St. Mary's County People and Places
The Langley Family, 1940
Photo courtesy of: Glen Langley



The Langley Family. First row (sitting), left to right: Joseph Frederick Langley, b. 1896; John Melvin Langley, b. 1899; Alice Maude (Thompson) Langley (1881-1956, daughter of Elijah Norman Thompson and Sarah Jane Dean); and Joseph Rodolphus Langley (1874-1949, son of James H. Langley and Susan A. Alvey). Joseph Rodolphus Langley and Alice Maude Thompson were married January 1, 1896 at St. John's RCC in Hollywood.

Second row (standing): Marie Mazie Langley, b. 1909; Joseph Rodolphus Langley, Jr., b. 1905; Amy A. Langley, b. 1903; Leon H. Langley, b. 1907; Vincent L. Langley, b. 1900; Mary Alverta Langley, b. 1918; and James Leslie Langley, b. 1911. Picture taken about 1940.