St. Mary's County People and Places
St. Michael's Manor
Photo courtesy of Gail Valenti



This picture was apparently taken right after the turn of the century. It is St. Michael's Manor, the house where Baker Wilmer Herbert and his wife, Laura C. Clarke lived until they moved to Washington, D.C. (prior to 1910). The house was built about 1805 and is located between Ridge and Scotland.

From left to right:

Edith Catherine Herbert (1892-1978), daughter of Baker Wilmer Herbert and Laura C. Clarke; Julia (not sure who she is at this point); Aunt Kate, sitting in rocker, (Mary Catherine Clarke, 1857-1910, daughter of Henry Clay Clarke and Julia Fidelas Young); Mrs. B., sitting in rocker (not sure who this is, but it could be Laura Clarke Herbert); and Mr. Herbert, Sr. on the porch. This must be Baker Wilmer Herbert (1867-1944), son of Washington Philip Herbert and Susanna Elizabeth Higgs.

The house is now a Bed and Breakfast.