Migration from Maryland: 1780 - 1820

Counties: St. Mary's (SMC), Charles (CC), Calvert (CaC), Prince George's (PGC)

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Adams, Richard
Algair, Michael
Silas, Ashby
Austin, James

Bald, William
Barney, Joseph
Barton, Unknown
Beaven, Thompson
Bell, James, Joseph and Walter
Borders, Unknown
Bowles, Walter
Bowman, Russell
Brown, Alexander
Burke, John

Carlisle, Unknown
Carrico, Joseph
Carrico, Joseph
Carter, Ann
Cissell, Sylvester
Clarkson, Knotley
Clarvoe, Henry
Combs, Junius

Davis, Forrest
Dearing, Unknown
Dearing, Walter
Dolan, Thomas
Donnelly, Cornelius
Dooley, John
Dougherty, Bernard
Dougherty, James
Dufriend, Paul
Durham, John

Edwards, Ninian
Elliott, James
Ellis, Unknown

Fairleigh, Andrew
Falls, David
Fenwick, Cornelius Scott Co
Fenwick, Cornelius Nelson Co
Force, Samuel

Gannon, James
Gau, William
Geohegan,Sr, Ambrose
Gettings , McKenzie Glasgow, Thomas
Gough, John B. Jr.
Green, Henry
Green, James
Gross, John

Hamilton, Samuel
Harper, Andrew A.
Hayden, Joseph
Hines, Andrew
Holton, Unknown
Holton, John
Hottenroth, Unknown
Hughes, James

Jamison , Unknown
Jarboe, Richard
Jenkins, Austin
Jenkins, Thomas Courtney
Jones, Fielding

Kelly, Unknown - Bardstown & Vicinity
Knott, Unknown - Cartwright's Creek Settlement

Leake, Thomas - ScottCountySettlement
Lee, Philip - Pottinger's Creek
Lee, Robert
Little, William
Lynch, B.

Mattingly, Charles
McAtee, Richard
McDonough, Patrick
McGary, William
McGowan, Patrick
McManus, John
McManus, Mrs. Mary
Melton, Unknown - Rolling Fork Settlement
Merrimee - Bardstown & Vicinity
Miles, John S. - Cartwright's Creek Settlement
Miles, Philip - Cartwright's Creek Settlement
Mitchell, Joseph - Hardin's Creek Settlement
Moon, Solomon
Moore, Unknown - Rolling Fork Settlement
Morgan, Unknown - Franklin Co Settlement
Morgan, Dennis
Mudd, Unknown - Breckenridge Co Settlement
Mudd, William - ScottCountySettlement
Mulholland, David

Newton, Joseph - Franklin Co Settlement
Newton, Joseph P. - ScottCountySettlement
Nord, Mrs. - Franklin Co Settlement

O'Driscoll, Florence
O'Hara, Keene
O’Nan, Dennis
O’Nan, James

Palmers, Miss - ScottCountySettlement
Powell, Mrs. Martha Ruth
Price, Thomas - Bardstown & Vicinity
Pulliam, William

Raney, James
Raney, Patrick
Raney, Robert
Reid, Christopher
Reynolds, John
Richardson, Abner
Riddle, Samuel
Roby, Hezekiah
Rudd, Christopher

Smith, Benedict - Fairfield Settlement
Smith, E. Baker - Bardstown & Vicinity
Sweeney, Unknown - Cartwright's Creek Settlement

Tarleton, George W. - ScottCountySettlement
Tarleton, James - ScottCountySettlement
Tarleton, Jeremiah - ScottCountySettlement
Taylor, Anderson - ScottCountySettlement
Thompson, Thomas - ScottCountySettlement
Todd, S. - ScottCountySettlement
Troutman, Michael - Elizabethtown and Hardin Co

Warren, Charles - Fairfield Settlement
West, James

Zachariah, Matthew

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