People and Places in St. Mary's County / Grand_Jury
The Charles Fenwick Collection
Courtesy of St. Mary's County Historical Society



Zachariah Samuel "Zach" Graves (1859-1949), son of Samuel Graves and Mary Angeline Buckler.

(#1) William Bernard Long.

(#2) Benedict Booth Love (1872-1959), son of Philip Greenwell Love and Mary Josephine Bond. Benedict Love was also an undertaker.

(#3) William Thomas Hall (1862-after 1900), son of George M. Hall and D. Annie Wheeler.

(#4) Allen C. Tyler (1843-1900), son of David Wilson Tyler of Dorchester Co., MD and Sarah Lynch of St. Mary's County, MD.

(#5) John Marshall Dent (1844-1929), son of John Francis Dent and Lillia Dent Blackistone. He was attending Charlotte Hall School or the University of MD at the time he enlisted in the CSA at the age of 17. He was a member of Co. B, First MD Calvary and was severely wounded in the battle with Sheridan's Army on 9/3/1862 at "Bunker Hill" (between Winchester, VA and the Potomac River). "Chronicles of St. Mary's", May 1961.

(#6) Alonzo Basil Paccairini Cullison (1866-1941), son of George H. Cullison and Susan M. Thompson. He was named for Father Basil Paccairini.

(#7) Joseph T. Shaw (should be Joseph Ford Shaw), 1866-after 1925, Baltimore. Son of Joseph Ford Shaw, Jr. and Elizabeth Jane Forbes.

(#8) Daniel A. Hammett (1841-1908), son of John B. Hammett and Elizabeth Ann Wilkinson. According to an article in the "Chronicles of St. Mary's", 4 of his 6 children died in 1902.

(#9) Arthur F. P. Graves (1868-1924), son of Peter R. Graves and Mary Teresa Hayden.

(#10) James H. Sewell

(#11) William A. S. Lyon (1848-1927), son of William Alexander Lyon and Catherine Ann Swann of Charles County.

(#12) Johnnie Butler .

(#13) Charles Vincent Hayden (1839-1922), son of Stephen Hayden and Ann Maria Valinda Mills.

(#14) John Henry Abell (1858-1938), son of Edward Simmons Abell and Ann Maria Crane.

(#15) James J. Stone (1859-1931), son of Francis J. Stone and Francinia M. Shorb.

(#16) Thomas Columbus Edwards (1845-1941), son of Henry Stourton Edwards and Mary Rosetta Mattingly.

(#17) J. Walter Yates. No information on this one at all. I wonder if he misnamed this man.

(#18). Lum Adams. Got me! There was an Anselum Adams living here, but he died by 1854. Perhaps this was a nephew.

(#19) John W. Jones (1853-after 1920), son of William H. Jones and Mary C. Stone.

(#20) James Thomas Mattingly (1858-after 1900), son of George H. Mattingly and Mary Martha Brown

(#22). Alfred Griffith Sanner (1850-1944), son of Abell Sanner and Serena Ann (nee) Sanner.

(#26) William Henry Dean (1846-1906), son of Joshua Levi Dean and Susanna Harding.