Migration from Maryland: 1780 - 1820

Counties: St. Mary's (SMC), Charles (CC), Calvert (CaC), Prince George's (PGC)

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Descendants of Joseph Clark Generation No. 1 1. JOSEPH1 CLARK Children of JOSEPH CLARK are: 2. i. JOSEPH2 CLARK, b. 1767, St Mary's County, Maryland; d. August 08, 1834, Washington County, Kentucky. ii. GEORGE CLARK, m. SARAH LEE. Marriage Notes for GEORGE CLARK and SARAH LEE: George Clark married Sarah Brothers, Widow. Marriage bond surety - Joseph Clayton, October 7, 1793: Know all men by these presents that we George Clark and Joseph Clayton are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Isaac Shelby, Province of Kentucky, and his ? in the final sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia to which payment well and truly to be ? we find ourselves, our heirs, 'Pxoss j Amors' jointly and severly firmly by these presents and with our seals and dates this 3rd day of October 1793. The condition of the above obligation is such that if there should be no legal cause to obstruct a marriage intended to be solemnized between the above bound George Clark and Sarah Brothers, widow...then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and true. Witness: Worden Pope George (X) Clark Joseph Clayton Recorded in Nelson County, 1785 - 1800 Married by William DeRohan Generation No. 2 2. JOSEPH2 CLARK (JOSEPH1) was born 1767 in St Mary's County, Maryland, and died August 08, 1834 in Washington County, Kentucky. He married MARY GOODEN February 09, 1791. She was born Abt. 1768, and died 1863. Notes for JOSEPH CLARK: Joseph Clark is shown as one of the Catholics to migrate to Pottingers Creek from Maryland in 1785. He was unable to write and made his mark on his marriage bond. In "Centenary of Catholicity in KY: Joseph Clark was one of the most exemplary members of Holy Cross congregation. He lived on a farm adjoining that of Phillip Lee, and almost in sight of Holy Cross Church...It was my privilege to give the last sacrements to two of the original Maryland settlers.... " There are no property records until 1803, and these show buying additional property, bordering his existing farm, so Joseph probably brought property prior to leaving Maryland. Joseph is shown living with George Clark in the 1786, 1787, 1789, and 1790 Tithable lists. They are listed as two Tithables (a tax term for a male over 21 years of age) in a single household in the Pottinger's Creek District. More About JOSEPH CLARK: Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery, Jefferson County, Kentucky Notes for MARY GOODEN: Mary Clark, widow of Joseph Clark, had been noted in the early history of the settlement for her staunch adherence to the faith of her fathers and the free-handed hospitality that it pleased them to extend to the old missionary priests of the state. The life of Mary Clark was beautiful in its Christian simplicity and meekness. She was a stranger to the Church until about the time of her marriage, but from the day the regenerating waters of baptism were poured on her head to that of her happy death, she was ever faithful to the obligation imposed upon her by her religion. During her husband's lifetime, she seconded all his efforts to promote Catholic interests, and during her long widowhood like Anna of old, it was her delight to serve God in his Holy Temple. In conversing with others, it was her habit to speak only of holy things. Of her great charity, she was always in prayers that all might be led, as she had been, into the ark of God's Church. Meeting a stranger, she was sure to ask him if he was a Catholic; if he'd read any Catholic books; and if he did not consider it a great blessing to be a member of Christ's mystical body. Her conversation was edification itself, as much to me as to others; and, after listening to her for a brief while, as I had frequent opportunities of doing, I was disposed to thank God for having led me to a land wherein such exemplars of primitive Christian piety were to be met with and honored. 'Grandmother' Clark, as she was called by everyone, left behind her dying the sweet aroma of her many virtues. Who of her sex would not esteem it a privilege to live as she did, a life of faith and goodness and thanksgiving; and to die as she did, offering her Devine Master an undivided heart. (Cenentary of Catholics in Kentucky) Marriage Notes for JOSEPH CLARK and MARY GOODEN: Mary and Joseph were married by Father William DeRohan. Mary could not write, and made her mark, instead of signing her name. In her marriage bond, Henry Smork stated that 'her parents are dead, and no Guardian or relations in this county. She appears to be a free agent and acts for herself.' The marriage bond was signed by James Hagan and Joseph Clark, and was posted the day they married. More About JOSEPH CLARK and MARY GOODEN: Marriage: February 09, 1791 Children of JOSEPH CLARK and MARY GOODEN are: 3. i. SUSANNAH3 CLARK, b. 1798, Kentucky. ii. REBECCA CLARK, b. 1792; m. THOMAS BROADY, June 28, 1811. More About THOMAS BROADY and REBECCA CLARK: Marriage: June 28, 1811 iii. MARY POLLY CLARK, b. 1793; m. JOEL HALL, August 28, 1812. More About JOEL HALL and MARY CLARK: Marriage: August 28, 1812 iv. JAMES CLARK, b. 1800. v. ELIZABETH CLARK, b. 1801; m. JOSEPH R BLANDFORD, October 02, 1820. More About JOSEPH BLANDFORD and ELIZABETH CLARK: Marriage: October 02, 1820 vi. GEORGE CLARK, m. DELPHINA HAYDEN. vii. THOMAS W CLARK, b. 1796; m. ANN PIKE, June 03, 1817. More About THOMAS CLARK and ANN PIKE: Marriage: June 03, 1817 viii. ELIZA ANN CLARK, b. 1810; m. HUGH J GORDON, April 02, 1832. More About HUGH GORDON and ELIZA CLARK: Marriage: April 02, 1832 4. ix. JOSEPH CLARK, JR, b. October 04, 1812; d. May 07, 1878, Holy Cross, Kentucky.

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