Residents of Charles County, MD in 1658:
Their Immigration/Transportation Records

By Ralph D. Smith
Port Orange, Florida

“We would like to thank Ralph Smith for his generous offer to allow us to publish the results of his research on early residents.  While his research was primarily focused on Charles County, the year was 1658 when Charles County was created and before this time, these people were all from St. Mary’s County and indeed some of them remained here.”

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Residents of Charles Co., MD in 1658:
Their Immigration/Transportation Records








Charles Co., MD. was created in 1658. Charles Co., Md. Court Records begin in 1658 (Liber A), and show the residents there at that time. The contents of Liber A (and Liber B) have been abstracted in Jourdan, Elise G., “Abstracts of Charles County Maryland Court and Land Records,” 1658 – 1666, Vol. 1. The full text of these Libers is available on line at Archives of Maryland, Vol. 53. Prior to 1658, the new Charles Co. residents lived in St. Mary’s Co. They did not physicall8y move from St. Mary’s to Charles Co. at that time; rather, the county boundaries changed around them.

The purpose of this book is to find out, for those Charles Co., Md. Residents of 1658, how much earlier than that they had come to Maryland. In the usual case, the Maryland patent records show the date a person immigrated to Maryland or was transported there by someone else. In some cases, however, a person just begins appearing in Maryland records with no indication of when he or she came.

References in the text to Skordas are to Skordas, Gust, “The Early Settlers of Maryland.” References in the text to Gibb are to Gibb, Carson, “A Supplement to the Early Settlers of Maryland.” References in the text to Skinner are to Skinner, V.L., Jr.,  “Abstracts of the Proprietary Records of the Provincial Court of Maryland, 1637-1648.” Skinner consists of transcripts of Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Libers 1,2 and 3.

That a given person immigrated or was transported to Maryland in a particular year, e.g., 1640, and was living in Charles Co. in 1658, when it was formed, does not necessarily mean that the person was living continuously in what is now Charles Co. during the period 1640-1658. Many of the people included in this book began their Maryland residence in what is now St. Mary’s Co., and at some later date physically removed to what is now Charles Co.

This book does not include a considerable number of people who were living in present day Chares Co. in 1658 but were not living in Charles Co. as the boundaries of Charles Co. existed in 1658. That is because the western portion of St. Mary’s Co. (and a small portion of Calvert Co.) were transferred to Charles Co. in 1695. It is beyond the scope of this book to identify such persons.


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