: Wife, Kezia.
Wit: Rodolphus and Mary Hackett, James Pike.

Pile, Joseph

Pile, Joseph,St. Mary's Co.,16th Jan., 1691;
8th Nov., 1692.
To son Joseph and hrs., 1150 A., “Sarum.”
To dau. Sarah and hrs., 400 A., part of “St. Barbaries,” and 250 A., “Pile's Discovery.”
To dau. Mary and hrs., 110 A., “Baltimore's Gift.”
To dau. Ann and hrs., 100 A., “Ferne.”
To dau. Eliza: and hrs., 190 A., “Salsbury.” Sons to be of age at 18 yrs., daus. at 16 yrs.
In event of death of any child or child. without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion.
Exs.: Brothers Anthony Neale and Thomas Turner.
Test: Wm. Langwourth, Robt. Mastin, Jno. Harrison, Jeffery Cole, Jno. Dent, Thos. Mudd, Philip Bri****oe. 6. 64.

Pile, Joseph

Pile, Joseph,15th June, 1724;
28th Sept., 1724.
To daus. Ann, Eliza and Mary and their hrs., 300 A. out of upper end of “Sarum” (adj. to Edward Stonestreet) equally at age or marriage. Shd. any of sd. daus. die during minority survivors to divide portion of dec'd.
To 2 sons Joseph and Bennett and their hrs., 700 A. “Sarum,” with 150 A. “Baltimore's Bounty.” Son Bennett's pt. to inclnde dwelling. Shd. sons die before of age sd. lands to pass to daus.
To nephew Joseph Power and hrs., 400 A. of “St. Barbaries” (St. Mary's Co.), whereon he now dwells, excepting that pt. given by father —– to Edwd. Price. Shd. sd. Power die without issue, to revert to next hr.-at-law of donor.
To wife Eliza., extx., personalty and 1/3 of residue of estate; remainder to 5 child. afsd. equally.
Sons to be of age at 21, daus, at 16 or marriage.
Overseer: Bro. John Parnham.
Test: Gustavus Brown, John Parnham, Wm. Robinson. 18, 312.

Piper, John,

Piper, John, Barford Manor,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Oct., 1673;
11th Apr., 1674.
To wife Mary, estate, real and personal during life.
At death of wife afsd., estate to be divided as follows:
To Robert Brown, ½; kinsman John Piper of Va., ¼; to godchild, viz., James Swan, Jr., John Carvill, Clement Roberts, John Corthes, Jean Greenlaw, ¼ estate in equal portions.
Exs.: John Gouldsmith, Thos. Carvill.
Test: Sam'l Maddox, Sam'l Cookesey, Roderick Loyd, John Grace. 1. 605.

Pitoher, Emanuel

Pitoher, Emanuel,St. Mary's Co.24th Apr., 1694;
22nd May, 1694.
To wife Jane, extx., and dau. Amye, entire estate jointly.
Test: Martha Duggins, Katharine Revins, Jno. Watson. 2. 271.

Plowden, George

Plowden, George,St. Mary's Co.,5th Feb., 1708-9;
26th Nov., 1713.
To son Edmond and hrs., plantation and land “Resurrection Manor” and personalty.
To son George and hrs., “The Farm” where Timo. Mahoney now lives and “The Tavern” and personalty.
To dau. Dorothy and hrs., personalty.
To dau. Winifred, personal estate, part of which is to be pd. by son Edmond afsd., when he shall be 21 yrs. of age.
To sons afsd., residue of estate, real and personal.
Exs.: Son Edmond and Jno. Fenwick, Sr.
Overseers: Rich'd Fenwick, Jno. Fenwick, Sr., Wm. Chandler.
Test: Cornelius Sulavant, Jno. Haines, Sam'll Queen. 13. 618.

Plummer, Thomas

Plummer, Thomas, planter,St. Mary's Co.,28th Mch., 1738;
14th Sept., 1738.
To wife Margaret, extx., entire estate during life, at her decease “Hopston's Choice” to cousin John and hrs., he failing issue to bro. William Cuttler and hrs., he failing issue to William Gloveer and hrs.; 50 A. “Arbuston's Oak” that came by wife to her own disposal. After decease of wife half of what estate was appraised at to John Plummer, other half to go as wife shall choose.
Test: Daniel Duggens, Matthew Kenner, William Doxey. 21. 909.

Poore, Nicholas

Poore, Nicholas, Jr.,St. Mary's Co.,
9th of June, 1742, Thomas Aprice, Justice of the Peace, took oath that he heard above test. say that he willed all of his estate to John Barber. He to take care of test. wife ——, and pay his debts. 23. 122.

Pope, Francis

Francis Pope, Charles Co. 10/1/1671-1/27/1672.
To: eldest sons Thomas and Francis Execs. and 400 ac. "Bryan's Clift" and 350 ac. "Batten's Clift".
Two youngest sons, Richard and John 400 ac. "Roome" at age 21. Four children afsd. residuary legatees.
Wit: Thomas Harris, John Bailey, James Tyer.

Potter, Henry

Potter, Henry,(aged 40 yrs.) St. Mary's Co.,22nd Dec., 1659;
23rd June, 1662.
Dau. Audry, sole legatee.
Ex. not named.
Test: Marcks Pheypo. 1. 145.

Potter, Henry

Potter, Henry,(aged 40 yrs.) St. Mary's Co.,22nd Dec., 1659; 23rd June,
1662. Dau. Audry, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Marcks Pheypo. 1. 145.

Power, Joseph

Power, Joseph,St. Mary's Co.,31st Jan., 1724-5;
31st Mch., 1724.
To Rev. Francis Loyd, £10.
To 2 nephews Nicholas, Jr., and John Power and niece Sarah Doyne, residue of estate equally. Shd. any of sd. child. die, survivors to divide portion of dec'd. Nephews to be of age at 21 yrs.
Ex.: Bro.-in-law Joshna Doyne.
Overseers: Cousin Clement Gardiner and Richard Miller.
Test: Wm. Spalding, Ignatius Crayeroft, George Birch. Codicil, 1st Feb., 1724-5: To 2 nephews Nicho. and John and their hrs., dwell. plan. and real estate equally. 18, 365.

Price, John,

Price, John, Col.,St. Mary's Co.,10th Feb., 1660;
11th Mch., 1660-1.
To son-in-law Joseph Bullett, land on Herring Ck.
To Herbert Howman and William Styles, personalty.
Dau. Anne Price, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, at 18 yrs. of age; if she die under age, ½ estate to pass to sd. son-in-law Joseph Bullett; residue to establish a free school, and in event of sd. Joseph and Ann dying under age, all real estate to be used for establishing a free school.
Overseers: Wm. Hatton, Daniel Clocker, Geo. Mankall, Thos.
Test: Wm. Wilkinson, Thos. Dent, Wm. Hatton. 1. 141.

Price, John

Price, John (64 yrs. of age),St. Mary's Co.,15th Nov., 1697;
28th May., 1698.
To wife Joan, extx., plantation and all personalty during life.
To dau. Eliza: and hrs., plantation afsd. and ½ of personalty at death of wife.
To dau. Ann Roberts and hrs., “Price's Lot” and ½ of personalty at death of wife and plantation afsd. in event of death of dau. ****liza: without issue. In event of death of both daus. afsd. without issue, estate to be used for maintenance of free school.
Test: Jno. Gillman, Jno. Johnson. 7. 374.

Price, John

Price, John, Col.,St. Mary's Co.,10th Feb., 1660; 11th Mch., 1660-1. To
son-in-law Joseph Bullett, land on Herring Ck. To Herbert Howman and William
Styles, personalty. Dau. Anne Price, execx. and residuary legatee of estate,
real and personal, at 18 yrs. of age; if she die under age, ½ estate to
pass to sd. son-in-law Joseph Bullett; residue to establish a free school,
and in event of sd. Joseph and Ann dying under age, all real estate to be
used for establishing a free school. Overseers: Wm. Hatton, Daniel Clocker,
Geo. Mankall, Thos. Dent. Test: Wm. Wilkinson, Thos. Dent, Wm. Hatton. 1.

Price, William

Price, William, planter,St. Mary's Co.,20th Feb., 1728-9;
29th April, 1729.
To wife Johana, real estate during life; at her decease to son William and hrs., except the old plan. adj. William Jenkin's, which is bequeathed to son Henry and hrs.
To sons afsd. and dau. Frances, personalty.
To dau. Susana Hook, 1s.
Exs.: Wife and son William.
Test: Martha Dillon, Clare Price, James Walkden. 19, 654.

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