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St. Mary's County Will Abstracts, 1638-1800




Hackett, Richard

Richard Hackett, planter, SMC 3/15/1754-6/4/1754.
Wife: All personal estate and at her death to her son, Rodolphus Nevitt.
Daughter: Rachel Hackett, 1 shilling. Brother: John Thompson, 1 shilling.
Wife and her son Rodolphus, Execs.
Wit: John Cole, Clement Medley.

Hagan, Clement

Clement Hayden JJ1-429 8 Sept 1786-10 Jan 1788
St Mary's Co, MD:
To beloved wife Ann all my lands whereon I now dwell, being part of 2 tracts "Roache's Discovery" & "Hayden's Resque"; & after her decease said lands & improvements to William Hayden (son of George & Mary his wife, gr-son of George & Charity Hayden). To my beloved wife Ann use of all my negroes (Ned, Sam, Agness & Ivy) & the use of my stock of every kind, & all my household furniture during her natural life, & after her decease all my personal estate aforesaid be equally divided amongst my brother Richard Hayden's 8 children, viz Baptist, Francis, Ignatius, William, Richard, Clement, Mary & Eleanor, them & their heirs or assigns. Give to Eleanor Hayden, widow of my brother Richard, all that part or parcel of land whereon she now lives known as "Mattingly's Hope" during her lifetime & after her decease to Bernard Hayden, son of Francis Hayden. Appoint beloved wife Ann sole exec of estate.
Joseph Dunbar, ---- Power, John Williams

Haliewell (Holliwell, Holloway), William

Haliewell (Holliwell, Holloway), William,St. Mary's Co.,2nd Feb., 1729;
13th Feb., 1729.
To Thomas Scott, entire estate after legacies are pd.; shd. any of bros. in England come into this country and make demand for estate, sd. ex. is to yield same to them, names of which are as follows: Lawrence, John and Richard Holloway, William Ward, Thomas Asmuth and George Ashworth.
To Hannah Phillips (wife's goddau.), Jane, dau. of Phillip Tippet; Butler, son of Dennis Tippet; John and Alexander, sons of Robert Cook, dec'd, and James Baily, personalty.
Thomas Scott, ex. and resid. legatee.
Test: Philip Dorey, Samuel Hurst, John Monocks. 19, 862.

Hall, Daniel

Hall, Daniel,St. Mary's Co.,30th April, 1729;
26th May, 1729.
To son John and hrs., dwell. plan. —— and personalty.
To sons William and Daniel and their hrs., “Coursey Point,” to be divided bet. them when son Daniel is 21 yrs. of age; and personalty. Shd. son John die without issue, plan. bequeathed him to pass to son William and hrs., son William to yield his right in “Courseys” to son Daniel; shd. son Daniel die without issue, his portion to pass to his bro. William; shd. all 3 sons die without issue, plans. afsd. to pass to dau. Ann and hrs.
To dau. Ann, personalty.
To wife Margaret, extx., residue of estate.
Test: Jane (Jeane) Dunbar, William Dunbar, Thomas Underwood. 19, 693.

Hall, Edward

Hall, Edward,St. Mary's Co.,13th Oct., 1718;
5th Nov., 1718.
To Abraham (son of Thomas Hall), ½ real estate.
To James (son of John Hall), the other ½. Land not being pd. for, the fathers of sd. child. to pay remaining pt, due mother ––.
To William and Mary (son and dau. of Thomas King), sister Mary, bro. Thomas, John Hall, Thomas King, Thomas Hall, Susan, wife of Charles King, ex., and Anne (dau. of Charles King), Hugh Hopewell and James Baker, personalty.
Test: John King, Elizabeth Fisher, Eliz. King, Hugh Hopewell. 14. 732.

Hall, John

Hall, John,St. Mary's Co.,29th Nov., 1727;
13th Feb., 1727-8.
To 2 sons John and William, real estate equally, they to purchase 50 A. for their bro. Thomas.
To wife ——, certain personalty above the 1/3 of estate for maintenance of her young child. ——.
To daus. Elizabeth and Mary and son Thomas, personalty.
Exs.: Wife —— and son John.
Test: David Makgill, Grace Makgill. 19, 302

Hall, Simon

Hall, Simon, planter,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– 1725;
22nd Nov., 1725.
To Samuel Abell, ex., real and personal estate in Maryland.
To cousin Margarett Brown and hrs., house in South Sheilds, county Durham, which John Willcison lived in.
To Elizabeth Brown, house that George Bouere lived in, also house that Thomas Cartar lived in.
Test: Henry Briant, James Farthing, James Stark. 18, 417.

Hall, Walter

Hall, Walter, Cross Manor,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Nov., 1678;
5th Dec., 1678.
Certain lands, 1,200 A., lying east of the Meadow Swamp, to be sold, and proceeds to be vested in the ex.
To the church at St. Mary's and other Catholic institutions; to William Tuberville, son-in-law Henry Fox and Thomas Jones, personalty.
Wife Margaret, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: G. Van Sweringen, J. Lockerman, Edward Ward. 9. 64.

Hall, William

Hall, William,St. Mary's Co.,28th Mch., 1666;
31st May, 1666.
To Anne Cage, wife of John Cage, personalty.
John Cage, Sr., ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: John Hunt, Jonathan Marter. 1.250.

Haly, Clement

Haly, Clement,Chaptico, St. Mary's Co.,4th Jan., 1694;
23rd Feb., 1695.
To Tracy, wife of Abraham Price, and to Ann Taylor and the Protestant minister, personalty.
To dau. Mary and hrs., 100 A., “Chesup.”
To dau. Eliza:, 108 A., “Haly's Lot.”
2 daus. afsd. joint residuary legatees of estate, real and personal, including 250 A., “Watson's Choice,” and 50 A. purchased of Wm. Ward; ****d. daus. to be of age at 16 yrs.
Ex.: Jno. Long.
Test: Jas. Harris, Thos. Harris, Clebrone Lomax. 7. 43.

Hammett, Ann

Will of Ann Hammett, SMC, 1/13/1795-2/10/1795. Children: William Hammett,
Frances Cissell, Susanna Hammett, and Mary Hammett, all of my estate equally
divided. Daughter: Frances Cissell to bring up my daughter Susanna Hammett
and to keep her estate until she arrives to the age of 16. If Frances will
not, Susanna is to be taken into the care of my son, William Hammett. Exec:
Son, William. Wit: Vincent Thornton and Joseph Sanner

Hammett, Robert

Robert Hammett, SMC 11/30/1758-9/8/1760.
Son: McKelvie, 69 ac. where he now lives being pt. of "Wildcat Neck"; it lies on the s. side of the dividing line between him and my son Robert, which line was run by John Edwards, surveyor.
Son: Robert, 35 ac., remaining pt. of "Wildcat Neck" and 34 1/2 ac. "Hammett's Beginning".
Son: John, the plantation where my mother now lives and the land adjoining same tract lying in Lordship's Mill Manor, 36 ac., after my mother's decease.
Son: William, 100 ac. lying in Harvey Forest called "King's Purchase".
Son: Cartwright, plantation I now live on being pt. of "The Birch Spring", 75 ac. and "Hammett's Chance", 69 ac.; and "Hickory Flat" lying by T. B. Brigg, 17 ac.
Wife: Elizabeth, her thirds of the 3 tracts I have willed to Henry, son of Cartwright Hammett, during her natural life.
Daughter: Mary Hammett, one slave.
Daughters: Ann and Eliza Hammett, some slaves.
Sons: McKelvie, Robert, and John Hammett, 1 shilling sterling each. Mentions my five children: Mary, William, Ann, Eliza, and
Cartwright Hammett.
Exec: Wife, Elizabeth. Wit: James, Edward, and Martha Greenwell.

Hamon, Mordecay

Hamon, Mordecay,St. Mary's Co.,12th Jan., 1671;
24th Jan., 1671.
To wife Margaret, 300 A., “St. Margaret's.”
To brother Daniel Hamond, father-in-law Pope Aley and Ann, wife of sd. Pope, William Styles, Martha Tossey, sister of sd. Styles, Edward Rockwood, and Eliza: Peake, personalty.
Ex. not named.
Test: Francis Fitzherbert, Geo. Cox. 1. 473.

Hardy, William

Hardy, William, planter,St. Mary's Co.,18th Nov., 1737;
8th June, 1738.
To Edmund Bowling (Bowlen), ex., and hrs., entire estate, real and personal, particularly 142 A. “Collenwood,” wherewith sd. Bowlen is possest, and 40 A. adj. to same.
Test: Anthony Roberts, Aaron Haskine, John Tuttle. 21. 892.

Harris, Darnall

Harass, Danall, St. Mary's Co., 12/17/1751; 6/2/1752
To sister Mary Hackit, wife of Richard Hackit, dwelling plantation known as "Whatty" and also tract known as "Kiniston", 50 a and at her death to her son Roadway Nevett. I give my gun to Roadway Nevett.
Wit: John Ogle, Athenasius Nottingham, Benjamin Gough

Harris, John

Harris, John,St. Mary's Co.,24th Sept., 1727; 3rd Oct., 1727.
To preist ——, 600 lbs. tob. in poss. of Md. Dorothy Smith.
To goddau. Mary Hickee at age or marriage, Wm. Carroll and Thomas Hutchinson, personalty.
Ex.: David Hickee.
Test: Wm. Spalding, John Langley, Thomas Hutchinson. 19, 256.

Harris, Peter

Harris, Peter,St. Mary's Co.,25th May, 1722; 14th Jan., 1722.
To John Welsh, an orphan, personalty.
To friend Thos. Truman Greenfield and hrs., 50 A. “Fishing place,” on s. side of tracts sold to Capt. Thos. Emms; also a pt. of land bou. of Nicho. Cock and Jane, his wife, adj. to land now in poss. of Capt. Truman Greenfield, called “Indian Creek.”
Mr. Jas. Stoddart, of Pr. Geo. Co., having a claim against test. on behalf of Capt. Thos. Emms, is appointed ex. with Capt. Thos. Truman Greenfield.
Test: Truman Greenfield, Robt. Elliott, Eliza. Craford.
Note: Eliza. Craford dec'd at date of probate. 18, 51.

Harris, Thomas

Harris, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,28th Mch., 1654;
To wife Anne, dower rights in land during life. To only son Thomas, lands at majority. Personalty to be equally divided between wife and son afsd. Should sd. son Thomas die under age or without issue, estate to be used for the maintenance of church or school. Overseers: Francis Pope, Wm. Marshall, Robt. Handley.
Test: Robt. Robins, Wm. Woofurd. 1. 59.

Hartley, Joseph

Hartley, Joseph,St. Mary's Co.,14th May, 1725;
2nd June, 1725.
To dau.-in-law Elizabeth Brookbank, personalty at decease of wife Ann, extx., also a child's portion of the estate of Abraham Brookbank.
To daus.-in-law Ann, and Frances Brookbank and son-in-law Abraham Brookbank, personalty.
To bro. Joshua, 1s.
Test: Philip Dorey, John Davis, Alexander Robson. 18, 380.

Harwood, John

Harwood, John,St. Mary's Co.,11th Dec., 1659; 19th Jan., 1659.
Wife Alice, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: John Lawson, Stanop Roberts, Jos. Wooderd. 1. 86.

Haskins, John

Haskins, John,St. Mary's Co.,12th Feb., 1699;
12th Feb., 1699.
To son John and hrs., 100 A., “Westberry.”
To dau. Sarah Doxee, personalty.
To wife Sarah, extx. and residuary legatee.
Test: Wm. Gibson, Dan'l Hanley, Wm. Roach. 6. 381.

Hatton, Margaret

Hatton, Margaret,St. Mary's Co.,4th Feb., 1656; 29th Aug., 1657. To godson Mathew Stone, to sister (unnamed), and Jone Warde, personalty. Residue of estate to be divided equally among child. (unnamed) at age after cost of son Thomas' tuition is paid. Exs.: Patrick Forrest, Brother Richard Banks.
Test: Philip Land, Thos. Matthews, Robt. Macklin. 1. 65.

Hatton, Richard

Hatton, Richard, Poplar Hill,St. Mary's Co.,5th Feb., 1675;
14th Feb., 1675.
To Isaac Booth, son of Widow Booth, Richard Goodaker, and Richard Ringe, personalty.
To wife Ann, execx., 100 A. (unnamed) during life.
To son Richard, at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., all real estate.
To wife and son afsd., personalty equally.
To cous., Eliza: Henson, sd. personalty in event of death of son afsd. during minority.
Overseers: Brothers Wm. Hatton and Randolph Hanson, and Jno. Cammell.
Test: Jno. Ditchfield, Thos. Renalds. 2. 403.

Hatton, Thomas

Hatton, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,27th Jan., 1675;
4th Feb., 1675.
To sister-in-law Barbarie Hanson, personalty which belonged to testator's first wife.
To father-in-law, Randolph Hanson, Robert, son of John Cheverill, sister-in-law, Eliza: Hanson, brother-in-law, Thomas Wahop, and his 2 sisters, Margaret and Rebecca Wahop, and to Margaret Forrest, dau. of Patrick Forrest, personalty.
To wife Eliza:, execx., and to only son, Thomas, residue of estate, real and personal, equally.
To James Johnson, Richard, Thomas, Timothy, Barbara, and Eliza: Hanson, child. of Randolph Hanson, afsd. and his wife, sd. estate in event of death of both wife and son afsd.
Overseers: Wm. Hatton, Randolph Hanson, Thos. Dent.
Test: Geo. Dundasse, Abraham Rhoades. 2. 381.

Hatton, Thomas

Hatton, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,11th Aug., 1701;
—– —– —–.
To brother-in-law John Blackston, personalty.
To dau. Eliza: and hrs., 250 A. on Hunting Ck.
To unborn child and hrs., 500 A., being a grant of land not yet laid out.
Wife S****sanna, extx., to have use of ½ of tract afsd. during life, and whole of sd. tract during minority of possible unborn child.
In event of death of sd. child tract to pass to dau. Eliza: afsd.
Test: Clement Hill, Sr., Robt. Cars****, Wm. Gibson, Jno. Realey.
By codicil dated 22nd Aug., 1701, testator ratifles all bequests in his will and arranges for an exchange of 1000 A. in Chaptico Manor due him as hr. of Thos. Hatton, late Secretary of the Province, for “Rich Neck” in Beaver Dam Manor, and devises same to child or child. mentioned in will. 11. 120.

Hayden, Ann

Ann Hayden JJ1-496 25 Jan 1790-28 Feb 1790
St Mary's County, MD
Rev Ariston Jenkins 10 pounds; Ann Walker - saddle bought of Ignatius Hayden; god-daughter Ann Long, daughter of James Long 5 pounds; Mary Wilmeth, Elizabeth Carrico, Ann Drudge, Mary Howard (wife of James Howard & Louise Davey all wearing apparel; John Williams 5 pounds; any estate left goes to Mary Wilmeth, Eliz Catherine Carrico & Ann Drudge. Appoint John Williams exec.
none named

Hayden, Bennet

Bennet Hayden (GC2-22-pgs 26,27),5 June 1841 - 22 June 1841
St Mary's Co, MD
To brother Richard Hayden all his right & title to the following tracts of land: Hopton's Park, Small Hope, Free School, Roper's Laurels & Whaler's Purchase & all other parts & parcels Bennet Hayden & Richard Hayden bought of Elizabeth Bowling & Dr Walter F Browning (Bowling?) containing 510+/- acres. To brother Richard Hayden all household, slaves (3), etc; to sister Elizabeth Guy $200 to be paid in 1851 without interest. Brother Richard Hayden named exec.
A.S. Greenwell, Nealy Davis, Aloysius Joseph

Hayden, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hayden TA1-412 30 Oct 1760-4 Mar 1761
To heirs of son Francis Hayden 1 shilling & no more; son John Hayden 1 shilling & no more; son Richard Hayden same; daughter Susanna Drury a cow & no more; son Clement Hayden parcel whereon Sebastion Thompson now lives being part of Roache's Discovery with addition containing 100+/- acres etc. Grandson George Hayden, to gr-son James Hayden, brother of said George being son of Francis Hayden; to gr-sons William Hayden & Basil Hayden sons to George Hayden that land whereon William Morgan now lives known as Shank's Risque containing 102+/- acres divide between them; to Joseph Clark's son James Clark all that parcel of land whereon Richard Hayden formerly lived, it being part of Roache's Discovery with addition & Hayden's Risque containing 62+/1 acres if Joseph Clark will pay to son Clement Hayden etc; All remainder of estate to son Clement Hayden & appoint Clement Hayden exec
Robert Cole, William Morgan, Stephen Davis

Hayden, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hayden JJ3-378 2 May 1813-12 Apr 1815
St Mary's County, MD
To sister Mary horse & saddle; to Rev Leonard Edelin $200 as a small compensation for the trouble he has had with me; give & bequeath to Rev Francis ---- $20; give & bequeath to the use of St Joseph Church $20 & the money placed in the hands of Mrs Mary Jackson for her to get what is most wanting; slave Philip to be sold but not out of state & he is to be paid $10 out of the sale money; to Rev Francis Dickerson ----- of the monastery at Mt Carmel; appoint Basil Alvey exec.
Joseph Morgan, Edward Godard
Executed at an Orphan's Court 12 Apr 1815. Present: Luke Barber and John R Plater.
Challenged by George Hayden by his attornies HGS Key & Thomas Blakistone. The Will was approved in court.
(note: George Hayden thought to be her father--the son of George & Charity Hayden)

Hayden, Francis

Will of Francis Hayden PC1-98 Apr 1691(?)-June 1694
Appoints Thomoson Hayden, wife, exec. To her, lands, chattles, goods.
John B Carberry, John Marret, Thomas Newton

Hayden, Ignatius

Ignatius Hayden (JJ3-431) 17 May 1815-9 Apr 1816
St Mary's County, MD
To 3 grandchildren Jane Hayden, Ignatius Hayden & Edward Hayden all my estate except for $1 to daughter Ann Drury wife of Petrer Drury, after death of wife Mary Hayden, whereas property hath been acquired by intermarriage, etc. Appoint Edward Hayden my kinsman exec now living in Kentucky & Uncle to my said grandchildren & if he will not accept exec then appoint Bennet Hopewell of St Mary's County.
Ethelbert Cecil, Eleanor Vessels

Hayden, Jonothan

Jonothan Hayden JJ3-108 30 Dec 1805-11 Mar 1806
St Mary's County, MD
To wife Rebecca the dwelling plantation during her natural life; to son John Hayden the plantation purchased of William Hayden called Hayden's Fair, also a negro boy Bill; to son Jonothan 1/3 part of plantation whereon I now live after death of wife, also 1/3 part of land purchased of William Hayden called Hayden's Fair, also negro boy Jack & a horse called Dobbin; to daughter Sophia 1/3 part of this plantation after death of wife, also 1/3 part of Hayden's Fair, purchased of William Hayden, also a negro boy Henry & a sorrel mare Paul Jones; to son Azariah Hayden, daughter Eleanor Tippett & daughter Susanna Tippett the parcel of land called Neale's Lott, to be divided equally among them. To wife Rebecca etc. Remaining 2/3 of estate to 7 children: John, Azariah, Jonothan, Eleanor, Susanna, Sophia & Ann Attaway Hayden. Appoint wife Rebecca exec.
Normand Burroughs, Philip Russell, James Carpenter

Hayden, Mary

Mary Hayden (GC2-pgs 26, 27)
14 May 1841 - 4 Aug 1841
St Mary's Co, MD
To son Thomas Franklin Hayden & daughter Eliza Ann Hayden, all. Everything to be sold & put in trust for the care of 2 named children. If children should die, then to her mother, Dorcas Alvey. Names Dorcas Alvey exec.
Philip Turner, Jonathan Hayden, John Pilkington

Hayden, Richard

Richard Hayden JJ1-202 30 Sept 1782-11 Nov 1782
St Mary's County, MD
Appoint 2 sons William & Clement Hayden exec. They to provide for (Richard's) family - their mother, their brother John Baptist Hayden (a good home, food, lodging & raiment plentiful & sufficient for his well being during his life) and provide during single life for their sisters Elinore & Mary Hayden. To son Richard - livestock; to daughter Mary livestock; to daughter Elenor same; to son Francis horse or mare; to son Ignatius 1 shilling & thereby cut him off of any other share, etc

Hayden, Thomasin

Will of Thomasin Hayden PC1-125 19 Sept 1702-27 Nov 1702
To Son William tract of land she now lives on called Small Hope; & if not him to daughter Mary Reeder; to Mary Reeder chest and clothes; to daughter Penelopy Allman 12 pence; and all the remainder of personal estate to loving son William and loving daughter Mary Reeder to be equally divided. Loving son William Hayden named exec.
William Chappill, William Smith, Benjamin Buchhellor

Hayden, William

Hayden, William, Sr., planter,St. Mary's Co.,14th July, 1732;
6th Mch., 1733-4.
To son Charles and hrs., plantation where he now lives.
To William and hrs., plantation where he now lives.
To dau. Grace Herbert and hrs., plantation where she now lives.
To dau. Thomasen Cissell and hrs., residue of “Finehly.”
To wife Elizabeth, extx., residue of estate during widowhood, to dispose of same as she thinks best; should she marry land to be divided among 8 child., viz.: Francis, Susauna, James, George, John, Clement, Richard and Elizabeth or the survivors of them and their hrs.; should wife marry sons to be of age at 18, daus. at 16, or day of marriage.
Test: Peter Garratt, Michael Quiset, James Thompson. 20. 902.

Hayes, James

Hayes, James,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Feb., 1741-2;
6th April, 1742.
To mother Ann and bro. John, “Gardner's Grove” and “Addition to Gardner's Grove formerly belonging to Mary Hall.
Ex.: ——.
Test: John Burroughs, Mary Burroughs, Henry How, Jr.
22. 438.

Hayes, John

Hayes, John,St. Mary's Co.8th Mch., 1735-6;
2nd June, 1736.
To son William, 2s. ****d.
To 3 sons, viz.: James, John and Thomas and their hrs., pt. of “Gardiner's Grove” and “Gardiner's Addition,” son James to have dwelling house in his portion.
To 5 children, viz.: Samuel, Jake, Leonard, William and Mary, personal estate divided equally, after wife's thirds are deducted.
Wife —–, extx.
Test: Thomas Nicholls, Leonard Clarke, Thomas Nichols, Jr.

Haywood, Raphael

Haywood, Raphael,St. Mary's Co.,22nd July, 1713;
5th Aug., 1713.
Robert Scot Clark and Charles Neale, exs. and joint legatees of entire estate, real and personal.
Test: Cosmas Parsons, William Tolle, Stephen Vinall. 13. 603.

Hazel, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Hazel prob. 1/21/1750
Dau. Ann Hening 1shilling, son, William Hazel hogs and names as exec, dau. Eliz. "Saunders"
residue among 8 children: John, William, Richard, Henry Hazel, Philip , Barbary Edwards, Mary Joy, Elizabeth "Saunders"
son, William was exec.
witn: Joseph Jenkins, John Moore

Hazel, John

John Hazel JJ#1 f513 4/1788; 1/19/1791
wife, JEAN HAZEL 1/2 estate
dau., LYDIA CLARKE 1/2 estate and other 1/2 at death of my wife.
Ludia Clarke as exec.
witn: Bennet Hutchins, John M. Raley, John Baptist Godward (Goddard)

Head, Ann

Head, Ann,St. Mary's Co.,22nd May, 1727;
7th June, 1727.
To husband Adam, “Provention” during life; at his decease to two daus. Eliza. Herbert and Prissilla Head equally. In case of death of sd. dau. without issue, sd. tract to Eliza. Herbert and hrs.
Test: Edward Cole, John Holland, Mary More. 19, 200.

Heard, James

James Heard, SMC 5/26/1769-8/14/1769. Wife: Jane, dwelling house, land and plantation belonging to same while son Ignatius comes to age and at that time to go to him. Son: John Baptist Heard, all tracts lying in the forest "Heard's Hardship" and "Nevitt's Beginning" and "Two Friends". Son: James, tract in Medley's Neck I bought of Thomas Reeder where Stourton Edwards lived. Daughters: Ann, Polly, and Jenny 3 slaves. Children: Ann, Polly, Jemmy, John Baptist, Ignatius, and Jenny. Exec: Wife and son, James. Wit: Edward Mattingly, William Gibson, James Roach.

Heard, John

John Heard, SMC 8/1/1766-11/5/1766. Son: Richard, negro woman Peg and her
child Ally. Grandsons: John Fenwick, Edward Neale, and James Heard money from sale
of horses. Son: John, my grist mill and remainder of land I bought of Richard
Farding adjoining the mill called "The Mill Land", 50 ac. In case he will permit my
son Bennet to build another grist mill at the lower wading place and in case he will
not permit him, my will is that my son Bennet shall have 1/2 the above sd. grist
mill. Son: John, negroes Joe and Terry and his wife and Jem her son; negro Biby and
her increase in casse he will pay 15,000 lbs. crop tobacco to his sister Dorothy.
Son: Bennet, parcel that my father gave me called "H. Laurence Freehold" or
"Hanover"; a negro called Ben and Terry his wife; all the money that my son Richard
owes; and all the money due from Richard Fenwick's estate to be paid by his Exec.,
George Fenwick. Daughter: Rebecca negroes Harry, Nace, James, Bridget; a riding
horse and bridle; furniture; silver, etc. Daughter: Eleanor, negroes Mark, Phil,
Sam, and Sarah; a horse; and furniture. 5 children: Richard, Dorothy, Mary,
Rebecca, and Eleanor the rest of my moveable estate. Exec: Son, Richard Bennet
Heard. Wit: Joseph Millard, Robert Fenwick, Basil Hayden.

Heard, Susanna Hudson

Susanna Heard, widow of John Heard, SMC, 5/23/1706-12/9/1707. Son: William, Exec., dwelling plantation "Poole" lately bought by dec'd husband from Thomas Salmon; 130 ac., pt. of 2 patents "Heard's Choice" and "Ossly", 330 ac. granted to late husband. Son: John, 100 ac. "Nevitt's"; if dies without issue to son, William.
Grandson: John Norris and heirs and in turn to grandchildren Luke, Mark, and Elizabeth Norris and their heirs, 50 ac., pt. of afsd. patents.
To: Sons-in-law, John Norris and Nicholas Mills;
daughter, Mary Tant; grandchildren Matthew Tant, Monica Norris, and Elizabeth Heard; daughter, Susanna Norris; and John Harding's [children] personalty. Grandchildren to receive their legacies at majority.
Wit: Benjamin Gough, Justinian Greenwell, Elizabeth Wheatley.

Heard, William

Heard, William,St. Mary's Co.,18th April, 1732;
3rd Jan., 1732.
To dau. Mary and her husband Francis Hopewell, 150 A. of “Thirds,” as already divided to them, during life; 40 A. thereof, being where sd. Hopewell has built, is bequeathed to granddau. Susannah Hopewell and hrs.; she dying without issue, sd. 40 A. with the other to return to son Marke and hrs.
To son Marke and hrs., 275 A. of “Thirds”; he dying without issue, sd. land to fall with that of Mr. Francis Hopewell's after their decease to son Mathew and hrs.; and personalty.
To son Mathew and hrs., 115 A. “William Heard's Purchase” and 150 A. of dwell. plan. to be laid out bet. bro. John's and John Norris' land; sd. son dying without issue, to fall to son Luke and hrs.; and personalty.
To son Luke and hrs., residue of real estate after decease of wife; and personalty.
To daus. Susannah, Prisilla, Elioner, Elizabeth Wiseman and Mary Hopewell, personalty.
To wife Elizabeth, extx., certain personalty during life, at her decease to be divided among 3 sons and their hrs.; also produce of 3 hhds. Tobacco in England, and ½ residue of personalty, the other ½ to be equally divided bet. 3 sons afsd. and 3 daus. Susanna, Prisilla and Elioner and their hrs., to be pd. them at marriage or when they go to housekeeping.
Overseer: Bro. Edward Cole.
Test: John Heard, Ignatius Heard, James Thompson. 20, 546.

Heathman (Hathman), Allexander

Heathman (Hathman), Allexander,St. Mary's Co.,4th Feb., 1717-8;
25th Feb., 1717-8.
To wife Frances, extx., personalty during life; at her decease to 5 child., viz.: Mary, Thomas, Margaret, Anne and John, equally, and residue of estate, absolutely.
Test: James Thompson, Richd. Morgans. 14. 491.

Hebb, John

John Hebb, 3/13/1786, 1/2/1787.
Grandson: James Goldsmith, 30 lbs. for his education and no other purpose.
Granddaughter: Hopewell Goldsmith, the remainder of my estate, both real and personal, provided that when she arrives at
maturity, she marries to the opinion and liking of my nephew, William Hebb; if she incurs his displeasure, he is to distribute my estate among my grandchildren as he may think proper.
Exec: Nephew, William Hebb (who declined).
Wit: John
Armstrong, John Swann Edwards, and George Clarke Tabbs. NOTE: This will doesn't name Priscilla, but it does name two of her children.

Hebb, Sabina

Sabina Hobbs (should be HEBB), No County stated, 5/3/1764-2/20/1765.
Sister: Sarah Hobbs and Ann (should say Hebb) my right to a negro wench named Judith. My father and mother should have the negroes until the children come of age, that is to say Sarah Hobbs and Ann. Wit: John Coad, Alexander McFarlane.

Hebb, Thomas

Thomas Hebb, SMC; 1/14/1744; 3/13/1744
To son Edward Hilliard Hebb, tract where I now live
To sons William and John, leased land Scotland
To son William, tract bought of John Noble, formerly taken up by David Wheatley
Mentions ch., Jane Jenkins, Ann Baxter, Lucretia Hebb
Grandson Francis Bean
Exs: Elizabeth Rule, sister; Edward Hebb, son; William Hebb, son
Wit.: Will Hebb, Thomas Perring, David Hebb, Jos. Hebb Lib. 24, folio 25

Hebb, William

Hebb, William,St. Mary's Co.,2nd Oct., 1718;
9th Jan., 1718-9.
To son William, dwelling plantation ––, also leased lands and personalty.
To son Mathew, “Small Hogs” at decease of father ––, and personalty. Sons afsd. of age and receive their estates at 20 yrs.
Shd. wife Priscilla marry again, to return with husband to her own land, bro. Thos. to take 2 sons and their estate and keep them on new dwelling plantation till of age afsd.
Extx.: Wife Perseller.
To bro. Thos., overseer, 500 lbs. of tobacco yearly.
Test: Fran. Hopewell, Thomas Hebb, Jr., Susanna Coleman.
15. 10.
Charles Co., Cathrine Harrison, relict and widow of Joseph Harrison, of Charles Co., gent., dec'd, intestate, renounces right to administer on estate of afsd. Joseph Harrison. 12th Feb., 1718.
A. Contee, Richd. Bell. 15. 13.

Hebden, Thomas

Hebden, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,30th May, 1647; 15th Oct., 1649. Wife, Katharine,
execx. and sole legatee. Test: John Hill, John Hatch. 1. 21.

Henning, Bennet


In the name of God, amen. I BENNET HENNING of Saint Mary’s County in the State of Maryland, make this my last will and testament, in manner and form following to wit:

Item – I give and bequeath unto EMELINE HENNING, my grandaughter, three negro servants Vigil, Clare, and Milly and the mother of the same which is Rebecca.

I give and devise onto FREDERICK, my son, the farm on which he now dwells, containing 135 acres more or less during his life and at this death, to my grandson, ALEXANDER HENNING to him and his heirs. ~

I give and devise onto NELSON HENNING, my grandson, the farm on which I now dwell containing about 125 acres more or less. The said farm to be rented out until he said NELSON HENNING arrives at the age of 21 years. Then he the said NELSON HENNING, is to have full and quiet possession of the same and the rent and income, a portion thereof is to be applied to education of the said NELSON HENNING -

I give and bequeath unto ROBERT HENNING, my grandson, a negro girl called Ann. ~

I will that Anna, my negro woman be sold a public auction
together with the crop of corn and tobacco now on hand and the residue of my estate and the money arising from the sale of said property after my just debts and funeral charges are paid to be equally divided among my son Frederick, my two grandsons ROBERT & BENNET HENNING in equal portions share
alike. ~

And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint WILLIAM BEAN OF JOHN BEAN to be sole executor of my last will and testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made. Certifying and confirming this, and no
other, to be my last will and testament, in testimony whereof I have unhereto set my hand and affixed my seal this 2nd day of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty two.


Signed, sealed, published and declared, by BENNET HENNING the above named Testator, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other, have
subscribed our names as witnesses thereto


Saint Mary’s County the 2nd day of April 1822 there comes JAMES A. CRANE and GEORGE TEALE, two of the three subscribing witnesses to the aforegoing last will and testament of BENNET HENNING, late of Saint Mary’s County deceased and severally made oath on the Holy Evangals of Almighty God, that they did see the Testator herein named, sign and seal this will and that they heard him publish, pronounce, and declare the same to be his last will and
testament, that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehension, of sound and disposing mind, memory, and understanding; and that they respectively subscribed their names, as witnesses to this will in
the presence and at the request of the Testator and in the presence of each other, also they did see ROBERT CRANE the other witness to this will subscribe his name to the same in the presence and at the request of the Testator.

Certified by JAMES FORREST, Reg. Wills for Saint Mary Mary’s County

To the Orphans Court of Saint Mary’s County – Gentlemen these are to relinquish my right to the execution of the last will and testament of BENNET HENNING.

WILLIAM BEAN (of John) 1st April 1822

Henning, Elenor

ELENOR HENNING her last will

In the name of God amen. I Elenor Henning of the Parish of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, St. Mary’s County, & State of Maryland, being at this time of perfect mind and understanding, for which be praise to Almighty God, and in considering the uncertainty when, but certainty of death do in The Fear of God, whose I am and do endeavor to serve make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other and former wills by me heretofore made,my soul I do perfectly resign unto my blessed redeemer Jesus Christ in &
through him alone, and his glorious merits & redemption. I humbly hope for eternal happiness and my body I commit to the earth in truth & faith of a joyful resurrection and to be decently interred at the discretion of my executors herein after named, and as for such worldly estate as God in his infinite mercy has bestowed upon me, I will give and bequeath the same as follows. ~

In so doing, I do will that all my debts and funeral expenses shall be firstly paid. ~

I give my daughter ELIZABETH my negro man. ~

Item. I give unto JOHN BEAN of ROBERT, negro Tom, likewise the use of negro Joseph, until such time that my grandaughter SARAH GOLDSBERRY arrives to the age of
sixteen. ~

Item. I give to my daughter SUZANNA TARLTON negro Luke.~

Item. I give to my grandson STEPHEN TARLTON my gray horse.

Item. I give to my daughter DOROTHY ADAMS our cow and calf.

I give to my grandaughter SARAH GOLDSBERRY when she shall arrive to the age of sixteen negro Joseph. ~

Item. I give to my grandaughter REBECCA GOLDSBERRY negro Statia my will and inclining is, that after my decease the aforesaid Statia be in the care of my daughter ELIZABETH HENNING until she afo. REBECKA GOLDSBERRY arrive at
the age of sixteen, likewise I give unto my daughter Elizabeth all my household furniture, and at the death of my aforesaid daughter ELIZABETH that the above household goods, I will that my grandaughter REBECKA GOLDSBERRY may have them. ~

I give to be equally divided between my daughters SUZANNA TARLTON and ELIZABETH HENNING, all my crops whether in the
ground or in the house. ~

I do hereby constitute and appoint MR. JOHN BEAN OF ROBERT Executor of this my last will & testament. In witness of whereof I have hereto set my hand & seal this 13th day of September Anno Domini 1790.




Signed, sealed & delivered and published by the aforenamed ELENOR HENNING as her last will & testament in the presence of us whose names are underwritten and subscribed in her presence by us DAVID JOHNS – GEORGE MARTIN

On the back of the foregoing was as follows, to wit:

Saint Mary’s County, Lo the 14th day of December, 1790. Then came JOHN BEAN and made an oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that the written instrument of writing is the true and whole last will and testament of ELEANOR HENNING, late of St. Mary’s County, deceased, that hath come to his
hands or possession, & that he doth know of any other. ~

Certified for:
JEREMIAH JORDAN, Reg. Wills for Saint Mary’s County Saint Mary’s County, Lo the 14th day of December, 1790, then came GEORGE MARTIN one of the two subscribing witnesses to the written last will and testament of ELENOR HENNING, late of Saint Mary’s County, deceased and made oath on the Holy Evangels of the Almighty God, that he did see the Testative
therein named. Sign and seal this will, and that he heard her publish, pronounce and declare the same to be her last will and testament; that at the time of her so doing, she was to the best of his apprehension of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding. And he subscribed his name as a witness to this will in the presence and at the request of the Testative and also that he did in DAVID JOHNS, the other witnesses subscribe their name.

Certified by: JEREMIAH JORDAN, Reg. – Wills for Saint Mary’s County

Henning, John

Henning, John; Maryland State Archives – Archives of Maryland Series. MSA No.SM16, Prerogative Court [Wills], volume 40, pg 600-602, SR 4434. Transcribed Oct. 2000 by Lynne Rush Hundley from copy provided by Bill Henning.
Imprimise I give and bequeath unto my Son Gilbert Henning one hundred and Twenty five acres of Land, being the part of my Land that lies next to [MrCurles or McCurles or WrCurles] Land to him and his heirs forever ~
Item I given and Bequeath unto my Son Nathan Henning all my Land lying below the Land left my Son Caleb Henning hereafter mentioned, Beginning at the Lower End aforesaid between the Main Road & John Jen[k or ta]in’s Land [until] it contains one hundred and fifty acres, to him and his heirs forever ~
Item I give and Bequeath unto my Son Caleb Henning one hundred and twenty five Acres of Land Beginning at [Bafsetr] plains and running with the Main Road and Jonathan Evans’s Land down untill it Contains the Quantity above mentioned to him and his heirs forever ~
Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Arnold Henning and his heirs forever, and all Most of the Land I hold, to his use and Benefits from the day of his Date ~
Item I give and Bequeath unto my Son Nathan Henning fifteen pounds Maryland Currency to be paid in Stock and furniture ~
Item I give and Bequeath unto my Son Caleb Henning fifteen pounds Maryland Currency, to be paid in Stock & furniture at the Appraisment and the fifteen pounds left my Son Nathan Henning to be paid at the Appraisment Also ~
Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Arnold Henning twenty pounds like Money ~
Item I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Ann one feather Bed and furniture, further my will and desire is that after my Just Debts are paid, all the rest of my Estate, to be Equally divided amongst my five Children, Mary Ann [Sanner], Gilbert Henning, Nathan Henning, Caleb Henning & Thomas Arnold Henning, and their heirs ~
Lastly I Constitute and appoint my Well beloved Wife Ann Henning, and my Son Thomas Arnold Henning my hole and Sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament In Withnefs whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Affixed my Seal the day and year first above Written.
John [his J mark]Henning

Signed sealed and Declared in
presenes of us.
Wm Jenkins [J]unr
Moses White
Thos Jenkins

At the foot of the aforegoing will was thus written Viz
St. Mary’s County towit On the twentieth day of August Seventeen hundred and Seventy Five Came Moses White & Thomas Jenkins two of the Subscribing Witnefses to the within last will and Testament of John Henning decd, and severally made oath on the holy Evangels of Almighty God that they saw John Henning the Testator therein named sign & Seal this will and heard him publish and declare the same to be his Last Will and Testament and that at the time of his so doing he was to the Best of their and each of their Apprehensions of perfect senes and of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding and that they respectively subscribed their names as witnefses to this will in his presenes and at his request and in the presenes of each other and that they Saw William Jenkins [Ju]nr the other subscribing Witnesfs Also sign his name hereto in the presince of the Testator.

Sworn before & Certified by
JA Thomas Dy Comr St.Mary’s Cty.

Henning, Judiah


In the Name of God Amen, I JUDIAH HENNEN of Saint Mary’s County being in perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in the manner and form following viz.; first I will and bequeath to my wife the use of the plantation I now live on during her natural life then to be equally divided between my two sons BENNET HENNEN and STEPHEN HENNEN to them and their heirs – Item I will and
bequeath to my two sons BENNET HENNIN and STEPHEN HENNIN all that tract of land called Hunting Quarter to be divided by a branch that leads from my spring into the main branch called the Western Branch, my son BENNET HENNON to have the upper part of the said tract of land, and my son STEPHEN HENNON
to have the lower part of the said tract of land to them and their heirs – Item I will and bequeath to my son JEREMIAH HENNON the two following tracts of land, the one called Clowded Levell, the other tract of land I bought of John Armsworthy to him and his heirs, I likewise give my son JEREMIAH HENNON should have all my wearing apparel – Item I will and bequeath to my daughter ELENOR HAGAN, One Shilling Sterling – it being her full part of my estate ~ Item I will and bequeath to my daughter ANN BEAN one negro wench called Lott, she and her increase. Item I will and bequeath to my grandson WILLIAM BEAN, son of my daughter ANN BEAN, one negro girl named Grifs and if he dies before he comes of age then the said negro girl Grifs to go to my daughter ANN BEAN’S next living child – Item I will and bequeath the residue and remaining part of my estate, to be equally divided among my wife and eight children hereafter named, that is to say BENNET HENNIN, JEREMIAH HENNIN, STEPHEN HENNIN, DOROTHY ADAMS, ELIZABETH HENNIN, SUZANNA TARLTON,
MARY ANN HENNIN, and ANN BEAN, lastly I so constitute and appoint my two sons BENNET HENNON and STEPHEN HENNIN to be my whole and sole executors of this my last will and Testament – In testimony whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed my seal this 22nd day of October Anno Domini 1782

Signed sealed published and declared to be my last will and Testament in the presence of: David Johns, Will Taylor, Benjamin Bean HisJUDIAH H HENNINGMark

On the back of the foregoing was as follows – Saint Mary’s County – towit – the 28th day of January, 1783 – Then came BENNETT HENNING and vowed an oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God, that the written instrument of this writing is the true and whole will of Judia Henning, late of St. Mary’s
County, deceased, that hath come to their hands and ossession, & and that they do not know of any other---.

Certified for Jeremiah Jordan Reg. Saint Mary’s County on the 28th day of January, 1783 – then came William Taylor, and Benjamin Bean two of the three subscribing witnesses to the written last will and Testament of JUDIAH HENNING, late of St. Mary’s County deceased and severally under oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see the Testator thereon named, sign and seal this will and that they heard him publish, pronounce and declare the same to be his Last Will and Testament that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehensions of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, and that they respectively subscribed their names as witnesses to this Will in the presence and at the request of the Testator
and in the presence of each other, certified by Jeremiah Jordan Reg.

On the 28th day of January 1783 --- Carrie Elenor Henning the widow of Judiah Henning late of Saint Mary’s County Deceased and quitted her claim to the several bequests and devises made to her in the Will of her said husband deceased and elected in lieu thereof her dower or third part of the deceased estate both real and personal --- before Jeremiah Jordan, Reg.

Maryland Archives
St. Mary's County
JJ # 1
Pages 215-217
October 22, 1782

Herbert, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Herbert, widow, SMC 4/28/1759-5/7/1759. Youngest son, Francis a negro boy Ralph and 30 lbs. current money at age 21. If he dies before 21 then to daughters Priscilla and Mary Herbert and sons Michael and William Herbert. Daughters: Priscilla and Mary, a negro Joseph. Son: Cuthbert and daughter Jane Fenwick and to daughter, Elizabeth Spalding, 1 shilling. Daughter: Priscilla, horse colt. Daughter: Mary, mare. Son: Francis, horse colt. Remainder of estate to my 4 children: Michael, William, Priscilla, and Mary Herbert. All my right of land where I now live to sons William and Francis during the term of the lease. Son: William appointed guardian to son Francis and Exec. Wit: Elizabeth Milburn, Thomas Lowe.

Herbert, Francis

Francis Herbert, SMC undated; probated 12/24/1754. Wife: Elizabeth, slaves. Son: Francis, "Jerome's Plains", slaves. Exec. to sell my lands on the Patuxent and with Elizabeth to have 5000 lbs. tobacco to be divided among my 4 children: Michael, William, Priscilla, and Mary Herbert. Balance between wife and 9 children. Exec: Wife, Elizabeth. Wit: George Leigh, John Cossey, Richard Thompson

Herbert ( Harbert, Harbart), Vitus

Herbert, Vitus,St. Mary's Co.,20th Feb., 1725;
14th Mch., 1725-6.
“Fresh Pond Neck,” “New Ground” and mill to be sold for benefit of estate.
To sons William, Vitus and Joseph, residue of real estate equally; shd. son Wm. prefer he may retain whole, paying to each of his bros. at age of 21 1500 lbs. tob.
To John Pine, mcht. of Dartmouth, Great Britain, and John Rhodes, of St. Mary's Co., personalty in payment of debts due them.
Wife Winifred extx.
Test: Nicholas Sewell, Jr., William Pearson, Daniel Baneey. 18, 497.

Herbert (Harbutt), Winifred

Herbert (Harbutt), Winifred, widow,St. Mary's Co.,6th June, 1733;
16th Nov., 1733.
To mulatto slave Nell, her freedom.
To son Vitus, personalty.
Testatrix states that her husband, —–, by his will bequeathed his lands to be equally divided amongst his three sons William, Joseph and Vitus and the same bequests for want of due words only gives his younger sons Joseph and Vitus an estate for life therein. To correct this testatrix desires that each of sons Joseph and Vitus may have an equal share in lands left them by their father.
To son Joseph, one share of personal estate on condition he make over to his brother Vitus and hrs., when of age, one share of the land he shall inherit by his father's will or as heir to his brother William, deceased.
To Elizabeth Wallis, an orphan girl, her freedom, dues and personalty when she comes to age, on condition she claims nothing for schooling promised her by husband, —–.
To sons Joseph and Vitus, entire personal estate, except as before disposed of, when they come to age of 21; son Joseph to care of Rev. Peter Atwood, son Vitus to Rev. Thomas Gerard; should either son die during minority or without issue survivor to inherit portion of deceased; should both die as afsd., entire personal estate to Rd. Thompson for use of sister Susannah Thompson during her life.
Ex.: Brother Richard Thompson.
Test: Joseph Delvanx, Mark Lampton. 20. 831.

Herbert, Mark

Herbert, Mark,St. Mary's Co.,14th Feb., 1738;
19th Sept., 1739.
To William Williams and hrs., part of “Herbert's Greef” for satisfaction already received.
To John Cole of Brittain's Bay, residue of sd. tract.
To Henry Wenset and hrs., all land taken up by testator to the eastward of “Nun's Cake” and northward of “Schocks Park” for satisfaction received.
To bros. Francis and Matthew, personalty.
To James Duff, personalty.
To the poor, 5 bbls. of corn.
To wife, Elizabeth, ½ of personal estate and use of residue, during widowhood. At her death or remarriage to be divided between child. of bro. Francis.
Exs.: Wife Elizabeth and bro. Francis.
Test: John Lucas, Charles King, Jr., and Edward Cole.
22. 101.

Herbert, Matthew

Matthew Herbert, SMC 10/16/1746-1/20/1746.
Children: William, Matthew, Francis.
Son: William, my dwelling plantation after his mother's death and "Herbert's Swamp". Son: Matthew, water mill and land of the mill "Herbert's Rest", and pt. of "Herbert's Swamp". Wife: Grace, Exec. Wit: Richard Cooper, Thomas Mattingly, Roger Dugrings.

Herbert, William

William Herbert, SMC 10/29/1759-12/7/1759. Brothers and Sisters: Priscilla, Mary, Michael, and Francis Herbert all of my estate. Brother: Michael Herbert to be guardian to brother Francis and have his pt. of his mother's estate left him by her will. Execs: Sisters, Priscilla and Mary Herbert. Wit: Richard Barnhouse, John Tennison.

Herd, John

Herd, John,Brittain's Bay, St. Mary's Co.,29th July, 1696;
31st Aug., 1696.
To son John and hrs., 100 A., “Coventry” at majority.
To wife Susanna, extx., residue of estate, real and personal, during life, including “Poole” bought from Thomas Salmon. Sd. wife to have charge of children.
Test: Peter Jarboe, Henry Jarboe, Francis Downs, Robert Jay.
7. 210.

Hewett, John

Hewett, John,St. Mary's Co.,28th Jan., 1675;
4th Feb., 1675.
Peter Watts, ex. and sole legatee.
Test: Francis Hill, Martha White. 2. 380.

Heyden, Francis

Heyden, Francis,St. Mary's Co.,30th Apr., 1697;
12th June, 1697.
Wife Thomasin, extx. and sole legatee of estate, roal and personal.
Test: Jno. Carbery, Jno. Marris, Thos. Newton. 6. 134.

Hide, Thomas

Hide, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,9th Feb., 1697;
19th Mch., 1697.
To eld. dau. Mary Killow and hrs., and to dau. Eliza: Johnson, personalty.
Wife Hannah, extx. and residnary legatee of estate, real and personal, during life; to pass at her death to 2 daus. afsd.
Test: Stephen Ashby, Jno. Kellow, Joshua Cecell. 6. 80.

Hill, Clement

Clement Hill Nov., 1702 PC 1 Page 155

tem whereas I am indebted unto one Mr. John Love of Bristoll, the sum of twenty one pounds odd money my will is, that the said John Love his heirs executors or administrators be sent unto and paid. Item wheras I am likewise indebted unto one William Fisher of Bristoll the sumine of six pounds sterling or there abouts my will is that the said William Fisher his heirs executors or administrators be sent unto & paid. Item I give and bequeath to my nephew Clement Hill, to him & his heirs forever, a tract of land lying in the forke of Gunpowder River in Baltimore County called Hills Camp, containing one thousand acres. Item I give and bequeath to my aforementioned Nephew Clement Hill to him & his heirs forever, the one halfe of a tract of land called Friends Hope, the whole tract containing fourteen hundred acres, now lying in Prince Georges County in the woods on the south side of the eastern branch of potomack, which said land was in the year of our lord, one thousand six hundred seventy five, taken up and joyntly pattented, between me the said Clement Hill senior and Mr. Richard Gardiner late of St. Mary's County deceased. Item I give and bequeath unto Mr. Luke Gardiner Jr. , And one Mr. John Gardiner, sons unto the aforesaid Richard Gardiner to them and to their heirs forever, the half of the tract of land aforesaid called Friends Hope to be equally devided between them. Item I give and bequeath unto Mr. William Hunter, unto Mr. Robert Brook, and unto Mr. William Killick priests of the society of Jesus, to each five hundred pounds of tobacco. Item I give and bequeath unto my godson Clement Gardiner one cow and calfe. Item I give and bequeath unto my godson Thomas Cooper, one cow and calfe. Item and whereas I have formerly given my aforesaid , nephew Clement Hill two negroes, and one hundred pounds of sterling money, the with I seen in Conscience sufficient for him and being willing to satisfy my mind, and Conscience, in the disposall of the rest of my estate otherwise, and that my said, nephew, Clement Hill may be content with what I have formerly given, and have and doe in this my last will and testament bequeath him, and may lay no further ____ to any part more of my estate aforesaid, therefore I doe give and bequeath unto my said Nephew Clement Hill out of my personall Estate aforesaid the value of one shilling sterling money as abare to him of any further claime. Item I give and bequeath, unto each of my nephews and monies, beside the value of one shilling a peace as a barr to every , and each of them from claiming any more of my personall estate, aforesaid. Item I give & bequeath unto Luke gardiner Junior, and unto John Gardiner, sons of the aforesaid Richard Gardiner deceased. All and singular my negroes and other ___ goods chatteles and debts, whatsoever of right to me so belonging or apportaining, wither my bond bill recouring account or otherwise to be equally devided between them the said Luke and John Gardiner, after the debts, and legacies, aforesaid be paid and discharged. Lastly I doe hereby ordaine, make constitute, and nominate, and appoint the said Luke Gardiner Junior, and the said John Gardiner Executors of this my last will and testament, In witness wherof, I have here unto sett my hand and affixed my seal, the seventeenth day of November Anno Domini 1702.
Signed sealed published and declared Clement Hill seal
in the presence of John Maint

April 26th 1708 then came before me John Merritt, John Bullock Junior John Bullock and John Attaway the witnesses to John Attaway the within mentioned will and made oath that they did see the within named Clement Hill, sign seal publish and declare the within writting to be his last will and Testament and at the doing thereof he was of sound & perfect mind & memory. Wm Aisquith Deputy Commissioner.

Hill, Francis

Hill, Francis,St. Mary's Co.,19th Sept., 1696;
10th July, 1697.
To dau. Eliza: Hopewell and her 3 child., viz., Hugh, Eliza:, and Susannah, entire estate.
Test: Rich'd Keene, Timothy Morry. 7. 295.

Hill, John

Hill, John,St. Mary's Co.,1st Aug., 1734;
23rd Jan., 1734.
To 3 sons Clement, John and James Notlen Hill and their hrs., (after the decease of their mother), dwelling plantation, “The Hope,” divided equally; should any of them die without issue his or their part of sd. lands to sons Bennitt and Leonard and their hrs.
To dau. Susanna and sons Bennitt and Leonard, personalty.
To wife Anne, extx., residue of personal estate.
Test: Lawrence Lant, Thomas Winerd, Thomas Suite. 21. 281.

Hillyard (Halayrd), Edward

Halayrd, Edward,St. Mary's Co.,28th Oct., 1716;
—– —– —–.
To godsons Wm. Watts, Christopher Combs, Jacob Williamson, granddau. Jeane Hebb, personalty.
Residue of estate, real and personal, to wife ––, son-in-law Thomas Hebb, Jr., and dau. Frances.
Test: Geo. Daffan, John Seikes, Wm. Cannady. 14. 306.
Note–Test. proceedings, 1718, give Jane Hillyard extx. of Edward Hillyard, St. Mary's Co.

Hodgis (Hogis), John

Hodgis, Hogis, John,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —– To wife Mary, execx., 100
A., plantation. To son John Hogis, 11 mos. of age, 300 A. upon “The Clifts,”
adjoining Mrs. Parker's land. To John and William Stevens, sons of brother-in-law
Wm. Stevens, 200 A. on “The Clifts,” equally. Overseers: Brother-in-law
Wm. Stevens. Test: John Barniff, Philip Hide. 1. 61.

Hodgkins, Charles

Hodgkins, Charles, planter,St. Mary's Co.,5th Feb., 1729;
5th Nov., 1730.
To sons Charles and Daniel and their hrs., “Middle Ground” equally; sd. sons to provide for wife Jane during her life; and personalty.
To Thomas Tolley and godson John (son of John Rigby), personalty.
Exs.: Wife Jane and son Charles.
Test: John Miles, Charles Ganyatt, Joseph Patshall. 20, 98.

Hodgson, William

Hodgson, William,St. Mary's Co.,9th May, 1698;
10th June, 1698.
To son William and hrs., personalty now in possession of father Christopher Hodgson, and 500 A. on eastern branch Potomac R. at New Scotland.
To wife's dau. Ann Brookband, and to Abraham, husband of sd. Ann, Peter Jackson, Samuel Queen, and James Harris, personalty.
Wife Mary, extx. and residnary legatee.
Test: Jno. Upgat, Jno. Smith. 6. 135.

Holland, John

John Holland, SMC 7/28/1754-9/9/1754.
Son: James a horse, saddle, other.
Son: John, a cow.
Son: William, a cow.
Daughter: Mary, bed, rug, bolster, blankets, linen wheel, woolen wheel.
Son: Zachariah, a cow.
Son: Edward Kindriet Holland, a cow.
Daughter: Mary Holland, I leave to Mrs Jean Hendley until she is of the age of 16. I leave son William to John Hendley until he is age 21.
Sons: John, Zachariah, and Edward I leave to John Henley to place them out in the best manner he can.
Son: James Holland, I leave to act for himself.
Son, John Henley Exec.
Wit: Jacob Dumayne, Absalom Tennison.

Hooke, William

Hooke, William,St. Mary's Co.,20th Jan., 1732-3;
2nd Apr., 1733.
To Richard Rogers and John and Margaret Lewellin, 1s. each.
To wife Susanna extx., residue of estate.
Test: Thomas Vernall, Charles Underwood, Philip Dorey 20. 633.

Hooper, Henry

Hooper, Henry, Dr., St. Inigoes,St. Mary's Co.,27th Jan., 1649; 6th Feb.,
1649. Ralph Crouch of St. Inigoes, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: John
Howard, Robt. Taylor. 1. 24.

Hopewell, Elizabeth

Hopewell, Elizabeth, widow, St. Mary's Co., 1752
To dau. ann Hopewell, Negro woman, Sue and her son Charles.
Negro girl Agnus to be divided between above named dau. Ann and my dau. Elizabeth Hopewell.
Negro girl Moll to dau. Elizabeth.
Negro man Tom to be sold.
Son Joseph Hopewell, ex.
Wit. Peter Kirby, Nicholas Lewis Sewall

Hopewell, John

John Hopewell, SMC 8/7/1761-10/20/1761. Wife: Eleanor, slaves. To: Richard Hopewell, son of Joseph, slaves. To: George Hopewell, son of Joseph, slaves. To: Mary Hopewell, dau. of Joseph, slaves. To: Hannah Clarke, dau. of Philip Clarke, Jr., slaves. To: Amy Read, dau. of Clarke Read, Jr., slaves. To: Samuel Jenifer, my saddle and horse. To: John Read Jenifer, a horse. To: Daniel Jenifer, 3 ewes. To: James Hopewell, son of Hugh, some silverware and remainder of estate. Exec: Wife, Eleanor Hopewell and Hugh Hopewell. Wit: George Mackall Clarke, George Rogers. 10/19/1761: Widow renounced the will.

Hopewell, Joseph

Hopewell, Joseph,St. Mary's Co.,21st Sept., 1737;
12th Oct., 1737.
To Thomas Kerby, Jr., cousin Hugh, Ann sister to Thomas Aisquith, Charles King, Jr., Susannah Aisquith and Ann Nutwell, personalty.
To children of Charles King, Jr., ex., and to children of Susannah Aisquith, extx., residue of personalty.
To cousin John and hrs., dwelling plantation —–.
Test: Hugh Kelly, Ann Tarlton, Mary Collison (Cullison).
N. B.—“Cousin” Hugh and “cousin” John should be “nephew,” for they are the sons of Richard Hopewell. Probate taken in presence of Richard Hopewell, bro. and hr.-at-law to testator. 21. 823.

Hopewell, Richard

Hopewell, Richard, son of Richard Hopewell, gent. (nunc.),St. Mary's Co.,25th Nov., 1732.
To bro. Joseph, personalty; sd. bro. dying during minority, sd. legacy to bro. John.
To sisters Ann and Elizabeth, personalty; in case of death of either of them, sister Mary to inherit portion of dec'd.
To sister Mary, personalty.
Ex.: Father afsd.
Test: Thomas McWilliams, Thomas Kirby (Kearby). 20, 545.

Horn, Edward

Edward Horn, SMC 12/9/1760-3/4/1761. Daughter: Mary, slaves. Daughter: Ann and her heirs my present dwelling plantation called "Halfhead Folly" and furniture. Daughter: Elizabeth, furniture. Wife: Stasy, 1/3 of estate; daughters named above to have balance equally. Exec: Wife. Wit: Richard Milburn, Thomas Craighill, Basil Rhodes

Horne, Francis

Horne, Francis (Franck),St. Mary's Co.,14th Feb., 1732;
31st Mch., 1733.
Sister Winnifred extx., of will and also of personal estate, shd. sd. sister die without issue then to ascend to sister Mary, shd. sister Mary die without issue to descend to "my cousin Hana Horne” and her hrs.
Test: Thomas Underwood, Charles Gough, Isabel Cook. 20. 631.

Hoskins (Haskins), William

Hoskins (Haskins), William, planter,St. Mary's Co.,25th Oct., 1722;
10th Nov., 1722.
To sons William and John, daus. Sarah and Elizabeth and dau.-in-law Grace Knott, personalty.
To wife Ann, extx., residue of estate.
Test: John Ireland, Wm. Willis, Thos. Reeves. 18, 17.

Hotchkeys, Richard

Hotchkeys, Richard, (nunc.) Cross Manor,St. Mary's Co.,15th Oct., 1659;
22nd Oct., 1659.
Anne-Tilney, execx.
Test: Thos. Matthews, John Abingdon. 1. 113.

Hotchkeys, Richard

Hotchkeys, Richard, (nunc.) Cross Manor,St. Mary's Co.,15th Oct., 1659;
22nd Oct., 1659. Anne-Tilney, execx. Test: Thos. Matthews, John Abingdon.
1. 113.

Houldcraft, George

Houldcraft, George, Dr.,St.Mary's Co.,21st Sept., 1662;
2nd Dec., 1665.
Wife Susannah, execx. and sole legatee.
To brothers Michael and Valentine Houldcraft, of Eng., sd. estate at death of wife afsd.
Test: Abraham Lemartre, Jas. Edmond. 1. 237

Hoult, John

John Hoult, SMC 9/11/1751-11/1/1751. Sons: Raphael and John, the
land I now live on. Children: Raphael, John, Susanna, Mary, Sarah, Robert,
and Matthew Hoult and the child my wife now goes with, my personal estate
equally divided. Exec: Wife, Lucretia. Wit: Justinian Jordan, Ignatius
Wheeler, Jr., John Williams.

Howard, Bennet

Bennet Howard, SMC 3/7/1782-3/18/1785. "White Haven" to be divided. Mentions land where James Plummer lives and that his property adjoins Mt. Misery. Grandson: Bennet Howard, "Pt. White Haven" after the death of his grandmother, Elizabeth Howard and the death of his father, Joseph Howard. Granddaughter: Ann Johnson, the remaining pt. of "White Haven" and "Blindman's chance" after the death of her grandmother, Elizabeth Howard and the death of her mother, Mary Johnson. Daughter: Jane Howard, "Heard's Purchase" after the death of her mother, Elizabeth; she is to receive the rent from the place where my son Joseph now lives in case it's rented out; she is to be prudent and obedient to her mother; if she dies without heirs, land devised to my grandsons, Richard Johnson and Joseph Johnson, but their mother, Mary Johnson shall have her life in same and neither may not sell except to each other; if dau. Jane dies, she should will this property to her sister, Elizabeth Thompson if she is a widow. Son: Joseph, 1 milled shilling. Daughter: Mary Johnson, 1 milled shilling. Daughter: Elizabeth, 1 milled shilling. Wife: Elizabeth, all of my real estate during her life and all of my personal estate except the negro devised to daughter Jane on the condition she remain a widow. If she marries, my personal estate to be divided into 4 parts--one part to the children of son Joseph; one pt. to the children of daughter, Mary Johnson; one pt. to the children of daughter, Elizabeth Thompson; and 1 pt. to daughter Jane. My grandson, Bennet Howard and granddaughter, Ann Johnson are excepted. Execs: Wife, Elizabeth and daughter, Jane. Wit: Richard Wathen, John Monarch, John Jarboe.

Howard, William

Howard, William, Sr., planter,St. Mary's Co.,16th Aug., 1729;
24th Nov., 1730.
To sons William and Thomas and daus. Rachel Ford, Anne Dartt and Margaret Shanks, 1s. each.
To son Peter and hr., dwell. plan. “Twittnam”; sd. son dying without issue, sd. plan. to son James and hrs.; and personalty.
To sons James and John, personalty.
Wife Mary, extx.
Test: Robert Lang, John Shurtliff, Peter Shurtliff. 20, 130.

Hudson, Jeffery

Hudson, Jeffery,St. Mary's Co.,18th Feb., 1677;
8th Apr., 1678.
To John Heard and hrs., entire estate.
Ex. not named.
Test: Nich. Geulick. 9. 2.

Hull, Henry

Hull, Henry,St. Mary's Co.,6th Nov., 1675;
11th Dec., 1675.
To Francis Sourton, Eliza:, wife of William Hatton of St. George's, and to brother Humphry in Dorchester, personalty.
Thomas Dent, ex. and residuary legatee of estate real and personal.
Test: Wm. Hatton, Geo. Mackall. 2. 370.

Hulls, Meverell

Hulls, Meverell,St. Mary's Co.,19th Nov., 1743;
27th Dec., 1743.
To wife Elizabeth, 150 A. dwelling plantation and personal estate for life and 150 A. dwelling plantation to her and her hrs. in lieu of such hrs. to pass to her cousin Edward Barber, son of Luke.
To sister Rebecca ––, land belonging to sister Sarah, deceased.
To bros. John and Luke Barber, 150 A. dwelling plantation at death of wife Elizabeth.
To dau. Elizabeth, personal estate at death of wife Elizabeth.
Test: William Elliot, Cornelius Barber, Peter Moran.
23. 317.
Note: Widow makes her election and abides by the will.

Hulse, William

Hulse, William,St. Mary's Co.,19th Dec., 1725;
2nd Mch., 1725-6.
To sons James and William and their hrs., 120 A. “Hulse's Lott” and 80 A. bou. of Samuel Swann equally. Shd. either die without issue, survivor to inherit portion of dec'd; shd. both die, sd. tracts to revert to wife —– to be disposed of as she thinks fit.
Wife Mary extx. and residuary legatee.
Test: Laurence Lant, Richard Smoot, Stourton Edwards. 18, 454.

Hunt, Robert

Hunt, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,13th Apr., 1676;
20th Apr., 1676.
To Anne Murphy, personalty.
Robert Carvill, ex. and residuary legatee of estate (personal).
Test: Saml. Cooksey, Robt. Bing. 5. 16.

Hunt, Thomas

Hunt, Thomas, (nunc),St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
10th Jan., 1675.
Thomas Griffin, ex. and sole legatee.
Test: Thos. Bayley, Jos. Edly. 2. 377

Hunt, Thomas

Hunt, Thomas, gent.,St. Mary's Co.,10th Dec., 1733;
24th Feb., 1735.
To godsons George Vaudery and Joanna, his sister, 218 A. dwelling plantation held by lease from the Lord Baltimore called “Plimouth,” in Chaptico Manor, divided equally.
To Phillemon Vaudery, personalty.
George and Joanna Vaudery, exs. and residuary legatees.
Test: James Briscoe, Zachariah Bond, John Jo. Sothoron. 21. 518.

Hunton, Benjamin

Hunton, Benjamin,St. Mary's Co.,21st Apr., 1675;
11th May, 1675.
To Thomas Vaughan and James Lewis, exs., entire estate.
Test: Thos. Potter, Jno. Stevens. 2. 62.

Huscolah (Husculah), William

Huscolah (Husculah), William,St. Mary's Co.,29th Dec., 1693;
29th May, 1695.
John Nalle, who married teatator's sister Jane, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including 150 A. in the forest given testator by his father, Dennis Husculah, provided he pay a certain indebtedness to John Dent; otherwise entire estate to pass to sd. John Dent, who is then appointed ex.
Test: Rich'd Burley, Jemima Cabshaw, Moses James, Walter King. 7. 109.

Husculaw, Dennis

Husculaw, Dennis,St. Mary's Co.,27th Nov., 1687;
18th Mch., 1687-8.
To wife Eliza:, extx., dower rights.
To dau. Ann Willer and hrs., 100 A., “St. Ann's.”
To dau. Jane at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., 50 A., “St. Vincent's.”
To son William and hrs, residue of estate, real and personal.
Overseers: Robt. and Francis Green.
Test: Wm. Boarman, Richard Edelen, Thos. Hage. 4. 304.

Hutchings, Frances

Hutchings, Frances,St. Mary's Co.,1st June, 1719;
25th Sept., 1719.
To sister Katharine Hassell, personalty and land bequeathed testatrix by will of father –– (with consent of bro. Robt., sd. land not being divided).
To bro. William, personalty.
To bro. Robert, ex., personalty in possession of Jonathan Gurr and 14s. in Wm. Ennises hands.
Test: William Wilkeson, Jr., Robt. Clark, Jr., Richard Osberne. 15. 231.

Hutchins, Robert

Hutchins, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,14th Dec., 1732;
20th May, 1734.
To sons Aqully and Francis and their hrs., land in “Resurrection Manner,” wife Frances to have certain privileges thereon during her widowhood; should either of sd. sons die without issue, their portion to pass to son Robert and hrs.; should both die as afsd. sd. lands to be divided between son Robert and dau. Catherine and their hrs.; should all four child. die land to pass to brother John's son Francis and hrs.
To son Aquily, personalty already in his poss.; residue to be divided between other 3 child.
Wife Frances, extx., son Robert to remain with wife until 21 yrs. of age.
Test: George Howell, Edwd. Goldesbery, Evin Howell, John Read. 21. 143.

Hyde, Henry

Hyde, Henry,St. Mary's Co.,29th Oct., 1675;
6th Nov., 1675.
To dau. Ann, personalty, the gift of her grandparents, John and Joan Wachope.
To dau Margaret, personalty, the gift of her godmother, Ellinor Forrest.
Wife Frances, execx. and to have use of estate during life.
Son Robert to inherit real estate.
Overseers: Thos. Dent, fother John Wachope, brother Thomas Hatton.
Test: Geo. Dundas, Jno. Pollart. 2. 361.

Jarboe, Henry

Jarboe, Henry,St. Mary's Co.,18th Mch., 1708;
18th Apr., 1709.
To eld. son Henry, dwelling plantation, 100 A., ––.
To son Peter, 100 A., ––, where Thos. Lowe, shoemaker, lives.
To son Charles and hrs., 100 A., ––.
To son Ignatius and hrs., 100 A., ––.
To dau. Mary and hrs., 50 A., ––.
To dau. Monika and hrs., 50 A., ––.
To all child. afsd., personalty. Should daus. die without issue, their estate to revert to Charles and Ignatius.
Trustees during minority of child.: brother Peter Joy, John Niles, James Gough and Eliza: Davis.
Test: John Ryley, Dan'll Langhorne, Edward Howell, Mary Langhorne. Part 2–12. 63.

Jarboo (Jarboe), Henry

Jarboo, Henry,St. Mary's Co.,20th Feb., 1742-3;
4th March, 1742-3.
To son Henry, ex., dwell. plan.
To child. Mary, James, and Stephen, personalty.
Test: John Riley, Rich Mahoney, Tho. Smart.
23. 81.

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