People and Places in St. Mary's County / Mary_Cashell_Fenwick
The Charles Fenwick Collection
Courtesy of St. Mary's County Historical Society



Mary (Cashell) Fenwick. James Athanasius Fenwick was born 1818 in St. Mary's County. He was the son of Col. Athanasius Fenwick and his wife, Susan Howell, a native of Philadelphia (both parents died within six weeks of each other in 1824). James and his two sisters were sent to live with relatives of their mother in Philadelphia.

James A. Fenwick married Mary E. Cashell prior to 1847 and they lived in a house built by his cousin, Benjamin Jones in 1827, known today as "Fenwick Manor" in Burlington Co., NJ. He died there on July 19, 1882.

On the back of this picture, Mr. Fenwick has written "M. E. Fenwick (1st generation), widow of James A. Fenwick of Athanasius. Died 10/29/1911. M. A. White (2nd generation). Ann P. Chambers (3rd generation). Elizabeth Hoagland Chambers, about 6 months old (4th generation). These people lived in New Jersey and are descendants of Col. Athanasius Fenwick of Cherryfields."

NOTE: This is the lady with the white cap on her head and the rattle in her hand is identified as M. E. (Cashell) Fenwick. The lady sitting in the rocking chair holding the baby is identified as M. A. White.

The lady on the right (in front of M. E. Fenwick) is identified as Ann P. Chambers.

M. A. White: Mary Ann Fenwick who married Joseph Josiah White of Burlington, NJ on November 11, 1869.