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St. Mary's County Will Abstracts, 1638-1800


Neale, Henry

Neale, Henry, (nunc.) New Towne,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
22nd Jan., 1672.
To wife Anne and son Henry, estate equally. In event of birth of child, estate to be divided into thirds.
Ex. not named.
Test: Luke Gardner, Wm. Farding. 1. 517.

Neale (O'Neal), Henry

Neale (O'Neal), Henry,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Mar., 1721;
4th Apr., 1721.
To George Thorld, personalty.
To bro. Arthur, 1s. in satisfaction of claim against estate of his bro. Henry.
To cousin Catherine Bisco, 1s. in satisfaction of claim against estate of testator.
Wife Elinor extx. and residuary legatee.
Test: Wm. Harrison, Wm. Lord, Danl. Norris. 16, 381.

Neavitt (Nevett, Nevitt) Francis

Neavitt (Nevett), Francis, planter,St. Mary's Co.,20th Feb., 1723;
17th Mar., 1723.
To daus. Elizabeth and Mary (at marriage), Lewis Moor and John Farr, personalty.
To wife Elinor, extx., residue of estate. Shd. wife die, John Mills and James Thompson to act as exs.
Test: Charles Dafft, Mathew Daft, Ezekiel Pain. 18, 238.

Newton, Clement

Clement Newton, Signed: June 30, 1760; Proved: November 5, 1760

Item Imprimis I give and bequeath to my several Creditors their Just Claims ~ Item I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Newton all my Lands. Item Whereas Thomas Newton Left in my care two Heifers, one for my son Joseph and one for my son Clement, my will is that they be paid them before the apprasement of my Estate

~ Item Where Walter Davis left in my care a large black Walnut Table Oval made for my Daughter Anne, I will that the same be hers & not appraised in my Estate.
Item I give and bequeath to my son Clement one young gray gelding.
~ Item I give and bequeath to my son Albane, my writing Desk
~ Item I give and bequeath to my son Bernard, one gray stone Coult & a pr of silver Clasps. Item I give and bequeath to my son Gaberil one hanging Leaf Square Walnut Table

~ Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary a feather Bed, and furniture, to be paid her of the value of my second best Bed & furniture
~ Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Bibiana a Black Walnut Oval Table ~ Item I give and bequeath to my son Aldebert, one Horse called Jack Gray colored
~ Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter Immaranchaeunor, Sining wheel ~ Item whereas my wife is now with child, I give and bequeath to the child unborn one Choat
~ Item where the Sundry Legacies above mentioned are of an Equal Value my will is that all the Legacies that are of Less value, than the best be made up equal out of my Estate, and the Remaining part of my Estate be Equally Divided amongst all my Children. Item and to the true performance of this my Last will and Testament I nominate Constitute ordain & appoint, my son Joseph Newton, my solo Executor, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand, and affixed my seal, this 30th June Anno que Dom 1760.~~~~~~~

Clement Newton (((seal)))

Signed Sealed and delivered
In the presence of us
Samll Abell Jnr
Leonard X Brown

November 5th 1760
Then Samll Abell Jnr & Leonard Brown the subscribing witnesses to the forgoing will being dualy and solemnly sworn on the Holy Evangels of almighty God depose and say that they, Saw the Testator Clement Newton Sign the foregoing will and heard him publish and declare the same to be his Last will and Testament that at the time of his sodoing he was to, the best of their apprehension of sound and disposing mind and memory, and that they subscribed their Respective names as witnesses to the Sd will in the presence of the said Testator and at his request.
Sworn to before me, Tho. Aisquith Depty Comiss~~~~~~~~~~~~
Of St. Mary's County~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Day and year above said the deceased widow
Made her Election, and takes her thirds,
Certified by me Tho. Aisquith Depty Comiss
of St. Mary's County~~~~~~
Transcribed by Judith A. Burger February 1, 2001 from a photocopy of the original court record, Libra: T.A.I., page: 399-400, obtained from Norma I. Dawson, Register of Wills, St. Mary's County, Maryland. The photocopy was good and the writing legible. I made no corrections of any kind.

Newton, Susanna

Will of Susanna Newton, SMC, 7/8/1791-12/13/1791. Son: Clement Newton, a negro woman named Hannah; one linen wheel; one dutch oven; and one small iron pot. He is to pay my granddaughter, Mary Greenwell, 4 lbs. current money when she arrives at the age of 17. Daughter: Mary Booth, use of my negro woman named Lewder during her life and then to her children which are to also have the increase of sd. negro; one large iron pot; and the remainder of my household furniture. She is to pay my granddaughter, Mary Greenwell, 8 lbs. current money when she arrives at the age of 17. Granddaughter: Mary Greenwell, the bed and furniture I lay in; my woolen wheel and cards; and my chest. Exec.: Not named. Wit: Francis Fenwick and Peter Ford. Codicil, 10/9/1791: Son, Clement Newton, one sow and seven shoats. Wit.: Francis Fenwick.

Newton, Thomas

Newton, Thomas, Sr.,St. Mary's Co.,4th Dec., 1741;
6th Dec., 1741.
To son Thomas, grandsons Clement and Joseph, wife Kathrine, dau.-in-law Elizabeth, Elinor Leake and John Hening, pers. including tobacco due from widow Hailer and her sons —— and Walter Dallis.
This will was given orally to James Brown and Lydia Raley the day before test. died.
Note: Widow makes her election and claims legal 1/3.
22. 420.

Newton, Thomas

Thomas Newton, Signed: March 27, 1772; Proved: Sept 15, 1772

~~Item I give and bequeath to my son Arnold Newton, one shilling sterling & no more of my Real or personal Estate,

Item I give and bequeath to my son Henry Thomas Newton one shilling sterling and no more of my Real or personal Estate.

Item I give and bequeath to my son William Newton, all my Land called Andrews wood Also Newtons property to him and his heirs for ever.
~~Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Newton, one negro girl named, Henrietta and one shilling sterling & no more of my Real or personal Estate.
Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Susanna Poole, one negro Girl named, Monica, and one, Shilling sterling, and nomore of my Real or personal Estate. I
tem I give and bequeath to my son Ignatius Newton, one negro boy named George and one, Shilling Sterling & nomore of my Real or personal Estate
~~I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Susanna Newton, during her natural life, three negros Viz~~ Priss, Hammer, & Balander, with their increase, & after my wifes decease my son William Newton to have an Equal part with my 3 youngest Children, among my three youngest Children, Equally, Viz~~Elizabeth Newton, Clement Newton and Mary Newton, my will and meaning is that my wife keep with her my three youngest Children till they are able to shift for themselves. I Constitute nominate and appoint & ordain my beloved wife Susanna Newton, and my son William Newton Joynt Executors of this my Last will and Testament, in Witness whereof I have hereunto, set my hand and affixed, my seal this 27th day of March Anno Domino 1772.

Thomas Newton (((seal)))

Sign d, Seal d, & declared to be the Last will & Testament
Of Thomas Newton Senr in the presence of us
Michael Wellman
Eliza X Wellman
Jarrad Wellman

Those words underlined before the signing & sealing those presents Viz(My son William Newton to have an Equal part with my 3 youngest Children)

Saint Marys County to wit,
On the fifteenth day of September seventeen hundred & seventy two, came, Michael Wallmen, Elizabeth Wellman, & Jarred Wellman the three subscribing witnesses to the above Last will and Testament, of Thomas Newton deceased and severally made a Oath that they did see, thomas, Newton the Testator therein named sign and seal this will, and heard him publish and declare the same, to be his Last will & Testament, and that at the time of his sodoing, he was to the best of their and Each of their understanding of sound and disposing mind & memory & understanding, and that they respectively subscribed their names, as witnesses to the Said will, in the presence and at the request of the Said Testator, and in the presence of Each other.
Sworn before J A Thomas Dy comis er~~~~~~~~~~
Transcribed by Judith A. Burger February 1, 2001 from a photocopy of the original court document Libra: T. I. A. Page: 639-640, obtained from Norma I. Dawson, Register of Wills, St. Mary's County, Maryland. The photocopy was good, the writing fair though distorted and very small.

Nichols, Thomas

Nichols, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,10th Oct., 1740;
5th Nov., 1740.
To wife Ann, extx., 50 A. dwelling plantation.
To eld. son Thomas, residue of dwelling plantation and tobacco house built by William Cheshire.
To son John, 39 A. “Nichols Adventure” at 19 yrs.
To daus. Ann and Sarah at 16 yrs. or day of marriage, personalty.
To child. viz.: Luke, Henry, James, Ann and Sarah, personalty at death or remarriage of their mother.
Exs.: Wife Ann and son Thomas.
Test: John Mattonmly, Thomas Reaveas, Elizabeth Baly.
Note: Widow claims legal third. 22. 278.

Nickolls (Nicholls, Nicols), Henry

Nickolls (Nicholls, Nicols), Henry,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
18th March, 1728-9.
To sister Mary, goddau. Susannah Nickolls, godson Henry Nickolls and Thomas and Elizabeth Nickolls, personalty.
To wife ——, residue of estate.
Test: Elizabeth Nickolls (Nicols), Thomas Nickolls (Nicols), Elizabeth Nickolls. 19, 706.

Norris, Anastasia

Anastasia Norris, SMC 10/19/1774-11/1/1774. Daughter: Henrietta Norris, 1000 lbs. tobacco; a negro girl Kate; and furniture. Daughter: Wrancher Norris, negro boy Abraham; a wench Jane; 1000 lbs. tobacco; and furniture. Son: Matthew Norris, negro boy Daniel and furniture. Brother: Philip Peake, bottles. Daughter: Elizabeth Bellwood, a negro girl Peg; wearing apparel; and furniture. Daughter: Mary Rhodes, 1 shilling. 3 youngest children: Wrancher, Henrietta, and Matthew Norris, residue of personal estate equally. Exec: Samuel Bellwood. Wit: James Hendley, Philip Peake.

Norris, Ann

Ann Norris, SMC 11/27/1764-6/10/1766. Son: Thomas, cow. Son: John, 1 shilling. Son: William, 1 shilling. Son: Matthews, gun and shoemaker tools. Son: Clement, horse. Son: Stephen, first child born to negro Kene that lives to be 3 years old and furniture. Son: John Baptist Norris, negro Kene and furniture. Son: Stephen, mare. Daughter: Susanna, 1/2 of my wearing apparel. Daughter: Monica Stone, the other half of my wearing apparel, saddle and bridle. 4 youngest sons: Matthew, Clement, Stephen, and John Baptist Norris, the remaining pt. of my estate divided between them. Execs: Sons, Matthew and Clement. Wit: Joseph Jenkins, John Jenkins

Norris, Luke

Luke Norris, SMC probated 5/1/1767. Son: John, pt. of "Wheatley's Contentment". Son: McKelvie, 1 shilling sterling. Daughter: Susanna Poole, 1 shilling sterling. Son: Joseph, same. After death of wife and myself, to daughter, Jane Norris. Execs: Wife, and dau., Jane Norris. Wit: John and Susanna Heard, Hery Cararto Jarboe

Norris, Matthew

Matthew Norris, SMC, 11/13/1781-8/24/1784. Niece: Mary Gough, the first child that my negro woman Fan bears. Niece: Ann Gough, the second child that Fan bears. Goddaughter: Anastasia Mandley, my negro woman Fan. To: Susanna Stone, my young horse; a cow and calf; and my silver shoe buckles. To: George Stone, my saddle. Sister: Monica Stone, half of my pewter. Sister: Ann Draden Stone, the other half of my pewter. To: Matthew Stone, my silver brooch and knee buckles; sleeve buttons; my second best coat, waistcoat, and breeches. To: Ignatius Stone, Jr., my silver stock buckle and one pair of sleeve buttons. To: Joseph Norris, one desk. Brother: John Baptist Norris, my best coat, waistcoat, and breeches. To: Robert Hutchins, a piece of fulled cloth (about 3 yards) that I now have in the house. Sister: Ann Draden Stone, the balance of my estate. Exec.: Sister, Ann Draden Stone. Wit: Ignatius Fenwick (of Enoch), Rebecca Stone. NOTE: At time of probate, the will was presented by Clement Norris.

Norris, Thomas

Thomas Norris, SMC 10/19/1761-12/1/1761. Son: Ignatius, the uppermost pt. of land where I now live called "Sugar Rains", 130 ac. Son: Rodolphus, lower pt. of sd. tract and my gun. If both sons should die then to descend to son Thomas. Son: Clement, 1/2 of "Wheatley's Content", 150 ac. Son: John, 1/2 of "Wheatley's Content". Wife: Jane. Remainder of estate, after wife has her thirds, to my 8 children: Clement, John, Thomas, Ignatius, Rodolph, Monica, Priscilla, and Henrietta Norris. Exec: Wife Jane and Rodolphus Norris. Wit: Henry and Catherine Hall, James Pike

Norvill, Mary

Mary Norvill, SMC, 8/18/1785-6/19/1787.
Son: Joseph Arthurs, one shilling sterling.
Daughter: Ann Taylor, one shilling sterling.
Daughter: Elizabeth Arthurs, two young gilts of 10 or 12 months old. Daughter: Mary Thaught, one looking glass.
Son: Matthew Arthurs, all of the rest of my estate.
Exec: Son, Matthew. Wit: George and Mary Pembroke.

Notley, Thomas

Notley, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,3d Apr., 1679;
6th Apr., 1679.
To sister Katharine Grudgefield of London, personalty.
To William Nuigsinger, Ralph Smith, friend Capt. Gerrard Slye and Jane his wife, Capt. Matthew Payne, John Peerce, and godchild., Thomas Notley Goldsmith, Notley Maddox, Notley Warren and Notley Goldsmith, dau. of John Goldsmith, personalty.
To godson Notley, son of Benjamon Rozer, and hrs., “Cerneabdy Manor.”
Charles Lord Baltimore and Col. Benjamin Rozer, exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal.
Test: Wm. Digges, Nich. Sewall. 10. 7.

Nowell, Henry

Nowell, Henry,St., Mary's Co.,28th Nov., 1734;
5th Nov., 1735.
Exs.: Wife Elizabeth and son Henry.
To dau. Frances Taylor, 1 s.
Test: James Daniel, Robert Hager (Haggor), George Craghill. 21. 489.

Nugent, Robert

Robert Nugent, SMC, 12/26/1774-2/10/1775.
Wife: Ann, Exec., furniture; bridle; saddle, and all my land during her life and then to son Robert and daughter Elizabeth Nugent equally; daughter Elizabeth to have house I live in and furniture.
Daughter: Mary Ennis to live where she does now and to have as much land as she can work during widowhood.
Children: Robert Nugent, Williba Nugent, Mary Ennis, Susanna Nugent, Elizabeth Nugent, residue of estate equally.
Wit: William Hammett, John Ross, Matthew Breeden. The widow refuses to stand to the will.

Nuncy, Michael

Nuncy, Michael, tailor,St. Mary's Co.,3rd Nov., 1740;
12th Mar., 1740-41.
To dau. Judith and Roman Catholic hrs. dwell. plan. In event of her death without hrs. to dau. Sarah and Roman Catholic hrs. and in turn to daus. Mary and Ann.
To daus. Sarah, Mary and Ann, personalty.
To wife Elizabeth, extx. and child. afsd. residue of estate.
Test: John Carlott, John Welch, James Hackett.
Note: Widow requests her legal thirds.
22. 315.

Nunn, John

Nunn, John, (nunc.) Newtowne,St. Mary's Co.,—– —–; 4th Apr., 1653. John
Bayly, of Newtowne, St. Mary's Co., sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Walter
King, Wm. Warren, John Medley. 1. 44.

Nuthall, John

Nuthall, John, Sr., gentleman,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Nov., 1713;
28th Sept., 1714.
To grandson Breaht Nuthall, at 21 yrs., and granddau. Elinor Nuthall, at 16 yrs., personalty.
To son John, ex., residue of estate, real and personal, and reversionary legatee in event of death of either grandchild afsd. during minority.
Test: Edmund Plowden, Thos. Sprigg, Dorothy Ashe. 13. 728.

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