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St. Mary's County Will Abstracts, 1638-1800




Baggley, Ralph

Baggley, Ralph, planter,St. Mary's Co.,27th March, 1729;
7th May, 1729.
To son Samuel and hrs., entire estate; he dying without issue, to pass to bro. William Willson and hrs.
Bro. William afsd., ex. and guardian to son until 21 yrs.
Test: Thomas Alsten, Edmond Boulling (Boullin), Martin Smithson. 19, 655.

Baily, John

Bailye, John ,1712 St. Clements Bay, St. Mary's Co.,5th Jan., 1712;
16th Feb., 1712.
To dau. Charity Thompson and hrs., land ––, where she now lives, and to her 4 child., viz., Mary, Arthur, Charity and Monica, personalty.
To son William and hrs., land ––, where he lives, and to his 2 child., viz., John and Eliza:, personalty.
To son John and hrs., land ––, where he now lives, and 95 A. adjoining same, bought of Richard Shippy.
To dau. Mary Shanks and hrs., 200 A., ––, where she lives.
To granddau. Mary Shanks and hrs., 50 A., part of “The Bottom,” adjoining her mother's land.
To granddau. Mary Bailye and hrs., 50 A., residue of “The Bottom,” taken up by testator.
To son James, ex., dwelling plantation ––, and residue of estate.
Test: John Brown, James Thompson, Joseph Stratford. 13. 582.

Baily, Luke

Baily, Luke,St. Mary's Co.,28th Sept., 1741;
17th Dec., 1741.
To Rebecca and Samuel Babson, James Williamson, Elinor Hendley, John Pierce, Jane, dau. of Robert Hendley, Elinor Masson and aunt Ann, personalty.
To William Cavinough, ex., residue of estate.
Test: John Baker, William Watson.
22. 420.

Baily, Robert

Bayly, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,6th July, 1697;
31st, Mch., 1698.
To son James and hrs., 100 A., part of “Bayly's Purchase.”
To son Robert and hrs., 100 A., part of tract afsd.
To son Thomas and hrs., 100 A., part of same tract.
To wife Margaret, extx., residue of tract afsd. absolutely; also life interest in 100 A., “Small Hopes.”
To dau. Margaret, “Small Hopes” afsd. at death of her mother.
Test: Sam'l Cooksey, Jno. Dear, Wm. Cooksey, Sarah Sheapard. 7. 344.

Baker, Priscilla

Baker, Priscilla, widow,St. Mary's Co.,29th Oct., 1739;
12th Feb., 1739.
To son James and hrs., 120 A. “Chelsey,” also land bought by testator's father John Miller from John Bedson.
To son William Hebb, personalty.
To sons Thomas, ex., John and James, residue of estate.
Testator desires ex. to purchase a lease of his Lordships agent for “Snow Hill” for son John and hrs.
Test: James Waughop, George Clarke, Robert Chesley, Ignatius Fenwick. 22. 140.

Banister, Henry

Banister, Henry, St. George's Riyer,St. Mary's Co.,18th Feb., 1674;
13th Mch., 1674.
Kinsman John Paty, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: Thos. Dent, Nich. Rawlins. 2. 44.

Barber, Baptist

Baptist Barber, SMC 8/15/1752-11/8/1752.
Son: Archibald Donaldson Barber tract where I now live called "Westham".
To the child my wife now goes with, if a son, the tract at Bird's Creek called "Luckland"; if a daughter, the tract is to fall to my son Archibald.
Daughter: Rebecca Barber and the child my wife goes with, if a daughter, that tract in Baltimore County called "Stansbury Plains"; if a son, the said land to fall to daughter Rebecca.
Exec: Wife. Wit: Thomas Barber, Leonard Briscoe, R. Cooke.

Barber, Barbier, Luke

Barber, Barbier, Luke,St. Mary's Co.,31st July, 1664;
4th Jan., 1674.
To wife Eliza:, “Michan Hall” during life.
To wife eld. son Luke and his eld. son and in succession to sons Edward, Thomas and their male hrs., “Michan Hall” afsd. In event of sd. sons dying without male issue, sd. property to pass to next of kin, Barber Vel Barber.
To son Edward afsd., 500 A. “Lukeland,” subject to entail.
To son Thomas afsd., “Michan Hills,” subject to entail.
To eld. dau. Eliza: and young. dau. Mary, personalty.
Exs.: Capt. Richard Bankes, Randall Hinson.
Test: Walter Hall. 1. 534.

Barber, Edward

Barber, Edward,St. Mary's Co.,2nd Mch., 1693;
21st May, 1694.
To wife Cibbil, plantation and 200 A. during life; to revert to son Edward.
To dau. Mary, ½ of certain tract (unnamed),
To unborn child, residue of sd. tract and 200 A. (unnamed) nr. Bird's Ck.
To brother Thomas, rights in 300 A., part of “Michan Hills,” and 200 A. nr. Bird's Ck., formerly belonging to Jno. Barecroft.
To cous. Thomas Nicholls, and to Adam Clarke and hrs., rights of 200 A. (unnamed).
To child. afsd., residue of land equally.
To godsons, Jas. Morris and Jno. Bratson, and Mary and Martha Williamson, daus. of Sam'l Williamson, personalty.
In event of death of child. afsd. without issue, the child. of sister Eliza: Guibert to be co-heirs with brother Thomas afsd., and in event of death of sd. Thomas afsd. without issue, sister Mary Nichols and Ann Clarke to be co-heirs.
Wife Cibbil, extx. and residuary legatee.
Overseers: Thos. Clarke, Thos. Barber.
Test: Sam'l Williamson, Stephen Caward, Wm. Dutch. 2. 287.

Barber, Elias

Barber, Elias,St. Mary's Co.,24th Dec., 1743;
27th Dec., 1743.
To bro. John, cousins Baptist, Cornelius, Edward son of Luke and Rebecca and Abram Branson and to Thomas Greenfield and Edward Barber, Sr., personalty including that now with Vincent Taylor.
To sisters Elizabeth Power, Eleanor Sanders, Margaret Taylor, 1s. each.
To cousin Baptist, residue of estate.
Ex.: ––.
Test: James Fysye, Peter Moran, John Elliott, Mevril Haulks. 23. 458.

Barber, Luke

Barber, Luke,St. Mary's Co.,29th April, 1739;
27th Dec., 1743.
To bro. Edward and his hrs., land where he now dwells to the N. of land sold Wm. Summerhill and lying next to land sold Samuel Williamson now in possession of Stephen and Samuel Briscoe, 150 A. on Wicomocoe R. lying S. of land formerly belonging to John Parry and now in possession of Philip Key (Keey). Shd. bro. afsd. or his hrs. lay claim to any part of dwelling plantation “Westham,” land afsd. to return to testator's hrs.
To eldest son Baptist, dwelling plantation “Westham” and land lying on N. side of Philip Key. Shd. he die without hrs. to pass to sons Cornelius and Edward.
To sons Cornelius and Edward, “Luckland”.
To dau. Dorothy Greenfield and hrs., land afsd. in case of death of all of her bros. Shd. she die without hrs. to pass to testator's bro. Edward and male hrs.
Ex.: ––.
Test: Wm. Davies, Israel Henly, Thos. Beach, Thos. Barber.
23. 322.

Barecroft, John

Barecroft, John,St. Mary's Co.,4th July, 1693;
20th July, 1693.
To godsons, viz., John, son of Col. Nehemiah Blackiston, William Gouldsmith, son-in-law of Richard Clouds, and William, son of Samuel Cookseley, and to John Cottrel, Jeffery Cole, Jane, wife of Thomas Williams, Abraham Price, Abraham Henneson, Mary Taylor, dau. of Mary Price, Kenelm Cheseldyn, Madam Susan Blackiston, wife of Col. Blackiston afsd., Sarah, wife of Michael Curtis, and to Clement Hill, personalty.
To Eliza: Newman, dau. of John Nowman, at 16 yrs. of age, “Worchester.”
To John, son of John Newman, “Buresses Gift,” Calvert Co.
Afsd. child., viz., John and Eliza:, son and dau. of John and Rebecca Newman, to be brought up Protestants.
To brother Stephen, personal property in Eng., and any estate left testator by his father and mother, except 50 L., which is bequeathed to Parish of St. Ellinor's in Worchester City, Eng.
Exs.: John and Rebecca Newman afsd.
Overseers: Olement Hely, Jno. Rose, Wm. Escott, Chris. Knight, Geo. Perry, Wm. Heather. 6. 43.

Barnes, Abraham

Barnes, Col. Abraham of Leonardtown, 6/29/1773-1/13/1778. In 1764
I gave my son John a very sufficient quantity of goods to begin trade and merchandise. Contrary to my expectations, he has carelessly lost and sunk all I gave him and is more in debt than I am able to pay, he having stripped all the ready money I had and has involved me in a very considerable security to Osgood, Hanberry and Company, merchants in London, and others. On the whole, this will amount to an equal share of my estate, but above all, he has robbed me of my happiness and peace of mind at a time of life when I expected to be free from any disturbance or anxiety. When he
reflects on this and that this profound unhappy condition and misfortune is entirely owing to his own obstinancy in rejecting my advice and opinion in all things and at the same time not informing himself of the true state of his affairs and endeavors to keep everything material from my knowledge. From this melancholy consideration, he cannot, with any reason, expect any further favor or indulgence from me. Therefore, I give all to my son, Richard Barnes.
Exec: Son, Richard Barnes. Wit: Hugh Hopewell, John Black, James Bates.

Barnes, John

Barnes, John,Clemens Bay, St. Mary's Co.,17th Jan., 1738;
3rd July 1739.
To child., Katherine, Edward, John, Henry and Elizabeth, personalty.
To son William and hrs., land at head of Clemens Bay.
To wife Elizabeth, land in Boston, New England, where testator formerly dwelled and residue of property in Maryland or elsewhere.
Exs.: Sons William and Edward, unless wife sees fit to appoint others.
Test: Gilbert Ireland, James Mills, William Drummond.
22. 89.

Baron, Robert

Baron (Barron), Robt., clerk,St. Mary's Co.,10th Aug., 1717;
1st Oct., 1717.
To child., viz.: Benj., Martha and Bridget, 2/3 of estate to be divided into four equal parts, two parts to son Benj. and the other two parts to two daus. afsd.
To wife Mary, extx., residue of estate.
Test: Ferrin Sweeny, Alex. Edmonds, John Donaldson, Mathew Toddadill. 14. 386

Barron, Ann Mills

Ann Barron; 3/21/1734-4/2/1734.
Exec: Brother, James Mills.
Wit: Mary Reeves, John Skarratt.
She named only one child, Eleanor but stated she had
five children, 2 daughters and 3 sons (under the age of 21).

Barron, Mary

Barron, Mary, widow,St. Mary's Co.,21st Mch., 1733-4;
2nd Apr., 1734.
To brother James Mills, ex. of estate and to administer estate of late husband, Richard Barron, care of 5 child. ——. 3 sons to be of age at 21 yrs.
To dau. Elenor, personalty, residue to be divided among 5 child.
Test: Mary Reaves, John Skarratt. 21. 11.

Batson, Thomas

Thomas Bactson, planter, SMC, 11/29/1708-2/24/1708. Son: John, land
he lives on and pt. of the old plantation, conveyance having been made at
marriage with his present wife. Son: Thomas, Exec., dwelling plantation and
1/2 "Strife" on the w. side of the main branch of St. John's Creek.
Son-in-law: Henry Bayly, residue of "Strife". Son: Thomas, residue of the
old plantation, afsd., he to be dutiful to his mother. Wife: Penelope,
personal estate. Wit: George Thompson, Elizabeth Jons.

Battin, William

Battin, William,St. Mary's Co.,29th May, 1662;
To wife Margery, execx., ½ estate.
To Charity Adams, Wm. Love, dau. Ledia Newman, son George Newman, child. of sd. dau., viz., George, William and Margaret Newman, sister Jone Smute, and William Smute, son of sd. sister, residue of estate, personal.
Overseers: Capt. Josias Fendall, Robert Henley, brother-in-law Thos. Smute.
Test: Sam'l Clarke, Mary Oonell, Thos. More, Edmund Pinsonn. 1. 162.

Baxter, John

Baxter, John (nunc.),St. Mary's Co.,4th Dec., 1737;
30th Dec., 1737.
To bro. William, ex., entire estate, he to pay legacy to cousin Susannah.
Test: James Furnese, planter, aged 24; Jane, wife of William Sword, aged about 32. 21. 840.

Beane, Ralph

Beane, Ralph,12th Nov., 1654; 24th Apr., 1655.
To dau. Sarah Beane, at age, personalty to be sent to Eng.
To brother Walter Beane, all real estate in Md. and Va. To wife Eliza, property in Eng.
To sister (unnamed), and to Curbies 3 child., personalty in event of death of sd. dau. Sarah.
Overseers: Geo. Cerye Smith, Southwark, Eng., and Jos. Ward, at Sign of the
White Hart, Eng.
Test: MARY CALVERT, John Hatch. 1. 60.

Beard, Robert

Beard, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,18th Mch., 1683;
7th Aug., 1685.
To grandsons William and Robert Meakin and hrs., 300 A., 3 tracts, viz., “St. Margaret's Field,” “St. Margaret's Forest,” and “Speedwell,” equally at 21 yrs. of age. In event of death of either without issue, survivor to inherit deceased's portion.
To daus. Margaret and Eliza: Meakin and hrs., sd. lands in event of death of grandsons afsd. without issue.
To son (unnamed) of brother Christopher, 50 A., “Beard's Choice,” if he come into Md. within 10 yrs., otherwise to revert to grandsons William and Robert afsd.
Dau. Margaret and son-in-law William Meakin, exs. and residuary legatees.
Test: Richd. Edelen, Jno. Davis, Jno. Blakely. 4. 178.

Beavin, Hugh,

Beavin, Hugh,St. Mary's Co.,16th Oct., 1661;
23rd Nov., 1661.
John Vanheck and William Lucas, joint exs. and sole legatees.
Test: Josias Smith, Philip Mackeaneday. 1. 157.

Beell (Beall, Beal, Bell), Jane

Beell, Jane,St. Mary's Co.,20th Apr., 1733;
21st May, 1733.
To dau. Mary personalty.
To 3 sons John, Thomas, and William residue of personal estate. Two sons Thomas and William to care of Thomas Griffin ex. until they arrive at age of 18, son Thomas being 16 yrs, the 4th of this June, son William being 12 the 25th day Dec. next.
Test: William Johnson, John Langley, Mary Griffin. 20. 661.

Bell, Adam

Bell, Adam,St. Mary's Co.,21st Nov., 1718;
30th Dec., 1718.
To wife Ann, extx., estate real and personal, during life. Shd. she not accept the same, then 1/3 personal estate absolutely; also “Paradise,” up the River, St. Mary's Co.
To sister Margaret Hackney and hrs., dwelling plantation, “St. Richard's Mannor.”
To cousin Margaret Hunter (dau. to sister Margaret afsd.), part of “Hampstead,” nr. Chesapeack Bay.
To nephew Richard, son to Richard Hopewell, Sr. (bro. of testator's wife), and godson Adam King, personalty.
To cousin Thomas Hunter, 1s.
To cousin John Critchett and hrs., “Scotch-Mans Wonder” and “Shirley's Point.”
Samuel Grasty to live on plantation during life.
Test: John Seager, Charles King, Samuel Grasty. 15. 152.

Benton, Richard

Benton, Richard,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
27th Dec., 1696.
To William Asquith, 200 A., “Wignall's Rest” on Gunpowder R., Balto. Co.
To William Coate and hrs., 500 A., “Dayly's Desire.”
To Richard Trop, personalty.
Wife Sarah, extx. and residuary legatee of personal estate absolutely.
Test: Wm. Powrey, Z. Vaneweringen, Jno. Langhlaym, Sam'l Lee, Wm. Johnson. 7. 340.

Biscoe, Bennet

Bennet Biscoe Will. wri. 22 Feb 1771 pvn. 23 May 1771
Wife: Mary
Children: Benoni
Elizabeth ( wife of Seneca Cheseldine)
Sarah Ann
He leaves a tract of land that he had "By" my father's part of St. Enfred. The will, also, mentions George Slye and Tracts "Wee Bitt pr and Mile of Tomocakin.

Witness: George Slye, David Laurence, Henry McMullen

Biscoe, James

Bisco, James (nunc.),St. Mary's Co.,—– —–, —–;
22nd Nov., 1736.
To son Jonathan, personalty.
Test: Thomas Richardson, Dorothy Grace. 21. 721.

Biscoe, John

John Biscoe wri 9 May 1718 pvn 1718
To Son Thomas Biscoe, the land he lives on
To Son John Biscoe, 1/2 the Plantation he lives on
To Son James
To Dau. Mary , Tract of land in Forrest
To Dau., Anna, tract called Underwood Choirs
Split Personal Estate bet. John, James and Anna
Wife, Anna
Exec. Wife, Anna, Thomas and John
(he was unable to write so he made his mark, but he did have a seal.
Witnesses: James Edmons and Byron Duffy

Biscoe, John

Will of John Biscoe. wri. 5 Mar 1774 pvn. 16 Mar 1774
Names in Will:
wife: Anna
Children: Ignatius, the dwelling plantation
Samuel Caldwell

(O.C. record Aug 1786 pg 103. Estate Sold to pay debts.)

Biscoe, Jonathan

Jonathan Biscoe Will. wri. 4 Aug 1775
Wife: Mary
Children: Celinda, Margaret, Alinda

(note: Margaret m. John Smith and named son Biscoe.)

BIscoe, Thomas

Bissco, Thomas, planter,St. Mary's Co.4th June, 1733;
6th Aug., 1733.
To son John and hrs., 100 A., dwelling plantation, —–.
To sons Thomas and Joshua, daus. Sarah, Ann, Annah and Martha, personalty.
Wife Catherine extx.
Test: James Smith, Daniel Duggens, Joseph Bissco (Bisscoe). 20. 740

Black, William

Black, William,St. Mary's Co.,18th Nov., 1668;
11th Feb., 1668.
Wife Ann, execx. and sole legatee.
Overseers: Patrick Forrest and John Macky, for benefit of wife and child. of testator.
Test: Curtis Fletcher, Wm. Greene. 1. 330.

Blackistone, Thomas

Blackistone, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,10th Nov., 1742;
8th Dec., 1742.
To bro. John, ex., bro. Robert Mason and his three child. viz., Mate, Nehemiah and Rodolph, to Darcus Mason, test. godchild, to bro. Roswell Neal and his sons, James, Bennett, and Raphael, sis. Susannah Mason and her Gnborn child, and sis. Elizabeth Neal, personalty.
Test: Thomas Coode, Ealia Hanlin.
23. 15

Boarman, William

Boarman, William,Charles Co.,26th Feb., 1728-9;
30th June, 1729.
To son William and hrs., “St. Dorrothys,” Clement's Bay, St. Mary's Co.; pt. of tract had from father, beginning at branch bet. plan. where mother-in-law —— now dwells and Elizabeth Procters; and personalty.
To son James and hrs., pt. of tract had from father, including dwell. plan. and plan. where mother-in-law now lives (for desc. see will); 50 A. “Coventry”; and personalty.
To dau. Elizabeth, personalty. Tract nr. uncle Benjamin's to be sold and proceeds invested for sd. dau.
To cousin Raphael Neal, Jr., personalty.
To 3 child. ——, int. in any other lands, and residue of personalty.
Exs.: Sons afsd.
Test: Rev. George Thorold, Raphael Neale, Theophilus Grew. 19, 727.

Bold, William

Bold, William, planter,St. Mary's Co.,28th Sept., 1743;
3rd Nov., 1743.
To son John, “Curry Glass,” this being part of “Rocky Part” and 28 A. “Swamp.”
Sons John and James to have their freedom to work for themselves at 18 yrs. but not to inherit until 21.
To son James, personalty.
Extx.: Wife Elizabeth.
Test: John Clark, Cornelius Manly, Wm. Russell.
23. 315.

Booth, George

Will of George Booth, Sr., SMC, being sickly and crazy, but of sound mind, 10/22/1762-9/14/1767.
Daughter: Elizabeth and her husband, William Bradburn, 1 shilling. Son: George, 1 shilling. Son: John, 1 shilling.
Son: Thomas, a table.
Son: Richard, a chest and a negro woman Chloe.
Son: James, a negro girl Susanna.
Son: Basil. Exec: Wife, Monica.
Wit: William Bradburn, William Payne, John Baptist Farthing.

Booth, Jacob

Booth, Jacob,St. Mary's Co.,7th Feb., 1731-2;
2nd March, 1731.
To bro. Abraham, personalty.
To sister Ann, extx.. residue of personal estate.
Test: James Granan, Edward Horn, Stephen Watts. 20, 324.

Booth, John

Booth, John,St. Mary's Co.,18th Feb., 1729;
5th March, 1729-30.
To only child Basil and hrs., 2/3 of entire estate, to remain under care of wife —— until of age; shd. wife die during his minority, to care of Randolph Morris; shd. son die during minority, entire estate to pass to wife Mary, extx., and hrs.
Test: Elizabeth Adler, Coll. Thomas Truman Greenfield, Thomas Brooke. 19, 890.

Boult, Thomas

Thomas Boult, SMC 6/13/1745-8/8/1745.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: John, Thomas, Ann, Kenelm, Susanna Hebb, and Ann. Grandchildren: Joshua Watts, Kenelm Boult Watts, Elizabeth Boult, dau. of Thomas.
Execs: Kenelm Boult, Susanna Hebb, and Anna Boult.
Wit: David Bennett, William Phippard, William Ball.

Bowes, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Bowes 12/13/1800; Date of Probate: 01/26/1801
son: Samuel Bowes all of my personal property
daughter: Eleanor Mills one bed; a bolster; pillows; my side saddle, and my cloak
daughters and grandson: Eleanor Mills, Mary Abell, and "Grandson, Joseph Aloysius Mills, the money I have by me at my death equally divided."
daughters: Eleanor Mills, Mary Abell, and John Simms' children, my wearing apparel equally divided in three parts.
Executor: Samuel Bowes [son]
Witnesses: Joseph Abell, Samuel Thompson, Ignatius Abell of A.

Bowes, Samuel

Samuel Bowes: 12/13/1802; Date of Probate:

sister: Eleanor Mills all of my personal estate
sister: Mary Abell
nieces: Mary Simms, Harriet Simms, and Dorothy Simms, all of my real and personal estate in Great Britain.
executor: Joseph Mills
witnesses: Mary Mills, Francis Mills, Nicholas Mills

Bowes, Timothy

Timothy Bowes, 1791; 09/23/1794

sons: Samuel Bowes all of my land and one third of the residue of my estate
daughter: Dorothy Bowes a negro named Mille and two thirds of the residue
wife: Mary Ann Bowes one third
son-in-law and daughter: Joseph Mills, who married by daughter, Eleanor, two negroes now in his possession, named Nell and Bett.
daughter and son-in-law: Mary Bowes and Samuel Abell negroes named Thom and Rhode
Executor: Mary Ann Bowes ,wife
Witnesses: Walter Brooke, John Wimsate, Nicholas Greenwell

Bowles, George

George Bowles 2/29/1760-5/6/1781. Wife: Lillias all estate in Maryland, the
Kingdom of Great Britain or elsewhere. Exec.: Wife. Wit: John Wilkinson,
Jesse Moore, Stephen Coffert.

Bowles, James

Bowles, James, merchant,St. Mary's Co.,13th June, 1727;
3rd Jan., 1727.
To dau. Elinor and hrs., “Half Pone” and all land in Scotch Neck where Robert Phillip, Daniel Gur, John Gibbins and Henry Tucker dwell.
To dau. Mary and hrs., land where Hector Macleane lived, adj. to John Reads; “Hogg Neck” up along the branch called Break Neck Hill to main road going to church; and land s. side of branch from where Owen Read lived, to hd. line bet. John Hall and Wm. Wilkinson.
To dau. Jane and hrs., residue of real estate in St. Mary's Co., viz. dwell. plan. —— and “Mason's,” over St. Thomas' Ck., where Doctr. Magill lives.
To wife Rebecca, extx., interest in ¼ of afsd. land during life; to share personal estate with 3 daus. afsd.; shd. another child be born, to have an equal pt. of estate; shd. a son be born, to inherit all real estate.
To uncle George, his debt and £20.
To poor relations in England or elsewhere, £50 to be divided by extx.
Test: Wm. Brogden, John Mitchell, Josias Jeffery, Daniel (David) Makgill (Makgilt), Edmund Plowden. 19, 300.

Bowles, John

Will of John Bowles, son of Valentine Bowles, Town of Deal, Kent Co.,
gentleman, 3/27/1750-6/4/1752. Brother: George Bowles, gentleman of the
Parish of All Faith's in SMC, land belonging to me formerly going by the
name of "John Long's" and "Quaker's Lately" in the occupation of
____Brinstone and _____Cladenbole, situated in the end of the town of Deal,
Kent Co.; if George has no heirs at his decease, to Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of
sd. town of Deal, wife of Cornelius Smith, merchant and dau. to brother
Anthony Bowles (dec'd). Brother: George Bowles money, rents from the estate
in sd. parish of Ickham and in sd. county of Kent in occupation of John
Parrimore and whatever has been received by Striblihill Norwood and Mrs.
Elizabeth Renton, Execs. to the late Capt. James Renton and whom I empower
to receive the rents in my absence and to brother George Bowles whatsoever
money is due to me from elsewhere. Wit: John Read, Samuel Jenifer, Philip
Clarke, John Long.

Bowles, Lillias Watson

Will of Lillias Bowls, SMC 7/15/1772-1/11/1773. To: Elizabeth Nevison,
clothing. Brother and sisters: John, Jane, Grace, and Elizabeth Watson, all
of Scotland, residue of estate. Exec: Archibald Campbell. Wit: Ignatius
Fenwick of Enoch, Zachariah Forrest.

Bowling (Boulling, Boullin), James

Bowling, James,St. Mary's Co.,7th May, 1692;
10th Oct., 1693.
To brother Thomas, 100 A., “Keet's Rest;” 100 A., “Miller's Choice;” 125 A., “Chesam;” 152 A., “Charley,” and 150 A., “Bowling's Plains,” all in St. Mary's Co.
To Richard Hubbard, Joseph Spe****ke, and to cous. Bowling Speake, personalty.
Wife Mary, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including “Calvert's Hope.”
Overseer: Father-in-law Henry Darnall.
Test: Henry Darnall, Jas. Cullen, Wm. Boreman, Jr., Thos. Clarke. 2. 272.
By codicil testator gives to brother Thomas land nr. Newport Town, and to wife Mary land in Newport Town and land purchased from Maj. Wm. Boreman. To his nephew, John Bowling, and hrs., he gives a certain plantation (unnamed) nr. Newport Town after the death of his brother Thomas, sd. John's father.
By sec. Codicil dated July 17th, 1692, testator orders that should wife Mary die without issue, all lands bequesthed to her should pass to Roger and then to John, sons of brother Thomas, and their hrs.
To Cous. Millesent Higden, personalty.

Bowling, John

John Bowling, SMC, planter probated 6/7/1758.
Wife: Susanna, all of my estate. Appoint wife guardian of my children. Whereas I am admin. of the estate of my later father, Edmund Bowling, there is the thirds of my father's estate due to my mother which being small and she being desirous of
continuing with my wife and relinquishes all title to her thirds, my will is that my said mother continue to be with my wife. After decease of my wife, I devise my estate to my son, Edmund Bowling.
Wit: Thomas Coad, Clement Taylor, Owen Allen.
Codicil: 5/10 (no year given): Daughter Mary to be paid off her portion at her arrival at the age of 16.

Bowling, Marianna

Marianna Bowling, 11/9/1793, 5/5/1795
Son: Lewis Bowling, half of my estate.
Granddaughter: Marianna Bowling
Executor: Son, Lewis Bowling
Witnesses: John E Greenwell, Timothy Bowes

Bradburn, William

Will of William Bradburn, SMC 10/31/1745-11/7/1745. Children: John,
Henrietta, Priscilla, Appalonia, Monica Redman. Wife: Ann. Son-in-law:
Francis Spink. Execs: William Yates, Mary Yates. Wit: John Baptist Van
Reswick, William Russell.

Brady, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Brady, SMC 3/17/1720-6/7/1721.
To: Sons Patrick, Charles, and Owen; Edward Orriell and daughter, Elizabeth Mulahone, personalty.
Son: Patrick, residue of estate, to be in care of son Owen, Exec. until age 20 unless Owen marries. S
on: Owen to have Edward Orrell until age 21.
Wit: Joseph Owens, Thomas Glover.

Brady, Owen

Owen Brady, SMC probated 1/10/1716.
Sons: Owen, Patt, and Charles, personalty.
To: William Malohan, personalty.
Wit: Thomas Sikes and Alex. Clilan.
Note: By codicil dated 12/7/1716, testator leaves dau. Liza.
Malohan personalty.

Breadey (Bredey), Owen

Breadey (Bredey), Owen,St. Mary's Co.,;
10th Jan., 1716.
To sons Owen and Pott and Charles, personalty.
To William Malohan, personalty.
Test: Thomas Sikes, Alex. Clilan. 14. 284.
Note–By codicil dated 7th Dec., 1716, testator leaves dau. Liza. Malohan personalty

Brewer, Richard

Richard Brewer, SMC, planter 2/16/1752-3/5/1752.
Son: Mark, 1 shilling sterling. Son: Richard, land between branch and Peter Brown's land. Son: William, other pt. of my land where I now live; it being the land on that side of the branch where my dwelling house is. Daughter: Susanna, land willed to son William
during her life in case she does not marry and then to son William. Children: Susanna Brewer, Richard Brewer, William Brewer, Mary Brewer, Mary Ann Brewer, Thomas Brewer, John Baptist Brewer, and Margaret Brewer, personal estate.
Exec: Daughter, Susanna Brewer. Wit: Henry Horrell, Teresa Wimsatt, William Russell.

Brian, William

Brian, William,St. Mary's Co.,21st Sept., 1734;
7th Aug., 1739.
To son Henry, ex., and hrs., the part of dwelling plantation “Williams Indeavor” lying on S. side of freshet leading into Brittans Bay, also that part of “Locust Thicket” lying on S. side of freshet in Beaver Dam Manor and 20 A. “Black Oke Levill.”
To son William and hrs., parts of “Williams Indeavor” and “Locust Thickett” lying on N. side of freshet.
To son Ignatious and hrs. personalty and property in event of death of Henry or William without hrs. and in event of his death to son John.
To daus. Henerita, Elener, Mary and Elizabeth personalty.
Test: Sara Riggbe, Ann Britt, Peter Ford. 22. 89.

Briscoe, James

16th day of October 1795, 5th day of April 1796<br>
to my beloved wife, Ann Biscoe one Negro girl named Elenor and
one male mare to the other heirs forever. I leave all the rest of
my estate to be equally divided between my four children, Jonathan
Biscoe and John Biscoe and William Biscoe and James Biscoe to them
and their heirs forever after My beloved wife Ann Biscoe has her
third taken out. this 16th day of October 1795. <br>
Ex: Ann Biscoe<br>
His Mark James x Biscoe <br>
Test:James B. Heard, William Laker, Norman White

Briscoe, John

Brisco, John,St. Michael's Hundred, St. Mary's Co.,9th May, 1718;
11th Nov., 1718.
To son Thomas, land he now lives on.
To sons John and James, dwelling plantation ––, equally.
To dau. Mary, tract in the forest ––.
To dau. Anna, “Underwood's Choice.”
To wife Anne, 1/3 personal estate, residue to 3 child., John James and Anna, equally.
Exs.: Wife Anne, sons Thomas and John.
Test: Jas. Edmonds, Bryan Dulsey (Dussey). 14. 735.

Briscoe, John

to my son Thomas Biscoe one schilling sterling full of my estates.
to my son Mackay Biscoe my dwelling plantation
to my son Bennett Biscoe that tract of land called and known by
the name of Carronwood (?)
to my daughter Anna Milburn a Negro boy named Harry to her and her
after all my debts is paid out of my personal estate of what remains
shall be equally divided between my children now mentioned, Elizabeth Biscoe, Elinor Biscoe, Bennett Biscoe, Richard Biscoe and Amnoy (?) Biscoe t
Executors:wife, Elizabeth Biscoe and my son Mackay Biscoe
this thirty first day of May, one thousand seven hundred seventy seven. John Biscoe (Seal)
Witness: John South (x)(his mark), Mary Standworth (x) (her mark)

Brook, Charles

Brook, Charles,St. Mary's Co.,13th Feb., 1697;
15th Aug., 1698.
To Robert Brook, priest, personalty.
Brother Leonard, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: Henry Lowe, Luke Gardner, Roger Brook, Jr., Edward Cole. 6. 138.

Brook, Richard

Brook, Richard,St. Mary's Co.5th Dec., 1718;
3rd Aug., 1719.
To wife –– and 2 child., ––, entire personal estate.
To 2 sons, Richard and Baker, pt. of Dellebrook Mannor, wife –– to have use of dwelling plantation –– during life.
To child. of uncle, Leonard Brook, dee'd, any interest testator may have in land of sd. uncle, in Mannor of Dellebrooke or elsewhere (excepting “Hardship,” on n. side of branch running from Charles Ashcombs to ext. line of Mannor), to be holden of them and their hrs.
Bro. Leonard ex. on behalf of 2 child., and wife –– extx. in her own part.
Test: Robert Elliot, William Cabinet, John Farnile. 15. 178.

Brooke, Baker

Brooke, Baker,St. Mary's Co.,5th Feb., 1697-8;
27th May, 1698.
To wife Catherine, plantation “De-la-Brooke” during life (For description see will). Also “Black Walnut Thicket” situated on the freshet of the Patuxent.
To son Baker and hrs., plantation “De-la-Brooks” at dcath of wife afsd.
To son Leonard, “Black Walnut Thicket” afsd.; also 350 A., “Brooke Wood” on n. side Matapany Branch.
To son Richard and hrs., certain tract of land (unnamed) beginning at mouth of Stony Harbor Ck. (For further description see will).
To dau. Ann and hrs., “Brooke Forest,” “Sumersett,” and “Westfield.”
To son Baker afsd. and hrs., residue of lands.
Testator desires his brother Charles to divide the lands among the sd. child.
To Bobert Brooke, priest, personalty.
To wife Catherine and child. afsd., residue of personalty.
Exs.: Father-in-law William Marshall and wife Catherine.
Test: Chas, Brooke, Jno. Fenwick, Jno. Field, Thos. Norman.

Brooke, Leonard

Brooke, Leonard, gent.,St. Mary's Co.,1st Nov., 1716;
2nd Apr., 1718.
To dau. Elinor and hrs., “Hardshift.”
To dau. Jane and hrs., “Haphazard,” always providing that 150 A. of sd. land be excepted for use of the plan. now thereon, and sd. plan. for the use of two daus., Jane and Ann, and their hrs.
To dau. Ann and hrs., tract of land lying in fork of the creek that runs to Col. Henry Lowe's landing.
To son Charles and hrs., residue of real estate and personalty. Residue of personal estate to four child. afsd. and delivered to them as they arrive at maturity.
Shd. any of afsd. child. die during minority and without issue, their share in est. to pass to survivors. Shd. all afsd. child. die before attaining majority or without issue, estate, real and personal, to be equally divided bet. cousins Richard and Leonard Brooke.
Exs.: Bro.-in-law Raphael Nea****e and cousin Richard Brooke.
Test: Chas. Hutton, Thos. Ashton, Thos. Dillon. 14. 486.

Brooke, Thomas

Brooke, Thomas,Prince George's Co.,16th Nov., 1730;
25th Jan., 1730-31.
To son-in-law Dr. Patrick Sim and hrs., 1 ½ A. at Nottingham; residue of “Prospect” to 2 youngest sons Baker and Thomas and their hrs.; sd. sons to be brought up in Church of England under care of their mother; shd. wife die or marry, sd. sons to care of sons-in-law Thomas Gantt and Alexander Contee.
To son Baker, son Thomas (son by present wife) and dau. Lucy, personalty.
To grandson Benjamin and hrs., pt. of “Vineyard.”
To 2 youngest sons Baker and Thomas and 2 grandsons Walter and Richard (sons of eldest son Thomas) and their hrs., 100 A. of “Delabrooke Mannour,” commonly called “Quantico,” Patuxent R., St. Mary's Co. (having been at law about right to sd. land with Edward Cole).
To dau. Elenor (wife of Charles Sewall), 130 A. of “Brooke Chance,” where Derby Rhine lately lived, during life; at her decease to her eldest son Thomas Tasker and hrs.
To 3 youngest child. Lucy, Baker and Thomas, residue of personal estate after wife's thirds are deducted. Testator directs that following tracts, “The Wedge,” “Cross Cloth” and “Brookfield,” lying s. of land sold to Daniel Dulany, Esq., and 100 A. of “Brookfield,” adj. on n.e. to land of Philip Lee, Esq. (last parcel settled by John Rabeling), be sold by eldest son Thomas and sons-in-law John Howard and Alexander Contee to discharge debt due to Capt. John Hyde & Co., and land to w. of run where water mill stands be sold to discharge debt due Mr. Charles Carroll.
Exs.: Eldest son Thomas and son-in-law Thomas Gantt.
Test: Philip Lee, Jr., Thomas Withers, Mary Delihunt (Dellihunt).
Note: Widow claims her thirds. 20, 125.

Brooks, Anne

Brooks, Anne, wife of Francis Brooks,St. Mary's Co.,19th Oct., 1653; 15th
Feb., 1653. To son Francis, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Robt. Holte,
Wm. Wilkinson. 1. 56.

Brough, William

Brough, William,St. Mary's Co.,4th Dec., 1651; 5th Dec., 1651.
Wife Sarah, execx. and sole legatee of estate, including personalty now in possession of John Harwood and Humphrey Atwicke on Bleake Ck. Test: Mills Cooke, Richard Niccolls. 1. 37.

Broune, William

Broune, William,St. Mary's Co.,27th Feb., 1665;
26th July, 1666.
To son John and dau. Mary in equal portions, all personal property; also to said Mary, personalty given her by her godfather, John Thimbleby.
Overseers: John Warren and Edward Clarke.
Test: Peter Roberts, George Shaw. 1. 257.

Brown, Abraham

Brown, Abraham,St. Mary's Co.,21st April, 1724;
13th June, 1724.
To bro. Anthony Simmes and hrs., plantation whereon mother —– now lives. Father-in-law —– to live on same during his life.
To sister Ellen and hrs., residue of lands, and personal estate, except legacy to father-in-law (unnamed).
Test: John Sikes, John Jackson, Ellen Brown, Antho. Simmes. 18, 286.

Brown, James

James Brown, SMC 10/24/1768-10/10/1771. Wife: Unnamed. Sons: John Baptist Brown; Leonard and his wife, Ann Brown; youngest son, Basil. Daughters: Susanna, Eleanor, Ann Clotilda, Mary Ann. Exec: Son, Basil. Wit: Peter Brown, William Russell, Jr., Nicholas Sr. and Frances Brown

Brown, Mary

Mary Brown, SMC, 12/5/1790-1/20/1791.
to: Nephew, Martin Brown all of her livestock but if her brother Nicholas Brown chooses to keep them, then he is to pay Martin the value of the livestock.
To: Nephew, Martin Brown a bed and furniture.
To: Susan Ford, wife of Joseph Ford, her best clothing and a silk cloak. The residue of her wearing apparel she left to her nieces: Eleanor Brown, Ann Brown, Anastasia Brown, and Appalonia Howard equally.
To: Elizabeth Howard she left a shawl andpetticoat. Nieces: Ann Thompson and Ann Brown, each a gold ring.
Exec: Joseph Ford. Wit: Wm. Rapour, Joshua Lowe.

Brown, Nicholas

Nicholas Brown, SMC 2/19/1767-9/12/1770.
Children: Ignatius, Nicholas, Mary, Monica, Elizabeth, Appalonia, and youngest son Peter.
To: Anastasia Brown, the dwelling place where she now lives on the n. side of Peter Brown's.
Grandson: Richard Brown; granddaughter unnamed; and unborn grandchild. Cousin: Peter.
Execs: Sons, Nicholas and Peter. Wit: Peter Brown, Anthony Brown, Susanna Jarboe, Thomas Jones

Browne, James

Browne, James,St. Mary's Co.,7th Sept., 1698;
7th Nov., 1698.
To John Hall, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Geulick, Mr. Plunkett, Mr. Carroll and his wife, and to John Fisher, personalty.
To dau. Mary and hrs., 500 A. (unnamed) in the freshes of the Patuxent and 500 A. (unnamed) in the freshes of the Potomac, provided no other child be born. In svent of birth of child land afsd. to be divided between the two equally.
To wife (unnamed), during life, 2 lots and house bought of Mr. Denton provided she remain a widow or marry a Roman Catholic.
To wife and child or child. afsd., residue of personal estate.
Exs.: Jno. Sinnott, Thos. Grunwin.
Test: Wm. Guyther, Jno. Fisher, Wm. Ruarke. 6. 174.

Browne, John

Browne, John,St. Mary's Co.,29th Aug., 1701;
24th Feb., 1701.
Son John, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including “Browne's Purchase” on e. side Brittain's Bay.
Test: Rich'd Newman, Thos. Cooper, Jos. Chantry. 11. 178.

Browne, Robert

Browne, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,16th July, 1683;
16th Aug., 1683.
To son Gerrard at 18 yrs. of age, “Browne's.”
To son Walter at 18 yrs. of age, sd. plantation in event of death of Gerrard without issue.
To godson Robert Browne and to Richard Martine, personalty.
To wife Eliza: and daus. Mary, Rebecca, and Susanna, residue of personalty, equally.
Exs.: Thos. Gerrard, Jno. Bayne.
Test: Henry Bonner, Thos. Helgar, Robt. Toat. 4. 21.

Bryan, William

Will of William Bryan. Dated September 23, 1733, St. Mary's Co., MarylandWill of William Bryan. Dated September 23, 1733, St. Mary's Co.,
son Henry Brian all that part of my dwelling plantation that lies
on the south side of the fresh(?) that lead into Brittons Bay, being
part of a tract of 50 acres of land called William______<br>
to my son Henry Brian aforesaid that body____acres to my Plantation<br>
son Henry Brian aforesaid that part of that tract of land that
lies on the south side of the said fresh that it is called the Locust
Thicket, lying in the ____________. <br>
son William Brian that part of my plantation that lies on the
north side of the fresh aforesaid called bt the name William ______<br>
son Ignatius Brian one cow and calf.<br>
to Ignatius Brian one lott of wedges.<br>
to my son John Brian a cow and calf.<br>
to my son John Brian my next best____<br>
to my son John Brian one lot of wedges<br>
to my four daughters, viz Henerita, Elenor, Mary and Elizabeth
Brians, each a feather bed and furniture,<br>
remaining part of my estate should be equally divided amongst
my eight children. Lastly I do make and constitute and appoint my
well beloved to be whole and sole Executor:son Henry Brian<br>
this 23rd. day of September, in the year of our Lord 1733.<br>

William + Brian ( seal )<br>
Test: Sara + Riggba, Ann Britt, Peter Ford

Bullock, John

Bullock, John,St. Mary's Co.15th Oct., 1736;
16th Nov., 1736.
To son John and hrs., plantation father —–, bou. of Lionel Oakley; sd. son dying without issue to pass to four sons George, James, William and Richard and their hrs. Dau. Margret Griffin to be contented with what she has had.
To wife Catherine, extx., plantation where father did dwell during life, at her decease to 4 sons George, James, William and Richard and their hrs.; residue of personalty absolutely.
Test: John Bond, Simon Reeder, Owen Brady. 21. 718.

Burke, William

Burke, William,St. Mary's Co.,8th Jan., 1675;
25th Jan., 1675.
To Thomas Kairtly, personalty.
Edward Connery and Roger Dignis, exs. and residuary legatees.
Test: Joshua Guibert. 2. 387.

Burne (Burn), Patrick

Burne (Burn), Patrick, planter,St. Mary's Co.,13th Dec., 1737;
16th Jan., 1737-8.
To 2 grandsons Denis and John Burne and their hrs., “Hurry James;” they dying without issue to son Dennis and James Burn, the one having the east, the other the west pt.
To sons Michael, Patrick and Matheas and grandson James Joans, personalty.
To son-in-law Solomon Joans, 4,500 lbs. tob. to buy a negro for his son James Joans. Residue of estate to Patrick, Mathias and Michael Burne at discretion of ex.
Ex.: Son Denis.
Test: Anthony Simms, Jr., Elizabeth Smith, Andrew Eaton. 21. 862.

Burns, Dennis

Will of Dennis Burns, SMC, 8/31/1771-2/28/1777.
Exec: Wife, Mary. Children to care of Mordecai Jones if wife dies. Daughter: Ann, two negro boys named Tom and Jack; Son, Frederick, all of my land a negro wench named Nell; Wife, Mary, residue of estate to bring up children until they attain a proper age but if she dies before then they are to be in the care of Mordecai Jones; Brother, Nicholas Burns my estate if my children die before they come
of age and after the death of my wife. Exec: Wife, Mary, Witnesses: Mordecai Jones and John Bradford.

Burns, Dennis

Will of Dennis Burns, SMC 10/29/1750-12/17/1750.
Wife: Martha, 1/3 personal estate and at her death to be equally divided among my four sons of said Martha: Nicholas, Ignatius, Patrick, and Bennet. If she is now with child, that child to also have a part. Son: Dennis, tract I bought of Joseph Jones "Pt. of Beckwith Lodge" and "Jones' Chance"; a negro Sam; furniture, horse, and wearing apparel. If he dies without heirs the lands and negro to my son Patrick. Son: Nicholas, 4000 lbs. tobacco and 5 lbs. sterling for a slave at the discretion of my brother James. Son: Ignatius, a negro girl Jean and if dies before age 21 then the said slave to Patrick Burns. Son: Patrick, a negro boy Tom and wench Agnes. Son: Bennet, a negro boy John and if he dies before age 21 then to Michael Burns, son of my brother Michael. To: Ann, daughter of my brother Matthias, 3000 lbs. tobacco to be paid to her at age 18. Money and tobacco due to me from Thomas Baker to be applied to payment of debts and any remaining part to be divided among my five sons provided that my wife Martha will abide by this will. Brother: James may bind any of my sons to a trade as he thinks proper. All of my children to be under the care of my brother James and Robert Holton until they arrive at the age of 21 years; that is to say my son Dennis, my son Ignatius, and my son Patrick to be and remain in the care of my brother James until they arrive to the ages aforesaid. My sons Nicholas and Bennet to be under the care of ROBERT HOLTON until they arrive to the age of 21. Exec: Brother, James. Wit: Andrew Foy, Elizabeth Vaughn, Thomas Vaughn, Richard Vaughn.

Burrell, Elizabeth Maynard Kirkley

Burrell, Eliza.,St. Mary's Co.,1st Mar., 1720-21;
21st Apr., 1721.
To son Charles Kirkley and hrs., “Edenborough,” where Wm. Jones now lives; dwelling plantation, pt. of “Denyard's” tract (granted for want of hrs. unto the sd. Denyard, and so escheatable, afterwards granted to Anne Martin and called “St. James,” lying on w. side St. Clement's Bay); and personalty.
To grandson George Kirkley, personalty in Newton Neck.
To grand-dau. Henrietta Walker, 150 A. “Cole Park,” w. side of St. Clements Bay; 100 A. “Raley,” where Robt. Persons now lives; and personalty, some of which is in Newtown Neck at son Charles Ourby's.
To dau. Rebecca Kirkly, personalty.
To son Charles Kirkley and grand-dau. Henrietta afsd., residue of estate not already bequeathed.
Ex.: James Thompson.
Test: Philips Seirvin, Thos. Chamberlin, Dorothy Smith. 16, 371.

Burroughs, John

Burroughs, John, planter,St. Mary's Co.,13th Mar., 1715-6;
5th Dec., 1717.
To wife Mary, 1/3 of personal estate absolutely, and dwelling plantation during life; at her decease to eldest son John.
To eldest son John, personalty and tract where he now lives, excepting that pt. conveyed by deed of gift to dau. Margaret Cartwright.
Lands conveyed to youngest son Richard and to dau. Margaret afsd. by deed of gift confirmed.
To dau. Sarah Carter during life, n. pt. of dwelling plantation. Residue of personal estate divided among 6 child., —.
Test: John Cartwright, William Hulse, Samuel Johnson.
14. 641.

Burroughs, John

Burroughs, John,St. Mary's Co.,28th Mch., 1735;
2nd Nov., 1736.
To two sons John and Benjamin, exs., and their hrs., “Trent Forte.” Three daus., viz: Ann, Margaret and Barbars, to have their residence upon tract “Long lookt for come at last” so long as they remain unmarried.
To son George and hrs., last named tract after decease of his mother.
To wife Ann, use of tract “Long lookt for, ste,” and personal estate during life, after her decease personal estate divided among children.
Test: John Adams, John Harrison, Richard Adams. 21. 716.

Bushell, Thomas

Bushell, Thomas, (nunc.)St. Mary's Co.,—– Mch., 1653;
12th Feb., 1661.
To wife and child. (unnamed), all property.
Brother William Bushell excluded from participating in estate by reason of testator having already freed him.
Ex. not named.
Test: Zach. Wade, John Wahob. 1. 157.

Bushell, William

Bushell, William,St. Mary's Co.,8th Mch., 1663;
1st Aug., 1663.
To Robert Frissel, Francis Stephenson and Francis Barnum, personalty.
William Watts, Jr., residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: Henry Hide, Thomas Andrews. 1. 208.

Butler, Margaret

Will, Butler, Margaret, widow, SMC 8/14/1721; 9/4/1721
Son: Cecilius, dwelling plantation, 350 A," St. John's" and personlaity.
Daughters" Frances (eldest) and Mary (youngest), personality
Mary to be incare of Charles Sewall and to receive her portion of my estate at the age of 18 or day of marriage.
To: Mary Kelly, personality at the age of 16; she is to serve the rest of her time to Barnaby Anthile.
To: Joseph Kelly and his sister, Margaret, personality when free.
Wit: John Tolle, Mary Welch, John Leigh

Butterworth, Michaell

Butterworth, Michaell,St. Mary's Co.,1st Feb., 1717;
5th Feb., 1717-8.
To wife Jane, real and personal estate during life. At her decease personal estate to be equally divided between Wm. Pritchard, the dau. of Wm. and Mary Pritchard, and the other half for Thos. Jordan, the son of Gerrard and Rebecca Jordan, to be delivered them at their marriage, if it be after decease of testator's wife.
To Thos. Jordan, dwelling plantation. Should sd. Thos. Jordan die during minority, dwel. plan. to pass to afsd. Jane Pritchard and hrs.
Exs.: Wm. Pritchard and Gerard Jordan. Should they refuse the managing of personal estate as testator desires them, neither they nor their hrs. shall claim any rights or title in estate, real or personal.
Test: Thos. Alman, Wm. Sandys, Wm. Douglass. 14. 484.

Buttler, Margret

Buttler, Margret, widow,St. Mary's Co.,14th Aug., 1721;
4th Sept., 1721.
To son Cisill and hrs., dwelling plantation, 350 A. “St. John's,” and personalty.
To eldest dau. Frances and youngest dau. Mary, personalty, the latter to be in charge of Charles Sewall and receive her portion at age of 18 or marriage.
To Mary Kelly, personalty at age of 16, she to serve residue of time to Barnaby Anthile.
To Joseph Kelly and his sister Margaret, personalty when free.
Son Cisill afsd. ex. and resid. legatee.
Test: John Tolle, Mary Welch, John Leigh (Leaigh). 17, 2.

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