Migration from Maryland: 1780 - 1820

Counties: St. Mary's (SMC), Charles (CC), Calvert (CaC), Prince George's (PGC)

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Richard Barnes migrated to North Carolina about 1744 where he married and lived in Rowan County near Salisbury. Amos, Shadrack, and Sally all traveled by pack horse and settled in Madison Co. Ky about 1785. Shadrack Barnes migrated to Howard Co., Mo. in 1808. In the book "A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri"i by Wm. W. Bryan and Robert Rose (1876) page 313-314 the Richard Barnes family is outlined. His children are named as Elias, Equilles, Shadrack, Samuel, Amos, Abraham and Sally. Since no will has been found for Richard Barnes this is the only listing available for his children

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  • Henry was in Charles County Maryland 1800 census
  • Henry Hannon drew 108 1/2 acres 1805 tax list for Columbia County, Ga
  • He drew in Ga 1827 Land lottery Warren County as Revolutionary Soldier
  • He was in Warren County Georgia 1830 census
  • He died 1835 in Knoxville, Crawford County, Georgia
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compiled earlier & recovered from master files of Kathleen M Harrison Note: All information in the file has been compiled from many sources, Census, individual genealogies, marriage documents, death certificates & birth records, obituaries and some land records

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11 May 1790 the Commonwealth vs Willoughby Nugent for concealing tithable, order dismissed
listed in the tax records for Nelson Co KY on 2 Nov 1792

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