Fadery, John

John Fadery (Fudery), SMC, 2/23/1724-5; 3/22/1724-25. Daughters: Ann and Rachel, personalty at age 18 or marriage. Son: John, personalty and residue of estate; if he dies without issue, to daughters aforesaid; to have 3 years schooling after the age of 10. John Millman, Exec., and guardian of children. Wit: John Greenwell, Thomas Russell, Luke Russell

Farr, Edmund

Farr, Edmund (Edman),St. Mary's Co.,8th Dec., 1730; 5th Jan., 1730. To son Clement (in 15th year) and hrs., dwell. plan. ——; and personalty. To 2 daus. Mary and Sarah, residue of estate equally. Thomas Reeves, ex., to have care of 3 child. during minority. Test: Richard Cooper, Thomas Brown, Thomas Olfent. 20, 133.

Farrar, Robert

Farrar, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,24th Aug., 1675; 6th Nov., 1675. Wife Joanna, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Wm. Kennedy, Geo. Dundas. 2. 361

Farthing, James

Farthing, James,St. Mary's Co.,26th Jan., 1739-40; 27th Mar., 1740. To wife, Mary, extx., ½ dwelling plantation and 32 A. adjoining, which testator bought of Robert Hagar. At her death or remarriage to go to unborn child. To Mr. Poulton, priest, and servant, Joseph Lyon, personalty. To son James, residue of estate, real and personal. Test: William Jenkins, James Hagar, Elizabeth Hagar. 22. 165.

Fenwick, Benedict

Benedict Fenwick, SMC 4/2/1769-5/2/1769. Mother: The pt. of the land where Anthony Joy now lives during her life. Brother: William, all remaining pt. of land which I now possess in Beaverdam Manor. Brother: George Fenwick, slaves. Sister: Jean Fenwick, a slave. One lb. currency to use of St. Alvegis Chapel. To: William King, 2 calves. To: Justinian Moore, cattle. To: John Bs. Lucas, 400 lbs. tobacco. Exec: Brother, William. Wit: Ignatius Fenwick (son of Enoch), John E. Greenwell, Enoch Fenwick

Fenwick, Bennet

Bennet Fenwick, December 1800 JJ-2:266 I Bennet Fenwick of St. Mary’s County, sick and weak of body (etc.) To my son Benedict Joseph, the land I now live on which I purcharsed of John R. Plater, except 30 or 40 acres laying towards Edward Abell and adjoining his land to be sold and apllied to my debts. To my daughters, Margaret and Susanna, personal property of every (sic) king. Exec. My friend Richard Heard & Charles Chilton 10 day of December 1800 Wit. John Wimsatt, Mary Fenwick, William Bowling Pro. 23 day December 1800 from Buchanan to Bohanan

Fenwick, Bennet

Fenwick, Bennet , SMC 5/19/1770-2/5/1771. Children: Cuthbert, Francis, Michael, Richard, Elizabeth, Mary, Dorothy, Henrietta Maria, Priscilla. Brother: Cuthbert's estate. Son: Richard to be guardian to sons Francis and Michael. Execs: Sons, Richard, Francis, and Michael. Wit: Ignatius Clarke, Aaron Smith, George Gough.

Fenwick, Cuthbert

Fenwick, Cuthbert,St. Mary's Co.6th Mch., 1654; —– —– —– To wife Jane, land west of Deep Branch at St. Cuthbert's Neck absolutely, and plantation during life; she to have charge of child., during their minority. To child., viz., Cuthbert, Ignatius, Robert, Richard, and John residue of land equally, save Cuthbert who is bequeathed 100 A. more than any of the others. His plantation to be on St. Cuthbert's, and he to be the Lord of the manor. To Teresa, personalty. To Mr. Starkey, Mr. Fitzherbert, and brother —– Eltonhead, personalty. Ex. not given. Test: Francis Anketill, Eliza: Gerrard.

Fenwick, Cuthburt

Fenwick, Cuthburt,St. Mary's Co.,;23rd March, 1729. To 2 eldest daus. ——, 10s. each; gifts to them confirmed. To dau. Elizabeth, wife —— and son Bennet, personalty. To son Cuthbert and hrs., dwell. plan. ——; and personalty. To son Robert and hrs., tract at Hervy Town bou. of James King; shd. either son die without issue, land to pass to son Bennet. To 5 youngest or last child., personalty; and to 2 grandchild. Robert and Mary Brooke, personalty left to 2 child. by their grandmother ——. Exs.: Wife —— and son Cuthbert. Test: Adam Head, Phillip Clarke, Cuthbert Fenwick. Note: Widow claims her thirds. 19, 888.

Fenwick, Cuthburt

Cuthbert Fenwick, Sr., SMC 9/1/1762-9/8/1762. Cousin: Benedict Fenwick, son of George, tract of land lying in Beaverdam Manor called "Swamp Island", 238 ac. Cousin: Cuthbert Fenwick, now living with me, son of Bennet Fenwick, all remaining pt. of lands I possess. To: Elizabeth Barnes, 1000 lbs. tobacco annually. To: Rebecca King, wife of William King, Jr., cattle. To: My above mentioned cousin, Benedict Fenwick, all the stock belonging to the forest plantation. Remainder of estate to be divided between 2 cousins above mentioned, Benedict and Cuthbert Fenwick, when they are of age 21. Exec: Brother, Bennet Fenwick. Wit: Ignatius Fenwick, William King, James Mackby

Fenwick, Dorothy

Fenwick, Dorothy,St. Mary's Co.,1st April, 1724; 19th June, 1724. To bro. Edmond Plowden, ex., care of estate; to be divided among all child. (unnamed) equally as they come of age or marry. Test: George Jenkins, Peter Joye, John Fenwick. 18, 285.

Fenwick, Ellen

Fenwick, Ellen,St. Mary's Co.,7th Aug., 1737; 1st Nov., 1737. To dau. Ellen, personalty. To sons Philip and John, 20s. each, and to each of sd. sons certain personalty to be accounted for out of their father's estate. To 4 child.: Ignatius, George, Richard and Ellen, residue of estate. Ex.: Son Ignatius. Test: George Clarke, Matt, Burne, James Burne. 21. 825.

Fenwick, George

George Fenwick, SMC 7/15/1769-4/27/1772. Children: William, George, Jean. Tract: "Chance's Conclusion". Execs: Wife, Jane and son, George. Wit: Ignatius Fenwick, Richard Fenwick, Henrietta Magee.

Fenwick, George Jr.

5/8/1807-10/26/1811, D.C. Sons, Enoch and Benedict after their mother's decease, all of my real property in Georgetown (Lots 122, 123, 130, 131) in Threkeld's Addition to Georgetown provided there is no law preventing them from holding property; should there be, after death of wife Margaret, be equally divided between sons Francis and George. Son: Francis, land in Pr. Geo's Co. containing 287 ac. on the condition that he pay John Laird what may be due him in the year 1810 for the land; a negro man named Lewis, a negro lad named Michael, household furniture, plantation utensils. Son: George (after death of his mother) my dwelling plantation in St. Mary's Co. on Beaverdam Manor, about 400 ac.; a lot in Georgetown; 1/2 of my negroes not named, furniture, etc. Friends: Rev. Leonard Neale, Rev. Francis Neale, and Rev. Mr. Coleman $20 each. Wife: Margaret, my dwelling plantation in St. Mary's Co. called "Swamp Island"; lots before mentioned; 1/2 of my negroes not named, furniture, stocks, bonds, contracts and accounts of every kind. Exec: Wife, Margaret. Wit: Enoch King, Elizabeth Lihault, William Gray. DC Probate Records, 1801-1815.

Fenwick, Monica

Monica Fenwick, SMC, 11/8/1815-10/21/1817. Sister: Frances Hill, the land I now live on; a negro boy named Little Joe; one bed and furniture; and nine silver tablespoons. To: Reverend Enoch Fenwick, my silver watch and $20. To: Reverend Leonard Edelen, $20. Niece: Clara Williams, two negroes named Liddy and Letty; one side board; and eight silver teaspoons. Nephew: Charles G. Greenwell, a negro man named Robert. To: Elizabeth Fenwick, a negro girl named Eliza; one bed and furniture; and the young mare, saddle, and the chest she now has in her possession. To: Monica Fenwick, daughter of Jane Fenwick (wife of Enoch Fenwick), two negroes named Austin and Henry. To: Clara Williams, Charles G. Greenwell, Elizabeth Fenwick, and Monica Fenwick, the residue of my estate divided equally. Exec.: Nephew, Charles G. Greenwell. Wit.: Mary Williams, Elizabeth Gough, Thomas Gough

Fenwick, Richard

Fenwick, Richard,St. Mary's Co.,1st Apr., 1714; 26th Apr., 1714. To sons Rich'd, Cuthbert, John, Enoch and Ignatius, joint exs., and their hrs., entire estate, real and personal. Sons by 2nd wife, ––, and by 1st wife, ––, to share equally in division. Should sons Enoch and Ignatius die during minority, their estate to pass to survivors. Should disagreement arise, brother John Fenwick to make division. Test: Joseph Alvey, George Plowden; Cuthbert Sawell. 13. 699.

Fenwick, Richard

Richard Fenwick Liber: JJ#1 Folio: 54, Probate:4/6/1778 To Francis Drury, Will Carpenter, and Nicholas Moore one cow and calf apiece. Sister: Helena Fenwick, negroes named Jeff and Jassway. Sister: Elizabeth Fenwick, a negro girl named Nell. Nephew: Ignatius Clarke, Jr. my young black horse, bridle and saddle. Sisters: Helena and Elizabeth Fenwick, a bond of Thomas Clarke's on the bayshore consisting of 150 pounds of current money, and the residue of my estate. Executor (s): Sisters, Helena and Elizabeth Fenwick Witnesses: Josiah Langley, William Hebb.

Fenwick, William

William Fenwick, SMC, 1/5/1813-9/27/1813. Nephews: Enoch Fenwick and Benedict Fenwick, sons of my brother,George Fenwick, my land in Beaverdam Manor called "Wales" containing 114 acres; a negro named Mary and her children; a negro named Joe, after he serves my wife, Monica Fenwick, for seven years; two, amongst the best, of my beds and furniture; and my silver chalice after the death of my wife. Wife: Monica Fenwick, in lieu of her thirds or dower, a negro named Ralph, his wife Lydia, and their children named Nell, Bob, Joe, Eliza, and Nell's child named Henry. The negro named Joe is to stay with my wife for seven years and then he is devised to my nephews. She is to also have the land recently conveyed to me by James Forrest, Esquire containing 12 1/2 acres where I now live and the residue of my estate. EXECUTOR(S): Wife, Monica Fenwick, and Thomas Gough WITNESSES: Cornelius Manning, Elizabeth Dellahay, Thomas Gough Exec: Wife and Thomas Gough. Wit: Cornelius Manning, Elizabeth Delahay, Thomas Gough. No children. He named his nephews Enoch and Benedict (children of his brother George).

Field, Edward

Field, Edward,St. Mary's Co.,6th Oct., 1724; 4th Nov., 1724. To grandson William and hrs., 40 A. “Knotting”; he dying without issue, to grandson Edward and hrs. To son Edward, 60 A. “Batehellor's Rest,” where he now lives, during life; at his decease to grandson William and hrs. To dau. Monica Mohany, personalty. To son John Spalding, 1s. To sons Edward Field and Samll. Mohany, exs., residue of personal estate. Test: Clemt. Gardiner, William Joseph, Samuel Wood. 18, 321.

Fielder (Filder), William

Fielder (Filder), William,St. Mary's Co.,18th Dec., 1718; 24th Jan., 1718-9. To son William and dau. Mary Lee, 1s. each. To wife Barbary, extx., residue of estate. Test: Richd. Gyles, Darby Carter, John Harwood. 15. 14.

Forbes, Dryden Cheseldine

Will of Dryden Cheseldine Forbes of ST. Mary's Co. MD was dated 25 Jan 1759 and probated in August 1760. She left the following: " To son James Forbes, some slaves; to grandson Charles Samuel Forbes, some slaves, To daughter, Rebecca Forbes, some slaves, To Clarissa Sothoron, 30 lbs currency. Executor named as James Forbes. Witnesses to the will were John and Sarah Blany, K.T. Greenfield. (Note: According to records of Linda Reno who names Samuel as Samuel Somerset and not Samuel. Obviously this information is correct since Charles's mother's father was named Charles Somerset and it would seem obvious that his parents named him for his grandfather. It is strange that Dryden did not name her other grandchildren.) Abstract of the will was given to me by Alice Basile.

Forbes, George

Forbes, George,St. Mary's Co.,10th Oct., 1739; 31st Oct., 1739. To grand-dau. Mary Gordon and hrs., 400 A. “Simms Forest” at head of Elk R. in Cecil Co., purchased from Anthony Simms of St. Marys Co. Shd. she die without issue to go to James Forbes, son of deceased nephew, John Forbes and his hrs. In event of his death without hrs. to son-in-law George Gordon and hrs. To granddau., afsd., the use of all personal estate in Maryland except that which is hereafter given away. In case of her death without hrs. to be divided, 2/3 to George Gordon and 1/3 to James Forbes. To bro. Thomas Forbes in Scotland and hrs. £100 now in hands of London correspondent, Mr. William Hunt merchant. To Robert Forbes, Margert Forbes, Jane Forbes and Margory Forbes monies now in London. To Mary McWillians, widow, personalty. Testator desires that grand-dau. Mary have use of money in Bank of England during minority. At her coming of age to be hers solely. However shd. she die before sd. time, this money is to be divided, 1/5 to George Gordon and other 4/5 to bros. and sisters in Scotland, afsd. Testator also desires to be buried in grave of son George in Bradneck, St. Marys Co., without extravagant drinking at funeral. Exs.: George Gordon and Kenelm Jones, gent. Test: John Urguhart, W. McWilliams, T. T. Greenfield. 22. 101.

Ford (Foord, Foard), Robert

Ford, Robert of Strand, planter,St. Mary's Co.27th Dec., 1735; 15th Sept., 1740. To wife Margaret, 1/3 personal estate and interest in 100 A. “Strand” during widowhood. To sons John and Robert and hrs., “Strand” willed to them by testator's father Robert. To sons John and Peter and hrs., 82 A. land. To son Peter, “May Pole Purchase” willed to him by testator's father. To sons afsd. 1 A. left by testator's father for a warehouse. To child. viz., John, Robert Peter, Monica Sherlly, Teresa Winstead and Annastasia Mattingly, personal estate. Ex.: Son Peter. Test: William Howard, John Daly, Luke Cusaake. 22. 239.

Ford, John

Will of John Ford, SMC 4/5/1760-5/9/1770. Living near the court house in sd. county. Wife: Henrietta, during life, the plantation where I now live called "Ford's Inclosure" and at her death to sons Robert and Joseph Ford. Son: Philip Ford, land I bought of my children called "Birch Hangar" lying in same county in the forest of Chaptico. Son: John, 1 slave. Children by last wife: Philip, Robert, Joseph, Ann, Margaret, and Eleanor Ford. Wit: Peter Peake, Susanna Peake, John Hall, Timothy Bowes, Owen Allen. 5/23/1770: Resignation of executorship to mother-in-law, Henrietta Ford signed by John Ford, Jr.

Ford, John

John Ford, 1/22/1794-4/29/1794 (far advanced in years). Grandson: John Thompson, the plantation where I live and the land I have. If hedies without heirs (without having sold or disposed of it) to my grandson, John Ford; a negro boy named Joe; a negro girl named Henny; the bed andfurniture he lies on; one case of drawers; one pair of hand millstones; one chest;my riding horse; a saddle and bridle; and a small desk that I bought fromPeter Ford. Son: Robert Ford, my smallest bed and furniture; one iron pot;three chairs; my wearing apparel; and a negro boy named Jack. Grandson: Athanasius Thompson, a negro lad named Charles. To: Ann Nevitt, dau. of Matthew Nevitt, a negro boy named Peter. To: Dorothea Nevitt, dau. of Matthew Nevitt, my second best bed and furniture. To: Negroes named Patt and Molly, their freedom at my death. The residue of my estate notdevised is to be equally divided between my son, Robert Ford; my son-in-law,Charles Thompson; my granddaughter, Eleanor Nevitt; and my grandson, John Ford. Execs: Son-in-law, Charles Thompson and son, Robert Ford. Wit: Clement Sewall, Henry Booth, Obediah Nelson. (This will would indicate to me that his grandson, John Thompson was perhaps living with him and I would assume his daughter, the mother of John was dead). We also see from this willthat one of his daughters was married to Matthew Nevitt and had 3 children. 6/9/1795: John Thompson, son of Charles Thompson. Assessors: Ethelburt Cissell and Henry Booth. Property: "Long in Dispense", "Farthing's Gift", and "Crackburn's Purchase". "The lands we think are scarce sufficient to afford necessary fuel to two chimnies until the heir comes of age".Annual Valuations and Assessments by Kirk Ranzetta. This apparently is the property devised to John Thompson by his grandfather, John Ford. Deed from John Thompson to Thomas Mugg for the land he received from his grandfather, John Ford, 8/13/1808 (Chr. of SM). (His middle initial wasE. or F.).

Ford, Robert

Robert Ford, SMC 1753-1/31/1754. Wife: Teresa, dwelling plantation and land contiguous. After her death to grandson Joseph Fenwick (if no heirs) to granddaughter Margaret Fenwick (if no heirs) to granddaughter Mary Fenwick (if no heirs) to daughter, Monica Fenwick. To: Son-in-law, John Fenwick and daughter, Monica Fenwick all land where John Fenwick now lives and after their death to grandson, Robert Fenwick. To: Susanna Dunn, dau. of Margaret Dunn, 2 young negroes. Sister: Teresa Wimsatt, 1000 lbs. tobacco and all accounts that appear on my book against her or debts due to me. Brothers: John Ford and Peter Ford, each 1/2 of my wearing apparel and 1000 lbs. tobacco each. To: Monica Williams, a negro wench named Moll now in the possession of William Williams, her husband. To: the poor within 6 miles of where I live, 8000 lbs. tobacco. To: Peter Ford, Jr. 30 lbs. sterling; 1000 lbs. tobacco; 5 barrels of corn; and all debts due to me. Wife: Teresa, 1/3 of my personal estate and appoint her Exec. Wit: John Hall, Jr., John Cole, Henry Wimsatt.

Forrest, Helena

Forrest, Helena,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–; 24th Apr., 1676; To dau. Eliza: Dundasse, widow of George Dundasse, execx., entire estate to be divided among her child. (unnamed). Test: Henry Phippes. 5. 21

Forrest, Patrick

Forrest, Patrick, St. George's Hundred,St. Mary's Co.,31st Jan., 1675; 14th Feb., 1675. To Ellinor Cheverill, dau. of John Cheverill, personalty. To son Richard and hrs., plantation and 150 A. adjoining thereto. To dau. Ann, personalty. To dau. Margaret and hrs., 50 A., formerly called Henry Leiss', being a gift from Robert and Thomas Hatton to testator. In event of death of any of afsd. child. without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion. To son George Dundasse, and Eliza:, his wife, and hrs., 300 A. on Back Ck., Baltimore Co. To wife Ellinor, dower rights, and sd. wife is appointed execx. jointly with son George Dundasse, afsd. Overseer: Jno. Cheverill during minority of child. Test: Jno. Hepworth, Edw. Fisher. 2. 391

Fossee, John

Fossee, John,St. Mary's Co.,16th Nov., 1713; —– —– —–. To dau. Ruth Thomas and hrs., land “Kingston” and ½ “Shocks Park.” To dau. Treacha (Fossee) and hrs., personalty and “Nun's Oeck” and residue of “Shocks Park;” she dying without issue, sd. land to revert to dau. Ruth afsd. Son Harbart Thomas, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Lawrence Dillon, Jno. Hammond, Dan'll Langhorne. 13. 617.

Foster, Robert

Foster, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,1st Mch., 1697; 10th Mch., 1697. To Eliza:, eld. dau. of Thos. Reeves, personalty. Ann Reev****s, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Smith, Jas. Harris, Jno. Butler, Thos. Reeves. 7. 349.

Fox, Henry

Fox, Henry, Newtowne,St. Mary's Co.,31st Mch., 1656; 26th Jan., 1657. To Mary Stiles, John Greenhill and John Luger, personalty. Wife (unnamed) execx. and residuary legatee. Wife child. (unnamed), estate at age. Wife John Jarbo and Walter Hall, overseers, estate in event of death of child. under age. Test: John Pille, Ed. Berkeley, Luke Barber. 1. 66.

French, Ignatius

Will of IGNATIUS FRENCH, SR., July18,1771, St. Mary's County MD. In the name Of God Amen, the eighteenth day of July in the year of Our Lord, 1771. I, Ignatius French, Senior of St. Mary's County, being sick of body but in perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God for it, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body & that it is appointed for all men to die, make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I give my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it, and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in Christian like manner as my executer hereafter named shall see fit, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall_______ THE SAME AGAIN BY THE mighty power of Almighty God and as touching (?) such worldly goods as God has blessed me with in this life. I give and dispose of in manner and form following. VIZ:Item: I give to my eldest daughter Ann Yates, one shilling sterling, being her full part of my estate. Item: I give to my daughter Elinor French, thirty shillings currency. Item:I give all remainder of my ESTATE, after my debts are paid to be equally divided amongst my seven children. Elinor French, James French, Martin French, Raphael French, Mary French, Ignatius French, Stephen French. Lastly, I appoint my well beloved son James French my whole and sole Executer of this my last Will and Testament, revoking & did annulling all other will or wills by me made, but declare this and no other to be my last Will and Testament. In WITNESS whereof, I have set my hand and seal the day and year above written, Ignatius + French Sr.( SEAL ) Signed, sealed & delivered in the presence of us Peter Brown Francis Beauman Saint Mary's County to wit: On the twentieth day of March 1772, came Peter Brown and Francis Beauman, the two subscribing witnesses to the within last will and testament of Ignatius French Sr., of late of this county aforesaid deceased, and severally made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see this said Ignatius French Sr. the testator herein named, sign and seal this will and heard him publish & declare the same to be his last will and testament and that at the time of his doing he was to the best of their_____each of the apprehension of perfect sense and of sound & disposing mind, memory and understanding, and that they respectively subscribed their names as with witnesses to the said Will in the presence and at the request of the testator and that they did see each other subscribe their names as witnesses

French, James

French, James, planter,St. Mary's Co.,4th Mch., 1733; 18th Mch., 1733-4. To grandson John, ex., and hrs., 110 A., including dwelling plantation, being part of “Hopton Park.” To granddau. Mary, wife of John Leek, and hrs., 50 A. to be laid out on w. side “Mayland.” To servt. James Kirby, his freedom. To grandchild. ——, residue of estate. Test: John Thompson, James Kail, Elizabeth French. 21. 6.

French, John Sr.

Will of John French SR., St. Mary's Co, 19 February, 1767 13 Jun, 1770 To first son John French, all land on west side of Cookses' Run; at his decease, to grandson Bennett French; if he die without hrs. to grandson Barnet French. To second son Ignatius French, my now dwelling plantation and all remainder of land called "Hopton Park"; but for want of hrs., to grandson Bennet French. 1/2 of personal estate to second son Ignatius French, and youngest dau. Susanna French. Remainder of estate to be equally divided between children: Mary Yates,, John French, Elizabeth Medcalf, Monaco Davis, Ignatius and Susanna French. Ex: Son Ignatius. Wit: Wm. Bruer, Elizabeth, Anthony and Peter Brown. Samuel Greenwell Petition against estate of Martin FRENCH, 8/1/1804, St.Marys County, MD Petition of Samuel Greenwell shows that a certain Martin French d. intestate on or about April 20, 1804 seized of "Twittenham", leaving your petitioner, heir and representative of Mary Greenwell (deceased) who was sister to sd. Martin French and entitled to 1/5 part; James French, a brother 1/5 part; Raphael French, 1/5 part; Susanna Greenwell, Eleanor Brown, William Yates, Ignatius Yates, Eleanor French, John French, Dorothy Cissell, George Cissell, and Barton Yates, which last mentioned five are infants, his legal representatives. Eleanor French and John French, heirs of Ignatius French, 1/5; 1/6 to Barton Yates, heir; Martin Yates, dec'd who was one of the heirs of Ann Yates,dec'd, sister of the dec'd, 1/5; the others 1/6 or 1/5 pt. to Susanna Greenwell, one of the heirs of Ann Yates, sister of the dec'd; Eleanor Yates, 1/6 of 1/5 of Ann Yates; William Yates, 1/6 of 1/5 pt. of Ann Yates, sister of the dec'd; 1/6 of 1/5 pt. To Ignatius Yates, of Ann Yates, sister of the dec'd; Dorothy Cissell and George Cissell of Catherine Cissell, repres. of Ann Yates. Purchased by Andrew Somerville, highest bidder.(SMC Land Commission Records, JH #5, f.194).

Frissell, Alexander

Frissell, Alexander, Herring Creek,St. Mary's Co.,30th Aug. 1666; 27th Sept., 1666. Wife Sarah, execx. and sole legatee during life. To dau. Rebecca Frissell, plantation at death of wife afsd. Test: Wm. Watts, Adam Head, Robert Page. 1. 265

Frissell, Forker

Frissell, Forker,St. Mary's Co.,13th Dec., 1661; 23rd Apr., 1662. To William Harper, plantation for 7 yrs., at the end of which time to pass to Denish Frissell and hrs. To wife (unnamed) of sd. William Harper, Mary Halles, dau. of James Halles; Rebeck. Frissell, dau. of Alexander Frissell; Joan Mackahill, dau. of George Mackahill, John Mackey and Mr. Wilkinson, personalty. George Mackahill and Francis Hill, exs. and residuary legatees. Test: Wm. Baker, Mary Bruckfield, Wm. Harper, Eliza. Harper, Wm. Stanfort. 1. 152.

Gale, Benjamin

Gale, Benjamin, joiner,St. Mary's Co.,16th July, 1743;
22nd July, 1743.
To bro. Thomas, ½ real and personal estate.
To sisters Jemima and Anne, residue of estate.
Ex.: Thomas Ingalls.
Test: Richard Wardkey, George Slye, Richard Cooke.
23. 154.

Galle, Lawrence

Galle, Lawrence,St. Mary's Co.13th Mch., 1735-6;
6th July, 1736.
To godson John Baptist Greenwell, personalty.
To wife Grace, extx., residue of estate.
Test: Benjamin Gough, Stephen Nothingham, John Thomas.
21. 633.
25 August, 1736. Oath of Clement Brook, one of the witnesses to will of Edward Digges, late of Prince George Co., dec'd., at instance of William Digges, afsd. Co. Will recorded v. 13, f. 673, Md. Cal. of Wills, v. 4, p. 9.
21. 634.

Galley, Grace

Galley, Grace, widow,St. Mary's Co.,31st Nov., 1737;
5th Mar., 1739.
To sons Charles, Henry, Justiman, Thomas and John Greenwell, dau.-in-law Mary, wife of Charles, dau. Grace, wife of Michael Rayley, Jr., grand-daus., child. of sons Stephen, Henry, Charles and Thomas Greenwell, to daus. of Jane Norris, wife of Thomas, and to dau. Mary, wife of John Heard, personalty.
Testatrix desires to be buried with her husbands and child. on her plantation.
Ex.: Son Stephen.
Test: William Stone, Jr., John Greenwell, Thomas Gordan.
22. 164.

Gant, James

Gant, James,Brittain's Bay, St. Mary's Co.,10th May, 1717;
4th Aug., 1717.
To son John and hrs., 100 A. on s. e. side of Brittain's Bay, near Wm. Davis's house, and personalty at 21 yrs. of age.
To son Mathew and hrs., 100 A., “Drydocking” in the forest of Brittain's Bay, at head of St. Lawrence R., and personalty at 21 yrs. of age.
To daus. Anne, Eliz. and Mary, personalty at 20 yrs. of age or marriage.
To wife Mary, dwelling plantation, being part of “Revell,” during life; at her decease to pass to son Matthew and hrs., wife residuary legatee.
Test: Nicholas Mills, John Medley, Thos. Walker, Henry Spinke. 14. 444.

Gardiner, Hugh

Hugh Gardiner, CC, 6/15/1729. Brothers: Douglas
Gifford Gardiner and Bullet, personalty. Wit: Patrick Mullen, Matthew
Cheshire. Deposition shows that testator declared will at the house of William Cheshire.

Gardiner, John

Gardiner, John, gent.,St. Mary's Co.,13th Oct., 1717;
9th Dec., 1717.
To sons John and Clement and hrs., “Hillaley,” son John to have 100 A. more than son Clement. Should sons John and Clement die without issue, the sd. tract “Hillaley” to pass to two sons Rich. and Wilfraid and hrs.
To son John, personalty.
To Charles Smith, John Hayes and Edw. Hall and their hrs., 2 tracts, “Gardiner's Grove” and “Addition of Gardiner's Grove.” There being no patent granted for sd. tracts, testator directs wife Mary to obtain patent for them in her own name for use of sd. Smith, Hayes and Hall.
To wife Mary, extx., personalty, ½ dwel. plan., “Cannon Neck,” during life. The sd. tract of land, “Cannon Neck,” to be equally divided at her decease between two sons, Rich. and Willfraid, and hrs.
Residue of personal estate divided between wife and child., 4 sons, John, Clement, Rich. and Willfraid, and 5 daus., Susannah, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann and Henrietta Maria; wife to accept afsd. legacies in lieu of her thirds.
Test: Thos. Williams, John Reid, John Atkinson, Dorothy Smith. 14. 470.

Gardiner, John

Gardiner, John, mariner,St. Mary's Co.,9th Dec., 1742;
4th Aug., 1743.
To cousins John Key, and Bartin Milo, personalty.
To bro. Phillip Key, ex., residue of estate.
Test: William Deacon, Vincent Phillips, Justinian Warton.
23. 225.

Gardiner, John

John Garner, SMC, 2/8/1801-2/19/1806.
Wife: (unnamed), all of my estate, both real and personal, during her widowhood. After her death, the estate is to be divided equally between my children and grandchildren.
Grandchildren: Susanna Good, William Good, and Mary Ann Garner Good, children of my deceased daughter, Mary Eleanor Good, one fourth of my estate which would have been their mother's share.
Children: John Garner, Hezekiah Garner, and Elizabeth Nettle, the remaining three fourths of my estate.
Executor: Wife and Son, Hezekiah Garner.
Witnesses: James Walter, James K. Cawood, Mary Hayden

Gardiner, Luke

Gardner, Luke,St. Mary's Co.,4th Dec., 1673;
12th Aug., 1674.
To wife Eliza: execx., home plantation.
To eld. son Richard and hrs., “Barberton Manor,” Chas. Co.
To next son John and hrs., part of “St. John's.”
To son Luke and hrs., 300 A. of “St. John's,” “Hillilee,” “Gardner's Land,” St. Mary's Co., and “Grimditch,” Chas. Co.
To young. son Thomas and hrs., 800 A. on Piscataway Ck., adjoining brother-in-law Zacharay Wade's. Child. to be of age at 18 yrs. In event of death of any child or child. without hrs., survivors to inherit deceased's portion. Should all die without hrs., wife Eliza: to inherit all real estate; residue of personalty to be for the Roman Catholic Church and the poor. In event of death of wife and child. without hrs., land afsd. to pass to child. of brother-in-law Major Thomas Brooke, and ½ of personalty to goddau. Mary Brooke.
Test: Robt. Carvile, Clement Smith, Eliza: Rider, Richard Lanckford. 1. 631.

Gardiner, Richard

Gardner, Richard,St. Mary's Co.,19th Apr., 1687;
3rd Dec., 1687.
To son Luke and hrs., all lands on both sides of the run.
To son John and hrs., “Barberton Manor,” Chas. Co.
To wife Eliza: and hrs., plantation in Va., and certain personalty during minority of son Luke.
To brother Luke, by agreement, “St. John's.”
To sd. sons, Luke and John, and hrs., residue of land equally.
To father-in-law Clement Hill and his wife, to niece and goddau. Hliza: Gardner, dau. of Luke Gardner, to Monica, wife of Luke Gardner, and to priests of Catholic Church, personalty.
Exs.: Uncle, Col. Henry Darnall, father Clement Hill, brother Luke Gardner..
Test: Wm. Langwoorth, Jno. Herd, Thos. Mattingly, Charles Carles, Wm. Dent. 4. 276.

Gardiner, Wilfred

Gardiner, Wilfred,St. Mary's Co.,9th Sept., 1743;
6th June, 1744.
To bro. George Sly and to Philip Key, Bennet Neale, son of Anthony, and negro Harry ——, personalty.
To mother Mary Sly, residue of personal estate.
To sisters Mary Lancaster and Anne Neal, “Canoe Neck” and “Hellelewy”.
Exs.: John Lancaster, Henry Neal.
Test: William Mills, Richard Roper, Thomas Hopkins.
23. 528.

Gates, Robert

Gates, Robert,St. Mary's Co.,5th Feb., 1694;
6th June, 1698.
To wifo Dorothy, extx., 100 A., “Gate's Hope,” 60 A., “Gate's Purchase,” 170 A., “New Branford,” and 20 A., part of “Maidstone,” bought of Thos. Hunt.
To sons John and Robert equally and hrs., 2 lots at Newport Town, 275 A., “St. Michael's,” 200 A., “St. Mary's,” and 193 A., “Gate's Swamp.”
To dau. Catherine and hrs., 200 A., part of “Poppleton” nr. Patuxent R.
To dau. Susanna and hrs., residue of “Branford.”
To dau. Ann and hrs., 80 A., part of “Maidstone.”
To son Joseph, “Gate's Hope” and “Gate's Purchase”: also “New Branford” and “Maidstone” afsd. at decease of mother.
To priest of Roman Catholic Church, personalty.
Test: Rieh'd Edelsn, Jas. Connell, Jas. Haggon.
Note:–At foot of will dates of birth of ohild. given as follows–Catherine, born 7th July, 1676; Susanne, 12th Oct., 1678; John, 19th Sept., 1681; Robert, 13th Feb., 1686; Ann, 23rd July, 1690; Joseph, 8th Dec., 1693. 6. 113.

Gerard, Justinian

Gerard, Justinian,St. Clement's Manor, St. Mary's Co.,4th Aug., 1682;
22nd Jan., 1688.
To wife Sarah, extx., and hrs., antire estate, real and personal, including “Bramly,” and plantation in Westmoreland Co., Va., consisting of 2 tracts; one formerly in possession of James Renolds, and the other formerly in possession of Wilkes Maunders, dec'd; also property in Lancashire, Eng.
Test: Jno. Coode, Nehemiah Blackiston, Henry Ferneley, Thos. Sikes, Wm. Taylor. 6. 43.

Gerard, Robert

Robert Gerard, wr 18 Apr 1698 and pvn 12 Oct 1698

Note: This will was probated 18 Apr 1698. It can be found in Hall of Records. Liber 16 Folio 74.
Note: This will was probated 18 Apr 1698. It can be found in Hall of Records. Liber 16 Folio 74.

Will names wife, Priscilla and four children: 1 boy and 3 girls, John Slye, Judith Slye, Susannah Slye and Sarah Slye..

Will to be found on under Robert Slye. Information taken from the Maryland Calendar of Wills. Vol II

To wife Priscilla, extx, "Lapwood" in Chas. Co. during life, and 1/3 personalty.
To child, viz, John Judith, Susanna and Sarah thd their heirs the residue of personalty.
To daus. Judith Susanna and Sarah afad. equally, "norwood," in Chas. Co. MD left testator by his father.
Overseer: Brother Luke Gardner
Test Geo. Muschamp, Samuel Queen, Thomas Reeves, Richard Clowdes

Will to be found on under Robert Slye. Information taken from the Maryland Calendar of Wills. Vol II

wr 18 Apr 1698 and pvn 12 Oct 1698

To wife Priscilla, extx, "Lapwood" in Chas. Co. during life, and 1/3 personalty.
To child, viz, John Judith, Susanna and Sarah thd their heirs the residue of personalty.
To daus. Judith Susanna and Sarah afad. equally, "norwood," in Chas. Co. MD left testator by his father.
Overseer: Brother Luke Gardner
Test Geo. Muschamp, Samuel Queen, Thomas Reeves, Richard Clowdes

Gerrard, Thomas

Gerrard, Thomas, of Mathotick River, formerly of St. Clement's Manor,St. Mary's Co.,5th Feb., 1672;
15th Dec., 1673.
To dau. Mary and hrs., 4 seats of land in St. Mary's Co., including “St. Katharine's Manor” and “Westwood Lodge.” In event of death of dau. Mary without hrs., sd. lands to pass to surviving sons and daus. of testator.
To eld. son Justinian and hrs., part of “St. Clement's Manor;” also any land or lands in Eng.
To wife Rose during life, and male hrs., ½ of sd. “St. Clement's Manor;” ½ of “Bastfoord Manor,” and of “Gerrard's Reserve,” Va. In event of death of sd. wife without male issue, son Justinian to possess the whole of “St. Clement's Manor.”
To young son John, ½ of “Bastfoord Manor” and ½ of “Gerrard's Reserve,” Va.; to possess the whole of sd. tracts in event of death of said wife without male issue.
To other 3 sons and 5 daus., sons-in-law, daus.-in-law grandchild.; viz: Gerrard Paten and Gerrard Tucker at 18 yrs. of age, and to John Wauge, personalty.
Exs.: Wife Rose and son Gerrard.
Test: John Waugh, Isaac Allerton, John Lee.
Testator desires to be buried by deceased wife Susanna. 1. 567.

Gerrard, Thomas

Gerrard, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,17th Nov., 1685;
20th Oct., 1686.
Wife Anne extx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: Jo. Bearcroft, Benj. Hobson, Robt. Thompson, James Ellis. 4. 221.

Gifford, William,

Gifford, William,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
5th Nov., 1675.
Henry Elliott, ex. and sole legatee.
Test: John Hales. 2. 360.

Glover, Thomas

Glover, Thomas, planter,St. Mary's Co.,2nd June, 1731;
3rd Nov., 1731.
To sons Thomas and Richard, 12d. each.
To unborn child, personalty; sd. child if a boy to be of age at 18, if a girl at 16; shd. sd. child die during minority, pt. of afsd. legacy to unborn child of son Richard.
To wife Weneford, extx., residue of personalty either in Maryland or Virginia.
Test: Patrick Brady, Rebecca Williams, Ubgatt Reeves. 20, 256.

Goldsberry, John

Goldsberry, John, planter,St. Mary's Co.,29th Mar., 1718.
To son Robert, lease of 60 A. and personalty.
To son William, personalty.
To Margaret Goldsberry, grandson Edward Goldsberry and John (son of William Goldsberry), personalty.
Residue of estate to sons Robert and William, equally.
Test: Thos. Blackman, Thos. Thornley, Margaret Goldsberry (Gouldsberry). 14. 640.

Goldsberry, Robert

Will of Robert Goldsberry, SMC 10/21/1756-11/1/1756.
To: Sarah Jole, tract I now live on called "Poppanfields", 190 ac. If she dies without issue, then to Elizabeth Morris and Mary Morris, daus. of John and Ann Morris.
To: George Jole,a hiefer.
Exec: Sister, Sarah Jole.
Wit: Gilbert Anderson, Sarah Tole, Ann Groogin.

Goldsmith, John

Goldsmith, John,St. Mary's Co.,17th Apr., 1683; 31st July 1683.
To son Thomas Notley Goldsmith, home plantation.
To son John Gerrard Goldsmith, sd. plantation in event of death of son Thomas Notley without hrs., or during minority; also 400 A. (unnamed) on e. side Chaptico Branch.
To son William, sd. plantation in event of death of other sons afsd. without hrs.; also 200 A., “Intirement.”
To William Nefinger and Judith, his wife, life interest in sd. tract, “Intirement.”
To daus. Nottley Goldsmith and Eliza: Jourdaine, and to son-in-law Thomas Love, personalty.
To young. child., viz., Thomas Notley, John Gerrard, William, Priscilla, Margaret and Sarah, residue of personal estate, equally.
Wife Judith, execx.
Overseers: Sons-in-law Wm. Nefinger and Thos. Jourdaine.
Test: Edward Turner, Jno. Scane, Thos. Waringe. 4. 15.

Goldsmith, John

Goldsmith, John, St. Mary's Co. 20 Jan 1765, 5 Aug 1773
To son John Goldsmith, the land where I now live and that part tended by Joseph Dunbarr called Island Cutt.
To son Thomas Goldsmith, land occupied by William Walter.
All other lands to be divided by my three sons, John, Thomas and Notly.
That John and Thomas pay to son Notly 5000 pounds of crop tobacco and a suit of coarse broad cloth, at age 21.
My personal estate to be divided between my four children, Notley, Lidia, Ann and Elizabeth Goldsmith, reserving to my wife Jane Goldsmith as the law directs.
Wife Jane Goldsmith, extx.
Wits Wm, Jordan, John Eden, John Mason. 39. 739

Goodaker, Christopher

Christopher Goodaker (no County named) 1/18/1663-1/28/1663. Wife: Dorothy and son, Richard estate equally.
Wit: John Lawson and Susanna White.

Goodson, Christopher,

Goodson, Christopher,Poplar Hill, St. Mary's Co.,8th Oct., 1688;
8th Nov., 1688;
To Eliza: Noble, dau. of John Noble, personalty.
Wife Frances, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal.
Test: Jno. Cambell, Wm. Husband, Michael Boliu, Robt. Thomas. 6. 31.

Goodwin, George

Goodwin, George,St. Mary's Co.,7th Jan., 1672;
22nd Jan., 1672.
Henry Exon, ex. and sole legatee.
Test: Thos. Caffard, Winifrede Horne. 1. 518.

Gough, Benjamin

Will of Benjamin Gough, SMC, 3/20/1774-9/1/1774. Son: Charles, Exec., all my land. Daughter: Rebecca, a negro boy Stephen. Daughter: Mary, a desk. Daughter: Brittania, a 4' chest. Son Charles to take care of son Jeremiah until he is 16 years old and then to be bound out to a trade. Wife: Susanna, Exec., all my estate during her life and at her death equally among my five children--Charles, Mary, Rebecca, Brittania, and Jeremiah Gough. Wit: John Greenwell of James, Rodolphus Norris, Vincent Inge. Rodolphus Norris and Vincent Inge state that they did not think Benjamin Gough was of a sound mind. John Greenwell of James states that he does think he was of a sound mind.

Gough (Gaugh, Goff), Benjamin

Gough (Gaugh), Benjamin,St. Mary's Co.21st Mch., 1735-6;
2nd June, 1736.
To sons Benjamin and James and their hrs., dwelling plantation —–, divided equally at their majority; and personalty. Shd. sd. sons die without issue lands afsd. to pass to daus. Mary and Perselea and their hrs.
Wife Jane, extx.
Test: John Greenwell, John Medley, John Blake.
21. 632.

Gough, James

Gough, James,St. Mary's Co.,18th Dec., 1725;
31st Jan., 1725.
To eldest son James and hrs., 100 A. “Rachoon point,” taken up by Richard Nevitt, on e. side Britton's Bay; 100 A. dwelling plantation “St. Bernards,” 200 A. of “St. Margarett's” (100 A. thereof sold to bro. Benjamin) and 109 A. “Ladyland”; and personalty.
To son Stephen and hrs., 150 A. “Jarboes,” w. side Britton's Bay; 60 A. marsh land adj. and 42 A. “Gough's Levell,” e. side Brittains Bay; and personalty.
To son Peter and hrs., 190 A. —– bou. of Nicholas Lowe, Esq.
To daus. Elizabeth and Ann, personalty.
To son Baptista, £60 to purchase land.
To wife Elizabeth, extx., personalty, and to divide with child. afsd. residue of personal estate; shd. she marry, to forfeit all right therein.
Test: Richard Thompson, Benjamin Gough, Richard Farthing, Joh. Harwood.
Note: Widow claims her thirds. 18, 435.

Gough, James

James Gough, SMC 2/19/1774-8/5/1774. 50 ac. of land to be sold.
Son: John Baptist Gough, my dwelling plantation containing 100 ac. All
moveable estate to my 6 remaining children: Jane, Elizabeth, Annesary,
Matthew, Ann, and Mary Gough. Exec: Wife, Susanna and Stephen Gough. Wit:
Matthew Norris, Stephen Norris, Eleanor Greenwell. The widow does not stand
to the will.

Gough, Mary

Gough, Mary, widow,St. Mary's Co.,31st Oct., 1743;
30th Nov., 1743.
To dau. Anastatia at 16 yrs., £10 and testator's share of the estate of her husband Stephen.
Son James to be of age at 18 yrs. but not to receive any estate until he is 21.
Ex.: Bro. John Norris.
Test: Joshua Woodward, Thom. Howard, William Russell.
23. 320.

Gough, Stephen

Gough, Stephen,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Oct., 1700;
2nd Jan., 1700.
To Nicholas Galick, personalty.
To eld. son James, ex., and hrs., 100 A., “Vacooun Point,” on this side Brittain's Bay, taken up by Rich'd Nevett; 100 A., “St. Barnard's,” and 300 A., “St. Margaret's.”
To young. son Benjamin, parcel of land lying in “Beaver Dam Manor.”
To wife Clare, sons James and Benjamin, daus. Mary and Morrica, residue of estate.
Test: Lawrence Gall, Jas. Greenwell, Jno. Greenwell, Grace Greenwell. 11. 61.

Gough, Stephen

Gough, Stephen, planter,St. Mary's Co.,30th March, 1743;
21st April, 1743.
To son Ignatius, 150 A. dwelling plant, 42 A. “Galigh's Level,” 48 A. “Gough's Convenience.”
To son Matthew, dau. Anastaticia, bro.-in-law John Norris, personalty.
To wife Mary, extx., residue of estate.
Test: Clement Spink, Susanna Norris, William Russell.
23. 84.
Note: May 4, 1743 widow takes her legal third.

Gover, Daniel

Gover, Daniel,St. Mary's Co.,23d May, 1674;
9th June, 1674.
To brother Emanuel Ratcliffe and Eliza: Exons, personalty. Ex. not named.
Test: Geo. Fennix, Edwin Lecroft. 1. 620.

Gowdard, John

Gowdard, John,St. Mary's Co.,23rd Nov., 1700;
—– —– —–.
To son John and hrs., dwelling plantation.
To daus. Margaret and Eliza: and hrs., “Heart's Delight”; also plantation afsd. in event of death of their brother John during minority, and in event of there being no hrs., sd. land to pass to John Brewer and his hrs.
To wife Mary, extx., personalty.
Test: Thos. Dillon, Jno. Cambell, Ell. Shortwell, Simon Gurling. 11. 30.

Grace, John

Grace, John, “Basford Manor,”St. Mary's Co.,10th Jan., 1675;
21st Mch., 1675.
Wife Ann, execx. and sole legatee.
Test: Edw. Baylie, Ann Breden. 2. 407.

Graile, Francis

Graile, Francis,St. Mary's Co.,6th Feb., 1675;
15th Mch., 1675.
To Edward Pearce, Thomas and John, the sons of Thomas Pearce, dec'd, Gilbert Turberfield and Mary Robinson, personalty.
William Strainer, ex. and residuary legatee.
Test: Richard Dell, Lidia Turberfile. 2. 409.

Graves, John

Will of John Graves, Sr.,St. Mary's Co. 1/27/1746-7/5/1748. To: George Thompson, SMC, right to plantation he now lives on called "Rocky Point". Son: Thomas, plantation he lives on called "Hopewell" and "Pt. of Hardship's Addition"; at his death to my grandson, Thomas Graves, Jr. and for want of heirs to my grandson Joshua Graves, and for want of heirs to his brother John Graves, and for want of heirs, to my granddaughter Henrietta Anderson, and for want of heirs son on to the youngest of son Thomas' children. For want of such heirs then to fall to granddaughter, Tabitha Graves, dau. to John Graves, Jr. (deceased) and for want of such heirs to her brother, John Graves, and for want of heirs to his brother Jesse Graves, and for want of such heirs to fall to my son George Graves. Grandson: Jesse Graves, the plantation his father lived on when he died being pt. of "Graves' Chance". Grandson: John Graves, son of John Graves, Jr. (deceased), "Graves' Lot". Son: George, "Graves' Swamp". Grandsons: Jesse Graves and John Graves to be under care and tuition of son George Graves until age 18. Daughter: Eleanor Graves "Hardship's Addition" and for want of heirs, to daughter Ann Graves and for want of heirs to granddaughter, Mary Ann Nelson and for want of heirs to granddaughter Chloe Nelson and for want of heirs to grandson Seneca Nelson and for want of heirs to daughter Elizabeth Nelson and for want of heirs to daughter Margaret Standidge. Daughter: Elizabeth Nelson "Doe Park" and 50 ac. "Doe Park's Addition". Daughter: Margaret Standidge, pt. of "North Addition to Doe Park". Daughter-in-law: Margaret Graves. If any of the children or grandchildren forsake the Protestant religion, they they are to be disinherited. Wit: Richard Weaklin, Robert Drury, John Booker.

Green, Mary

Green, Mary (widow),St. Mary's Co.,12th May, 1716;
—– —– —–.
To sons Thos. and James and hrs., “Guyther's Purchase” as now divided, between them. Should sd. sons die without issue, their share to pass to their widows during widowhood, then to grandson Thos. Squires and hrs. Should he die without issue, to next hr. of dau. Squires.
To dau. Sarah Squires, personalty; she to enjoy part of the tract belonging to son James. Jno. Squires to have liberty to clear and plant same at his wife's pleasure.
To Jane Campbell, personalty.
To grandson Thos. Squires, personalty at age of 18.
Ex.: Son James.
Test: Danll. Clocker, Alice Clocker, Jno. Baker. 14. 229.

Green, Thomas

Green, Thomas, Governor,St. Mary's Co.,18th Nov., 1650.
After reserving a livelihood for himself, assigns to his friends Henry Adams and James Langworth entire estate, real and personal, for benefit of wife Winifred and children Thomas, Leonard, Robert and Francis; but desires wife afsd. to have full possession during her life, except that a certain amount of tobacco is to be given to friend Thos. Copley. Wife to give to sons afsd. designated shares in succession. In event of death of wife and of children without issue, ¾ of estate to be given to charity and balance to Henry Adams and James Langworth afsd.
Test: Richd. Willan, Alice Smith. Pat. Rec. 1, 188.

Greene, Leonard

Greene, Leonard,St. Mary's Co.,10th Jan., 1687;
4th July, 1688.
To wife Ann, “Greene's Rest” during life.
To son Thomas and hrs., sd. plantation at death of his mother, also 200 A. at Panguya, Chas. Co., being part of “Greene's Inheritance” patented by testator and 2 brothers, viz., Francis and Robert.
To eld. dau. Wynyfred and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. “Greene's Inheritance.”
To dau. Mary and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. tract.
To dau. Margaret and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. tract.
Child. to be in care of their mother.
Exs., Brother Francis Greene, brother Thomas Clarke.
Test: Francis Penington, Kenelm Cheseldyn, Thos. Taylor, Kate Cannon. 4. 318.

Greenfield, Henry

Henry Greenfield, SMC 11/1/1748-12/6/1748.
Brother: Thomas, 43 lbs. sterling and all tobacco he now owes me. Brother: George, that moiety or half tract of "Good Luck" now joining to his land; a horse called "Jolly"; and a small gun.
Cousin: Catherine Cartwright, a negro girl Priss and her increase. To: Elizabeth Barber's daughter, Rebecca 25 lbs. sterling at age 16. Wit: James Forbes, Nathaniel Parran, Nathaniel T. Greenfield.

Greenfield, Nathaniel Truman

Nathaniel Truman Greenfield, SMC, 11/21/1783-6/9/1784. Sister:
Susanna Wilkinson Greenfield, all of my estate both real and personal. She
is to rent out the lands and hire out the negroes. To: Friend, William
Cartwright, all of my wearing apparel, except my gold, silver buttons, and
silver shoebuckles. Exec: Sister, Susanna Wilkinson Greenfield. Wit:
Elizabeth Chesley, William Kilgour, George Clarke Somerville.

Greenfield, Nathaniel Truman

Nathaniel Truman Greenfield, SMC 11/28/1762-2/19/1763. Wife:
Rebecca, slaves to be sold to educate children. Son: Thomas Truman
Greenfield. Mentions: Dr. Hamilton; all slaves except one which is mother
gave to my daughter Nancy to be equally divided. Mentions: all my children.
Exec: Wife, Rebecca. Wit: Meverell Locke, Thomas Greenfield, John Briscoe

Greenfield, Thomas Truman

Greenfield, Thomas Truman,St. Mary's Co.,3rd Feb., 1730;
11th Mch., 1733-4.
To eld. son Thomas Truman and hrs., 2354 A., “Trent Neck,” “Stoke Bardolph,” “Arcadia” and “Greenfield's Discovery,” provided he conform to this will and his mother's deelre touching lands descended to her by the death of her brother Kenhelm Chiseldyne; should sd. son Thomas or any of his hrs. molest, sue for and recover lands descended to his mother to detriment of son Kenhelm or hrs., then sd. son Kenhelm and hrs. shall be vested in a good and sure estate in Fee Tail as expressed to son Thomas of, in and to “Trent Neck” bought of the then Lord Baltimore and also in afsd. tracts. Son Thomas to take no benefit of this will, except what was had from uncle Thomas Truman, esq., i. e., in 1210 A. in “Trent Neck,” “The Wedge,” “Refuse,” “Backland,” “Snenton” and “The Inclosure;” sd. son Thomas dying without issue sd. lands to pass to son Kenhelm and hrs., and in default of such hrs. to son Gerard and hrs., and in default of such hrs. to son Walter and hrs., and in default of such hrs. to son Nathaniel and hrs., and in default of such hrs., to son James and hrs., and in default of such hrs. to dau. Mariamne Truman Stoddart and hrs., and in default of such hrs. to dau. Sabina and hrs., and in default of such hrs. to right male hrs. of testator.
To son Kenhelm Truman Greenfield and hrs., “Trumans Hope,” “Scegby,” 150 A. bought of mother —–, Saint Margaret's Island, and 1/3 of the lands his uncle Kenhelm Cheslldyne died possessed of, and in default of such hrs. to descend as directed in preceding paragraph.
To wife Anne, lands below the 30 ft. house Neck Gut and the head of the branch which falls into it, being where mill stands, one-half use of mill during life, after her decease same to pass to son Thomas and hrs.
To son Gerard Truman Greenfield and hrs., part of “Retaliation,” part of “Addition,” “The Barrens” and “Golden Race,” Prince George Co.
To son Walter Truman Greenfield and hrs., “Truman's Chance,” whereon Robert Gill dwells, “Fishing Place,” given by will of Peter Harris, “The Forks,” “Addition” adjoining thereto, 109 A. bought of William Maria Farthing near John Medley's Neck.
To son Nathaniel Truman Greenfield and hrs., land bought of John Bowles, “Farthing's Disoovery,” tract bought of Joshua Heartley and tract bought of Henry Gibbins.
To son James Truman Greenfield and hrs., land bought of George Kieth and Henry Gibbins whereon Samuel Fowler now dwells, “Lamley,” “Keeche's Folly,” n. part of “Holbydge Town,” w. part of “Peny Farthing,” a lot in Seymour town.
To dau. Mariamne Truman Stoddert and hrs., “Truman's Acquaintance.”
To dau. Sabina Truman Greenfield and hrs., “Wolf's Den,” “America Felix.”
To godson Thomas Greenfield Truman and hrs., the w. 100 A. of “Penny Farthing,” Charles Co., on condition he and they go by the name of Greenfield as testator does by name of Truman.
To niece Rebecca Jowles and hrs., s. ½ of “Holbydge Town.”
To godson James Greenfield Wood the land his father holds (after his mother's decease) for and during a term of 7 yrs.
To hrs. of John Craycraft of Prince George's Co., rights and interests in “Cross Gutt.”
Testator states that some yrs. ago having agreed to sell to John Adams of Charles Co. a tract known as “Mount Olivet” for consideration of 3000 lbs. tob. and £20, of which was paid £5 and 1200 lbs. tob., wills that sd. Adams or his hrs. have the land on same terms, residue of payment to be included in personal estate, if he or they do not accept these terms money paid to be refunded to sd. Adams, and sons James, Nathaniel, Walter, Gerard, Kenhelm and Thomas and daus. Mariamne and Sabina hold sd. land successively.
To dau. Mariamne Truman Stoddert and hrs., 15,000 lbs. tob. to be paid out of profits of lands, provided books do not show such sum as paid to her or her husband before consummation of will.
To son Nathaniel Truman Greenfield and hrs., “Cooek's Hope,” Charles Co.
To each of child. (dau. Mariamne excepted), 16,000 lbs. tob. or value thereof. Dau. Sabina to receive portion at age of 16, or day of marriage, sons as they arrive to age of 21 yrs.
To mother —–, rents of “Golden Race” during life.
To brother James, personalty, 2/3s. personal estate to be divided between young. dau. and six sons. Should sons or daus. or their hrs. or descendants marry a Roman Catholls, or themselves embrace that religion, neither they or any of them to have any benefits from this will, and whatever is bequesthed them to revert to next Protestant heir. Disputes arising as to interpretation of this will to be referred to decision of trustees, intention of testator being that lands shall pass from one to another in the same order as herein set down, in case of want of lawful issue, tho' the sd. child. had different mothers.
Exs.: Wife and sons Thomas and Kenhelm.
Overseers: Daniel Dulany, Henry Holland Hawkins, Leonard Hollyday, John Stoddert, William Wilkinson, Philip Key, Thomas Gant.
Test: John Forbes, Tho. Brooke, Thomas Addington, James Hay, Rand Morris, John Burch.
Codieil 11th Nov., 1733. Bequest of part of “Soegby” to son Kenhelm revoked, and two northernmost 100 A. of sd. tract bequeathed to son Nathaniel in the same manner as other land in former part of will is given.
To young. son James Truman Greenfield and hrs., mortgage of land from brother James and one from Robert Elliott. Wife empowered to cancell debts against such debtors as to her seem fit objects of charity.
Test: Joshua Nelson, Robert Elliott, Thomas Addington. 20. 892.

Greennoch, Elizabeth

Greennoch, Elizabeth, widow,St. Mary's Co.,24th Nov., 1742;
29th Nov. 1742.
To bros. and sisters ——, cattle.
To bro. Richard Brewer, his son Richard, god dau. Mary Ann Brewer, Matthew Anderson, Elizabeth McCrachlin (Crachlin), David McCrachlin, Mark Mattingly, Mary Marter, Mark Brewer and John Baptist Anderson, personalty.
Ex.: Bro.-in-law John Matting.
Test: Rachel Neal, James Thompson.
23. 1.

Greennoch, Richard

Greenock, Richard,St. Mary's Co.,—– —– —–;
1st Nov., 1742.
David McCrackin and William Ray took oath that they heard test. who died November 1st, say that he willed his entire estate to his wife ——, with the exception of some books that he willed to his godchild ——.
23. 2.

Greenwell, Austin

Austin Greenwell, 10/7/1823-1/13/1832. Son: John Allen, sorrel horse. Son: Augustine, all property that I have a bill of sale on record. Daughter: Cecelia Greenwell, $10. Wife: Elizabeth, all the rest of my estate for life and then to my 6 children--Cecelia, Lewis, Augustine, Enoch, Thomas, and John Allen Greenwell. Daughter: Mary Cissell, 25 cents as her part in full of my estate. Exec: Son, John Allen Greenwell. Wit: Philip Greenwell of Charles, John Redman.

Greenwell, James

Greenwell, James,St. Mary's Co.,28th Nov., 1709;
14th Aug., 1714.
To wife Grace, extx., during widowhood, ½ of 200 A., “Pileswood Lane,” it being the dwelling place; she to have charge of younger child. until they are 18 yrs. of age.
To son John and hrs., residue of land afsd.; he to have charge of child. should wife marry or die. In event of his death without issue, his estate to pass in succession to sons Justinian and Ignatius and hrs., to son Stephen and hrs., son Charles and hrs., and then to 3 sons Henry, Thos. and William and hrs. To sons afsd., personalty.
To son James, 1 shilling in full of his share of estate.
To 3 daus., Mary Heard, Grace Clarke and Jane (Greenwell), at 18 yrs., personalty.
Test: Jo. Mason, Henry Taylor, James Gough, Peter Gahart.
13. 725.

Greenwell, James

Greenwell, James,St. Mary's Co.,20th Mar., 1723-4;
11th April, 1724.
To son James and hrs., entire real estate; he dying without issue, to pass to son Enoch and hrs.
To wife Sarah, extx., use of lands till sons afsd. are of age, and personal estate. Shd. wife die before youngest children (not designated) are of age, they are left to care of bro. Ignatins. Sons of age at 20 yrs.
Test: John Hammond, Thomas Norris (Norrice), John Greenwell. 18, 241.

Greenwell, John

Greenwell, John,St. Mary's Co.,22nd Dec., 1739;
15th July, 1741.
To sons John Wiseman, John Basil and James and their hrs. “Pilese Woodland”.
To son Joshua, “Last Shift”.
To son John Baptist, 100 A. “Rochester”.
Extx.: Wife Catherine.
Test Thomas Norres, Jr., John Norres and Thomas Norres.
22. 368.

Greenwell, John

Greenwell , John,New Towne,27th Mch., 1658;
3rd Apr., 1658.
To son James, ex., entire estate, "Piles Woodland", except legacies to following:
To wife Bridgett, god-dau. Anna Warren, and Mr. Fitzherbert, personalty. Wife to be in charge of estate until son afsd. comes of age; shd. sd. son die during minority, 1/3 of estate is bequesthed to overseers, Capt. Wm. Evans and James Langworth, and residue disposed of to pious uses, as for the relief or poor Catholie children and the like.
Test: Walter Hall, John Shirteliffe, Thomas Bankes. Liber P. C. R. f. 7.

Greenwell, Philip

Will of Philip Greenwell, SMC 9/4/1774-11/1/1774. Son: Thomas, stock;
tobacco; wearing apparel; furniture; bridle; a colt; and all of the
tract where I now live except the pt. bought of Philip Medley; and after
his death, to son Joseph. Son: Joseph, 36 ac. which is that pt. of the
land which I bought of Philip Medley at the head of Medley's Branch,
bounded by a division post between Nathaniel Greenfield and Philip
Greenwell; a negro girl Mary; money and a bond I have against Thomas
Shercliffe. Wife: Winifred, Exec., negroes Jacob and Henry and their
wives; stock; and furniture. Children: Mary and Joseph Greenwell
negroes named Jeremiah, Little Jacob, Joshua, Barnaby, Eleanor, Jeane,
and James and the residue of my personal estate. Wit: John Greenwell,
Jr., Bennet Combs, Nicholas Greenwell.

Griffen (Griffin), William

Griffen (Griffin), William,St. Mary's Co.,24th March, 1729-30;
25th April, 1730.
To William (son by first wife Mary), personalty; shd. sd. son die without issue, to pass to son Ezekiel (son of last wife Pathena).
To son Ezekiel and hrs., personal estate, wife's thirds excepted.
Wife Pathena, extx.
Test: Mark Cooper, Theophilus R. Miller.
Note: To William Jaction, son of other wife Mary, personalty. 20, 11.

Griffin, Richard

Griffin, Richard,St. Mary's Co.,4th March, 1744;
18th Aug., 1744.
To wife Mary, extx., life interest in dwelling plantation which lies next to plantation of dau. Willen Bassett. At her death to pass to son Parnemas and hrs. Shd. he die without hrs., to daus. Anne and Elizabeth also “Beaver Dam Neck.”
To dau. Willen Bassett and her son ––, part of “Beaver Dam Neck” for 7 yrs. She to pay testator's widow afsd. 1s. a yr. rent.
To daus. Willen Bassett, Parthenia Mitchell, Sarah Tell and Elizabeth Thompson, 1s. each.
Test: Martha Glover, Sarah Camwell, Daniel Sullivan.
23. 572.
Note: Widow makes her election and abides by will.

Griffin, Thomas

Griffin, Thomas,St. Jerome's, St. Mary's Co.,27th Nov., 1687;
3rd Dec., 1688.
To son Richard, “Beaver Dam” on Beaver Dam Neck.
To son John, dwelling plantation; to be of age at 16 yrs.
To dau. Mary and to grandchild, Sarah Lee, personalty.
Son Thomas, ex. and residuary legatce of estate, real and personal, and to be guardian of his sister and brother, viz., Mary and John afsd.
Test: Jos. Toulson, Wm. Pries, Rich'd Benton, Jno. Edwards.
6. 31.

Griffin, Thomas

Griffin, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,11th Oct., 1736;
24th May, 1742.
To sons Nicholas, ex., Philip, James and Thomas, portions of plantation; son James to have the house. Sd. plantation lies next to that of Wm. Nouland and includes well dug by Wm. Douss.
To son Abraham, plantation lying on ridge called “Scot land.” Sons to be of age at 18 yrs.
To grandson John (Griffin) at 18 yrs., estate of first son to die without hrs. Estate of any other son dying without hrs. to pass to his surving brothers.
To dau. Ann Cooper, 1s.
To sons afsd. and daus. Mary and Susannah, personalty.
Test: Wm. Cutler, Jno. Cuffny, Jas. Chizum.
22. 468.

Gristy, Benjamin

Gristy, Benjamin ; ST. MARY'S CO. WILL BOOK TA1; FF 734 PROBATED FEB. 14, 1775 FIRST I give and bequeath my soul to god who made it, secondly my body to the grave to be buried after the discretion of my friends, and all my worldly goods in manner and form as followeth VIZ...

ITEM I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife, Ann Gristy the house why, principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it, and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my executor, nothing doubting but at the general resurection I shall recieve the same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching such worldly estate, where with it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give devise and dispose of the same in the following in the manner VIZ:

INPRIMIS. I give and bequeath to Margaret my dearly beloved wife the third part of my personal estate, after my just debts being paid and two working horses, with a priveledge upon the said tract of land called the Strand during her widowhood...

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my eldest son John Ford, and my second son Robert Ford, the said tract of land called the Strand to them willed by my father Robert, and their heirs forever, as the first patent obtained by him containing one hundred acres, lying and being in the main frosh of Brittains Bay....

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my eldest son and my third son Peter Ford eighty two acres of Swiftisland contained within the bounds of the said tract of land called the Strand, more than the original quantity mentioned in the said fathers patent, which I value bonafide at six thousand pounds of tobacco, purchase made by me, and which said eighty two acres I give and bequeath, unto the said John and Peter Ford and their heirs forever, provided they pay or cause to be paid mess whereof I've set my hand and affixed my seal, this thirtieth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and seventy four....
Signed sealed and published
in the presence of us
Benjamin Gristy
John Greenwell
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Greenwell

Grubb, John

Grubb, John,St. Mary's Co.,14th Apr., 1695;
–– –– ––.
Wife Ann, extx. and sole legatee of estate.
Test: Sam'l Cooksey, Thos. Torpin, Jos. Joseph, David Parsons.
6. 168.

Guibert, Elizabeth

Guibert, Elizabeth,St. Mary's Co.,19th Dec., 1715;
17th Sept., 1716.
To son John Blackiston and male hrs. (being Protestants), dwelling plantation, “Langworth Point,” on Potomac River in St. Clement's Hundred, and all real estate except 150 A.
To dau. Mary Mason and hrs., being Protestant, and for want of such issue to next surviving Protestant heir, 150 A. afsd., it being a part of tract of waste land bought of Mich. Curtis of St. Clements Hund. Should son John die without Protestant issue, land given to sd. son to be equally divided among grandchild. and their hrs.
To daus. Susanah Attoway, Rebecka Walters, Mary Mason and Ann Blackiston, granddau. Elizabeth Blackiston and grandson Nehemiah Blackiston, personalty.
To son John afsd., ex., ½ personal estate, other half to be equally divided among daus. above mentioned and their hrs.
To church for ornaments, as vestry shall see fit, 2,000 lbs. tobacco.
Test: John Coode, Wm. Gibson, James Brian, Katherine Gibson. 14. 224.

Guibert (Guybert), Thomas

Guibert, Thomas,St. Mary's Co.,17th March, 1728-9;
7th May, 1729.
To daus. Elizabeth and Anne, personalty.
To wife Sarah, extx., plantation and land in the neck by Ralph Bagleys during life; at her decease to two daus. afsd. equally; and residue of personalty; to bring up daus. afsd. at her own charge.
Overseers: Bro. Joshua and Justinian Jordan.
Test: William Coode, James Thompson, Ann Blackiston. 19, 690.

Guibert, Joshua

Guibert, Joshua,St. Mary's Co.,26th Feb., 1713;
16th May, 1713.
To son Thomas and hrs., dwelling plantation on St. Clement's Bay, and lands adjoining thereto.
To son Matthew and hrs., “Guibert's Chance” and the addition to same nr. St. Clement's Bay.
To son Joshua and hrs., about 160 A., “Tower Hill” in Chas. Co., also dwelling plantation afsd. should son Thomas die without issue.
To dau. Mary, personalty.
To dau. Eliza: Carberry, personalty in addition to that given her when she married Thos. Turner.
To dau. Ann Blackston, personalty in addition to that given her when she married John Blackston.
To wife Elizabeth, life interest in dwelling plantation and lands devised son Thomas afsd.
Sons Thomas and Joshua afsd., exs., and residuary legatees.
Test: Wm. Walker, Frances Marritt, John Marritt. 13. 593.

Guibert, Joshua

Guibert, Joshua,St. Mary's Co.,10th Nov., 1743;
1st Dec., 1743.
To wife Jane, extx., life interest in real and personal estate. At her death personal estat to be divided bet. child. Elizabeth, Anne, Joshua, Susannah Goode and Mary Woodward.
Testator's land extends to land belonging to Thos. Chamberlin.
To grandchild. Luke and Joseph Woodward and Joshua and John Sandys, personalty.
Test: Martha Guibert, John Guibert, Jame Dickson.
23. 410.
Note: Widow makes her election and abides by above will.
Note: Nov. 14, 1743, James Dubar and Raphell Nede took oath that on the 12th of Nov. they heard the testator, then very weak, say that he wished a slave to go to his youngest daus. Ann and Susannah

Guibert, Susannah Gerard Blakiston

Will of Susannah Gerard Blakiston Guibert dated 17 Sep 1716 and proven

Elizabeth wills to son John Blakiston, Longworth Pt. (which she received from father as dower) on the Potomac River in St. Clements Hundred and all real estate except 100 acres. To her daughter Mary Mason and Heirs for want of issue next surviving heir part of tract of wasteland bought of Michael Curtis of St. Clements Hundred. Should son, John, die the land to be equally divided among grandchildren and their heirs. Daughters Susannah Attaway, Rebecca Walton, Mary lMason and g. daughter, Ann Blakiston and grandson Nehemiah Blakiston mentioned. Son, John named executor of estate. John to receive 1/2 of personal estate and other half to daughters and their heirs. 2000 pounds of Tobacco to go to the Church for Church ornaments and vestry. Susannah was vehement that anyone who was to receive anything from her must be Protestant, and if they became Catholic they were not eligible to receive anything from her.
Maryland Historical Society.

Gulick, Nicholas

Gulick, Nicholas,St. Mary's Co.,9th Apr., 1718;
27th May, 1718.
To friend John Leck, ex., and hrs., all land on Eastern Shore, on or near Chester R., left testator by John Lundy (excepting 100 A. already given to Bernard Howard).
Test: Jas. Worrick, Mary Howard, Mildred Thompson, Henry Spinke. 14. 617.

Guyther, Mary

Guyther, Mary, widow,St. Mary's Co.,29th Oct., 1716;
29th Nov., 1716.
To son Owen and dau. Sarah and hrs., “The Folly,” equally.
To daus. Dorothy and Mary “Barron Neck,” equally. Should either die before they are of age, their portion to go to son Owen and hrs., or in event of marriage of either of sd. daus. to a landed man, her part to go to son Owen.
Cousin Elinor Keave to have full liberty to live on any part of sd. land during her life, but not to interfere with sd. child. Personal estate to child. equally, when they become of age.
Ex.: Friend Owen Smithson.
Test: Robt. Rossin, John Baker, Dorothy Leigh. 14. 305.