Migration from Maryland: 1780 - 1820

Counties: St. Mary's (SMC), Charles (CC), Calvert (CaC), Prince George's (PGC)

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Robert Warren (b Sep 6, 1742) (who was the son of Capt Barton Warren (b 1696 Charles Co, MD) & Martha Grieve).

Robert moved to VA just after 1765, got married, had children and stayed there until he and his family moved to Greene Co, TN, (1786-1788 - between the births of Samuel (b in VA) and Edward (b in Greene Co, TN)). Then they moved to Blount Co, TN in 1809 where he later died on October 07, 1826. He was already a resident of VA when the Rev War started. He served as a Private in the Continental Line of Virginia during the American Revolution. He is accepted as a Virginia Rev soldier by the DAR, based on ref 8-C-200, Williamsburg, Wed 12th June, 1776 & DAR Lineage Book 119, pg 197.In "Sevier Family History" it is stated that Robert Warren lived in VA until after the Amer Rev War.

He moved from Charles Co, MD after 1765. He moved to Greene Co, TN in the 1780's. The village of Warrensburg (said to be named for him), about 17 miles SW of Greenville on the Little Chucky Creek, is situated on his land grant, which adjoined Col Henry Conway's land. It appears that the Warrens, Conways, Loves all came to Greene Co about the same time and had known each other previously.

The Conways and Loves had probably first known each other in Fauquier Co, VA by the time of the Amer Rev. There are many Robert Warren land transactions listed in the Greene Co deed books and from these it is shown he was taxed on 512 acres on Jan 25, 1809 and three black pols. He moved to Blount Co, TN between Jan and Nov 1809.

During dam construction by TVA for flood control of the TN River, Ft Loudon Lake covered the family cemetary. Robert's stone and a shovel full of his remains were moved to the Louisville Community Cemetary and placed in a plot with other family members.

See "The Warrens and You" pp 57-258, by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry

See "Notes on Southerland and Latham Allied Families" by Voorhees and Will found in Hall of Records at Annapolis, MD. AD#5, pp 79-80. See "Sevier Family History" by Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S Madden, 1961.

See Blount Co, TN, Talledega and DeKalb, AL Probate and Will Records. Robert's will is in Blount Co, TN, Will Bk 1, Pg 160.

As to his family, he was married 3 times with children as follows:

(1) Parmelia Love, m Dec 26, 1767 in VA

    • Humphrey Warren (both born in VA)
    • Barton Warren
(2) Martha Briscoe, m aft 1770 in VA
  • Charles Hugh Warren, Rev (all thru Samuel b in VA)
  • William Briscoe Warren
  • Robert Washington Warren
  • Martha Warren
  • Susannah Warren
  • Thomas Stanley Warren
  • Mary D Warren Samuel Dobson Warren (b in VA)
  • Edward Vincent Warren, Judge (all the rest b in TN)
  • Jane Warren
  • Lydia Warren
  • John F W A Warren
  • Elizabeth G Warren

(3) Mary Law (m Oct 23, 1800 in Blount Co, TN)

  • James Law Warren, Dr
  • Notley Marcus Warren
  • Permelia Love Warren
  • Joshua Well Warren
  • Elizabeth Kenny Warren
  • Nancy Wright Warren ---------
Robert Warren was the youngest in his family. His next older brother was William Barton Warren (b 1738 in Charles Co, MD). Each of their 6 older siblings were born and died in CC, MD. William's name appeared in Charles Co, MD records from 1757 to 1769 in eleven different instances, for his father's estate, land sales and probates of other's estates. He moved to VA after May, 1769, when he filed a paper with the court in Charles Co, MD. His brother John Warren's will named him as "my brother William Barton Warren of VA". The family lived in Lancaster Co, VA for a number of years, then moved to Woodford Co, KY, before some of his children were grown. He died in Georgetown, KY. His will (written 11/6/1811, proved 8/1818) is recorded in Scott Co, KY, Will Book D, Pgs 347-349. It is a reconstruction of the original which was partially burned in a courthouse fire. I have a copy.

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