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St. Mary's County Will Abstracts, 1638-1800


Innis, William

Innes, William,St. Mary's Co.,4th Jan., 1725;
3rd July, 1726.
To son John and hrs., 50 A. “Georges Content,” in W. St. Maries Manner; residue of estate to children (unnamed).
Wife Elizabeth, extx., to have care of son George and his estate, real and personal, until age of 21; rest of children to her care until age of 16 or marriage.
Overseers: George Clark and Wm. Cannady, to see that son George be educated according to his estate; also daus.
Test: John Daffan, Faith Daffan, William Blackett. 18, 525.

Jackson, Thomas

Jackson, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,10th July, 1687;
16th July, 1687.
To son George and hrs., 100 A., “Doxey's Plantation,” St. Mary's Co.
To dau. Ann and hrs., 100 A., “Rythine,” and 200 A., “Underwood's Choice.”
To son Thomas and hrs., personalty.
To dau. Margaret and hrs., 100 A., “Asquith's Folly.”
To dau. Martha and hrs., 500 A., “Pleasant Spring,” in Talbot Co.; and 500 A., “Clarke's Forest,” in Baltimore Co.
To wife Margaret, extx., personal property.
In event of sd. wife not coming into the country to prove will, the executorship to be assumed by Anthony Underwood.
Test: Patrick Connelly, Eliza: Baker, Eliza: Beale. 4. 255.

James, Abell

James, Abell,St. Mary's Co.,24th Mch., 1674-5;
13th Apr., 1675.
To Chas. Mills, personalty.
To wife Diana and son Charles, residue of estate, real and personal.
Ex. not named.
Test: Wm. Kennedy, Jno. Powell. 2. 51.

James, Owen,

James, Owen,St. Mary's Co.,18th Sept., 1659; 29th Sept., 1659. To John
Lawson, son of John Lawson, Rebecca Frizzell, dau. of Alexander Frizzell,
Humphry Beech, Harbert Homan, Rev. Wilkinson, and goddau. Dorothy Cager,
dau. of Robert Cager, goddau. Ellen King, personalty. Kinsman Col. John
Price, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Alex. Frissell, Sarah Frissell,
Richard Lloyd. 1. 110.

Jameson, Anne

Jameson, Anne, Chapticoe Forest,St. Mary's Co.,3rd Feb., 1724;
1st Mch., 1724.
To Margaret and Susannah (daus. of bro. William, ex.), —–, wife of bro. William, Anne Bucknom, Elizabeth Simms, Elizabeth Donell, Thomas Chamberlain, Henry Jameson, Charles Matinglee, Giles Leill, Robert Whitely and bro. Thomas, personalty.
To Mr. Lench, of St. George's, residue of money in hands of bro. Thomas.
To 2 sisters-in-law (unnamed), residue of chattels.
Test: Samll. Williamson, William Daniell, Mary Thimble. 18, 362.

Jameson, Mary

Jameson, Mary,St. Mary's Co.,12th Feb., 1741-2;
2nd June, 1742.
To son Thomas Barber and hrs., land testator bought from Benj. Sally.
To grandson Bennett Taylor, personalty.
To sons Thomas and John Barber, exs., residue of estate with the exception of 6s. to rest of child. ––.
Test: Edward Aloylius Doyne, Thomas Milton, Thomas Price. 22. 506.

Jarboe, Henry

Jarboe, Henry,St. Mary's Co.,18th Mch., 1708;
18th Apr., 1709.
To eld. son Henry, dwelling plantation, 100 A., ––.
To son Peter, 100 A., ––, where Thos. Lowe, shoemaker, lives.
To son Charles and hrs., 100 A., ––.
To son Ignatius and hrs., 100 A., ––.
To dau. Mary and hrs., 50 A., ––.
To dau. Monika and hrs., 50 A., ––.
To all child. afsd., personalty. Should daus. die without issue, their estate to revert to Charles and Ignatius.
Trustees during minority of child.: brother Peter Joy, John Niles, James Gough and Eliza: Davis.
Test: John Ryley, Dan'll Langhorne, Edward Howell, Mary Langhorne. Part 2–12. 63.

Jarboe, John

Jarboe, John, Lt.-Col., (nunc.),St. Mary's Co.,4th Mch., 1664;
9th Mch., 1674.
To wife Mary, execx., home plantation during life.
To son John and hrs., sd. plantation at death of mother and 150 A. of “The Mill Land.”
To son Peter and hrs., 300 A. on Britton's Bay.
To son Henry and hrs., 500 A. on St. Lawrence's Ck.
To dau. Mary Jarboe, personalty; land having been given her by deed.
Test: Jno. Jordan.
Note: Will of Lt.-Col. John Jarboe, drawn 2nd of Sept., 1671, is also recorded, the bequests being virtually the same as in the above, save that the 2 younger sons, Henry and Peter, were born later. 2. 66.

Jarboe, John

The first will of John Jarboe 1671

In The name of GOD Amen.
I John Jarbo of Brittons Bay in the county of St. Maries being weake in body but perfect in minde and memory doe therefore make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner a forme following,
First I bequeath my soule to GOD that gave it, and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my overseers, hereafter mentioned, and for what temporall estate it hath pleased GOD in his mercy to bestow on me in this present world I bequeath as followeth:
viz: Imprimis I give and bequeath my sonne John Jarbo all and every part and parcel of land where I now live lyeing in Brittons Bay being a hundred and fifty acres to the said John Jarbo, and his heires forever, and also a hundred and fifty acres of land more lyeing on Brittons Bay called by the name of Marshes Hope forever and in case he shall dye without issue, then to be divided between the survivors.
Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Jarbo, every part and parcel of land, called by the name of St Larences Freehold, with the plantation and all other appurtenance belonging to lyeing on Brittons Bay to her and her heires forever, but in case my daughter Mary dye without issue, then the said land to goe and descent to my sone John Jarbo, and his heires forever.
Item I five and bequeath to the child which my wife goeth with a tract of land, lyeing on Brittons Bay call St Peters Hill, being five hundred acres of land to it and its heires forever but if the said child dye without issue, then the said land to goe to my sonne John Jarbo, and his heirs forever.
Item I give all my personall estate both movables and immoveable, all my debts and funeral charges being paid, to my loving wife Mary Jarbo and to my sonne John Jarbo and to my daughter Mary Jarbo and to the child my wife goeth with to be equally divided between them, and if any of my children dye, before they come to age, then the part of the deceased, to be equally divided, between the survivors, and in case tow of them shall dye then the whole estate to goe and descend to the survivor forever. And in case they chance all to dye then all the land and personall estate to goe and descend
to my wife Mary Jarbo during her natural life, she giving a Negro to each of my overseers hereafter mentioned, and after her decease the one haffe of the estate to be putt into the hand of the Farther of St. Ignatius Chappell to be used at his discretion of the reliefe of poore Catholiques, and the other halfe to be equally divided, between my loving friends, John Jordiane, Walter Halland, Henry Neale to them and their heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeath to Mr. Henry Warren one thousand pounds of tobacco to be paid immediately after my decease.
Item I make and appointe my loving wife Mary Jarbo Executrix of this my last will and testament I doe likewise ordaine and appointe my loving friends, John Jordain, Walter Hall, and Henry Neale to be overseers and trustees - in trust of my children if in case my wife Mary Jarbo shall by any was or meanes goe to imbezell the estate, then it shall be in the power of any two of the overseers to share and take the childrens estates from her, and to manage it as they shall think fitt, till they come of age and do alsoe declare and publish, this to be my last will and testament revoking and making void all other wills or testament by me made, at any time or times heretofore in Testimony thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale the
day and year above written Signed Sealed delivered and Published in the presence of
Ann Neal
the marke __ of
William Farding
(Testamentary Proceedings-L.2, f. 66)

Jarboe, Peter

Jarboe, Peter,St. Mary's Co.,3rd Mch., 1697-8;
7th Apr., 1698.
To godson John Peake, personalty.
To wife Ann, extx., and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal, including 300 A., plantation:
Test: Henry Spinke, Jno. Browne, Michael Reley, Dan'l Lang****orne. 7. 373.

Jarboo (Jarboe), Henry

Jarboo, Henry,St. Mary's Co.,20th Feb., 1742-3;
4th March, 1742-3.
To son Henry, ex., dwell. plan.
To child. Mary, James, and Stephen, personalty.
Test: John Riley, Rich Mahoney, Tho. Smart.
23. 81.

Jarboo, Peter

Jarboo, Peter,St. Mary's Co.,12th Nov., 1743;
7th Dec., 1743.
To wife Monica and son Ignatius, exs., sons Philip, Bennet, Garard, Peter, Clement and Henry and unborn child, personal estate.
To sons Peter and Bennet, “St. Peters Hills,” “Hanover” and land adjoining.
To John Hearn, Jr., “Cross Manor” which testator bought from William Harrison.
Test: Abraham Barnes, Henry Jarboo, John Jarboo.
23. 318.
Note: Widow makes her election and will stand by will.
This will was probated in presence of Ignatius heir-at-law.

Jenifer, Daniel

Jenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas, gent.,St. Mary's Co.,7th Sept., 1722;
2nd July, 1730.
To wife Elizabeth, extx., entire estate, real and personal, in Maryland, Virginia, England or elsewhere.
Test: Richard Sparkling, Dan. Jenifer, Jos. Wilson, John Andrew. 20, 17.

Jenifer, Elizabeth

Jenifer, Elizabeth, widow,St. Mary's Co.,21st Oct., 1734;
6th June, 1735.
To dau. Ann, personalty.
To son Samuel, ex., and hrs., testator's interest in islands on the Eastern Shore bequeathed her by deceased husband, Dauiel of St. Thomas Jenifer, sd. son to pay to dau. Ann one-third of the proceeds from sale of same; residue of personal and all real estate.
Test: John Resd, Ann Aisquith, Ann Cox. 21. 441.

Jenifer, Michael

Jenifer, Michael,St. Mary's Co.,10th July, 1726; 2nd Sept., 1728.
To wife Mary, extx., 550 A. dwell. plan. ——, bou. of Coll. Thomas Sprigg, and 190 A. ——, bou. of William Hutchins, during life; at her decease to pass to son Michael Parker Jenifer and hrs.; he dying without issue, or during his minority, the same to pass to son Daniel and hrs.
To son Michael afsd., personalty, some of which bou. of Mr. Low.
To son Daniel and hrs., 202 A. “Turvey,” where Christopher Orrell now lives, 350 A. “Forrest of Harvey” (both tracts bou. of Wm. Maria Farthing); and personalty, some of which bou. of Mrs. Osborn.
To godsons George Read, Clark Read, John Mollone and Fran. Hutchins, personalty, to be applied toward education.
Bro. Daniel to have charge of tuition of child. and of their estates, shd. wife refuse extx. Residue of estate to be divided as law directs; to be buried at the Chappell.
Test: John Read, James Smith, Ignatius Fenwick. 19, 488.

Jenkins, Joseph

Will of Joseph Jenkins, SMC 10/31/1774-1/3/1775.
"Brushy Neck" and "Taylor's Chance", 113 ac. and if son John pays a guinea per acre, he may keep the land; also "St. Thomas'", 100 ac. and if son Edmund Courtney Jenkins pays 10 shillings per acre, he may keep land, if above sons do not buy lands, they are to be sold to pay my debts. Son: John, land I bought of Col. Barnes and another tract "Deer Park" leased land and "Vaughan's Hills" after his mother's death. Wife: Mary, Exec., dwelling plantation and house
with pt. of "Truth and Trust".
Son: Edmund Courtney Jenkins, after his mother's death, house and plantation with tract "Truth and Trust" and remaining pt. of "St. Thomas'" but if he dies without issue, to son John.
Son: Augustine, 3 lbs. sterling.
To: Wife and 2 sons, Mary, John, and Edmund, remainder of estate equally.
Exec: Son, John. Wit: Joseph Millard, Mary Ann Hager, Edward Warren.

Jennings, Henry

Jennings, Henry, clerk,Rector of Wm. and Mary's Parish, St. Mary's Co.,13th Mar., 1715-6;
27th Oct., 1716.
Testator directs that debt due Capt. –– Machartie be paid.
To son Thomas, ex., personalty.
Residue of estate to be divided into 3 equal portions; one to wife Elizabeth, the other 2 portions to only son, Thomas.
Bro.-in-law John Beale to serve during minority of son Thomas.
Test: Jonathan Coy, Archibold Johnstone, Terren Sweeney.
14. 302.
Note–Deposition mentions Wm. and Terren Sweeny.

Jerningham, Henry

Jerningham, Henry, St. Mary's Co., 19 Nov 1772 6 Jan 1773
To Col. William Taylor of St. James Place, Westminister, tract Cannon Hill
in Surry, which I jointly own with my uncle St (Sr?) George Jerningham of
Norfolk Co., provided he pay principal and interest for same; if he does not
above tract to be sold and money disposed of as follows:
To wife Catharine Jerningham, extx., tract beyond the Appalachian
Mountains, 8000 acres to be paid for out of money gotten from tract 'Cannon
Hill', she to build on above tract and use during her lifetime, at her death
as follows-
To eldest son Charles Jeringham, 2000 acres and remaining 6000 acres among
my six other children, Daus. Frances, Henrietta, Mary, Helloisa, Edwardinna,
Oliva and my son Henry Tobias, if any die without issue survivors to divide
share, to wife residue of estate during her lifetime then among my children.
In case Mr. Athanasius Ford moves with his family to the Western part of
this continent within 2 years of my decease and Mrs. Jerningham has received
from Colonel Wm. Taylor or any other person the purchase money arising from
the sale of "Cannon Hill", Captain Wood's survey not bein compleated as per
contract, she shall go with all her family with the afsd. Mr. Athanasius
Ford and when in the country on the continent where he intends to settle,
make such surveys or purchases as will be most conformable to the
instructions give Captain Wood.
To dau. Frances Heneritta, extx., gold watch, a mare, my picture in
miniature, choice of fiddles and choice of mandalins, furniture, books,
surgeon instruments, and mulatto Jenny.
To son Charles Edward, wearing apparel, gun mare, watch.
To dau. Mary, gold ring, furniture, silver tea spoons with crest.
To dau. Helloisa, furniture, silver tea spoons with crest, mandalino.
To dau. Edwardinna, furniture, silver tea spoons, table spoon.
To dau. Olivia, furniture, table spoons, silver tea spoons.
To son Henry Tobias, silver stock buckle, silver table spoon, laced velvet
and silk waistcoats. To be bound out to some creditable master in any of
the mechanick branches in the city of Philadelphia or in Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, till he obtains age 21.
To Henry Howard, Thomas Thompson, shoemaker, and Mark Thompson, each a pair
of black gloves, hatband and scarf to wear on the arm for one year when they
go to church or to publick places in remenbrance of our past labours.
To Mrs. Ann Thompson, a sister labourer with me, a mourning handkerchief,
ribbon gloves and fan.
To brother Nicholas Jerningham, Mourning ring, and to be ex. in the Cannon
Hill' affair at home.
Friends, Capt. Henry Carroll, Nicholas Sewell, Athanasius Ford to assist my
If any of mychildren contest will they to get 1 shilling only.
Wit: Eleanor Lancaster; George Slye; Ignatius Craycroft. 39. 143

Jessep (Jessop, Jessup), William

Jessep (Jessop), William,St. Mary's Co.,30th Sept., 1726;
2nd Nov., 1727.
To bro. Richard Hopewell, Thomas Kerby, Sr., Cicilly Glyn, Charles King, Jr., personalty.
To child. of exs., residue of estate.
Exs.: Richard Hopewell, Sr., and Charles King.
Test: Thomas Tolley, Peter Cullason, Cecily Glen.
Codicil (nunc.): 30th Oct., 1727. To John Milburn, personalty.
Test: Henry Coram and Deborah, wife of Thos. Kerby. 19, 258.

Jessup (Jesup), Joseph

Jessup (Jesup), Joseph,St. Mary's Co.,26th Dec., 1717;
4th Mar., 1718.
To wife Mary, extx., entire estate.
Test: Gerard Slye, Alex. Claleand. 15. 77.

Johnson, James

Johnson, James, Poplar Hill,St. Mary's Co.,31st May, 1650; —– —– —– To
wife Barbara, home plantation as her jointure; at her death to pass to eld.
son living or eld. dau. in natural succession. Will made in accordance with
postnuptial agreement between Barbara Hatton and her kinsman Thomas Hatton,
Sec. of the Province, and James Johnson. Test: Thos. Hatton, Margaret Hatton.
1. 25.

Johnson, John

Johnson, John,St, Mary's Co.10th Apr., 1687;
9th Dec., 1687.
To eld. son John at majority, 100 A., “Westham,” bought of Edward Barber, son of Luke Barber.
To dau. Mary, son James, and to younger dau. Sarah, personalty.
Wife Mary, extx. and residnary legatee of personal estate.
Test: Jno. Vaudry, Robt, Frayzer, Thos. Edwards. 4. 282.

Johnson, William,

Johnson, William, St. Wynefrid's,St. Mary's Co.,7th June, 1656;
—– —– —–
To wife Emma and dau. Eliza: Johnson, entire estate if they, or either of them, arrive in Eng.; if not, following division of property to be made:
To neph. William Langworth, son of brother James Langworth, 500 A. “St. Wynefride.”
To Roman Catholic Church, Emma Shanks, dau, of John Shanks of St. Clement's Bay, niece Mrs. Mary Langworth, sisters Agatha Langworth, Eliza: Price, Eliza: Morris, and mother, Mrs. Eliza: Morris, personalty.
Ex., brother James Langworth.
Test: Luke Gardner, Robt. Cole, Wm. Thompson. 1. 129.

Johnson, William

Johnson, William, St. Wynefrid's,St. Mary's Co.,7th June, 1656; —– —–
—– To wife Emma and dau. Eliza: Johnson, entire estate if they, or either
of them, arrive in Eng.; if not, following division of property to be made:
To neph. William Langworth, son of brother James Langworth, 500 A. “St.
Wynefride.” To Roman Catholic Church, Emma Shanks, dau, of John Shanks of
St. Clement's Bay, niece Mrs. Mary Langworth, sisters Agatha Langworth,
Eliza: Price, Eliza: Morris, and mother, Mrs. Eliza: Morris, personalty.
Ex., brother James Langworth. Test: Luke Gardner, Robt. Cole, Wm. Thompson.
1. 129.

Johnston (Johnson, Joneston), Samuel

Johnston (Johnson, Joneston), Samuel,St. Mary's Co.,4th Aug., 1729;
24th Nov., 1729.
To dau. Susanah and hrs., choice of dwell. plan. —— or “Redman's Hardship”; the other plan. to son Samuel and hrs.
To son and dau. afsd., exs., residue of estate.
Test: Paul Grugen, Ann Foye, Geo. Craghill. 19, 823.

Jones, Jenkin

Jones, Jenkin,St. Mary's Co.,15th Dec., 1675;
21st Feb., 1675.
Thos. King, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: Edward Maddock, Hammond Norton. 5. 10.

Jones, John

Jones, John,St. Mary's Co.,5th Oct., 1677;
6th Nov., 1677.
Kenelme Chezeldyne, ex. and hrs., entire estate, real and personal.
Test: Jno. Turlinge, Jno. Lewellin. 5. 308.

Jones, Robert

Jones, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,9th Jan., 1691;
29th July, 1692.
To dau. Avis and to her dau. Sarah Dines, daus. Sarah and Rebecca, and son-in-law Thomas Green, personalty.
To son Thomas, ex., residue of estate during minority of son John; sd. John to be of age at 18 yrs.
Test: Jos. Walters, Francis Cole, Jno. Cheverill. 6. 3.

Jones, Thomas

Jones, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,2nd Nov., 1742;
3rd Nov., 1742.
To wife, Henrietta, extx., and minor son John, entire estate.
Test: Roswell Nealle, Raphael Neal. 23. 3.

Jones, William

Jones, William,St. Michael's Hundred, St. Mary's Co.,12th Jan., 1734;
24th Feb., 1734.
To son Solomon and hrs., 1/**** dwelling plantetion, “Scotland,” and personalty.
To young. son John and hrs., other 1/3 of “Scotland,” and personalty.
To two sons William and Joseph and their hrs., “Jones Chance,” St. Jeroms Creek, part of tract bought with William Harrison; and personalty.
To daus. Mary and Susanna, personalty. Mill at the mountain to be sold by exs. for benefit of estate.
Exs.: Wife Mary and son William.
Test: James Smith, William Harrison, Daniel Duggens, John Thomas. 21. 280.

Jordan, Lucretia Hoskins Holt

Lucretia Jordan, SMC 7/18/1769-8/12/1769. Children: Sarah
Stevenson; younger son, Samuel Jordan; John, Robert, and Matthew Holt.
Exec: John, Robert, and Matthew Holt. Wit: Major Sweeney, Elizabeth

Jordan, Thomas

Jordan, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,15th Oct., 1716;
—– Nov., 1716.
To sons Jesse and John, 50 A. each, and personalty.
To sons Thomas and Jerad, dwelling plantation, 170 A.; 100 A. to Thomas and 70 A. to Jerard at their mother's decease, and personalty.
To sons Samuel and Theodor, personalty value £30.
Wife Elizabeth extx.
Test: Alex. Cleland, Thos. Latton (Laton). 14. 303.

Jowles, Henry

Will of Henry Jowles, Calvert Co. 9/19/1693-2/17/1700. Son: John, in England 400 ac. "Gillinghow" on the Bush River, Baltimore Co. Son: Henry at majority 400 ac. "John's Dorp" at dec. of his mother and 300 ac. "Colonel's Brigade" on the Potomac River. Daughter: Rebecca, at age 18 500 ac. "Grange" in P.G. Co. but if she dies without issue to dau. Sybil. Daughter: Sybil, at age 18 "Grovehurst" on Beaver Dam Branch on eastern branch of the Potomac River but if she dies without issue to dau. Rebecca. Sons-in-law: William and Richard Groome, personal estate. Wife: Sybil (Exec.), son Henry and daughters Rebecca and Sybil residue of estate. Wit: Joseph Howe, Michael Taney, John Hunt. NOTE: This will was written when a part of St. Mary's County was included in Calvert County.

Jowles, Henry Peregrine

Jowles, Henry Peregrine,St. Mary's Co.,27th March, 1720;
9th June, 1720.
To wife Dryden, dwelling plantation “Orphan's Gift” during life, at her decease to be divided bet. son Hen. Greenfield Jowles and dau. Mary and their hrs.; shd. either die without issue, survivor to inherit portion of deceased, and personalty.
To dau. Rebecca and hrs., “Brigade,” in western branch of Patuxent B., and personalty.
To youngest dau. Sybill and hrs., interest in “Holbidge Town,” held jointly with Mr. T. Truman Greenfield, and personalty.
To son Kenelm and dau. Mary, personalty.
To mother, Mrs. Sybill Jowles, personalty now in her possession, and 500 lbs. Tob. annually, at her decease the personalty to pass to sister Sybill.
Wife Dryden extx. and with children residuary legatees of personal estate.
Test: Thos. MeWilliams (MackWilliams), Robert Elliot, James Liddell. 16, 89.

Jowles, Sybill

Jowles, Sybill (Sibill),St. Mary's Co.,30th Aug., 1730;
22nd Dec., 1730.
To bro. Richard Groome, £30 due from exs. of Tobias Bowles, of London, mcht., dec'd.
To Rand. Morris, personalty.
To Capt. John Southorne, Knellum Greenfield Jowles and Mrs. Rebecca Jowles, residue of personal estate.
Ex.: Mr. John Southorne.
Test: Marg. Crabb, Jonathan Wilson, Robert Magruder. 20, 132.

Joy (Joye), Peter

Joy, Peter,St. Mary's Co.,13th Aug., 1733; 12th Apr., 1740.
To wife ––, dwelling plantation.
To sons Charles, Ignatius, Enoch, John Baptist and Anthanasius and their hrs., “Bebergham” in Talbot Co.
To son Enoch, personalty.
To child, viz., Charles, Ignatius, John Baptist, Athanasius, Sarah, Mary and Ellinor, residue of estate.
Ex.: Son Ignatius.
Test: Thomas Blackman, Robert Elliott, William Moor.
22. 166.

Joyner, Robert

Joyner, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,28th Jan., 1669;
12th Nov., 1672.
To wife Mary “Scotland.”
To son Robert, sd. plantation at death of wife afsd.
To daus. Mary and Katharine, when of age, personalty.
Overseer: William Rowssell.
Test: John Warreck, Robt. Drury, John Dayne. 1. 512.

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