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Submitted by Edward Bloxom Daugherty III

This graveyard is located about 100 yards northeast of Daughertytown Road, north of Crisfield, MD. It is on private property currently owned by Steve Cullen. It can be seen from the road by looking in a northeast direction for a cedar tree and holly tree after making the first hard right turn in the road. The vegetation has been kept under control since the mid 1990ís, prior to when it became an overgrown jungle which had been totally abandoned. Some graves were damaged many years ago by machinery used to maintain the ditch next to it. Some of the headstones have been re-erected, and efforts are underway to restore as much of it as possible. The first and third rows of graves are listed in order from south to north, and the center row is listed north to south. (The notes in parenthesis are relationships, and are not inscribed on the grave stones).

Annie E. BLAIR, wife of L. W. BLAIR, b. Oct 9, 1860, d. Feb 15, 1889
   Day after day we saw her fade
   And gently pass away
   And often in our hearts we prayed
   That she might longer stay
   Farewell, farewell our Annie dear
   Our life is sad without thee here
   Oh may we meet in heaven above
   Where all is joy and peace and love

Unmarked grave adjacent (probably L.W. BLAIR)

Emma S. EVANS, wife of John T. Evans, b. Oct 12, 1846, d. April 12, 1891
Aged 44 yrs and 6 mos (oldest child of Thos S. & Emily Daugherty)

INFANT, Son of D.B. and Lizzie A. Evans
Born and removed to heaven May 18, 1891

Mary E.A.E., wife of Wm H. DAUGHERTY, b. Oct 20, 1837, d. Nov 17, 1888
Aged 51 yrs & 28 days
   A precious one from us has gone,
   A voice we loved is still,
   A place is vacant in our home,
   Which never can be filled,
   God in his wisdom has recalled,
   The bond his love hath given,
   And though the body molders here,
   The soul is safe in heaven.

Wm H. DAUGHERTY, b. April 11, 1835, d. March 23, 1908

Unmarked grave adjacent

Center row (north to south):

Esther, wife of Levi DAUGHERTY, d. Nov 19, 1875, Aged 79 years and 8 mos (Esther Miles)

Levi DAUGHERTY, d. Oct 10, 1870, Aged 77 years, 4 mos & 23 days

L. S. DAUGHERTY, b. March 4, 1833, d. Sept 24, 1906 (Levi Storkes Daugherty, son of Levi and Esther Daugherty, who never married)

Emily R. S., wife of Thos S. DAUGHERTY, b. Dec 22, 1827, d. Dec 19, 1881
   A kind and loving wife,
   A dutiful and affectionate Mother,
   And a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ

Thos. S. DAUGHERTY, b. Aug 25, 1822, d. Dec 1, 1885 (son of Levi and Esther)
   Behold God is my salvation and light
   Trust and not be afraid, for the Lord
   Jehovah is my strength and my
   song He also is become my salvation

Mary R. DAUGHERTY, b. Sep1, 1865, d. July 15, 1883 (daughter of Thos S and Mary)
   Gone but not forgotten

Unmarked grave adjacent

Third row (south to north):

INFANT, 1884

INFANT, overturned


Thos W. DAUGHERTY, b. Dec 22, 1816, d. May 18, 1888, 71 yrs 4 mos 27 days

Catherine, wife of T. W. DAUGHERTY, b. May 19, 1817, d. May 10, 1887, Aged 69 yrs 11 mos & 22 days (daughter of Levi and Esther Daugherty)
   A precious one from us has gone,
   A voice we loved is still,
   A place is vacant in our home,
   Which never can be filled,
   God in his wisdom has recalled,
   The bond his love hath given,
   And though the body molders here,
   The soul is safe in heaven.

Roland ___ son of Thos F. & ___ RUSSELL, d. April 20, 1892, Aged 2 yr& 10 mos & 15 days

Vernie, infant son of Thos F and M J RUSSELL, b. Feb 15 1888, d. Aug 4, 1888
   Little Vernie was our darling
   Pride of all our hearts and
   Home, yet the angels came
   and whispered Little Vernie
   must come home

Infant Son of Thomas F & Matilda J RUSSELL, b. Dec 23, 1879, d. Dec 27, 1879
   Sleep on sweet baby
   And take thy rest
   God called thee home
   He thought it best

Infant Dau of Thomas F & Matilda J. RUSSELL, b. Jan 21, 1879, d. Jan 25, 1879
(verse unreadable, below ground)

Infant Daughter of J.A. & A.E. VANDERGRAFT, b. Aug 21, 1884, d. Nov 3, 1884
   Budded on earth
   to bloom in heaven

Audie C, dau of John A. ___ E VANDERGRAFT, b. July 11, 1883, d. Aug 19, 1888
(verse unreadable)

Unmarked grave

Unmarked grave

Unmarked grave

Unmarked grave

Unmarked graves in area surrounded by wrought iron fence
(believed to be Dickerson Daugherty and Esther Lord Daugherty, the parents of Levi)

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