St. Mary's County, Maryland
Immigrant Profiles
1633 - 1699


The primary purpose of this database is to furnish fundamental information about individual immigrants who resided in the Maryland colony (primarily, St. Mary's County) both short and permanently. The basic information is formulated to assist the researcher to quantify descendants or ancestry of those early adventurers. As a secondary objective, we hope to provide an interactive means to build the most complete reference to those individuals. Your input to the profiles is wanted and encouraged.

A database is only as good as the information provided, or in this case found. Despite our best efforts, there will be information that is either wrong or misleading. There will also be individuals not listed. That is our expectation and where you come in. We suggest that by using the provided blank profile, this site can be truly interactive. Don't get frustrated about a profile that appears to be incorrect, just take the time to submit your own proven immigrant profile.

To be perfectly frank, much of the data you will find in these profiles could be considered as an extension of Dr. Lois Carr's “Career Files” research, yet this offering takes that information a bit further and then condenses the elements to one page.

The process of selecting candidates for immigrant profiles was initially random, and relied on submissions by individual St. Mary's County Discussion List members. After exhausting that forum, building profiles for those colonists who are well documented, was the obvious next step. Then the focus turned towards identifying the first landowners in St. Mary's County prior to 1699 to profile. As the project evolves, profiling transportees with a record should be added to capture the majority of the initial European population who migrated. If that plan is achieved, then progressing to the 1700s immigrants would be in order.

Submissions are checked (not proven) then forwarded for posting. From that point, we hope interested parties will review and submit proven corrections and/or omissions.

If you would like to submit information on your immigrant ancestor,
please contact Randy Dunavan.
County Coordinator: Linda Reno
Webmaster: Kevin W. Gardiner

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